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									                     Guelph Power and Sail Squadron

                                                      May 2004 Edition

Inside this issue:

   •   New Graduates &
       Squadron Members                       Basic Boating Class Graduates
   •   Life Member of CPS
   •   Niagara District News                   Allan Barber          Andrew Block
   •   Great Lakes Water News                  Rachael Block         Julie Brown
   •   Spirit of Canada                        Scott Holmes          Douglas Hauff
   •   Rendezvous 2004                         Lindsay Jennings      Andrea Kehrer
   •   And much more…                          Bill Wickett          Julie Wickett
                                               Larry Wolstat

Over many weeks from last fall through to       Piloting Course Graduate
this spring, many people were taking part
in the courses presented by the Guelph                Bruce Holden
Power and Sail Squadron.

Congratulations to the graduates of their     Instructor Course Graduates
respective courses. A lot was learned about
safer boating, and I think everyone had a      Scott Budd        Bruce Holden
lot of fun. On behalf of the students we       Paul Harrison     William Ross
extend our thanks to the proctors and                  Wayne Young
instructors who gave of their time and
                                               Weather Course Graduates
Watch for a new course schedule coming
in the fall! Check the squadron website.       Mark Baker         Richard DenDrijver
                                               Wendy Parker       Ernie Whalley

                                                 GPS Course Graduates

                                               Fred Booth            Lyanne Booth
                                               Kenneth Budd          Scott Budd
                                               John Hunter           Ron Stedman
                                               Paul Voroney          Ernest Whalley
                        New CPS Life Member - Edith Majorossy

Congratulations to our Guelph squadron secretary, 1st Lt. Edith Majorossy, on
receiving her Life Membership in Canadian Power and Sail Squadron. Life Membership is
given after a member earns 20 Merit Marks.

This was presented to her at the recent Squadron Annual General Meeting on April 19, 2004.

In a feature interview with the Blinkin’ Buoy, Edith reflected on her latest honour.

“ My husband bought the boat in 1975, it’s a 22' Hullmaster (Sail). He wanted to
take the PS course, but did not want to go alone, so I tagged along. I took
Boating, Advanced Piloting, and Weather, graduated from Boating in 1976. We
have the boat in Oliphant on Lake Huron and my son is the boater now.

I took the course in Guelph, same school, same time, Terry Gillespie was the
training officer. I graduated in 1976. The part of the course I liked best was the

How did I get into volunteering? Kristin Day, the training officer at the time
phoned and asked me to proctor. It came totally out of the blue, so I couldn't
think of a quick excuse and here I am still doing it.

You get a life membership after you have earned 20 merit marks and the best part
is, you don't have to pay the membership any more!”

Speaking of Membership!

Please contact Bruce Holden, Squadron Membership Officer, if you have not renewed your
CPS membership.

Bruce can be reached at 836-7178.

Call now, operators are standing by!       ☺

             Plan ahead! Mark your calendar now for NOVEMBER. 20, 2004,

 and plan to attend the Guelph Squadron Annual Christmas Potluck Dinner and Dance
                          at the Optimist Club, Beechwood Drive.
                                                       Safe Boating Awareness Week

                                                          will take place across Canada

                                                        from May 22nd to May 28th, 2004.

                                                  The purpose of this initiative is to promote a
                                                  wide range of safe boating practices to the
                                                  estimated 7 million recreational boaters in
          Niagara District News
The Annual General Meeting of the Niagara
District of CPS was hosted by the Fort Erie       This initiative is promoted by the Canadian
Squadron on April 26, 2004. Thank you!            Safe Boating Council, a non-profit organization
                                                  and its members and partners from all areas of
It was a beautiful day on the banks of the        the marine community including
Niagara River. Lake Erie was emptying out its     manufacturers, boating education
last ice pans on the Buffalo side of the river,   organizations, water safety and marine law
rushing downstream toward the Falls.              enforcement sectors. The goal is to ensure
                                                  that the millions of Canadians who head out on
 In addition to reports, business and awards      the waters in canoes and kayaks, sailboards
there were excellent presentations by guest       and sailboats, fishing boats, personal
speakers.                                         watercraft, power boats and cruisers are
                                                  equipped with the knowledge for a safe day on
 Larry Mathewson of Fort Erie Squadron            the water.
showed a video presentation of a trip down the
Erie Barge Canal System through New York
State from Buffalo to the Hudson River. They
were on board a large cruiser being taken
south for the winter. This looks to be a gem of
an area for recreational boaters. Nice relaxing

