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									           Peloton Sports Inc.

       7th Annual General Meeting

    To be held at The Greengate Hotel


At 7:30 pm on Monday, 22th November, 2010

                           Appointments and Officials

Patron & Lifetime Member         Dr Peter Corte

President - Chairman             Mr John A Gee
Vice President                   Mr Brett Shields
Treasurer                        Mr Scott Crawford
Club Captain                     Mr Nathan Germaine
Secretary                        Mr Mark Rowling
Assistant Club Captain           Mrs Veronika Senn

Major Sponsor:

                               Turramurra Cyclery

Other Sponsors:

                           McCarroll’s Automotive Group

                                    Equity IT

                       -- Peloton Sports AGM 2010 A G E N D A --

Item Agenda Item                            Action       Speaker         Est.   Est.
No.                                         Required                     Time   Duration
1.   Welcome                                For noting   Chairman        7.30pm 1 mins

2.    Quorum                                For          Chairman        7.31pm 1 mins

3.    Apologies                             For          Veronika Senn   7.32pm 1mins

4.    Minutes of previous AGM               For          Chairman        7.33pm 1mins

5.    President’s Report                    For          John Gee        7.34pm 7mins

6.    Club Captain’s Report                 For          Nathan          7.41pm 5mins
                                            approval     Germaine

7.    TORC Report                           For          Simon Scott     7.45pm 5mins

8.    Treasurer’s Report                    For          Scott           7.50pm 7mins
                                            approval     Crawford

9.    Appointment of Officers to serve on   For vote of All              7.57pm 10mins
      the Club’s Executive Committee for    membership
      the following positions:              present or
                                            by proxy
      Vice President
      Club Captain

10.   General Business                      For noting   All             8.07pm   5mins

11.   Meeting Close                                                      812pm

                              Election of Officers 2011

Patron & Lifetime Member

Dr. Peter Corte


        John Gee nominated by Scott Crawford & Brett Shields

Vice President

        Brett Shields nominated by Mark Rowling & Tremain Permewan


        Scott Crawford nominated by Peter Corte & Veronika Senn


        Mark Rowling nominated by John Gee & Rob Mack

Club Captain

        Nathan Germaine nominated by Simon McCarroll & John Gee

                                      Reports 2010

Presidents Report 2009-2010

It gives me much pleasure to report to our members on our significant achievements over
the 12 months to 30 June, 2010.

Firstly I would like to thank my colleagues on the Executive Committee of the Club. This is a
team who has worked diligently in their various roles to assist in providing the direction and
support to the members of the club in a very professional manner. Also a special thanks to
those of you who have supported the club in providing logistical support for our many
special events and behind the scenes support in making things happen.


It would be almost impossible to find another cycling club that provides ongoing events
whether it be regular training rides, at least 4 or 5 rides per week, and additional special
events. An example of these is listed as follows:

July                   Uncle Fester Birthday Ride
September              Hunter Classic
                       Goulburn Citi Pengana Classic Charity Ride
October                World Masters Championships
November               “Reverse” Hunter ride (Hunter Valley to Turramurra)
December               Uncle Fester Month of Madness Challenge/Nepcam
                       Christmas Function at Pa Pa’s

January                Uncle Fester Month of Madness/Nepcam
                       Roadies Day Off
                       TORC MTBA National Championships
February               Tour de Batehaven
March                  Snowy Mountains Tour
May/June               Tour of Tuscany, Umbria, Lombardy

Training rides are planned and prepared by the club in a structured way to ensure that as
many members participating in these rides maximize the benefits of training in a club

Managing risks

As the club’s membership grows all members need to be cognisant of their responsibilities
when riding. The road is to be shared by all users and therefore safety is of paramount

importance, not only for your own personal safety but the safety of your riding colleagues
and courtesy to other road users. Remember poor attitude and poor behaviour on the road
reflects on the club and on the club’s principal sponsor, Turramurra Cyclery.

Much of the committee’s efforts over the last year have been focused on rider safety in
developing content for pre ride briefings, reporting incidents, developing policies on minors
who need to be under the direct supervision of their parent or legal guardian at all times,
ensuring all riders participating on club rides carry their license for insurance purposes etc.
These are necessary tasks which the committee takes very seriously to ensure everyone’s

 I would also wish to acknowledge the valuable assistance and advice that Brett Shields has
provided to the Committee on various aspects relating to the above.


