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					Prima Donna Packages                                            Welcome to Prima Donna Beauty Therapy.
                                                             Experience a unique home-based salon beauty
                                                             treatment from an experienced therapist. Prima
Ti amo (5 hours) $280                                          Donna’s vision is to ensure you maintain the
                                                             confidence that comes with feeling and looking
A bride’s ultimate preparation. Your day starts with
                                                             beautiful. We do this by providing you with one
a full Body exfoliation, followed by Hydrating body
                                                            on one treatments in a modern spa environment.
Bath with glass of champagne and then a light
lunch. Then sit back and relax while you enjoy a
                                                                Prima Donna salon was designed by owner/
deluxe spa pedicure and deluxe spa manicure,
                                                               therapist Katie Kerr and incorporates the best
concluding the day with a Prima Donna Signature
                                                             ideas from the various salons she has worked in
Facial. A spray tan is also included in the package
                                                              and blended them into one space. The comfort
and is recommended 1-2 days prior to your
                                                            of a quiet setting for client privacy combined with
                                                            the results you deserve, set in a professional spa
Romeo and Juliet (2 hours) $130                             layout. This Immaculate set up is sure to impress
                                                                         the most discerning client.
Includes a full body aromatherapy massage followed
by a Bella Facial. A Nice gift tailored to suit a male or
                                                               The privacy of our clientele is respected at
                                                            Prima Donna and you won’t have to worry about
Prima Donna Day Spa (2 1/2 hours) $150                       walking through a busy shopping centre at the
                                                            end of your treatment, without make-up and you
Includes a half hour Back, neck and shoulder                 can wear something comfortable and practical
massage, followed by the Bella Facial, then your              after those tanning sessions! There is also no
choice of a deluxe spa manicure or deluxe spa                hassle with parking as you will be able to park
pedicure.                                                   directly out the front and jump straight into your
Exotic Island Escape (3 hours) $210                                         car and off you go.
Take yourself away on a tropical island escape.
Includes a coconut body polish showered off in our            Located alongside a home in a quiet cul-de-
spa, continue this gorgeous treatment with a divine            sac, Prima Donna has been established for
full body Hawaiian hot stone Lomi Lomi massage.               clients who want to receive 100% attention,
Finally indulge yourself with Prima Donnas signature          which is why all treatments are allocated one
facial.                                                      on one therapy and all visits are with the same
                                                             therapist and owner so that you don’t have to
All packages include a glass of champagne                     start over with another therapist each visit. It
or herbal tea                                               has a separate wet room area containing a bath,
                                                               shower, toilet and tiled spray tanning room.
Wedding Make Up
Your bridal party is welcome to come and relax at                       Eftpos Facility Available
Prima Donna Beauty for your special day. You’ll
enjoy a bottle of champagne whilst you each                     Call Katie for an appointment today:
have your turn in having your make up done.
Your photographer is also welcome and either
your hairdresser or we can book our professional                P: 0424 153 233
hairdresser for you. I am happy to travel to you for            E:
the day also upon request.                                      W:
Spray Tan                                                       Body Beautiful: $90                                                Bio Sculpt Gel Nails
Beautiful Mediterranean looking tanned skin without the         Combine the coconut body polish and hydrating body wrap for        Discover the difference of a healthier nail treatment that’s a
‘Orange Look’ or ‘Typical fake tan’ smell!                      ultimate results.                                                  pleasure to wear. Bio Sculpture® Gel makes nails beautiful,
Botanical based Naked Tan is your 2 hour secret to timeless     Hydrating Milk Bath: $25                                           flexible and strong. A most superior product that will not
Goddess style!                                                  Surround yourself with rose petals and relax on a wave of          damage the natural nails. Imagine a beautiful glossy finish
 2 Hour Developing Time: $30                                    island magic. Various hydrating milks used such as coconut         that will not chip or smudge! It is truly brilliant!