Gary Hass, Vice President of the International
ALERT, gave a wide ranging talk from his
perspective as a emergency responder in the       Guelph Community Boating Club News
Niagara Region. ALERT (Advanced Local               Fourth annual Power & Sail Squadron
Emergency Rescue Teams) is a trans-border
                                                               Open House
organization of emergency agencies, formed to
bring a cohesive response to many types of                Wednesday, June 16th
marine or land based emergencies or disasters
in the Niagara area of New York State and            Mess around in boats, enjoy a BBQ!
                                                            Gates open at 1500
Gary’s talk went from first aid to marine
                                                   Come see what is happening on Guelph Lake
insurance, and everything in between
regarding accidents/incidents on the water. He
certainly opened a few eyes!

You can see pictures of the District AGM at

Level News is a publication of Water Issues Division,              CHS Water Level Gauging Stations & info numbers
Environment Canada - Ontario Region.                       Lake Superior     at Thunder Bay      (807) 344-3141
                                                                                 at Rossport         (807) 824-2250
Be Up-to-date                                                                                        (705) 856-0077</TD<
                                                                                 at Michipicoten
Recreational boaters on the Great Lakes, their connecting                                            tr>
channels and St. Lawrence River should keep informed of                          at Gros Cap         (705) 779-2052
current conditions before setting out. Be sure you have
up-to-date navigation charts and know how water levels         St. Marys River   above the lock      (705) 949-2066
compare to Chart Datum whenever and wherever you
                                                                                 below the lock      (705) 254-7989
cruise or sail.
Present water levels on the Great Lakes and upper St.
Lawrence River are available by telephone from a               North Channel     at Thessalon        (705) 842-2215
network of gauging stations operated by the Canadian                             at Little Current   (705) 368-3695
Hydrographic Service (CHS).
When one of these gauging stations is called, the caller       Georgian Bay      at Parry Sound      (705) 746-6544
will be asked to press 1 on the touch-tone telephone for                         at Collingwood      (705) 445-8737
English or 2 for French. If a touch-tone phone is not
used, the message in English will start after a few
                                                               Lake Huron        at Tobermory        (519) 596-2085
seconds and the message in French will follow. The
message gives the present water level in metres above                            at Goderich         (519) 524-8058
chart datum at that station, followed by the high and low
water levels recorded during the previous 12 hours. The        St. Clair River   at Point Edward     (519) 344-0263
height of the presently adopted chart datum for that                             at Port Lambton     (519) 677-4092
station is then given in metres above International Great
Lakes Datum 1985 (IGLD 1985). Pressing 1 or 2 at any           Lake St. Clair    at Belle River      (519) 728-2882
time during the message will restart the announcement
from the beginning and pressing 0 at any time will end
                                                               Detroit River     at Amherstburg      (519) 736-4357
the call.
(See the adjoining column for these info numbers – Ed.)
                                                               Lake Erie         at Bar Point        (519) 736-7488
                                                                                 at Kingsville       (519) 733-4417
                                                                                 at Erieau           (519) 676-1915
                                                                                 at Port Stanley     (519) 782-3866
Marine weather on the web
For current weather and water conditions on the Great                            at Port Dover       (519) 583-2259
Lakes, or across Canada you can visit the Environment                            at Port Colborne    (905) 835-2501
Canada web site at              Lake Ontario      at Port Weller      (905) 646-9568
                                                                                 at Burlington       (905) 544-5610
Select the region you want, and a specific area or lake                          at Toronto          (416) 868-6026
                                                                                 at Cobourg          (905) 372-6214
For example, on May 13, 2004 at 11:00 UTC
                                                                                 at Kingston         (613) 544-9264
the Western Lake Ontario weather buoy was reporting:

Temperature         8 deg. C         it was 20 over land       St. Lawrence      at Brockville       (613) 345-0095
Pressure            102.0 kPa         nice clear skies                           at Iroquois above
                                                                                                     (613) 652-4426
Wave Height         0.0M      calm eh? Check back in a storm                     lock
Wave Period         N/A              (no rolling here)                           at Iroquois below
                                                                                                     (613) 652-4839
Sea Temp.           4 deg. C         take note! deadly                           lock
Wind ENE            5 knots        Break out the spinnaker!                      at Morrisburg       (613) 543-3361
                                                                                 at Cornwall         (613) 930-9373
Note the cold water temperature at this date. Check the                          at Summerstown      (613) 931-2089
site periodically to see how fast (or slow) the lakes warm
up in the spring and cool off in the fall.

