30th April 2009 - Minutes

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					                                 University of St Andrews Students’ Association
                                 meeting of the Students’ Services Committee
                                 Thurs 30th April 2009, Committee Room, 7:30pm

      Andrew Keenan                    Association President
      Philippa Dunn                    Director of Student Development & Activities (DoSDA)
      Stacy Lee                        Director of Events and Services (DoES)
      Emma Foley                       Association Chair
      Owen Wilton                      SSC Debates Officer
      Alex Dixon                       SSC Charities Convenor
      Matthew Robertson                SSC Entertainments Officer
      Luke Hodgman                     SSC Music Officer
      Sam Fowles                       SSC Performing Arts Officer
      Rebecca Ladley                   SSC Societies Officer
      Carley Hollis                    SSC Society Grants Convenor
      Rachel Fullerton                 SSC Volunteering Officer
      Holly West                       Association Community Relations Officer
      Benjamin Bridgman                Association Sustainability Officer
      Clare McDonnell                  SSC Member for Society Elections
      James McWalter                   SSC Member Without Portfolio
      Catherine Slater                 Member of Mermaids committee

      James Shield                     Director of Representation (DoR)
      Phil Pass                        DoES Elect
      Phil Tortorolli                  SSC Broadcasting Convenor


1.0            Adoption of Agenda
               Agenda adopted

2.0            Chair’s Business
2.1            Apologies for Absence
               As above
2.2            Minutes of Previous Meeting
2.2.1          Accepted
2.3            Matters Arising

3.0            Presidential Business
3.1            President
3.1.2          SSC Carve-ups

               The President explained the system of carve-ups and how the position of Senior Officer
               related to the Board and Executive Committee of the Students' Association (SA).
               Nominations and elections were as follows:

               ! Senior Officer and Deputy

        Ben Bridgman – Ben has reasonable experience within the Students' Association (SA),
        and has been involved in various societies and campaigns. He is interested in getting
        more involved in the working of the SA and representing views fairly, and will have lots of
        time available over the coming year.

        Alex Dixon – Alex was advised by the previous Charities Officer to run for this position to
        get a clearer understanding of what goes on within the SA. He also studies management
        and so has relevant experience in decision-making.

        Owen Wilton – Owen feels that it is good to be involved in areas outside your jurisdiction;
        he would like to be more aware of other committees and the SA as a whole. Through his
        participation in Debates he is not fazed by putting forward representative views he does
        not personally agree with. His nerdish side is interested in management and insurance.

        Owen Wilton was elected as Senior Officer and Alex Dixon as Deputy.

        ! SSC Nominee to the Sustainability Committee

        Holly West was elected.

        ! Community Relations Committee

        Both Sam Fowles and Rachel Fullerton were elected as both were interested and
        planning on attending meetings anyway.

        ! Societies Committee

        James McWalter was elected.

        ! Discipline Committee

        The Discipline Committee is made up of the DoES, the DoSDA, Iain Cupples and three
        carve-ups from the SSC. It usually meets two or three times per semester.

        Carley Hollis, Rebecca Ladley and Matthew Robertson were elected.
3.1.2   Space planners visited the SA on Friday night to look at the use of space in the SA and
        they affirmed many of the thoughts the sabbaticals had already had. They will come back
        at different times and eventually produce a report which will recommend to architects how
        to develop the building when work starts in 2012. This morning they gave the President
        the initial report of their findings. The redevelopment of the SA is now on the regular
        agenda of the university's development committee.

4.0     Representation Business
4.1     Director of Representation

5.0     Services Business
5.1     Director of Events and Services
5.1.1   The DoES is currently working on the Sister Bliss event next Thursday, end of semester
        events and the Graduation Ball, which is selling very well compared to this time last year.
5.1.2   He is looking into buying new equipment.

6.0     Activities Business
6.1     Director of Student Development and Activities
6.1.1   The DoSDA is finishing off the administrative side of On The Rocks.
6.1.2   There is a meeting next week about society administration being put online.

