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									                             Wellness Committee Meeting
                                   March 7, 2007
                                      HBC #220

Members Present: Holly Delacroix, Jennifer Flowers, Kathy Judge, Maxine Kaplan,
Alisol Martinez, Leslie Saldana, Merrilee Shopland, Susan Smith, Stacey Thompson-
Stover, Gerry Tucker

The Wellness Committee met on Wednesday, March 7th to discuss the committee’s
objectives, ideas and strategy for developing recommendations for implementation of a
wellness program.

The Committee discussed the history of wellness at the College. Merrilee Shopland and
Maxine Kaplan, who had served on prior committees, were able to share some
background on previous efforts at the College.

A general discussion ensued that formulated these ideas:

      Design a program for each campus;
      Take into account a wide variety of needs;
      Consider a wide variety of options (workshops, classes, walking groups, change
       vending machines, revise menus at Simon’s on campus, written materials on
       health issues, classes through IVC at lunch or after work, fitness equipment, etc.);
      Programs should be easy and convenient;
      Consider phasing in the program each year.

Human Resources Benefits Section reported that research is being done to add a vendor
to the gym options. Alisol Martinez has contacted 24 HR Fitness, YMCA, Curves, and
other gyms to secure programs and pricing. This information will be available at the next

Kathy Judge reported that the Classified Association has already gathered research on
some local entities and their programs. Kathy and Leslie will form a committee to gather
more data and present the information at the next meeting.

It was decided that a survey should be conducted among employees to get feedback about
their interests. Merrilee, Maxine and Holly will form a committee to develop the survey.
Merrilee will look into an on-line survey process. The Association Presidents will be
expected to email their constituents with the survey instrument.

Merrilee will be responsible for ensuring the survey and process is reviewed by the
Office of Institutional Effectiveness.

It was decided the agenda at the next meeting would be:

   1. Report on the other programs (Kathy Judge)
   2.   Report on survey (Merrilee Shopland)
   3.   Report on Gym options (Alisol Martinez)
   4.   Select Co-Chair
   5.   Develop Goals and Objectives and Budget

The next meeting is Friday, April 6, 9:00 a.m., HBC, Room #221.

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