                                                                with lime and strawberries and cream contain a bounty of
Oz Tan is formulated with no alcohol parabens or synthetic      nutrients essential to the support and good health of your skin.   Full set Gel Tips/Sculptures $70
fragrance. Enriched with Vitamin E and Allantoin. 3 Natural                                                                        Gel Overlays $50
olive tones that are not sticky and fade slowly.                Make Up - Using MAC Products                                       Gel Refill $50
6 Hour Developing time : $30                                                                                                       Gel Toes $40
                                                                Formal: $50 (2 or more Girls $40)
Massage                                                         Special Occasion: $60
½ Hour-back, neck and shoulders: $40                            Brides: $80                                                        Women’s Waxing               Men’s Waxing
1 Hour full body Massage: $70                                   Bridal Party: $70                                                  ½ Leg: $25                   Mens chest and stomach: $60
Pregnancy Massage: $60                                          All Trials: $60                                                    ½ Leg and Bikini: $40        Mens Back: $40
                                                                Specialised Coverage of Tattoos: Ranging between                   ¾ Leg: $35                   Mens Legs: $60
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Hot stone Massage (1 hour) $80
                                                                $20 and $80                                                        Top Leg: $25                 Mens Arms: $45
A truly healing massage for body, mind and soul. A firm yet
                                                                For those occasions you don’t want it to be seen!                  Full leg: $50                Shoulders and ½ arm: $35
rhythmic massage, incorporating both placement stones and
                                                                                                                                   Bikini: $20
working stones to massage more deeply into tired and sore
                                                                Facials                                                            Full leg and bikini: $65     Tinting
muscles. Increases lymph circulation and detoxification.
                                                                All facials are specialised to suit each individual’s skin type.   G-string Bikini: $25         Eye lash tint: $12
Hands and Feet                                                  This includes a thorough skin diagnosis and personalised           Brazilian: $50               Eye brow tint: $10
Spa Manicure: $25                                               skincare program tailored to your needs.                           Under Arm: $15               Eye lash and eye brow tint: $20
Cuticle care, arm and hand massage, file, buff and polish.                                                                         Full Arm: $35
                                                                Sweet Relief (45 Mins) $50                                         ¾ Arm: $30
Deluxe Spa Manicure: $40                                        A quick ‘pick me up’ facial with fast results. Including a deep    Stomach: $10
Includes Paraffin treatment for lovely soft hands.              cleanse, exfoliation, aromatherapy mask and relaxing pressure
                                                                point scalp massage. A great facial to introduce the young         Facial Waxing
Spa Pedicure: $35                                               ones to.
Foot soak, exfoliation, cuticle care, massage, file, buff                                                                          Eye Brow Wax: $12
and polish.                                                     Bella Facial (1 Hour) $70                                          Sides of face: $15
                                                                Take some time out and enjoy this beautiful facial experience.     Lip wax: $10
Deluxe Spa Pedicure: $50                                                                                                           Chin wax /Puck: $6
                                                                Includes deep cleanse, exfoliation, blackhead treatment,
Incorporates reflexology pressure point massage and warm
                                                                massage of the face, décolletage, shoulders and back,
paraffin infusion.
                                                                aromatherapy mask and relaxing pressure point scalp and
Buff and polish only (hands or feet): $15                       hand massage. Your skin will glow.
Body Treatments                                                 Prima Donna Signature Facial (1 Hour 30 Mins) $90
Coconut Body Polish: $50                                        Awaken each and every one of your senses with this magical
Scrubbed from head to toe with coconut shell to remove          pleasure. Includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, blackhead
dead skin, enriched with honey extract to soften and hydrate    treatment, massage of the face, décolletage, shoulders and
and almond oil to nourish and deliver vitamins into the skin.   back, Eye lash tint and eye brow shape, aromatherapy mask
                                                                and relaxing pressure point scalp and hand massage. Your
Hydrating Body Wrap: $50                                        skin will be brighter and your mood lighter!
A dry body brush followed by a full body application of an
intensive hydrating mask. Your skin will feel amazing!