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ECH Students Named to HGTC President's List _ Dean's List for Fall


  horry county early college high school newsletter                                          Volume 3, Issue 8
                                                                                             March 5, 2009

                            ECH Students Named to HGTC                                 DATES TO REMEMBER
                             President’s List & Dean’s List                                    ECH Read Across
                                    for Fall 2008                                              America Week
                                                                                               March 2 - 6
                         Horry-Georgetown Technical College recognizes                Trip to College of Charleston
                         outstanding academic achievement every term                  (Freshmen)
                                                                                      March 13
                         through the President's List and the Dean's List.
                                                                                      HGTC Spring Break
* The President's List recognizes students who have achieved a 3.75 grade point       March 16 - 20
average having completed six or more college hours.
                                                                                      Presentation by Horry
* The Dean's List recognizes students who have achieved a 3.5 grade point             County Fire & Rescue -
average.having completed six or more college hours.                                   Safe Driving
                                                                                      March 18
ECH is proud to announce the following students were recognized among
other HGTC students for outstanding academic achievement.                             SAT Prep Workshop for
      P RESIDENT ’ S L IST                              D EAN ’ S L IST               March 20
          Desarae Bittle                               Kecia Braswell                 End 3rd Quarter
           Ashley Clark                                Mary Canfield                  March 25
          Rebecca Laird                                  Lacii Fields
                                                                                      Early Dismissal* for Students
           Raven Brown                                 Matthew Fox                    11:50 am, March 25
            Dakota Kish                                   Kristi Hall                 *HGTC classes will meet in the
        Megan Lambrecht                                Felecia Kersey                 afternoon.
      Brittany Montgomery                               Tina MacBay
                                                                                      3rd Quarter Report Cards
           Yashira Perry                              Morgan Nordman                  Issued
          Melissa Reidy                                Sophia Pinkas                  March 31
         Amber Simmons

Early College students are expected to attend school the week of March 16 - 20, HGTC Spring Break.
ECH students who are dually-enrolled in both Horry County Schools and Horry Georgetown Technical
College, attendance is required. There are activities planned for the week in addition to opportunities
for students to get ahead in their college work.

HCS Spring Break is April 6 - 13. ECH students will be excused from college classes except for Monday, April 13. HGTC
professors understand that students in regular college classes will not be required to attend. If the student has
his/her own transportation, the student may choose to attend the college classes as scheduled. Students with col-
lege classes on Monday/Wednesday will be required to attend their college classes on Monday, April 13. HCS will
provide transportation from the base high schools. Students will be responsible for talking with the HGTC professors
and completing all missed assignments.
ECHo                                                                                                          page 2

                                                 ACADEMIC INTEGRITY
                             Academic integrity means honesty in school and taking responsibility for one’s
                             own school work. Early College students are expected to maintain academic
                             integrity in both their high school and college course work. Students who com-
                             plete their own assignments, submit their own work, take tests without looking
                             on other’s test papers, and compose their own compositions using their own
                             words will maintain their academic integrity.

Examples of academic misconduct or not maintaining academic integrity include cheating on tests, submit-
ting another person’s work as one’s own, submitting the same assignments for different classes, and plagia-
rism. Another form of academic misconduct is collusion which means one knowingly assists another stu-
dent with cheating.

Plagiarism is copying words and presenting them as one’s own writing. It is copying part or all of a paper,
Internet source, book, or other written or spoken source without indicating in any way that the words
belong to someone else. It is plagiarism to copy words, even if one gives the source, if it is not used in direct
quotation. It is also plagiarism to copy words and then change them a little even if you give the source. To
count as one’s own words, the paper must be significantly different from the sources so that a reader would
consider the paper new work.
At Early College, academic misconduct calls for a discipline referral This Level I offense will result in no grade
for the work and a parent conference. Continued infractions could result in more serious consequences to
include out-of-school suspension.

The following is taken from the Horry Geogetown Technical College 2008-09 Catalog:
1. A professor who has reason to believe that a student enrolled in his/her class has committed an act of aca-
demic misconduct must meet with the student to discuss this matter. The professor must advise the student of
the alleged act of academic misconduct and the information upon which it is based. The student must be given
an opportunity to refute the allegation.
2. If the professor, after meeting with the student, determines that the student has engaged in academic mis-
conduct as alleged, the professor will inform the student about the decision and the academic sanction that
will be imposed. The professor may impose one of the following academic sanctions: a. Assign a lower grade or
score to the paper, project, assignment, or examination involved in the act of misconduct. b. Require the stu-
dent to repeat or resubmit the paper, project, assignment or examination involved in the act of misconduct.
c. Assign a failing grade for the course. d. Require the student to withdraw from the course.
3. If the student is found responsible for the academic misconduct, within five working days of the meeting, the
professor will submit a written report about the incident and the sanction imposed to the HGTC Associate Vice
President for Student Affairs.

