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					                 Oui Ye, Oui Ye, Oui Ye!!
          Attention all Webelo Scouts and Scout Leaders.
You are invited to the Grand Gathering of Scouts at the Mecklenburg
 County Council Webelos’ Resident Camps held at the Belk Scout

    This year the Mecklenburg County Council of the Boy Scouts of
America is planning a fun filled medieval themed program for resident
camps. The Scouts will have many feats of skill and will have the
opportunity to earn several belt loops as well as some very important
Webelos’ achievements.

      Webelos’ resident camps (July 9-12, July 16-19, and July 23-26)
are a 4 day 3 night camp program designed for boys entering the
fourth and fifth grades. Current second year Webelos’ are encouraged
to attend a summer camp with a Boy Scout Troop. The check in time
will be 4:30 pm on Thursday and check out will be 11:00 am Sunday

      Cub Scout Family resident camp (July31-Aug 2) is a 3 day 2
nights camp program designed for all cub scouts. This will also be
the time for the siblings to come out and camp as well. The check in
time will be 5:30 pm on Friday and check out will be 11:00 am Sunday

      The information included in this guide should provide you with
everything you need to register and be prepared for camp. However if
you have any questions please feel free to call the Camp Director at
(704) 900-9005 or email either of the camp staff listed below.

    We look forward to having you and your scouts attend this
Grand Event.

     Yours in Service:

     Chris Babin                    Paul Satenstien
     Camp Director                  Program Director
     704-900-9005                   704-267-8971
            A Webelos Scout in King Arthur’s Court

The Cub Scout and Webelos Resident Camp for 2009 will be held at
the Belk Scout Camp located near Mint Hill, NC in the corner of
Mecklenburg, Cabarrus, and Union Counties.

The dates for this coming summer are as follows:
                    Session I Webelos’    July 9-12
                    Session II Webelos’ July 16-19
                    Session III Webelos’ July 23-26
                  Cub/Family Camp      July 31- Aug 2

Registration deadline for Webelos’ Camp - May 31st

Registration deadline for Cub/Family Camp - June 30th

Webelos’ Resident Camp Fees:
     $110 per Scout if paid in full by May 31st, 2009 ($120 after)
  $60 for each Adult or Den Chief (1 FREE adult with every 5 paid

Cub Scout/Family Resident Camp Fees:
        $75 per Scout if paid in full by June 30th ($85 after)
  $40 per each Adult or Den Chief (1 FREE adult with every 5 paid

                            REFUND POLICY
Individuals or groups that cancel 14 days prior to the date of the event
will receive a refund of their fees less a 15% administrative charge. If
cancellation occurs within 14 days of the scheduled event, partial
refunds will be considered based on the availability of uncommitted
funds. No refunds will be made after the scheduled event starts.
          A Webelos Scout in King Arthur’s Court
  Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a real Knight in
 medieval times, and thought to yourself “I could be a real Knight?”

 Have you ever wanted the chance to do something new? Then don’t
                         miss this camp!

The program this year will provide activities and programs designed for
advancement for Webelos and Cub Scouts alike. Scouts will be divided up
into Knighthoods (Dens) and are encouraged to explore what makes Cub
scouting great, such as scouting traditions, fun and safety.
Learn about safe and proper shooting with a Harquebus (BB-guns) and a
bow and arrow. Participate in either, an Engineering (web II’s) feat of the
construction of a siege engine or participate in an Archeological (web I’s)
Dig. Enjoy the nature all around you while you explore new things and old
favorites alike. Activities will be age appropriate based upon either Webelos
or Cub Scouts advancement program for the particular session and may be
applied to earning the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award.

The Great Swimming hole: So many young people learn to swim through
Scouting. Enjoy the Belk pool as you work toward your aquatics

The Moat: Ever been in a canoe? Enjoy the boating at Lake BB Parker.

Storm the Wall: For Webelos’ only, but something to look forward to for
the younger Scouts. Learn to safely climb the rock climbing tower.

Harquebus Training: The Harquebus was the first hand held black powder
firearm ever. Practice the same basic skills needed to fire a Harquebus
such as safety and sharp shooting at the BB-Gun range.

Archery Events: Learn to safely shoot the arrow with a bow just like in
King Arthur’s times.

Archeological Dig: Participate in a real archeological dig for historical
artifacts, gems and minerals.

Become an Engineer: Learn what it took to design and build a real
medieval siege engine and then participate in the construction of a scale
model of a trebuchet.
Jousting Field: Learn bike safety and maintenance while participating in
the jousting contests on the Grand Jousting Field (Packs are asked to bring
their own bikes and helmets or share with a fellow scout for this activity).