Thank you to those of you who contribute to our website in providing commentary and also
photography. This certainly assists in giving the club its personality. Also the ease with
which members can access information such as upcoming events, calendars, results, ride
reports and on-line payments for events etc is a real asset.

You will also note that recently the website has had a “make over” however the benefits will
not be obvious for a couple of months when the “build” is complete. The objective of the
make over is to ensure that the site more interactive so the club has better communication
tools such as sending emails from the website, newsletters, newsfeeds etc. In the members
section members will be able to build their own profile. We will provide more information on
this development as the build progresses.


We wish to record our thanks and gratitude to Turramurra Cyclery as our principle sponsor
for their generosity and for the ongoing logistical and financial support in the running of our
club. The sponsorship of $80,000 for the period as disclosed in the Treasurer’s Report is
significant by any standards. We encourage all members, family and friends to support
Turramurra Cyclery as much as possible. Without their support the annual subscription and
many other costs for events, club administration etc would have to be borne by members.
Also on behalf of the club I wish to acknowledge the continuing support and sponsorship
provided by McCarroll’s Motors, Equity IT and our new sponsor Richardson Wrench.


The World Masters games which were held in Sydney in October 2009 were very successful
with Ian Atkins winning a gold and bronze medal on the track, Simon McCarroll winning a
the ITT and John Horsburgh a silver medalist in the ITT. Well done and congratulations.

Cam Peterson continues to build on his excellent season of a year ago when he won the
elite men’s NSW title. This season Cam has performed with distinction racing with the Virgin
Blue RBS Morgan’s pro cycling team and recently signed up with the same team for next
season. In August 2010 Cam won the 5th stage of the Tour of Geelong and in doing so won
the Victorian Roads Race Championships. Cam then backed this up in September with a

final stage win on the Tour of Tasmania. An amazing season. Congratulations to Cam and
we wish him well for what hopefully will be another great year in 2011.

Finally, on behalf of the Executive Committee thank you for your continued support in
building on our success over the last twelve months.

Yours sincerely,

John A Gee

Club Captains Report – 2010

We are back to 5 weekly rides, Saturday Akuna Bay, The Sunday Ride, Tuesday &
Wednesday Bobbin Head and Friday Fatbuster.
   Erratic weather patterns this year have seen some inconsistency in bunch numbers,
      however on the whole they have been pretty good.
   The Month of Madness (MOM) is set to start in December and we look for this to
      once again bring back regularity into our weekly rides.

New member inquiries have been fairly consistent throughout the year, although many are
referred from existing members the greater majority have found us online or heard of us
through word of mouth. Our organized bunch rides, events and tours are what no other club
offers. We are extremely fortunate to have such a depth of riders in the club that makes it
possible to run such quality rides. It should be noted it has taken many years to establish
this kind of depth and consistency in our bunch rides, this is something we should be proud
of achieving and not take for granted.

With success comes judgment and unfortunately we occasionally receive negative
correspondence and/or feedback from disgruntled motorists and cyclists. This reinforces the
need for all members to remember you constantly represent the club, its sponsors, yourself
and cycling as a sport. Be proud and lead by example.

    The Italy Tour, Canberra Tour and Snowies Tour … who could forget!
    Special rides spark up great involvement and interest, Macquarie Pass, Kangaroo
       Valley and Hunter Classic.
    Social nights once a month at Bar Stelvio have been well received and great
    Cam Peterson after coming through the Peloton Sports ranks rode for Virgin Blue
       Team in 2010 and has been signed by their Professional Team Fly V to ride in the
       USA in 2011.


Nathan Germaine
Club Captain

TORC Annual Report - 2010

TORC this year has gone from strength to strength.

Events Manager
For the last three years Simon Scott has been running TORC on a voluntary basis during
work and personal time. With an understanding that the club no longer was growing with the
limited input he could provide Simon suggested it was time to appoint a dedicated person to
actively promote the club. Martine Scott is now employed by Turramurra Cyclery to promote
the club and run the events on a part time basis.

Membership Numbers
Membership numbers continue to grow but it is anticipated that as the increase of TORC run
events continue to grow the membership numbers will also increase.

This year we have had up to 30 riders on a Saturday morning ride and 15 on a Wednesday
night ride.

Skills Session
We have also increased the number of three hour skills sessions over the coming year with
elite mountain bike riders. Riding skills underpins the enjoyment of mountain biking and
reduces the fear many riders face when out on the trails. More skills encourages our
members to ride more often and get further benefits from riding with our club.

