“TITANIC” DIARY ENTRIES

Robert Ballard is doing research for a book that he is going to write about the Titanic and
the experiences of those on board. He has come across diary entries from Edward J.
Smith, Ruth Becker, Jack Thayer, J. Bruce Ismay, Harold Bride and Thomas Andrews,
and plans to use them for his book.

- Choose one of the characters, and write FOUR diary entries about their experience on
  the Titanic.

- Explain what your character thought, felt and saw while on the Titanic to make the
  diary entry seem realistic.

Use your Little Red Reader, Facts About Titanic sheet, passenger ticket, websites and
classroom resources to help you find information about your character.

       - Your FOUR entries must be a total of 1 ½ - 2 pages in length.
       - Indicate whose journal you will be writing.
       - Your entry must be dated according to the times of the Titanic’s voyage.
       - Entry One – must deal with the arrival on Titanic.
       - Entry Two – must deal with time during the trip on Titanic.
       - Entry Three – must deal with the sinking of the Titanic.
       - Entry Four -
               - If your person died, you may write an obituary or a diary entry written
                by one of their family members as a tribute to them.

               - If your person survived, you may write another diary entry that can take
                 place at any time from the day after the Titanic sank until the Titanic
                 trials ended.

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