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					Annual Reviews

Boss: Curtis
Tim: Anthony
Dawn: Audrey
Keith: Mark

Boss: There he is. Tim Canterbury. Good man. The Canterbury Tales. Chaucer. And
Shakespeare. Pleased with you.

Tim: Thank you.

Boss: Very proud. Turning over a new leaf, etc. Trust, encouragement, reward, loyalty,
satisfaction, that‟s what I‟m – you know – probably wondering why I am so generous
with encouragement. Trust people, and they will be true to you. Treat them greatly, and
they will show themselves to be great. So, happy where you are now, looking back?

Tim: Well, I am still eventually going to go back to college and do a psychology degree,
but yeah, as far as this moment…

Boss: No point. No point, no point, no point. Sure, 18, 19, go to college – get it out of
your system – you know – waste time monkeying around, getting up at noon, you know,
but we‟re in our 30s now…

Tim: Well, I‟m only just 30 – are you… you must be 39?

Boss: No, both in our 30s – is the fact! Yeah. You know, who‟s to say, you know, you
keep your head down – in a few years‟ time you could be in the hot seat (points to own
chair) – like me. So…

Tim: When I‟m nearly 40?…

Boss: No, we‟re both in our 30s at the moment is what – you know – just chewin‟ the fat.
You know, but, good, you‟re along the right lines. Can I just - if we‟re facing in the
right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.

Tim: Yep, very nice. You‟re quite the philosopher.

Boss: Well, it‟s just that I think – our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising
every time we fall.

Tim: Are you reading these?

Boss: Am I what?

Tim: Reading the quotes.
Boss: Well, it doesn‟t…

Tim: Confucius. Bernard Shaw

Boss: It doesn‟t matter who said them first, I‟m passing on my wisdom to you, and don‟t
tell the other workers I‟ve been reading these. It‟s an insult. I‟ll put it down there if it‟s

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Dawn: I‟ve always wanted to be a children‟s artist, and when people would say to me,
“What do you do?”, I would say, “Well I‟m an artist, but I do some reception work for
the extra cash.” And for years I was an artist who did some reception work, and then Lee
thought it would be a good idea for us to both get full-time jobs. And you know, then
you‟re wiped out after work, and it‟s hard to fit in time for the drawing, you know. So,
now when people say, “What do you do?”, I say, “I‟m a receptionist.”

Boss: And a very good one, you know. And, you‟ll always have the art. Keep up
doodling. Keep up the doodling always. Pipe dreams are good – in a way.

Dawn: Well, I still hope it will happen.

Boss: Keep the dream alive because otherwise one day you‟ll go, “Oh, could I have made
it?” And if it you keep trying, at least then when…when it doesn‟t happen, you can say,
“At least I gave it a go.” Okay. If you had to name a role model, someone who has
influenced you…who would it be?

Dawn: What, like a historical person?

Boss: No, someone in sort of…general life – just someone who has been an influence on
you in…

Dawn: Uhhh, I suppose my mom. She‟s just – she‟s strong, calm in the face of
adversity. I remember when she had a hysterectomy…

Boss: Eehh, if it wasn‟t your mother, though. I mean it doesn‟t even have to be a
woman. It could be…

Dawn: A man?

Boss: Yeah.

Dawn: Okay. I suppose if it was a man, it‟d be my father.

Boss: Not your father. I mean, let‟s take your parents as a given. I‟m looking for
someone in sort of the work-related arena who has influenced…
Dawn: Right. Okay. I suppose Tim, then. He‟s always…

Boss: Well, he‟s a friend isn‟t he? Not a friend. Someone in authority. Maybe I

Dawn: Well, then I suppose Jennifer?

Boss: I thought we said „not a woman.‟ Didn‟t we, or am I…?

Dawn: Uh… Okay. Well, I suppose you‟re the only one who…

Boss: Oh, embarrassing. That backfired, didn‟t it. Oh, dear. Very flattering. Okay.
Can we put me as a role…

Dawn: Okay. Tim, then.

Boss: We said, „not Tim.‟ So, do you want to put me or not?

Dawn: Okay.

Boss? Right. So, shall I put „strong role model.‟?

Dawn: Okay.

Boss. Yeah.

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Boss: Under “strengths” you just put “accounts.”

Keith: Yeah.

Boss: That‟s your job – though – that‟s just…. that‟s

Keith: Mmm-hmm

Boss: No, Keith. I was sort of looking for your skills within your job, so is there
anything else you could have put there?

Keith: (shrugs, shakes his head “no”)

Boss: No? Okay, um, under “weaknesses” you‟ve put, „dry, itchy, scalp.‟ Right.
You‟ve left this section completely blank, Keith. You‟ haven‟t done the Q & A.

Keith: I thought that you filled that in.
Boss: No, no. This is aimed at you. “To what extent do you believe that you have the
skills and knowledge to perform your job effectively?” And then you just check one of
the boxes. “Not at all. To some extent. Very much so. Don‟t know.” What would you

Keith: Don‟t know.

Boss: Okay. Question Two. “Do you feel you have received adequate training to use
your computer effectively?”

Keith: What are the choices?

Boss: Same. They‟re always the same. Always the same.     “Not at all. To some extent.
Very much so. Don‟t know.”

Keith: Don‟t know.

Boss: Don‟t know again. Okay. “Do you feel you are given the flexibility to decide how
best to accomplish your goals?” (long pause) Do you want the options again?

Keith. Yeah.

Boss: “Not at all. To some extent.” Always the same. “Very much so. Don‟t know.”

Keith: Don‟t know.

Boss: If “don‟t know” wasn‟t there, what would you put?

Keith: (long pause) What are the choices?

Boss: “Not at all. To some extent. Very much so. Don‟t know.”

Keith: Very much so.

Boss: Do you remember what the question was?

Keith: No

Boss: Okay. “Do you…” Let‟s….we‟re going to end there.

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