                                           Freshman & Sophomore Parents
                        Call 349-5350 to schedule a meeting with our guidance counselor, Mrs.
                              Hearn and your child to discuss your child’s career goal and
                                       scheduling for the 2009-10 school year.
                                                                                                                  page 3

                           ECH STUDENTS GIVE BACK                                                 "Want a Hug?
                                                                                                   Give a Mug."
                         Mrs. Baldwin’s Advisory students spent
                         time in the fall exploring ideas on how to                          The “Want a Hug? Give a
                         give back to their community. On                                    Mug” campaign is designed to
                         Saturday, February 28, the group volun-                             raise awareness for conserva-
                         teered with the Coastal Rescue Mission
                         Food Supplement Service in Loris.                                   tion efforts in Horry County.
                                                                                             The campaign is being con-
The Coastal Rescue Mission prepares food packages once a                  ducted at ECH by Mrs. Carter's biology classes.
month. Our Early College students went early on a Saturday                The students have collected over 50 mugs for
morning to help with preparing these food packages. The stu-              Ocean Bay Middle School students to be used
dents were responsible for boxing up canned goods, meats,
breads and fresh produce. Some students helped deliver the                for planting local plants to sell on Earth Day,
boxes to the recipients. The students prepared over 240 boxes for         April 22. Our students will assist in the planting
families in Horry County.                                                 of these seeds as well as constructing a rain gar-
                                                                          den for the school. On April 18th, the biology
The students have been studying about the homeless population             students will be conducting a demonstration at
in South Carolina and also prepared personal hygiene kits to deliv-
er to the Coastal Rescue Mission. These kits will be distributed to       the Earth Day celebration at Ocean Bay Middle
the homeless or others in need. Students are making plans to par-         school sponsored by local agencies. Jackie
ticipate with the Coastal Rescue Mission in their next event on           Taylor from Horry County Storm Water
March 28th.                                                               Management was an ECH guest speaker in
                                                                          March and showed us ways to protect our
Participants included Loneisha Bell, Allegra Billings, Chelsea Coats,
Tony Edge, Zane Johnson, Ashley Jones, Jessie Leonard, Selena             Earth through recycling, waste reduction, and
Livingston, Julie Martin, Cody Roscoe, Hannah Snowden, Wayne              awareness. Anyone is welcome to join us in our
Tagoe, and Mrs. Baldwin.                                                  service project. Please consider donating
                                                                          unchipped mugs.

                    Mr. Glynn Baker, a classically trained lyric baritone, is mentoring the ECH Vocal Club with spon-
                    sor Ms. McKoy. An accomplished vocalist, Mr. Baker is extremely honored and humbled to be
                    working with our Early College students at HGTC.

                    Mr. Baker is personalizing the instruction with individual students to read music, increase vol-
                    ume, control vocal range, and ensure clear pronunciation. Club members include Rebecca
                    Laird, Gianna Lopes, Mickell Nixon, Jessie Leonard, Cody Keith, Mauriah Jerkins, and Amanda
                    Czerkawskyj, Zeke Ling, and Makkenzie Williams.

Mr Baker began performing professionally at twelve when a one day extra role in a film turned into a two week
shoot that cemented the performing bug that has been his life's passion. He has appeared in over thirty musicals,
eight operas, three feature films, industrials, television performances, countless oratorio work, has toured Europe
where he soloed in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France, been the soloist for numerous classical concerts, an
award winning Cabaret performer, a choreographer and dancer, and is featured on numerous classical recordings
and two solo albums. He is proficient in Italian, Latin, French, German, Spanish, and has also sung in Russian,
Japanese, and Hebrew. He has performed from New York to Florida, Washington D.C. to California and has sung in
19 countries oversees.
Mr. Baker is a graduate of the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Myrtle Beach High School. He
attended Furman University where he was a member of the Furman chorus. He continued his education at the
University of South Carolina where he was a member of the Carolina Chorus and the prestigious Carolina Honor's
Choral. Mr. Baker received a degree in Musical Theatre from Coastal Carolina University .
  ECHo                                                                                              page 4

                    NOTES FROM THE NURSE                      ACCESS TO HGTC LIBRARY
                     Determining whether your child     ECH students are allowed to use the resources
                     should stay home because of        available in the HGTC Library. Students must
                     illness can sometimes be a         have permission from an Early College staff mem-
                                                        ber to travel to the library.
  problem. The South Carolina Department of
  Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) sug-          If a student borrows books or videotapes from
  gests, “If you think your child has an illness that   the library, those must be returned by the due
  can be spread to others, please keep him or her       date. Students will be fined for late returns or
  home from school.” A brochure from DHEC
  states that children should stay home if the child    If an ECH student plans to visit the library after
  has the following:                                    school and before their bus leaves for the day,
                                                        the student must have permission from an ECH
                                                        staff member.
  • Fever • Difficulty breathing • Unusual tired-
  ness or lack of energy • Severe irritability          If an ECH student plans to go to the library after
                                                        the close of school at 3:00, the student must
  • Rapidly spreading rash • Severe abdominal           have parent permission. The parent also needs
  pain or stomach pain on and off with fever or         to understand that the student is not being
  diarrhea                                              supervised when he/she is in the library after
  More information is available on pages 80 - 81 in
  the Horry County Schools’ Parent Student
  Handbook. You may also call the Early College           SCHOOL CONTACT INFORMATION
  nurse with questions at 349-7102.                           Main Office - 349 - 7102 or 349-7101
                                                                        Fax (843) 349-7895
  Enjoy the rest of your winter,                            Website -
  Angela Ives, RN

Horry County Early College High School
Horry Georgetown Technical College
PO Box 261966
Conway, SC 29528-6066

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