Free Time: Back by popular demand! You can participate in one of the
many self-paced Den activities, den nature hike or a conservation project to
work toward the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award or just tour the camp.
You can also hike the trails, cross the suspension bridge, rest in your
campsite, go fishing, or try to solve the camp wide mystery of “King Arthur’s
Stolen Armor” and much more.

Friday Night Camp wide Events: Second year Webelos’, come and enjoy
a special one night camping experience designed to get you ready for
CROSSOVER to Boy Scouts!

      First year Webelos’ will have an opportunity to participate in a camp
wide Jousting and a one-on-one test of medieval knight skills in an Grand
tournament, and get the opportunity to watch real Knights in real Armor and
using Real Swords in a One-n-One Fighting match.

Camp Store: Once again we will have a camp store that will only be open
during certain times; the hours will be posted through out the camp. The
store will be offering a limited amount of snacks and drinks as well as some
other items such as batteries, flashlights, glow sticks, and a few other
surprises (ICE CREAM, and Freeze Pops).
                     Ranks and Recognitions

Webelos: Webelos Scouts will have the opportunity to earn, if they
complete requirements at camp, the following Pins and Awards:
   Aquanauts – All – (Double Session)
   Outdoorsman – All – A self-paced den opportunity
   Engineer – Webelos 2 – Learning how to, and constructing of a siege
   Geologist – Webelos 1 – Participate in an archeological dig for gems,
     minerals and historical artifacts
   Craftsman – All – Learn the different symbols used in medieval
     heraldry and family crests and make your own crest
   Various Belt loops and pins: Archery, Art, BB-Gun Shooting,
     Bicycling, Citizen, Geology, Map & Compass, Swimming,
     Handyman, Showman

Cubs: Based on program specific ranks but will involve Tiger, Wolf, and
Bear activities for Swimming, Camping, Family Activities, Bike Safety,
Boating and Outdoor Activities as well as all of the belt loops listed above.

All Scouts: Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award, partial credit toward World
Conservation Award

Pack: Partial credit toward Summertime Pack Award

Dens: Various daily service and spirit prizes

Leaders: Cub Resident Camp Service Award
                      What to Bring to Camp!
Personal Equipment
Official Scout Uniform: shorts, or long pants, belt, socks, shirt
Sneakers or/and hiking books (2 pairs of footwear)
Extra pairs of socks (recommend 3 prs.)
Underwear & t-shirts (recommend 4 prs.)
Sleepwear (as needed)
Light jacket and/or rain gear (check weather)
Sleeping bag or sheets and blanket
Swim suit & towel & sunscreen
Toothbrush & toothpaste
Soap & towel (for showers)
Water bottle or canteen
Cup with hook to connect to belt/pack
Flashlight w/spare batteries
Insect repellent
Webelos Handbook

Den Equipment
1-2 Lanterns           Charcoal          2 bicycles
Water Jugs             Pack Flag         2 bike helmets

Castle Wall: We are asking all packs in attendance to help construct our
castle. All we are asking is that each pack construct two (2) 5’ x 5’ castle
wall sections. This is very simple and fairly affordable for every pack
regardless of pack size. If possible some of the larger packs could bring
more than two sections or they could actually volunteer to bring a Portcullis
(entrance to the castle). Below are the instructions for building the castle
wall sections. Please note we need these sections to be delivered to Belk
Scout Camp before June 12th so we can assemble and utilize these during
the District Day Camps.
                           The Castle Wall

Materials: 5’ x 5’ wall section (build 2 of these)
4 – 3/4” x 5’ PVC pipe (less than 2.00)
4 – 3/4” PVC tees (.33 each)
1 – 5’ x 5’ white canvas painters drop cloths (5.97)
Small bag (100) 4” zip ties (3.49)
Small can of Black paint (5.00-9.00)

   1. Slide 3/4” PVC tee on the ends of the top and bottom sections
   2. Now slide the 5’ sections between the top and bottom, this
      should form a 5’ x 5’ frame.
   3. Now lay the canvas in the frame.
   4. Cut several small holes along the top, bottom, and sides of the
   5. Secure the canvas to the frame using the zip ties at each of the
      holes you just cut.
   6. Finally paint several lines to look like bricks on the outside of
      the wall.

