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SPRINg 2009                                                                         State of California • Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
                                                                 Business, Transportation and Housing Agency • Secretary Dale E. Bonner
                                                                              Office of Traffic Safety • Director Christopher J. Murphy

2008 Marks Record Year in Traffic Safety
C       alifornia had a record-setting          to maintain this momentum as
                                                                                                        California’s Seat Belt
        year in 2008 in traffic safety,         2009 progresses so that we can                                Use Rates
        combining educational programs,         point to even greater successes                                    Adults                     Teens
prevention and enforcement to make              next year.”                                      2008              95.7                       89.6
a big dent in traffic injury and fatality                                                        2007              94.6                       88.9
rates. The State’s seat belt use rate hit an    California also had the chance                   2006              93.4                       90.8
all time high of 95.7 percent for adults.       to take a look at the impact of                  2005              92.5                       88.6
This increase from 94.6 percent in 2007         the state’s Graduated Driver                     2004              90.4                       82.5
indicates that an additional 350,000            Licensing (GDL) law which
people were buckling up in 2008.                took effect in January 2006.
                                                                                                       California’s Child Safety
Child safety seat use also set a new state                                                                  Seat Use Rates
record of 94.4 percent, a significant           A 2008 study, conducted by                                   2008                   94.4
increase from the 2007 rate of 87.7             the Auto Club of Southern                                    2007                   87.7
percent.                                        California, examined fatal                                   2006                   87.8
                                                and injury crashes where                                     2005                   86.8
“I couldn’t be more pleased with the            inexperienced teen drivers were                              2004                   89.6
results we’re seeing after a very busy          at fault and found a significant
year,” said Office of Traffic Safety (OTS)      decrease in the number of                    our traffic safety laws, public
Director Christopher J. Murphy. “Seat           at-fault fatal and injury crashes.           education, enforcement and even
belt use has passed the 95 percent                                                           prosecution,” said Murphy. “If the
threshold and alcohol involved fatalities       “We’re seeing a real synergy                 trends we’re seeing continue, I
are down. I’m certainly hoping                  between the strengthening of                 predict another great year.” ƒ

                                                                                                             Table of Contents
News From the TSRP                                                                                          Message from Director  . .  .  .  .  .  .  .2 .
                                                                                                            OTS Has a New Home  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 3
    This is the first in a continuing series of columns from the Traffic Safety Resource                    Sacramento Kings Team Up
    Prosecutor Program to appear in the OTS Tracks newsletter.                                              to Flip the Chip . .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 3

                                                                                                            OTS Comings and Goings . .  .  .  .  . 4
      he mission of the Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor (TSRP) Program is to                             OTS Summit by the Bay . .  .  .  .  .  . 5
      provide mentoring and training to prosecutors and law enforcement to                                  Click It or Ticket
      enhance their ability to investigate, evaluate and successfully prosecute DUI                         Next Generation .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 6
and vehicular homicide cases. According to Program Director Creg Datig this is                              First Statewide DUI Vehicular
exactly what he and his team of prosecutors have accomplished in this past year.                            Homicide Conference .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 7

                                                                                  See ‘TRSP,’ Page 7        OTS Calendar  .  .  .  .  .  .Back .Page
Message from the Director                                           by .Christopher .J . .Murphy

A      s we approach spring and the
       busy summer travel season
       just around the corner, I don’t
                                              in 2007 – the most DUI arrests
                                              since 1994.
                                                                                  In addition,
                                                                                  we will be
                                                                                  focusing on
want to miss the opportunity to           Although we have seen significant       teen safety
touch upon the many great successes       improvements in many areas,             with projects
of 2008. I knew it was a very busy        motorcycle deaths is the one area that that work, like
year, but little did I know how many      continues to grow while others drop. Every 15 Minutes, Real DUI Trials in
gains we would truly make.                In response, OTS helped                 Schools, Minor Decoy and Shoulder
                                          coordinate the Motorcycle Safety        Tap operations, expanding Brief
To begin, OTS adopted a new               Summit last September and we are        Interventions in hospital emergency
vision statement – Toward zero            committed to carrying through with rooms to include adolescents and the
deaths, every 1 counts. I believe this    as many of the action plans as          High School Seat Belt Challenge.
better reflects our commitment to         possible to find ways to turn this
not only lower deaths and injuries,       trend around.                           This year we will also move into
but to eliminate them. It is our                                                  our second year of Next Generation
ultimate goal. California’s 2007          OTS is also actively participating      Click It or Ticket with increased
Mileage Death Rate of 1.18 is the         in the Strategic Highway Safety Plan enforcement and education in both
lowest rate since California started      process, with OTS staff represented     May and November, as well as
calculating this as a benchmark in        on 10 of 16 Challenge Area              increasing on-street and in-the-media
1946. In 2007, overall traffic fatalities committees and leading two of them. presence of both DUI and seat belt
decreased 6.2 percent from 4,236 in                                               enforcement through the mini grant
2006 to 3,974 in 2007, representing On top of all that, OTS undertook             programs.
the largest single year reduction since two statewide assessments in 2008,
                                                                                                         See ‘Director’s Message,’ Page 6
1996-1997.                                three within a year’s time. In addition
                                          to the Alcohol Assessment conducted
We continued to see significant           in September 2007, we coordinated
                                                                                     ­ tate of California
progress in a number of areas,            an Occupant Protection for Children        arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor
including seat belt use, DUI arrests      Assessment and Motorcycle Safety
                                                                                     BuSineSS, tranSportation
and child safety seat use, among          Assessment in 2008.                        and HouSing agenCy
others. Seat belt use edged up from                                                  dale e. Bonner, Secretary
94.6 percent in 2007 to 95.7              Needless to say, we ended 2008 on a        offiCe of traffiC Safety
percent in 2008 and child safety seat very high note and I have every                Christopher J. Murphy, Director
use jumped from 87.7 percent in           confidence that 2009 will prove            Chris Cochran, Editor

