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									        Tennant Creek Planning Forum 10th December 2009

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Mrs Dawn McCarthy, Chair of the Tennant Creek Economic Development

   Welcome

   Hello, I am Dawn McCarthy, Chairperson of the Tennant Creek Economic
    Development Committee. Before I commence my presentation I want to
    take a moment to let you all know that my presentation today is my
    interpretation and this presentation contains views that may not be the
    same views of the NT Government or any other member of my family. I
    have not asked permission or sort approval for any content.

   I would like to start this presentation by talking about my interpretation of
    what Economic Development means in relation to economic development
    working in Tennant Creek and the Barkly.

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Tennant Creek and Economic Development

   Economic Development is about the development of a shared community
    vision and empowering the people to take control of that vision.

   Economic Development is about recognising that we live in an
    environment that is constantly evolving, it’s about identifying the negative
    aspects of our community’s social and economic life styles and planning
    for change in the future. It is about turning the negatives into positives and
    being creative and most importantly, community development minded. It’s
    about the empowerment of people to believe in its self and instilling a ‘we
    can do’ attitude into our community.

   In the next decade I believe Tennant Creek will be part of an economic
    and population growth explosion. Our mining, construction and transport
    industries will create an abundance of employment opportunities and
    these industries will buy goods and services locally that will have a positive
    impact on a Tennant Creek’s economy. Our community will flourish and
    as a consequence and natural progression, small business and industry
    will grow and prosper.
   Tennant Creek will be known as the Barkly Region’s commercial centre
    and more importantly, a service centre for two of the Territory’s 20 growth
    towns that are in our region. Tennant Creek will be the hub for essential
    services, a supply chain for goods and services and a transport hub for the
    distribution of road goods to our growth towns and our smaller more
    isolated regional communities. Tennant Creek will be the service hub for
    our mining, construction and pastoral industries, it will be the place to visit
    and be the starting point for Barkly tourist destinations. Tennant Creek will
    be known as a place to stop for a while and will be a force to be reckoned
    with and no more will Tennant be bagged out by our northern and
    southern extended community members.

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Tennant Creek – and the Barkly’s Communities

   Tennant Creek is surrounded by smaller communities. Our closest two will
    be developed into Growth towns. They are Ali Curung and Elliot.
    In each of these towns small indigenous businesses will develop,
    examples are trade businesses, retail outlets, bakers, hairdressers,
    communication outlets, serious tourism operators, transport operators,
    government and non government agencies will have offices and even
    manufacturing businesses will evolve. Small business will flourish and
    become a major contributor to the economic growth of these towns.

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Tennant Creek - the Inland Port & Freight Interchange

   Tennant Creek has the potential to play an integral part in the way the
    nation transports and distributes goods with respect to local, along with the
    import and export trade markets. When [and I say this deliberately] the
    Mount Isa to Tennant Creek rail link is built it will link Eastern Australian to
    the Territory’s central and northern regions. Upgrading the road west to
    Broome will automatically make Tennant Creek the crossways of the
    nation and place Tennant Creek in the perfect position for bulk handling
    and a freight interchange.
   The talk is that Darwin’s East Arm port facility is overcrowded, so I put this
    to Darwin, “listen up, Tennant Creek can assist you if we are given the
    opportunity to develop an Inland Port”. An inland port could be utilised as
    the holding and distribution point for transporting goods by rail and road
    from the North, South, East and by road, to the West, our importing and
    exporting trade routes. An inland port for the bulk handling of containers
    and mining minerals such as high grade ore and the spelling of live stock
    for the export markets.

   The Northern Territory Government recognises the need for Tennant and
    the Barkly to leverage off its opportunities in the mining, construction and
    cattle industries and the government recognises the need to identify
    opportunities that will grow Tennant Creek and as a consequence, are
    developing Tennant Creek as a freight hub. I put it to the NT Government
    to think bigger and seriously, to consider an inland port in Tennant as a
    viable and powerful economic driver. I put it to the NT Government to
    show more confidence in Tennant Creek and create not just a freight hub,
    but a Tennant Creek inland port that has the potential to become a subject
    of national transport significance.

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Tennant Creek – Passenger Transport and Community Responsibility

   If we don’t shop at the food barn the food barn will go broke. If we don’t
    eat at our restaurants our restaurants will go broke, it is a simple fact, if
    you don’t shop locally, we go broke! That is the reality, if we don’t use
    services we don’t have them. The same goes for our passenger transport
    services. Passenger transport, it’s not about reinventing the wheel, or
    getting government to take responsibility and create business for our
    community. It’s about our community working with what we already have,
    using it wisely and effectively and building on it. In my opinion Tennant
    Creek cannot complain about transport services being taken away, we
    have a history of under utilising our passenger services. If the community
    want earlier bus runs and a service provider creates one and the
    community doesn’t use it, we lose it! It’s as plain as that! And another
    thing, if we are to attract more tourists, business people with skills,
    investors to Tennant Creek we need to link our passengers transport
    services together and get the connections right.
   If Tennant Creek wants’ an airline service then it is up to us, the
    community, to start one. Starting an airline service is not the challenge, it
    is getting community to use the service, this is the reality and the real

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Tennant Creek – Industry and Missed Opportunities

   What a feast we are having with respect to our mining industries and the
    potential of more mining activities being considered. I say this to our
    community, we cannot and should not sit back and wait for others to start
    businesses, let’s get passionate Tennant Creek! A mining company’s
    policy of fly in and fly out is a huge opportunity missed for Tennant Creek.

