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					                                       PPL 4O: Summative Evaluation

Part I – Active Living / Physical Activity

This portion of the summative evaluation consists of two parts:

1. The final evaluation of your effort / participation, fair play / support of others, and skill, done by your
teacher, using the rubric posted in the gym hallway.

2. An oral interview with your teacher, of approximately 5-10 minutes, that covers these three areas:
        a) Your final self-assessment (done in class). Be prepared to support your self-evaluation with
        concrete examples.
        b) Your role as a leader in class, and your leadership skills.
        c) Your action plan for lifelong activity. Be prepared to answer the following questions:
                 i) What are the key benefits of lifelong participation in physical activity?
                 ii) Describe what makes a good lifelong activity.
                 iii) Describe two strategies that promote lifelong activity.
                 iv) What are your own activity goals for adulthood?
                 v) What is your action plan to reach these goals?

These evaluations will take place during the month of May. You should be prepared for your interview at
any time on or after April 30. The final teacher evaluation is worth 5% of your final grade, as is your
interview, for a total of 10%.

Part II - Healthy Living / Living Skills

You must produce and submit a four-page magazine, complete with cover, formatted as a magazine
would be (with columns, pictures, and advertisements), and bound appropriately. Pages must be on
standard letter-sized paper. Typeface must be clearly legible (Arial 10 point is preferred.) Your target
audience is 16-19 year-olds seeking a healthy lifestyle.

The magazine must include a major item covering each of the following topics:

- a mental illness other than depression
- date rape
- partying safely
- healthy relationships
- healthy pregnancy

This FACTUAL material may be presented in differing formats, but MUST include at least one news
article and editorial, and exactly one advice column and detailed advertisement.

Your publication will be evaluated on the following items:

- Is the information factual, current, relevant and original?
- Are the opinions expressed appropriate and suitable for a “healthy” magazine?
- Are the ideas in the text communicated clearly to the appropriate audience?
- Is the magazine presentable and well laid out?
- Does the product meet the criteria spelled out above?

Don’t forget to reference any source material!! If you cut and paste articles from the internet (or
any other source) you will get a mark of zero! Include original material!

Your magazine is to be submitted on or before May 22, 2004. This evaluation is worth 10% of your final
Part III - Fitness

You are required to submit a fitness portfolio that includes the following:

1. Your results from each of the three fitness assessments.
2. A list of your two goals, in SMART format.
3. The detailed action plan that you used to reach your goals. This plan must include an explanation of
the overload principle and the specificity principle. It must also demonstrate that you have applied these
principles correctly to your plan.
4. A one-page reflection on your personal fitness and your fitness journey through the year, including a
statement on whether or not your goals were reached, and why.
5. A comparison between two different models of a piece of fitness equipment (eg. two treadmills). The
audience for the comparison is a consumer who is considering a purchase of the fitness equipment in
question. At a minimum, compare price, durability, warranty, ease of use, comfort of use, and
6. A comparison between two different fitness programs that you might find in a book or a magazine. At
a minimum, compare level of difficulty, target audience, clarity and detail of explanations, cost of
equipment required, time required. Don’t forget to reference your sources!

This portfolio is to be submitted on or before May 28, 2004. It must be bound, and include a title page.
When keyboarding, double-space and use a legible font, such as Arial 10 or 12 pt. This evaluation is
worth 10% of your final grade.


Assignment                                                 Done?                            Due Date
Discussion of self-assessment                           Interview                     after April 30
Discussion of leadership                                Interview                     after April 30
Discussion of plan for life-long activity               Interview                     after April 30
Health magazine                                                                       May 22
Fitness assessment results                                                            May 28
Fitness goals and action plan (incl. overload /                                       May 28
Fitness reflection                                                                    May 28
Fitness equipment comparison                                                          May 28
Fitness program comparison                                                            May 28