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					                                                         The Dicon 670MC 230 volt Hardwire Smoke and Fire Alarm is

  670Mc                                                  an all purpose mains powered device incorporating the latest
                                                         technology for sensing visible and invisible particles of
            MAINS IONIZATION                             The environment-friendly capacitor back up provides
            SMOKE ALARM WITH                             exceptionally long service life and will power the unit in the
            CAPACITOR BACK UP                            event of a mains failure for a minimum of 72 hours. Up to 12
                                                         units can be linked for simultaneous warning. The alarm pause
                                                         option allows easy silencing of “non-emergency” alarms.

                                                         • 230 volt – Mains Powered
                                                         • No Batteries Required
                                                         • Tamper Proof Capacitor Back up
                                                         • Test & Alarm Pause Button
                                                         • Superior Sensing Technology
                                                         • Multi-Alarm Interlink
                                                         • LED Operating Indicators
                                                         • Alarm Source Indicator
                                                         • Full Integral Capacitor Monitoring
                                                         • Push-fit Connector
                                                         • Mounting Base Plate
                                                         • 5 Year Guarantee
                                                         • BS 5446-1:2000
                                                         TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS
                                                         Sensor:                                  Dual ionization
                                                         Voltage:                                 230 volt AC (      ) 50-60Hz
                                                         Capacitor Back up:                       Minimum 72 hours standby
                                                                                                  plus 4 minutes alarm
                                                         Interlink:                               Up to 12 alarms
                                                         Alarm Sound Level:                       85dB at 3m
                                                         Indicator Light:                         Solid-state LEDs: AC power
                                                                                                  green; circuitry red
                                                         Temperature Range:                       5°C (40°F) to 38°C (100°F)
                                                         Relative Humidity:                       10% to 85%
                                                         Dimensions:                              133mm x 38mm
                                                         Weight:                                  170g
                                                         Test & Pause Button:                     Tests sensitivity, circuits, horn
                                                                                                  Reduces sensitivity approximately 10 min

                                                         Please note that specifications may be subject to change.

For further information or technical assistance call or write to:
Dicon Safety Products (Europe) Ltd.
Javelin 1, Meteor Business Park
Cheltenham Road East,
Gloucester GL2 9QL
Telephone         01452 714999
Facsimile         01452 713103

or call our Dicon Home Safety Helpline on 01452 712459                                              we save lives for a living!

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