2007 to 94.4 percent in 2008. Those to be just as successful. We have a              otS traCkS is a newsletter published
                                                                                     by the office of traffic Safety. Content and
two factors contributed a great deal      variety of new and innovative
                                                                                     editorial control is maintained solely by the
to reducing injuries and preventing       initiatives moving ahead, including an     office of traffic Safety.
fatalities.                               effort to keep pressure on the repeat
                                          offender by building on the Traffic        Story submissions will be accepted two
                                                                                     months prior to publication. please call
Alcohol impaired fatalities dropped       Safety Resource Prosecutor program,        Chris Cochran at 916-509-3063 for
9.5 percent between 2006 and 2007, promoting license plate reader                    more information.
California’s first year-to-year reduction technology, pushing for increased
since 1997-1998. In addition, OTS vertical prosecution of DUI offenders
funded 1,469 checkpoints in 2008          and enabling probation departments
— the most ever and 300 more than to better supervise and monitor                    OTS Tracks
                                                                                     Volume 24, Issue 1
in 2007. Statewide DUI arrests also       repeat and felony offenders.               Spring 2009
increased 3.4 percent to 203,866

OTS Has a New Home
A       fter more than 30 years in the
        same location, the Office of
        Traffic Safety (OTS)
headquarters had to move on, and
everyone is happy we did. Over the
years, OTS kept moving and
expanding within a south Sacramento
office park until we finally filled all
the available space. After suffering
with cramped quarters, no room to
grow, leaking roof, windows and
floors, broken plumbing and air
conditioning that either ran at
sweltering or freezing, we knew it
was time to find a new home.

Since our mission demands more
of us each year, we needed to find        The Office of Traffic Safety has moved to Elk Grove just off I-5 and Laguna Blvd.
offices where we had enough space
to undertake the best practices traffic   We picked a spot that’s easy to get            If you haven’t already, make note of
safety in the most populous state in      to right off of Interstate 5 in the            our new address and phone number.
the nation demand. We needed room         southern suburb of Elk Grove. It’s
and infrastructure for computer           new, water-tight, with space to work           2208 Kausen Drive, Suite 300
equipment, staff, files, staff meetings   effectively and efficiently, and even          Elk Grove, CA 95758
and space for large groups of traffic     sports artwork from several                    (916) 509-3030 ƒ
safety professionals to easily come       community artists that’s changed
together to work on life saving issues.   every few months.

Sacramento Kings Team Up to Flip the Chip
T      he Office of Traffic Safety
       (OTS) is planning a partnership
       with the NBA’s Sacramento
                                          fans to designate a sober driver
                                          through multiple promotional
                                          elements geared to engage males
Kings to introduce Flip the Chip – a      21-34 – the largest group of DUI
new public education program that         offenders.
will reach fans in-stadium and at local
sports bars throughout the greater       “The Flip the Chip concept was
Sacramento area.                         originally developed by the Arizona
                                         Governor’s Office of Highway Safety
Although alcohol impaired deaths         with the Phoenix Suns in 2007,”
in California decreased 9.5 percent      said OTS Assistant Director for
in 2007, impaired driving remains a Marketing and Public Affairs, Chris The program involves 50,000 poker-
top traffic safety concern. In an effort Cochran. “We’re taking the concept type chips that will feature anti-DUI
to continue to aggressively promote      and modifying it to fit California and messaging. Fans will Flip the Chip in
anti-DUI messages, OTS will partner the Sacramento market.”
with the Sacramento Kings to remind                                                             See ‘Sacramento Kings,’ Page 4
OTS Comings and Goings

