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                             June 9, 2010
                                RS WWCC, Room 1006
                               Rock Springs, WY 82901

A. Call to Order
       1. Pat Robbins called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.
B. Roll Call
       1. Members Present: Rick DeBernardi, Lisa Carrillo, Terri Cook, Pat Robbins, Kandi
            Pendleton, Tom McIntosh, Cindy Bailey, Bob Saunders, Leroy Williams
       2. Members Absent: Shirl Coble, Julie Waters
       3. Visitors, guests and staff: Janet Hartford, Chad Banks, Norm Dudzik, Jenissa
            Bartlett, and Lisa Weiby.
C. Approval of Agenda
       1. Tom moved to approve the agenda; Terri seconded (motion passes 9-0).
D. Correspondence
       1. None
E. Public Comment
        1. None
F. Approval of Minutes
       1. Bob moved to approve the minutes; Cindy seconded (motion passes 9-0).
G. Payment of Bills
       1. Kandi moved to approve checks 1552 through 1573 with voided checks 1560 &
            1563 in the amount of $46,853.06; Cindy seconded (motion passes 9-0).
H. Chairperson’s Report
                 I. Pat said the Rock Springs reappointed Julie waters for her 2nd, 3 year
I. Vice Chairperson’s Report
                 I. Tom extended a thank you to the board members for their help with the
                      Green River Mountain Bike Jam on June 5, 2010. He said the event was a
                      big success.
J. Treasurer’s Report
                 I. Kandi said that she made a deposit on May 1, 2010 for the amount of
K. Director’s Report
                 I. Jenissa said she attended a workshop at Red Canyon Lodge May 25-26
                      for the Scenic Byways. She said they were able to set goals for the
                      project and determined the WY mission/vision. She said a joint meeting
                      between Utah and Wyoming will be held June 22, 2010.
                II. Jenissa said the RS City Council awarded a contract to YESCO on June
                      1, 2010 for the RS Way Finding Program. She said it’s a 14 week project.
               III. Jenissa said 5 winners have been picked for the REACH Awards and we
                      will be presenting them with plaques and awards.
               IV. Jenissa said she has been working on the 2% Lodging Tax
                      Reauthorization. She has developed an ad campaign to help educate
                      people on the lodging tax. She has had banners, and brochures printed.
                V. Jenissa said that she attended a WTIC video conference regarding the
                      lodging tax. She said it provided info on the lodging tax renewal.
               VI. Jenissa said the state of Wyoming asked us to cover lodging and a tour
                      through the Sand Dunes for a few German Tour operators June 4-5, 2010.
              VII. Jenissa said she hasn’t received the updated information on the lodging
                      tax collection, so she is unable to show the board the comparison from
                      May 2008-2009 to May 2009-2010. As soon as she receives it she will
                      forward it to the board members.
             VIII. Cindy moved to approve the director’s report; Kandi seconded (motion
                      passes 9-0).
L. Grant Hearing
           1. Consent Agenda
                            I. Bob moved to approve the Southwest Summer Series Arena
                      Cross for $4000.00, High Plains Motocross Assoc. Race for $3100.00,
                      2010 WY State NBHA Finals for $4,000.00, 2010 Powell Plunge Kayak
                      Rodeo for $2,000.00 with a marketing bonus of $1000.00, Western & Wild
                      Horse Art Show & Sale for $2,700.00 with a marketing bonus of $1000.00,
                      Thoman Invitational for $4,000.00, Flaming Gorge Classic for $4,000.00,
                      Tails End Classic Horse Show for $650.00, Flaming Gorge Motorcycle
                      Days for $2,500.00, Cross Country Motorcycle Race for $4,000.00 and
                      International Days for $3,000.00 with a marketing bonus of $1,000.00,
                      Tom seconded (motion passes 9-0).
           2. Presentations
                1.Tails End Classic Horse Show; Cindy Brandjord
                      I. Cindy did not attend
                2. American Legion Baseball Tournament; Norm Dudzik
                   II. Norm missed the grant application deadline for this event. He told the
                        board members he was sorry for the mistake and asked them to
                      reconsider his grant. If not for the full $4,000.00 he was asking for, but
                       even for just the cost of the umpires.
M. Quartely Report
      1. Janet Hartford from the Green River Chamber of Commerce said the are now
           beginning to fill the brochure racks weekly instead of every couple of weeks. She
           said the ground breaking for the new Visitor Center will be held June 16 th at 4pm
           She said the contract was awarded to Century Contractors out of Iona, Idaho. She
           said they are expected to complete the center by November 1, 2010. She said
           is working on a new web page design and software package that will help with
           notification on events and meetings. She said numbers through the office are still
          up from last year and they have been getting a few requests for information. She
           also said the Green River Mountain Bike Jam was a huge success. They had
           approximately 400 people attend the event.
      2. Chad Banks from the Sweetwater Events Complex said during 2010 the events
            Complex saw an increase in both spectators at events held at the Complex as
            Well as participants in those events. Chad said they have hosted over 1,000
              event days during the current fiscal year; an increase of 26% over the past 3 years.
              Chad said annual operations at the Sweetwater Events Complex resulted in a $7.2
               million economic impact, supporting 315 local jobs.
    N. Old Business
               1. Jenissa said she spoke with Mrs. Dowd about lowering our office lease. They
               have agreed to donate the CAM from July 2010 to November 2010, which will
               lower the amount paid for rent by $600.00
    O. New Business
               1. Grant Hearing
                     I. Bob moved to approve the grants on the consent agenda, Cindy
                         seconded (motion passes 9-0).
               2. Jenissa told the board she is looking to revise the ballot language. She gave
                    the board an example of how Casper and Cheyenne word it. She said she will
                    draft a letter for all board members to sign and send it to Dale Davis (county
                    clerk) by August 23, 2010 certifying that the board approves the continuation
                    of the 2% lodging tax with revised ballot change.
               3. Jenissa gave the board the copy of the 2010-2011 marketing plan and asked
                    the board for any recommendations.
               4. Jenissa gave the board members copies of the Rock Springs and Green River
                    Chamber and the Sweetwater Events Complex Block grant requests, for them
                    to review.
    P. Adjournment
           1. Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

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