This is just one weather source available for trip
planning. Be sure to monitor VHF weather radio channels
while on the water.
                                      Editors’ Notes
                                      Spring is well on its way to becoming summer.
                                      How are your boat preparations coming along?
                                      Maybe you are one of the early ones already
   Toronto, Canada, April 20, 2004:   out on Guelph Lake.
Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons
                and                   We have looked at “Grog” under her cover in a
         Spirit of Canada             friend’s barn. Some parts are at home to work
           Join Forces                on. We must have spent a lot of money last
                                      year on boat gear, since this year the VISA
                                      card is hardly warm …yet.

                                      You can read the report of our new
                                      Commander, Joe Martin in this newsletter and
                                      read about Edith Majorossy and her lifetime
                                      membership in CPS

                                      Thanks to Past Commander, Ken Budd for his
                                      leadership of the squadron over the last 2

                                      We are new to Guelph Squadron. We took the
                                      Basic Boating course over this past winter.
                                      Thanks to the proctors and instructors. We
                                      liked the format, and the length of the course.
                                      Not sure how we would have done with a more
                                      conventional shorter course. The people we
                                      have met are so nice. No wonder, you all like
                                      being on the water.

                                      CPS is quite an organization. Dedicated to safe
                                      boating, which is what we all look forward to,
                                      aided by planning, preparation and education.

                                      If you have any ideas, submissions, or
                                      suggestions for the Blinkin’ Buoy, please let us
                                      know. You can contact us by email through the
                                      Squadron web page, at the “Bridge” section, or
                                      leave a message at 519-740-8509

                                      We are looking forward to Rendezvous in July.
                                      We will be trailering “Grog” up to Midland.
                                      There are a few empty seats to fill on the boat.
                                      Welcome aboard.

                                      Have an enjoyable and safe summer. Watch
                                      for the next Blinkin’ Buoy announcing fall

                                      Julie and Bill Wickett
Guelph CPS Squadron Rendezvous 2004                   make reservations A.S.A.P. They are extremely
                                                      busy this time of the year. R.V.'s are quite welcome
Dates: July 9, 10, 11, 2004                           at the Marina. The fee is approximately $15.00 per
                                                      night for boats and R.V.'s. Tent camping is available
                                                      at no charge
Location: Doral Marine Resort, near Midland
                                                      Q: When do I show up?
                                                      A: Most people arrive Friday evening or early
Q: What is Rendezvous?
                                                      Saturday morning.

A: Rendezvous is a gathering of friends and
                                                      Q: Where is it and how do I get there?
acquaintances who enjoy boating and the outdoor
                                                      A: At Doral Marine resort, Ogden's Beach Road in
                                                      Midland (705-526-0155) near the Martyr's Shrine. If
Q: Who can attend ?
                                                      you're arriving by land, stop at the security gate
                                                      and tell the guard you are attending the, G.P.S.
A: Students, C.P.S. members, friends, family, etc.    rendezvous. If you're arriving by sea, monitor
You don't have to be a G.P.S. member to attend.       channel 14 of your V.H.F. radio for instructions to
                                                      the slips reserved for our use.) A map will be
Q: Can children attend?                               provided.

A: Of course, it's a family event.                     Q: How do I get tickets/registration or obtain more
                                                      information on this event?
Q: What are we going to do?
                                                      A: Please contact: Ernie Whalley at 822-9193
A: Socializing is a big part of rendezvous. Many of
the activities are weather related and your           COME & JOIN IN THE FUN
participation is completely optional. You may wish
to tour some of the member's boats, share some        Road Directions: Follow Highway 400 north to
boating experiences, perhaps go on a boat trip,
                                                      Highway 93 north. At Highway 12, just past
somewhere for lunch. There will be kids events,
                                                      Brooklea Golf & Country Club in the town of
games, nautical competitions, dinghy races, door
                                                      Midland, proceed east. Continue to the fourth set of
prizes, etc. It promises to be a good time for
everyone.                                             stop lights and make a left turn on Ogden's Beach
                                                      Road. DMR is located on the left at the bottom of
                                                      the hill.
Q: Do I have to bring my own food?