Training Camps
We scheduled and successfully ran a Canberra Camp in association with mtnbike.com.au. It
was a great success and two more Canberra Camps are planned for 2011.

In the pipeline for March 2011 is an International mountain bike trip to Rotorua in New
Zealand. Rotorua is considered one of the best places in the world to mountain bike and
many of the TORC members are eagerly anticipating the final details of this week long trip to
New Zealand.

TORC’s Facebook site has been a huge factor in keeping the buzz going in the club. Instant
news is available and club members are constantly fed information about events, friends
news, photos, videos and links. We believe this has helped to increase numbers on the
rides and events we have planned.

Looking forward 2011
TORC will continue with weekly rides, epics, skills sessions, training camps and international

There are new trails planned by Hornsby Council and a new mountain bike park is being
built early in 2011 by Kuringai Council which means that mountain biking in this area is
going to become much more prominent. We are committed as a club to improving the trails
and educating others about the bush and ultimately encouraging more members to join and
have as much fun as we do.

Happy Trails!
Simon Scott

Treasurer’s Report
For the year ended 30 June 2010

The 2009/2010 year was the first for three years that we have two full years for comparison
purposes after the transition periods following the balance date change from December to
The results for the year are healthy after a bad 2008/2009 with the NSW Criterium
championships at Homebush in 2008/2009 costing much more than expected due to
impositions by the Olympic Park Authority.
The reserves and bank account have been returned to a healthy position.
The third page of the financial report shows, where possible, how funds were spent as
between TORC & the Roadies.
The stronger financial position enables your Club to provide better services for the

Scott Crawford
Treasurer 2009/2010

Income Statement                 Notes           2010                   2009
Income                                        $          $
  Subscriptions Torc & Peloton               12,618

 Subscriptions Peloton Sports                30,925            -

 Subscriptions Torc & Peloton      3         43,542            37,538

 Race Entry Income                       -                     2,292

 Crit Box Income                         -                     5,000

 Sponsorship Income                5          3,000            17,663

                                                       $                   $
Total Income                                          46,542              62,493

Less Expenses

 Affiliation Fees - CNSW           3          9,288            28,666

 Affiliation Fees - MTBA                      4,103            5,692

                                             13,391            34,358

 AGM Costs                                     150             -

 Bank Charges                                  522             563

 Government Fees                                92             -

 Peloton Events & Equipment                   2,571            1,290

 McCarrolls' Criterium                   -                     30,863

 National Title costs                         1,383            -

 Juniors                                       107             -

 TORC Events & Equipment                      5,081            2,483
                                                       $                   $
Total Expenses                                        23,297              69,557

                                                                   $                         $
Net Income                                   4                    23,246                    (7,064)

Balance Sheet
As at 30 June 2010

  Cash at Bank                                                    21,963                    12,564

  Prepaid Affiliation Fees                                        -                         -
                                                                   $                         $
Total Assets                                                      21,963                    12,564

Liabilities and Members Funds

    Subscriptions in Advance                 3                    -                         13,847

Members Funds                                                     -                         5,781
Total Liabilities & Members                                        $                         $
Funds                                                             -                         19,628

Members Funds

   Balance 1 July 2009                              (1,283)                    5,781

   Add Net Income for period                           23,246                  (7,064)

                                                                  21,963                    (1,283)
                                                                   $                         $
Total Members Funds                                               21,963                    18,345

The Financial Statements are to be read in conjunction with the Notes to the Financial Statements

     Notes to and forming part of the Income Statement and Balance Sheet

         Statement of Significant Accounting
Note 1   Policies
         The significant accounting policies which have been adopted in the
         preparation of these financial statements are:
                         All equipment purchases are written off to the income
                         statement in the year they are incurred.

Note 2   Taxation
         Peloton Sports Inc ("the Club") is an association and was
         for the benefit of members as a whole. The Club is therefore exempt
         from income tax under the Income Tax Assessment Act

Note 3   Subscriptions & Affiliation Fees                    2010          2009
         Subscriptions for the year to 31 December
          received prior to 30 June 2009 and
         applicable to 30 June 2010                      $       -      $ 13,847

Note 4   Auditor
         The Committee has considered the appointment of an Auditor and resolved
         that no appointment be made. The Committee came to this decision
         based on the size of the operations of the Club and the internal control
         procedures that are in place.