William Terrell                   Michele Meadows              Leslie Witten-Rood               Mitch Zehnder

A       long with the move to new
        offices, the Office of Traffic
        Safety (OTS) has seen staff
                                            There will be no rocking chairs in
                                            Bill’s retirement, however. He is now
                                            able to do more of the two things
                                                                                     California position. She brings a rich
                                                                                     background, a keen eye for detail and
                                                                                     a dedication to traffic safety to the job.
changes in recent months, with new          he loves most – spending time with
faces, new assignments, and an OTS                                           Leslie began her career at OTS in
                                            his extended family and officiating
mainstay off to retirement.                                                  2004. She has worked on several
                                            at area softball and football games.
                                                                             major initiatives, such as coordinating
                                            OTS will be still drawing upon his
William Terrell, Assistant Director                                          with the California District Attorneys
                                            expertise, as he has recently returned
for Administration, settled into a                                           Association to launch the most
                                            to help out as a Retired Annuitant.
well-deserved retirement at the end                                          comprehensive Traffic Safety Resource
of 2008 after 22 years with OTS.       One person Bill will be working with Prosecutor program in the nation.
                                       closely is Michele Meadows, long      She worked with Dr. Leon Owens
Bill started as Senior Accounting      time member of the OTS Operations of Mercy San Juan Hospital and the
Officer Supervisor where he headed     unit and most recently Assistant      Teachable Moment Foundation to
up the complicated intricacies of      Director for Operations for Northern institute pilot programs for “brief
tracking federal, state and local      California, who has moved into the interventions” in hospitals, jails and for
accounting. As Assistant Director      Assistant Director for Administration adolescents. Leslie came to OTS after
for Administration, he took on         position.                             ten years in the Governor’s Office and
supervision of all the fiscal, support                                       State Legislature.
and administrative units within OTS. Leslie Witten-Rood, former Regional
When there was an obscure but          Coordinator for the Sacramento/       The latest addition to the OTS
important legal, administrative, or    Sierra Nevada region, has been        coordinator ranks to work with
procedural question, Bill either had   promoted into the Assistant Director grantees is Mitch Zehnder, joining
the answer or knew where to get it.    for Operations for Northern           as an Operations Coordinator. ƒ

‘Sacramento Kings,’ from Page 3

order to designate a sober driver and      bar participation, King’s viewing         The program is scheduled to launch
then will be able to register the chip     parties and King’s memorabilia!           during the 2009 NBA season in
online for a chance to win various                                                   October 2009 and run through April
prizes. Program elements include           “At the end of the day, it’s all about    2010.
online advertising throughout              promoting the use of designated, commercials             drivers so fans make arrangements      Look for more Flip the Chip
on KXTV Channel 10 and Comcast             in advance to get home safely,” said   information in the coming months at
SportsNet, PSA placement on King’s         Cochran. “We’re excited about this ƒ
radio, KHTK; in-stadium promotion          promotion and believe the Sacramento
at ARCO arena in Sacramento, local         Kings will help us save lives.”
                                                              OTS Summit by the Bay
                                                                                 April 8-10, 2009

A       fter the past several years in Southern California,
        the Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) is pleased to
        bring the 2009 Summit back to northern
                                                               technology, funding sources and OTS grant management,
                                                               among many others. New for this year will be a
                                                               session integrating social networking and traffic safety
California and the Bay Area this spring.                       titled It’s A Whole New World Out There – Communicating
                                                               with New Audiences, featuring Brandon Pierce from
“The San Francisco Marriott provides a great venue to          Facebook.
gather and share best practices,” said OTS Summit
coordinator, Donna Black. “We hope this year’s Summit          Thank you in advance to our 2009 Summit Partners:
is a valuable experience for our grantees and traffic safety   AAA Northern California, Allstate Insurance Company,
partners, and that by holding it in a new location, we         Clear Channel, Ford Motor Company Fund and
may engage some new faces as well.”                            Community Services, Safe Kids California & Safe Kids
                                                               USA and Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A.
Sessions will include workshops on pedestrian and
motorcycle safety, DUI enforcement and checkpoints,            We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco! ƒ

Next Generation Click It or Ticket
C       alifornia has had great success
        with the Click It or Ticket seat
        belt enforcement campaign,
increasing the state’s seat belt use rate
from 90.4 percent in 2004 to 95.7
percent in 2008. The enforcement
campaign typically takes place in late
May and early June, covering the peak
travel period around Memorial Day.

In an effort to build on the success of
the May campaign, a ‘Next Generation’
Click It or Ticket push is scheduled for
mid-late November 2009, timed to
coincide with the Thanksgiving holiday

“California launched the ‘Next
Generation’ of Click It or Ticket last fall
to maintain and help increase our seat
belt use rates leading into the holiday
travel and shopping season,” said
Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) Director
Christopher J. Murphy. “Everything we
can do to remind people to buckle up
has a tremendous impact.”