7.0     Sabbatical Question Time
7.1     What are the plans for the snooker room? The DoSDA said that the room has been made
        secure as the piano currently in there is valuable. It is block booked by the music centre
        at weekends, and is bookable by arts and music groups during the week.
7.2     Where should the other piano be kept? It was moved upstairs by Godspell which
        reminded Bruce of its existence, and he has said it must be moved back down to the
        corner of venue 1 after use. This does not seem to be the safest place for it to be stored.
7.3     What is happening with the SA website? A meeting is being held with the website
        provider as there is a window within which we would be able to get out of the contract. If
        this happens we should hopefully have a completely new website, although many
        companies were not interested in a project this big.

8.0     Officers’ Business
8.1     Broadcasting Convenor
8.2     Charities Convenor
8.2.1   The AGM was only held yesterday and so most large projects remain to be finalised. The
        committee is looking into some kind of seaside fair and a trek across the Great Wall of
        China. The Convenor is also interested in working with SVS, Community Relations and
        the School of Management to set up some kind of young enterprise scheme with local
        high schools.
8.3     Design Team Convenor
        To be selected
8.4     Debates Officer
8.4.1   The Officer thanked the President, DoSDA and Performing Arts Officer for speaking in the
        debates he has already held.
8.4.2   After a meeting with the director of admissions about publicising the activities of Debates
        to potential students, the Officer realised this was relevant to all parts of the SSC. The
        idea is to create an A4 size sheet featuring committees and societies which would be sent
        to potential students, with the ultimate aim of it being included in the prospectus. It would
        be included in packs sent to students in the USA and fit in well with the publicity provided
        by American colleges. Funding would hopefully be provided by admissions and student
        experience people; the idea may have to be shelved if funding fell to the SA. The idea is
        in very early stages so please get in touch if you are interested in being involved.
8.4.3   The previous Officer was in contact with Gok Wan, Germaine Greer and David Blunkett.
        The format of debates may be changed depending on who is speaking. The Officer is
        putting the term card together now so please get in touch with any requests.
8.5     Entertainments Officer
8.5.1   The Officer is involved with risk assessments, appointing co-ordinators and training.
8.6     Music Officer
8.6.1   The AGM was held on Tuesday; there remain some places to be filled.
8.6.2   The committee does not really have any budget left for the rest of the year; venue 2 is
        booked on Tuesday evenings but it is not certain that events will take place.
8.6.3   A lot of MusFund equipment, especially drum kit, has gone missing – is there a safe
        storage area? The music centre was suggested, although the equipment is used regularly
        in the SA so keeping it there would not be ideal. The President said to discuss the
        missing items with the DoES, but the Officer said there was not a list of what MusFund
        used to have.
8.7     Performing Arts Officer
8.7.1   The Officer is very interested in cooperation between committees, so if anyone has any
        ideas which they would like to work with Mermaids on please get in touch.
8.7.2   A company has offered free publicity if an advert is included – is this OK? Yes as long as
        the company is not offering anything which competes with the SA.
8.7.3   Can the Officer write a press release about the committee's approaching 90 birthday?
        Bruce has said only the President can speak to the press. The President said he is the
        only person allowed the speak on behalf of the SA, so it is fine for Mermaids to write a
        press release, but he would like to see it before it goes out.
8.7.4   Changes to the Mermaids Constitution

        The President noted that this would need to be reconciled with the Mermaids constitution
        on the website; the Officer said it also needed to be spellchecked before it was

         formalised. He introduced the changes by explaining that he wished to add a temporary
         member to the committee who would be responsible for updating Mermaids' archives.
         This is a large task and not one the secretary has time to do (the archive needs to be
         started from scratch rather than updated), and with the anniversary approaching it would
         be good to create a record of Mermaids' history. An organised archive would offer
         references and ideas to current students and would be useful in plans to contact alumni.