Note 5   Sponsorship
                        The Club's major sponsor is Turramurra
                        This sponsorship
                              provision of staff to carry out the Club's
                              provision of the computer capacity for the Club's
                              hosting & maintaining
                              the Club's website,
                              material & financial support for Club members to

                              material & financial support for Club training camps
                              & rides including
                                design & implementation of tours, training camps
                              & rides, skills
                                courses,tactics &
                              discounts for Club
                              purchase, holding stock & sale of
                              Club uniforms,
                              mentoring & encouraging younger
                              Club members.
                        This support is vital for the ongiong success of the Club
                        and member support
                        of Turramurra Cyclery is encouraged by
                        the Committee.
                        The annual value to the Club of this sponsorship is
                        estimated to be $80,000
                        No account of this sponsorship has been taken in these
                        Financial Statements.

Breakdown of Income and Expenses by “division”

                            2010        2010             2010
Income                      TORC    PELOTON             CLUB           2009

Fees                    12,618          30,925           43,542     37,538

Sponsorship             -                      -          3,000     17,663

Race Entry Income       -                      -                -   2,292

Crit Box Income         -                      -                -   5,000

                         $                                           $
Total Income            12,618       $ 30,925      $     46,542     62,493

Less Expenses

Affiliation Fees            4,103            9,288           13,391    34,358

AGM Costs                   -                     -             150    -

Bank Charges                -                     -             522    563

Govt & Internet             -                     -              92    -

Juniors                     -                  107              107    -

National Title Costs        -                1,383            1,383    -

Equipment                   5,081              198            5,279    -

Events                      -                2,373            2,373    -
Peloton events &
equipment                   -                     -                -   1,290
TORC events &
equipment                   -                     -                -   2,483

McCarrolls'Criterium        -                     -                -   30,863
                             $                                          $
Total Expenses              9,185        $ 13,349      $     23,297    69,557

                             $                                          $
Net Profit/(Loss)           3,433        $ 17,576      $     23,246    (7,064)

These figures do not add across as there are some figures that are whole of Club
rather than TORC or Peloton Sports

        Minutes of Meeting

         Peloton Sports Inc.

        Annual General Meeting

Held on 22th November, 2009

At The Greengate Hotel, Killara

Meeting opened 7pm


20 members of Peloton Sports Inc attended the meeting. (See appendix A)


Apologies were received prior to the meeting from Larri Brittan, Jon Brittan, Simon
McCarroll, Atagun Benson, Chris Booth, Grant Harrod, Ian Atkin, Dallas Thomas,
Cathy Drysdale, Lauren Drysdale, Matt Hou and Hannah Gresham-Britt.

Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting

Minutes of AGM held 7th December 2008 at Pierre’s Café & Patisserie, Turamurra
were accepted as being true and correct record of the meeting.
Approval of previous minutes moved by John Gee and seconded by Brett Shields.
The motion was passed.

Presidents Report

John Gee moved that the report be taken as read.
He gave thanks for ongoing support and sponsorship provided by Turramurra

Mentioned the growing membership numbers and increased fitness level throughout
the club resulting in some good results with our Elite and Masters riders, especially
Cam Peterson.

John Gee moved that the report be adopted and the motion was seconded by Stuart
Binns. The motion was passed.

Club Captains Report

Nathan Germaine’s Club Captain report was taken as read.
Nathan Germaine moved that the report be adopted. This was seconded by Tremain

Treasurers Report

Scott Crawford highlighted the key aspects of the 2009 Peloton financial reports,

   -   Being the second and last year of the transition.

   -   Incurring a loss of $7,064 largely due to unexpected costs of the McCarrolls
       NSW Criterium Championships, despite generous sponsorship from
       McCarrolls and Turramurra Cyclery.

Approval of Treasurer’s report and club financial records moved by Scott Crawford
and seconded by Matt Ashton. Motion passed.

Appointment of Officers for 2009-2010 club year

Nominations detailed in the 2009 Annual report were put forward at the meeting. The
following members were elected unopposed to serve on the Peloton Sports
executive committee for the 2009/10 year.

