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                                  Ms. Haggerman

      Welcome to AP U.S. History. Advanced Placement History is open to all juniors
who wish to take an accelerated advanced class in U.S. History for college credit.

        APUSH is a challenging course that is meant to be the equivalent of a freshman
college course in which high school students may earn college credit. This course is a
two semester survey of American history from the age of exploration and discovery to the
present. Solid reading and writing skills, along with the willingness to devote
considerable time to homework and study, are necessary to succeed. The weekly reading
will average 50 pages of the textbook throughout the year. Emphasis is placed on critical
thinking skills, essay writing, interpretation of original documents and historiography.

        Much is expected of you in this college survey course. You will read the entire
textbook and additional materials. You will learn to analyze, reach conclusions and to
support those conclusions both orally and in writing. You will be expected to synthesize
material in order to understand some of the new ideas about the history of the U.S. and its
people. You will be expected to do more than memorize names, dates and facts; you will
use factual information to construct a meaningful “larger picture.” This involves the
development of higher critical thinking skills, application and evaluation. The course
will follow a chronological path but some topics and issues will bridge and overlap
chronological periods. We will also examine the trends and cycles that have occurred in
our nation’s history.

Course Objectives:

      Master a broad body of knowledge
      Demonstrate an understanding of historical chronology
      Use historical data to support an argument or position
      Interpret and apply date from original documents, including cartoons, graphs,
       letters, etc.
      Effective use of analytical skills of evaluation, cause and effect, compare and
      Prepare for and successfully pass the APUSH exam next May

Textbook: The American Pageant, 13th edition, 2005 by T. A. Bailey, D. Kennedy
         Great Issues In American History, Hofstadter

       Because of the special nature of Advanced Placement classes, students need to be
aware of specific commitments required. After reading the following expectations and
responsibilities, your signature indicates agreement to these requirements. Your parent or
guardian must also sign, indicating her/his understanding and support of the requirements
of APUSH, including the time commitment for the course, the preparation and financial
commitment to purchase study aids and to take the AP exam next May. The AP exam
will cost approximately $75.00. Fee waivers are available to those students who qualify
through the College Office.

    THE SUMMER ASSIGNMENT. The summer homework is due the first day of
    school. If it is not completed you will be dropped from the class.
    APUSH is a demanding course requiring daily homework. READING
    IS HOMEWORK! Students planning to earn a grade of “A” or “B” will
    discover that six to ten hours of reading per week is minimal. Begin planning
    and preparing now to take the exam next May. READ EVERY DAY!!!!

     In addition to the textbook, assignments include supplementary reading varying
     from a few pages to book length, research projects, oral reports, group discussion,
     quizzes, objective and essay tests, critiques of current events and documentary
     programs. Major assignments will be given in advance with specific due dates.
                  NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED!

GRADES: Your grade will be based on total points. Each assignment is given a point
        value and the points are tallied and averaged to arrive at a grade.

                                     90%-100% = A
                                     80%-89% = B
                                     70%-79% = C
                                     60%-69% = D
                                     0%- 59% = F

    Attendance is VERY important. You need to be in class and you
    need to be in class on time. Three tardies in a five week period will
    result in a “U” in work habits. If you are late to class you are not eligible
    to take the quiz that day, resulting in a score of zero.

       Make-Up Work: After an excused absence, it is the student’s
       responsibility to find out what has been missed. Failure to make up
       work missed within 2 days will result in zero points. If an absence occurs on a
       day when a class assignment is to be completed during the period, a different
       assignment MAY be given to students with an excused absence. Major
       assignment are due on the scheduled date even if you are absent. Quizzes given
       following reading and note taking assignments, if missed due to an excused
       absence, may be made up by special arrangement with the teacher. TESTS are to
       be taken when scheduled. If you miss a test due to an excused absence, the
       makeup exam will be different from the exam given to the class. The student
    must make arrangement with the teacher to take the exam on a
    different date. Being absent on the day before the test does not excuse
    you from taking the test when scheduled.
    Students are to bring a binder, notebook paper, pen and other working
    materials to class daily. Failure to do so will lower your work habits grade
    and possibly you academic grade as well. DO NOT THROW ANY

       Your textbook should be kept at home unless specifically required for the
       day’s lesson.

       All tests, except ScanTron, are to be written in blue or black ink.

       You will need approximately 1,000 3” X 5” index cards for the year.

       Students are requested to obtain an APUSH “prep book” during the
       summer. Barron’s, Arco, Princeton, and Cliff Notes are just a sample of
       publishers who produce such study aids.

    I am available daily before and after school, by appointment, for individual or
    group help.

     All work turned in must be your own. If you have plagiarized from a
     published source (book or Internet), copied from another student, or use
     study aids/crib sheets/electronic devices on tests without permission from
     the teacher, no credit will be given for the assignment, test, or quiz. Additionally,
     I will contact your parents, the Dean and your counselor. Cheating is grounds for
     removal from APUSH.

credit and return it to you. Keep it available for reference in your binder.


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