The fine for a seat belt violation in
California has recently increased from
a range of $80 to $91 to a set $132.

OTS awarded $3 million in traffic
safety grants in support of the ‘Next
Generation’ Click It or Ticket campaign.
Look for 2009 seat belt data to be
released later this fall. ƒ

‘Director’s Message,’ from Page 2

Finally, you will also see a year-round       messages. Thanks to Clear Channel         The staff at OTS has a full plate this
statewide billboard campaign                  and CBS Outdoor for helping us            year and we welcome your input,
utilizing unsold remnant space                realize the public service potential of   suggestions and comments to help us
featuring a variety of traffic safety         this important effort.                    realize our new vision – Toward zero
                                                                                        deaths, every 1 counts. ƒ

                                         First Statewide DUI Vehicular
                                         Homicide Conference
T       here has been other training
        on how to get convictions for
        DUI vehicular homicides, but
                                         homicide prosecution, stated, “Motor
                                         vehicles are among the deadliest
                                         weapons in California when they
                                                                                    investigation and reconstruction,
                                                                                    post-collision determination of
                                                                                    speed, how kinematics can assist in
none like what will be taking place      are in the hands of intoxicated or         driver identification, understanding
in San Diego this June. The Office       negligent drivers. This training is        expert testimony in these cases,
of Traffic Safety, together with the     specifically designed to help police       cross-examining a defense expert,
California District Attorneys            and prosecutors effectively pursue         and basic toxicology.
Association, will bring together         these cases and hold the offenders
200 participants from across the         accountable, which will make our           Participants will be working on real
state, with equal numbers of             streets safer for everyone.”               cases and scenarios. John Kwasnoski,
prosecutors and law enforcement                                                     one of the most sought after crash
crash reconstruction professionals.      The three day course is designed           reconstructionists and police-
This marks the first, largest and most   to assist prosecutors and law              prosecutor trainers in the country
comprehensive hands-on conference        enforcement in developing the              will be one of the presenters.
of its kind in the state.                knowledge and skills necessary to          Although it’s the largest such
                                         investigate, evaluate, prepare, and        training to-date, interest is high
Creg Datig, Director of the Traffic      handle cases involving DUI vehicular       enough to limit many of the available
Safety Resource Prosecutor Program       fatalities. Subjects will include          slots to those with specific grant
and a leading expert in vehicular        California substantive law, collision      designations. ƒ

‘TSRP,’ from Page 1

Through a grant from the Office          lives by making our streets and            will be presenting its annual DUI
of Traffic Safety (OTS), the TSRP        highways safer,” said Datig.               Toxicology and Vehicular Homicide
program team consisting of Program                                                  Seminar this June for three and-a-half
Director Creg Datig, five prosecutors    Additionally, TSRP fielded over            days in San Diego. This comprehensive
and a public information officer has     1,000 individual requests for technical    program will provide intensive
established five regional resource       assistance from prosecutors and            training in the investigation and
centers to provide assistance and        police officers, including calls to the    prosecution of vehicular homicide
training for prosecutors and law         new “TSRP Hotline” service that            cases, particularly those involving
enforcement. In 2008, TSRP               provides quick response via telephone      impaired drivers, and is open to law
conducted forty-nine training            in urgent situations.                      enforcement officers and prosecutors
programs attended by 1,786                                                          throughout California. A new TSRP
prosecutors and local law                The extensive training opportunities       Web site featuring DUI prosecution
enforcement personnel.                   will continue throughout 2009.             resources, TSRP contact information,
                                         Regional TSRP prosecutors maintain         a legal brief bank, and downloadable
“This means that for the entire year     continuing contact with local district     training videos will come online this
of 2008 in the state of California,      attorney’s and city attorney’s offices     spring. The contact for your regional
every eight days the TSRP team           and are creating new, specialized          TSRP prosecutor, as well as the
presented training to assist prosecutors training programs that will be available   number for the TSRP assistance
and law enforcement officers in saving throughout the state. The TSRP               hotline, can be found at
                                         Program, in partnership with OTS, ƒ

califoRnia office of tRaffic safety

      April 8-10	                           OTS	Summit										
                                            San Francisco, California

      May 1-31	                             National	Bike	Month	(Bike	to	Work	Day:	May	16)				

      May 1-31                              Motorcycle	Safety	Awareness	Month						

      May 18-31                             Next	Generation	 Click	It	or	Ticket	Enforcement	Mobilization

      June 2-4	                             Vehicular	Homicide	Conference		
                                            San Diego, California

      June 7-13 			                         Tire	Safety	Week				             	       				
                                            Contact: Dan Zielinski, RMA, (202) 682-4846,

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