When the wall sections are joined together they should make a very
large wall. The camp will provide support sections to help hold up the
wall. The more sections we have the bigger our castle can be. And the
more fun it will be for the Scouts to defend the Belk Scout Castle.
If you would like to build a Portcullis please contact the camp
                                          At Belk Scout Camp
                       Webelos and Cub Resident Camp and Family Camp Registration
     Council _____________ District _____________ Pack _______________ Den ______
    Webelos: July 9 – 12 ___________ July 16 – 19 ___________ July 23 – 26 ___________
          Cub Scouts and Family Camping (all family members age 4+ invited!):
                               July 31- August 2 _______
Camp Tour Leader (name of attending leader) __________________________________
Cell # __________________________________ Home # _______________________
Email ________________________________ BSA Position ______________________
        Webelos sessions $120 per youth, Cub/Family session $75 per youth. $10 DEPOSIT DUE w/ reg.
         Payment due by May 31st and receive a $10 discount!!!! (Before June 30th for Fourth session)
                        Adult and non-cub scout fees are $60 ($40 for Fourth Session).
                             1 free adult with every 5 registered cubs / Webelos!
        Council Refund policy is in effect. Contact Council Service Center for details. Space is limited.
                      Adult Leadership                            phone     2 shirts (circle) $60 fee
                                                                                                        S M L XL 2X
                                                                                                        S M L XL 2X
                                                                                                        S M L XL 2X
                                                                                                        S M L XL 2X
                                                                                                        S M L XL 2X
   All units must have two deep leaders or 1 leader per five boys (lone boys with their parent gladly accepted! Provisional scouts, please add $20)

                             Youth Name                                           Deposit ($10) Youth Shirt Sizes Balance
         Den Chief:                                                                   ½ price           S M L XL 2X           ½ price

                                                                                                        S M L XL 2X
                                                                                                        S M L XL 2X
                                                                                                        S M L XL 2X
                                                                                                        S M L XL 2X
                                                                                                        S M L XL 2X
                                                                                                        S M L XL 2X
                                                                                                        S M L XL 2X
                                                                                                        S M L XL 2X
                                                                                                        S M L XL 2X
                                                                                                        S M L XL 2X
                                                                                                        S M L XL 2X
                                                                                                        S M L XL 2X
                                              Mecklenburg County Council, Boy Scouts of America
                                                    1410 E. 7th Street, Charlotte, NC 28204
                                  704.342.9329            Fax 704.377.4955  
                                   Email:              or
Provisional Scouts: You may register a Webelos (rising third or fourth
grader) for Webelos’ Resident Camp as an individual attending without his
Pack on a provisional basis. The camp director will attempt to secure a
pack to supervise the Webelo scout, and if they agree, the scout may
attend. There is a $20 surcharge for boys attending WITHOUT a Pack,
Den or parent. Provisional scouts are not permitted at Cub/Family Camp in

Counselors-in-Training: Boy Scouts over the age of 13 and who have
achieved First Class Rank may apply for a Counselor-in-Training position.
This is a great first step to summer employment at Camp Grimes! A
Scoutmaster recommendation is required. Contact the Camp Director for
an application.

Health and Safety: Qualified medical personnel will be available to handle
minor scrapes and cuts. If any serious emergency arises, the camper will
be taken to the local hospital for treatment. We require a current class 2
health forms for ALL campers, youth or adult. The new universal health
form is available on We only need section A and

Medications: The unit leader is to retain all medications in a locked,
secure box in the pack camp site. All medications must be accompanied by
written permission from a parent, guardian, or doctor. If the pack does not
have a lock box, we will provide a secure storage point in the health lodge.
The health lodge also has a place to store medications requiring
refrigeration. If the medication is that of an emergent nature, such as an
asthma inhaler or Epi-Pen, that is to be kept with an adult leader who will
be with that scout for the entire time. Please bring to the attention of the
Camp Director any special needs a scout may have – physically
challenged, diabetes, food restrictions, etc.

Adult Leadership: All Dens must have a minimum of two (2) leaders at
Cub Scout and Webelos’ Resident Camp. One of these leaders must be
21 years of age or older, and one must be a registered scout leader.
Therefore, parents and other adult relatives may accompany the scouts to
camp. In addition there must be a minimum of one (1) leader for every five
(5) boys at Webelos’ Resident Camp and one (1) leader for every three (3)
boys at Cub Scout Resident Camp.

Den Chiefs: are invited to attend with their pack to enhance the pack’s
enjoyment of camp. A Den Chief does not replace the responsibility of an
adult. Any registered Boy Scout age 13 years or older can become a Den
Access Statement: Cub Scout and Webelos’ Resident Camp at Belk
Scout Camp are available to all persons with disabilities. We will make
every reasonable effort to meet the needs of all campers. Advanced notice
of special requirements is greatly appreciated. For further information or
assistance, please contact the camp director.