A: Food will not be provided Friday evening,          Marine Directions: DMR is located on the south-
however there will be breakfast Saturday and          eastern shores of Georgian Bay at 44° 44 57
Sunday and a Steak dinner Saturday evening. You       latitude, 79° 41 34 longitude.
will be asked to bring one item to compliment
Saturday evening's dinner. - salad, desert etc

Q: Is it held rain or shine?                          I for one am looking forward to the 2004 vintage
                                                      of the “Commanders Punch”, after the cruise.
A: Yes, we have use of the boater's clubhouse to
stay dry                                              Thanks to Mike Seitz for being the liaison with the
                                                      Marina, and arranging
Q: Do I need a boat to attend rendezvous?             slips for the boats.

A: No if you are not staying on a boat,               - Editor.
accommodations are available at any of the area
Motels. We can recommend the Comfort Inn, 980
King Street in Midland (705-526-2090). If you are
planning on staying at the hotel, we urge you to
Guelph Power & Sail Squadron Bridge Officers 2004/2005

At the Annual General Meeting of the Guelph Squadron, held April 19, 2004, a new compliment of bridge
officers were sworn in.

Commander ..........Joseph Martin ........ 45 Somerset Glen ....... Guelph ...... N1G 5G1 .............519-824-2886

Cdr Retired ..........Kenneth Budd ........ 44 Lincoln Crescent...... Guelph ...... N1E 1Y 8.............519-821-2683

Exec. Officer .........Ernest Whalley....... 25 Bishop Court ........... Guelph ...... N1G 2R8 .............519-822-9193

Training Officer ....Nick Wenzler.......... 10 Blue Forest Court .... Guelph        ... N1H 6J3..............519-837-1517

Ass’t . T. O. ........Mark Parkinson ...... 47 Old Colony Trail ...... Guelph ...... N1G 4A8 .............519-766-0284

Ass’t. T. O. ........Wayne Young ........ 92 Hands Drive............ Guelph         ... N1G 4M9     ........519-767-0132

C. I. Boat-Pro ........Mike Seitz.............. R.R.#6 Shadow Dr. ...... Guelph ...... N1H 6J3      .......519-837-0644

Boat-Pro. (Admin.) .Ernest Whalley....... 25 Bishop Court ........... Guelph ...... N1G 2R8 .............519-822-9193

Sqdn Treasurer ......Mike Seitz.............. R.R.#6 Shadow Dr. ...... Guelph ...... N1H 6J3 .............519-837-0644

Sqdn Secretary ......Edith Majorossy...... 35 Campion Ave. ......... Guelph ...... N1H 5L5          ........519-824-1113

Public Relations .....Louann Harcourt .... 21 Hyland Drive ........... Guelph ...... N1E 1T2..............519-823-2454

Supplies & Property John Hunter........... 43 Rochelle Dr............. Guelph ...... N1K 1L1      ..........519-821-4504

Communications ...Bill Wickett &
  Officers.............Julie Wickett         48 Lansdowne Rd. S.. .. Cambridge          N1S 2T4     ........519-740-8509

Membership Officer Bruce Holden ......... 185 Dimson Ave. ......... Guelph ...... N1G 3C5          .........519-836-7178

Social Events                                VACANT

Phone Committee ..Elke Kersting.......... 161 Downey Rd. .......... Guelph ...... N1C 1A4          .........519-821-8487

Port Captain              Bill Ross............ 56 Ferman Drive .......... Guelph   .. N1H 7M8     .........519-823-0163

Marep Officer .......Molly Van Roon ...... 376 Victoria Rd. ........... Guelph      .. N1E 5J7      ........519-822-1054

Commanders Report – May 10, 2004
Welcome to a new operating year and a special welcome to our new bridge members. We will have some of the
old problems that we had to face before and we will be encountering some new situations.
 When I look at caliber of people we have on the Bridge along with the Teaching Staff and this includes the
proctors, I feel very confident that this will be another good year for Guelph Power & Sail Squadron. We have
the talent and desire to work together and make this an enjoyable and enriching experience for us and the
students who take our courses.
I would like to continue in the open and frank manner that we have operated in the past. Being able to share
opinions and disagree without personal biases has been evident in our past discussions and can only lead to
better decision making and information sharing. We work together well, and I am honored to be your
commander for this year. Thank you.
Respectfully submitted,
Joe Martin
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