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Tennant Creek and Tourism – Unity

   I say we must market ourselves slightly differently and I acknowledge the
    very hard work of our tourism industry how we have evolved in these past
    years. I have a couple of marketing suggestions that start with our
    accommodation outlets. We must welcome people to our town and invite
    our visitors to make positive suggestions in relation to potential business
    growth opportunities. We could do this by asking our local
    accommodation outlets to place signs in their premises, that ask
    customers can you/ or do you have a positive economic development
    idea/s that would grow our community. Ask for customers to leave
    business cards and use these business cards for networking and our
    economic growth and give our visitors the opportunity to meet with our
    community members.

   NT tourism and the tourist industry would benefit by having a uniform
    service standard and a code of practice in relation to our roadhouse stops.
    A code of practice that includes the positive marketing and promotion of
    NT towns, their assets and other NT tourist destinations.
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Tennant Creek – The future is in Education

   Tennant Creek families should have a choice in education, both primary
    and secondary. It should have hostels to support remote community youth
    coming to Tennant Creek for education and training. These hostels would
    have the potential to create transition houses for people from the bush
    wanting to find a place to live and work in Tennant Creek. I put it to the NT
    and Australian Governments to design and implement an apprentice
    scheme similar to school based apprenticeships, where apprentices from
    the bush, work part time with an employer. An apprenticeship scheme
    specifically designed for bush people wanting to learn a trade and
    predominantly live in their communities.

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Tennant Creek
Sporting Culture – Our Human Economic Development Enhancers, an
Untapped Resource

   This is the quiet asset, the untapped resource. Sports can and is a
    significant economic driver. Sports can drive employment and it can
    positively influence Tennant Creek socially and economically. Sports and
    tourism go well together, a strong sports culture can be a catalyst for
    social change.
   I have a sports economic and social change model for Tennant Creek
    which involves serious business sponsorship and remote teams and
    individual sporting athletes from our communities. I do not have time to
    talk about this model at this forum, however, if anyone is interested in
    having a conversation; please do not hesitate to approach me.

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Tennant Creek - Turning our regional assets into a tool for Economic
 How do we make all this happen? How do we get our community involved
   in economic development? We keep it simple and make all economic
   development relate to everyone.

   First of all, we have to acknowledge our community’s strengths and
    embrace our community’s weakness’s. We need to work with both and
    turn our community problems into community opportunities. We need to
    establish cluster groups of people with skills and innovative ideas that
    work collectively. We need to work with our assets.
   Clean Energy, clean energy to sell, solar and wind power generation, a
    commodity to sell, plenty of water, hot rocks. Renewable power
    generation could provide most, if not all of the towns and regions domestic
    power needs. Red dirt is our asset, environmentally friendly mud bricks,
    clean air, relaxed living environment, enriched culture, abundance of
    minerals, land friendly community, all are assets, an untapped resource
    and the basis for our economic development opportunities. This untapped
    resource is waisted just sitting there. We must move on and not just rely
    on government and the mining industry to do something. We must get
    wise and act now and market these assets to potential investors and
    business entrepreneurs.

   Clusters are the way go. They are doing it in the southern states, cluster
    groups create networks – they meet and exchange ideas and they work at
    supporting ideas and bringing likeminded people together. I ask the NT
    Government to provide cluster group facilitation and bring skilled people to
    our town to make links that bring about economic change to enhance
    business growth

   How do we make this work? We market ourselves to ourselves! We
    promote our assets to our community first. We promote our assets to our
    young people in our schools, our senior citizens, our business people, our
    community leaders and respected elders and we educate, we educate,
    and we educate. If our community believe in our future, our future will take
    care of itself,

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Tennant Creek including Barkly Region, Economic Profile
 The old Tennant Creek as we know it has gone, thanks to a progressive
   community people past and present and thanks to Julalikari Council who
   pioneered the signing of town leases, a progressive move. Julalikari has
   shown local, national and international leadership and now a new way of
   thinking has evolved, with the development of suburbs a whole of town
   approach to inclusive lifestyles.

   I believe with strong economic growth the social issues that effect our
    economy will take care of itself and as our community grows a strong
    working life will evolve, and the new opportunities will naturally stimulate
    our economy
   I would like to acknowledge past planners of Tennant Creek. I
    acknowledge the effort and work that went into the Barkly Blue Print and
    reflecting on this document it is pleasing to see Tennant Creek and the
    Barkly Region has benefited from their efforts and vision.

   Recently the Tennant Creek Economic Development Committee launched
    its first economic profile and it has been well received by our community. I
    congratulate everyone involved with this project especially the EDC
    members and NTG departmental staff who worked on the profile.

   Let’s keep this momentum going by taking the next step in our journey for
    economic prosperity

   It is time Tennant Creek, to form a Business Planning Committee.

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Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous 2010

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