Non-Discrimination Statement:            Camping at Belk Scout Camp is
available to all youth registered in the Boy Scouts of America regardless of
race, creed, nationality, or religious preference.

Government Subsidy Program Statement: Milk provided at Cub Scout
and Webelos’ Resident Camp is supplemented through the milk subsidy

Camperships: No Scout will be denied the opportunity to attend Cub
Scout or Webelos’ Resident Camp due to financial hardship. Camperships
are available up to half the registration fee. Applications are available at
the Council Service Center at 1410 East Seventh Street or online at and are due by April 30, 2009 NO EXCEPTIONS.
PACK LEADER APPROVAL is required to submit application.
            Health and Safety at Belk Scout Camp
Transportation: Individual families can provide transportation or carpools
can be formed to transport boys to camp. Adults responsible for
transporting youth to camp need to be aware of the transportation
guidelines as stated in the Guide to Safe Scouting (#34416D), available
through the Scout Shop. As a precautionary measure, any Scout traveling
in a car pool should have a signed parental permission slip containing
pertinent medical information should a need arise in transit. The BSA’s
policy of two deep leadership should be maintained in vehicles used in

Swim Checks: All youth and adult campers and staff will be swim tested
before they use the swimming pool. This includes campers who may be
considered non-swimmers. If possible, arrive early on Thursday to
complete your swim checks. Pre-camp swim checks can be completed at
area swimming pools. The criteria used for swimmer classification can be
found in the Guide to Safe Scouting (#34416D), available through the
Scout Shop.

Telephone Service: The telephone number at Belk Scout Camp is (704)
545-0958. Scout access to the camp telephone is limited to emergency
use only. The use of cellular or digital telephone by youth campers is
strongly discouraged. Youth attending camp with a mobile phone must
inform his leader. Leaders are responsible for all mobile phones and their

Visitors: Visitors are welcome at Belk Scout Camp. All visitors must
report to Camp Headquarters (the Camp Masters house) to sign in and
obtain identification before entering the activity areas. Identification should
be visible and worn by all persons while on camp property. Guests should
sign out at Camp Headquarters upon conclusion of their visit to camp. If
visitors to camp wish to have a meal with the scouts they will be asked to
pay for that meal.

Smoke-free Policy: It is the responsibility of BSA to protect the health and
safety of the young people in its program. It is the policy of national BSA
that leaders should not use tobacco products in any form in the presence of
youth members and care should be exercised to provide a smoke-free
environment. Therefore, all building or facilities are designated as
nonsmoking facilities.     Smoking outside entrance/exit doors is not
              Cub Scout and Webelos Resident Camp
                      Pre-Camp Checklist

  * Pack Committee appoints a Camp Chairperson to promote camp at Den and
    pack meetings and to facilitate the registration procedure.
  * Submit registration form and $10 deposit per youth. Please note that sessions
    do fill up fast.
  * Review this Guidebook with other adults in your Pack or Den.
  * Secure leadership: Webelos’ Resident Camp requires one adult leader for every
    five boys and a minimum of two adults per Den.
  * Cub Scout Resident Camp requires one adult leader for every three youth.
  * Obtain Medical forms and submit one for each person attending camp, (NO
    EXCEPTIONS). Participants, youth or adult, must submit one to attend camp.
  * Build two 5’ x 5’ Castle wall sections (described earlier in booklet)

Six Weeks Prior to Camp
   * Follow up on medical forms.
   * Copy and distribute checklist to parents of each boy attending camp.
   * Inform the Director of Camp, in writing, of any special needs, including food
   * Pay camp fee balance of $100 per boy due by May 29 th for Webelos Resident
   * Pay camp fee balance of $65 due June 30 th for Family/Cub Scout Resident
   * Attend Camp Leader Information Fair at Council Service center at 1410 East
     Seventh Street on Friday, May 29th. Drop in anytime from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. to
     turn in registrations, ask questions, meet some of the staff, etc.
   * Re-confirm leadership at camp.
   * Secure transportation to and from camp.
   * Meet with scouts to talk about camp expectations and rules.
   * Review adult leader responsibilities with all adults attending camp.
   * Deliver Castle wall to Belk Scout Camp by June 12th, 2009

One Week Before Camp
  * Check on transportation to and from camp.
  * Make sure anyone who has joined your group since you originally registered has
     a completed medical form. Re-check all forms for proper signatures.
  * Inspect boys’ personal packs/bags and gear.
  * Bring copies of den roster, receipts, and all paperwork to camp. Don’t forget the
     medical forms.
  * Re-confirm transportation for closing day. HAVE FUN!!