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					List of Testimonials

―Gunbutter is the only lube I use on my Beretta 92CompGun and my carry Berettas. Gunbutter helps keep
me in no less then 3rd Place at the matches. I actually helped several people build competition Beretta's
(even one guy in Canada) and I recommended Gunbutter to them, and they tell me it's the best lube they
have ever used. I will never use anything else.‖ —Bob

―I wanted to commend you with this product’s application in the bicycle industry. I am a two time
California State Time Trail Champion (2005, 2006) and I credit the extremely efficient drive train
operation of my bike to your product. I love it so much that I ordered 3!‖ —Bart Stoehr

―I have been using Gun Butter on both my race guns for about 8 months now! I see no visible wear on my
new gun at all! (what an amazing product!!!!!!!!!!!!! no b.s. it works extremely well.) I shot at the Crazy
Croc (over 500 rounds). I shot one of the new classifiers and missed a 100% by hitting a Delta. If I would
have hit the 100%, I would of finally made Grand Master, with this new score I am at 93.9% so close.‖
—Bobby McGee, Blade-Tech

―This stuff is slippery-n-snot! I won by over six minutes and averaged 1.7 mph faster than the next pro.
I must say I was fit and ready but preparation is key, and that includes Gun Butter doing its job. Stream
crossings usually leave my chain squeaking on this 22-mile race - but not this time. I had fastest lap time
in 1 hr, 55 minutes and 27 seconds for average speed of 11.3 mph with a terrible lot of climbing.

Usually this 23 mile mountain bike course at Galena near Sun Valley leaves my chain squeaking after a
few stream crossings...and that combined with the very fine volcanic dust wreaks havoc......but not this
time. My chain was still good to go after the finish. My hubs were faster also!

After preparing the hubs on my Mavic Crossmax with GunButter I estimate I covered the course 1.7 mph
faster than my training times!

Apply a healthy dose of GunButter to the shiny clean bearings and races until a red coating is present.
Adjust so they are not too loose, but not too tight.......then ride faster.

Expect an average increase of 1.5 mph on mountain bike terrain with lots of climbing and 3mph on road
bikes flatter smooth surfaces! It is simply amazing!‖ –Dave Harrison