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Alert Cascade - Emergency Notification for the 21st Century

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					            ALERT CASCADE
            Emergency Noti cation Service

 Emergency Notification
 for the 21st Century

Emergency Notification Service (ENS)
                                                                                                 Key Benefits
Whether you need to share news and information, issue alerts                                       Easy to use
and warnings, or ensure the continuity of your business                                            Automate manual call-trees
operations, having a resilient and high speed means to reach                                       Broadcast quickly and accurately
a broad or targeted audience is something your organisation                                        One to many notification
cannot be without.                                                                                 Contact 10’s, 100’s or 1000’s
                                                                                                   Interactive voice response

Alert Cascade ENS is a comprehensive, but easy to use,                                             Message delivery confirmation
                                                                                                   Real-time monitoring & status
resilient emergency notification service designed to deliver high speed, high or
                                                                                                   Full audit trail & reporting
low volume, targeted messages to select groups or key individuals using the
                                                                                                   2-way notification to voice & text devices
UK’s largest and fastest notification network.
                                                                                                   Database upload via csv or txt files
                                                                                                   Eliminate communication delays
With Alert Cascade you can Notify your entire staff base, mobilise critical
                                                                                                   Secure, resilient, UK hosted service
employees or suppliers and receive their response quickly, directly, in real time
and from any location be it local, national or worldwide.

Outbound Notification                                                                              Business Continuity
                                                                                                   Risk & Reputation Management
You’ll have access to multiple simultaneous notification methods that deliver                      Crisis Communication
outbound message alerts to your intended recipients via any voice to text                          Supply Chain Management
enabled device. Message delivery is confirmed and interactive voice responses                      Product Recall
(IVR) and requested then logged in real-time to produce comprehensive reports                      Disaster Recovery
and alert status. Activation is simple; via any secure internet browser enables                    Civil Contingency
device or from any touch-tone enabled fixed or cellular phone.                                     Incident Management
                                                                                                   IT Disruption

Inbound Notification
                                                                                                   Pandemic Response

Studies have shown that every 100 outbound alerts can trigger a percentage
of inbound calls for clarification or further information. Only Alert Cascades
                                                                                                 Quick Facts
                                                                                                   Software as a Service (SaaS)
optional Voicebank module offers a high-capacity inbound IVR capability to
                                                                                                   Browser based administration
handle these requests with automation and can, when enabled, allow the caller
                                                                                                   Authenticated user access
to update their response status (call & Respond), leaving personnel free to
                                                                                                   128bit SSL browser encryption
continue recovery operations and support response efforts. Incoming calls                          Geo-dispersed UK data centre’s
terminate on Safeguard’s hosted, geo dispersed telecom platform - not your                         UK Data Protection Act registered
local network. This prevents local phone congestion whilst satisfying every                        >2500 parallel ISDN outbound capacity
caller.                                                                                            Shared or dedicated capacity options
                                                                                                   99.98% service availability (SLA)
                                                                                                   Automatic failover protection
Safeguard’s inbound IVR capability enables you to provide your staff and
stakeholders with up-to-the minute information in any situation.

            (free phone) 0808 9098 999 / 020 71121 999          
          Alert Cascade is a trading style of Safeguard Communications (UK) Ltd, 19a Goodge Street, London, United Kingdom, W1T 2PH
             ALERT CASCADE
             Emergency Noti cation Service

Data Centres             Redundant fibre rings to international backbone networks
                         Intruder protection
                         Precision cooling, humidity and air filtration protection
                                                                                                         Client Testimonials
                         Fire detection and protection suitable for IT equipment and data storage
                                                                                                         “YBS has integrated Alert Cascade ENS into
                                                                                                         our overall crisis communication strategy.
                         Automatic fire extinguishing system
                         Automatic fire Alarm connected to fire brigade                                  We will use Alert Cascade in a wide variety
                         Intruder protection connected to security company                               of scenarios – ranging from notifying staff
                         24/7 365 monitoring including security guards                                   members to convening our senior executive
                         CC-TV monitored premises                                                        crisis management teams in response to natural,
                         Access control systems                                                          technological or man-made crises.”
                         Dedicated UPS and generator protected power supplies                                              - Yorkshire Building Society

Redundancy               Primary and secondary servers equipped with SAN (RAID) disks and
                                                                                                         “The manual call tree is only as strong as its
                         redundancy supplies
                         Secondary servers located in a geographically diverse recovery site             weakest link. If your key people at or near the
                         Data automatically replicated to Secondary servers                              top of your call cascade cannot be reached, the
                         Multiple high-speed internet backbone connections                               result is that their contacts and subsequent
                                                                                                         teams cannot not be reached either. This in itself
Browser                  Encrypted 128 bit SSL browser sessions                                          is indeed a crisis. Our Alert Cascade notification
Session                  Session termination on browser closure                                          system solved it for us by calling all our staff
Controls                 Support for multiple concurrent sessions                                        simultaneously.”
                         Logon/logout function with user identity and password protection
                                                                                                                               - The Royal British Legion
                         Cookies (optional) is used to store login information

Server                   All servers reside behind firewalls                                             “Our previous alert notification system was
Security                 Firewalls are tested regularly by intrusion detection specialists               limited in terms of functionality, did not meet
Controls                 All servers are constantly monitored by the latest versions of anti-virus       our growing needs as a business and was not
                         and malware software                                                            particularly user-friendly. With flights to over
                         The web server is hardened using Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer           40 destinations we are continuously testing
                         Administrator and support access is made over secure VPN channels               our Alert Cascade system with call-outs to our
                         Security patching is done automatically downloading the latest critical
                                                                                                         recovery teams and have simulated complete
                                                                                                         staff relocation to a hot-site. Thanks to our Alert
                         Independent internal security testing is undertaken on an annual basis
                         Independent external security testing is undertaken on an annual basis or
                                                                                                         Cascade these exercises went well and much
                         by arrangement by customers                                                     faster than our previous notification exercises. In
                                                                                                         a real crisis, this would save us a lot of time and
Data Integrity           Each subscribers data resides in a seperated database, physically               most likely a lot of money.”
                         seperated from other customers                                                            - British Midland Airways Ltd t/a bmi
                         Each database is encrypted
                         Registered (Registration No Z1104255) and compliant with the UK Data
                         Protection Act 1988
                                                                                                         “Alert Cascade is easy to use. We use 4 messages,
                         Safeguard is registered with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office
                                                                                                         and its all browser based. It is also cost effective
                         Conforms to the Information Security Forum Standard of Good Practice
                         Compliant with the International Standard ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 ‘A
                                                                                                         because we don’t need extra telephone lines.”
                         Code of Practice for Information Security Management’                                           - London Borough of Redbridge

                        Mobile Phone
                        Fax                                                                                        Notification         Phone
                        PC [Internet]                                                                                                   Mobile Phone
                        Customer                                                                                                        SMS
                        Specific Devices                                                                                                Alpha Numeric 
                        Activation                                                       Communi-                  Alerting
                                                                                         cation                                         Specific Devices


                                                                                         Confirmation              Telephone            Phone
                         Report                                                          / Feedback                Conference           Mobile Phone

                        Fax                       Backup
                        E-mail                    Systems
                        SMS                                                                                                             Voicebox
                                                                                                                  Staff Roll-Call
                        Fax                                                                                                             Voicebank Roll-call
                        PC [Internet]

            (free phone) 0808 9098 999 / 020 71121 999                     
          Alert Cascade is a trading style of Safeguard Communications (UK) Ltd, 19a Goodge Street, London, United Kingdom, W1T 2PH