Conceptions of the State

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					Jeff Hartman
INVS 1000
                                 Conceptions of the State
                                          Andrew Vincent

       Origin of the State began in the 16th century. The idea is argued to have originated from
        Machiavelli and Humanists like Bodin.

    Formal Characteristics of a State
         1.    Geographically Identifiable Territory
         2.    Authority overall citizens and groups within its boundaries
         3.    Authority is derived from a legal system
         4.    Embodies maximal control of resources and force
         5.    Seeks some legitimacy through recognition and acceptance of population
         6.    Sovereign with in its territory and internationally
         7.    A continuous public power distinct from rulers and ruled

     Approaches to Study a State
        1. Juristic or Legal (hierarchal body of legal rules)
        2. Historical (factors of growth related to the rise of the state)
        3. Sociological/ Anthropological (function to mediate and reduce conflict and tension
      between different sectors of society)
        4. Political-Scientific (empirical approach)
        5. Philosophical/ Normative

        Corporatist Theories-One approach argues that the state and government are
                 synonymous. The other says that the state is a fusion of certain important interests
                 to the structure of government.
            1. New form of economy and capitalism
            2. Form of state within capitalist Society
            3. A way in which social interests are organized and interact with state

        Marxist Thinking on the State
            1.The state is oppressive and a coercive instrument to dominate bourgeoisie (affluent)
        class, while holding capitalism in place
            2.State has relative autonomy from economic base and acts as a site of conflict
        between competing class interests.

         Economic Approach-state emerges from the logic of self-interested individual
              choice. A collective action to form objectives such as law, order, and defense.

             Classical Political Theory-Reflects the right, best, or more just order. The
                 identity and nature of a state mirrors the values and ideas of civil existence.
Jeff Hartman
INVS 1000
        Normative Theories of States
              1. Absolutists- (Monarchs)
              2. Constitutions- (Democracy/Socialism)
              3. Ethical- (Greek Polis)
              4. Plurists- (synthesis of living semi-Independent groups) not sovereign.

         The state needs to be looked at as separate from government. To see the full view of
          the state it needs to be looked at from a historical and sociological perspective along
          with the values and normative aspirations about civil existence.

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