         When asked how this member would be selected the Officer said that they would be co-
         opted from people who wished to do it; it would not be someone already on the

         It was asked why the secretary could not do it; the Mermaids secretary does more than
         just take minutes and everybody on the committee already has a lot of responsibilities, so
         it makes sense to have a separate person responsible for creating the archive. The
         position would be temporary because once the archive has been created it should be
         easy to update, and the creation should not take more than a year. However, he would
         like to keep open the option of electing a temporary member in the future for other
         projects should the need arise.

         A clause was added requiring Mermaids to run requests for future temporary members
         past SSC before elections were held, and the change was then unanimously approved.

         However, the issue was complicated by problems at the Mermaids AGM – the member of
         the committee present explained that two secretaries had been elected with the idea that
         one would do the archiving. When it was realised there was no precedent for this one of
         the secretaries stepped down. The Officer argued that no-one else had been interested in
         the position, but there were complaints about the timing and fairness of the election. After
         much discussion the President suggested an EGM should be called and the election held
         again; this was approved with one abstention.
8.8      Postgraduate Officer
8.9      Societies Officer
8.9.1    The AGM is being held on Tuesday; it would be appreciated if this could be put in the link
         up email as new people are needed to run for positions.
8.9.2    For the Mussoc orchestra's anniversary a competition is being held to compose a piece of
         music for them to play, and £600 has been provided for prizes.
8.9.3    The committee has been giving money out and affiliating new societies. End of year
         administration is coming in.
8.9.4    The Officer has been to speak to Pamela Andrews in the Careers Centre. She is thinking
         of creating some kind of award for involvement in extracurricular activities, and would like
         to make students in relevant societies more aware of careers events.
8.10     Volunteering Officer
8.10.1   Most committee positions have been filled; the remaining ones will be filled next year.
8.10.2   The Officer is concerned that SVS is very isolated from other committees and the SA in
         general, and that it has a practically negative publicity campaign and poor image amongst
         students. There will be some major changes in SVS in the future, especially in terms of
         the strategic plan. It has become ingrained and unquestioned in the committee for the
         past five or so years that money must be saved to employ a member of staff; this has
         now been abandoned and the money will be used on other activities, although it is difficult
         to spend money on volunteering.
         The Officer is planning to computerise SVS files so that they are easier to work with. She
         will also be developing the committee, talking to the Careers Centre and creating a brand
         new publicity campaign.
8.11     Association Community Relations Officer
8.11.1   The Officer has already come up against the attitude that only the Kate Kennedy Club
         does anything for the town, so she would like to get articles about student activities in In
8.11.2   Stunning St Andrews is very active and may be holding a student activity day in May.
8.12     Association Sustainability Officer
8.12.1   The Officer had a meeting with Estates and was given a long list of issues to address
         which he will look at over the summer. The most immediate issue is waste management

         after students leave halls in May. There should be a space allocated for students to leave
         items to be donated to charity.
8.12.2   The Officer asked if he should spend his remaining budget as it does not roll over. The
         President said it should only be spent on worthwhile projects. It was asked whether the
         Barron could be made more sustainable, but the Member Without Portfolio said there
         were more pressing issues relating to the theatre. The secretary asked if she could be
         given the funding promised by the previous Officer for her stall at the Sustainable Living
         Fair and suggesting the Officer focused on creating composting facilities in self-catered
         halls, as the university has been very opposed to this (concerns about providing residents
         of grassy Albany Park with a compost bin have included 'What would we do with the

9.0      Officers’ Question Time

10.0     Any Other Business

11.0     Notices
11.1     Next meeting of the SSC:
         October. Optional SSC-led drinking beforehand.

         Next meetings of sub-committees:
         Broadcasting - TBA
         Charities - 7.30pm, Monday, Committee Room
         Design Team – TBA
         Debates - 5pm, Wednesday, Committee Room
         Ents - 5pm, Wednesday, Venue 2
         Music - 6pm, Tuesday, main bar
         Performing Arts - 1pm, Thursday, Committee Room
         Postgraduate - /
         Societies - 4pm, Wednesday, Committee Room
         Volunteering – 7.15pm, Wednesday, Committee Room
         Community Relations – TBA
         Sustainability – TBA

12.0     Close of Meeting


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