Patron                     Peter Corte
President                  John Gee
Vice President             Brett Shields
Treasurer                  Scott Crawford
Secretary                  Mark Rowling
Club Captain               Nathan Germaine

General Business

none tabled

Meeting closed 7.25pm


Appendix A

Peloton Sports Inc. AGM Attendees

     1 John Gee
     2 Scott Crawford
     3 Mark Rowling
     4 Nathan Germaine
     5 Brett Shields
     6 Veronika Senn
     7 Stephen Britt
     8 Peter Corte
     9 Gareth Davidson
    10 Mark Ashton
    11 Hunter Hillcoat
    12 Richard Measures
    13 Andrew LeLievre
    14 Nadine O’Connor
    15 Tremain Permewan
    16 Darren Moore
    17 Robert Mack
    18 Meredith Gresham
    19 Stuart Burns
    20 Rolf Senn

Position descriptions

President / Chairman

Reporting to
Peloton Sports Executive Committee and Club Membership

Main Function
To provide strategic direction to the club, ensuring the best interest of the club and its
membership are met, taking into account other key stakeholders interests such as the
community, the cycling Federation etc. While the Executive Committee is collectively
responsible for activities and decisions pertaining to the running of the club, the President
acts as the spokesperson for the decisions taken by the Committee.

Primary Responsibilities
1. Chair Executive Committee meetings and assist the Club Secretary set the agenda for
each meeting.
2. An ex-official member of all sub-committee's appointed by the Executive Committee.
3. Act as a sounding board and provide counsel for committee members and club members
4. Informs himself of key issues and keeps up to date with developing trends in cycling
which may have beneficial application to Peloton Sports Inc.
6. Act within the applicable rules such as, the club charter, Cycling NSW, Cycling Australia
ensuring the committee and members act accordingly.

Secondary Responsibilities
1. Provide a point of contact for members and prospective members
2. Attend key club events
3. Always act in the clubs best interest - be impartial and consistent.

Experience / Qualifications
General Management experience would be preferred

Key skills/requirements
Industry contacts
Business planning
Encourage innovation
Proven delegation skills
Public speaking experience
Writing skills
People management
Negotiation skills
Motivational skills


Reporting to
Peloton Sports Executive Committee

Main Function
Responsible for maintaining and ensuring the accuracy of the clubs books, being able and
available to explain these financial records if required and sending details of the financial
records to any relevant reporting bodies as required.

Primary Responsibilities
1. Overseeing proper Internal Control procedures
2. Management of Club Bank Account and cheque books
3. Overseeing and maintenance of General Ledger and Chart of Accounts
4. Review of quarterly P & L and Balance Sheet
5. Preparation of quarterly BAS (if applicable)
6. Preparation of Annual operating Budget
7. Preparation of annual Financial Statements
8. Co-ordination of annual Audit (if applicable)
9. Member of Executive Committee

Secondary Responsibilities
1. Provide a point of contact for members and prospective members
2. Attend key club events
3. Always act in the clubs best interest

Experience / Qualifications:
      Practicing Accountant


Reporting to:
Peloton Sports executive committee and club membership

Main Function:
The running of the club

Primary Responsibilities:
In carrying out the assigned responsibilities, the Secretary Event should apply the relevant
rules and regulations of Cycling NSW, Cycling Australia and the RTA.
1. Executive Committee's Responsibilities
a. Preparation of the Secretary's annual report for the Meeting
b. Preparation of a report for the Executive Committee's meeting.
2. Executive Responsibilities
a. Overseeing and responsible for Assistant Secretary's functions
3. Interaction with the Club Members via Email and on the Club Website using:
The Forum, Online news, Ride Reports &

Secondary Responsibilities:
1. Provide a point of contact for members and prospective members
2. Attend key club events
3. Always act in the clubs best interest

Experience / Qualifications:
Executive experience
People management
Motivational skills

Computer literacy
Public speaking
writing skills

Club Captain

Reporting to
Peloton Sports executive committee and club membership

Main Function
To act as a conduit between the clubs riders and the Executive Committee

Primary Responsibilities
1. Responsible for introducing new members to other club members, activities and club
2. Responsible for Club Captains report, due for each executive committee meeting
3. Responsible for headhunting, selecting and training ride masters
4. Be actively attending club rides & races & key events
5. Provide a point of contact for members and prospective members
6. Source of information for novice riders
7. Be in touch with the club members via Email, active participation on the forum & Reading
Online News, Ride Reports & Up and Coming Events most days

Secondary Responsibilities
1. Comply with relevant rules and regulations eg Cycling NSW, Cycling Australia, External -
2. NSW Cycling Federation Delegate
3. Race reports
4. Ride Reports
5. Always act in the clubs best interest
6. Adding Club Captain news pieces on online news

Experience / Qualifications
Public speaking experience
General riding etiquette knowledge
Minimum Level One accredited coach
People management / Motivational Skills


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