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      Let Freedom Ring                                                 HAPPENINGS
     National Bell Ringing Ceremony                                                      July 2008
                                                                           A message from our Administrator
                                                                   Happy July everyone! I am sorry I missed all of you at the town hall meeting, but it is
                                                                   great to be back after a long vacation filling sandbags in Iowa.
                                                                   After my trip, I attended a week long Medicare Boot Camp. While there I realized that I
                                                                   need to better arm each of our residents with knowledge of our local rehab centers. No
                                                                   one wants to go to rehab, but there may come a time when your doctor says you need it.
                                                                   Often we as patients don’t realize that we can choose where we are sent. So to better
     Join us as we celebrate Independence Day                      arm you with knowledge of your rights to choose which rehab center you go to, I am go-
                                                                   ing to schedule tours to local rehab centers. My goal is to offer each of you a chance to
     with people across the nation. Bring your                     tour the local centers so you can have a better idea of where you would be most happy
                                                                   until you return home.
         own bell and join us in the atrium.                       On another note I would like to thank Mrs. Edna Tippin for stepping up and volunteering
                                                                   to be a Hawthorn House Ambassador. Through this position she will be able to meet
          Friday, July 4th 1:00 SHARP!                             potential residents, go on luncheons and other social events, as well as welcome new
                                                                   residents to the Hawthorn House. If any of you would like to become an ambassador
                                                                                                 please contact Jennifer Diaz to get on the list.
                                                                 INSIDE THIS ISSUE I would also like to thank Mrs. Letha Willis for the direc-
                                                                                                 tions and road closure updates as I was headed into the flood
                                                                WELCOME/BIRTHDAYS           2
                                                                                                 zone. Your POC was right on and saved us many hours of
                                  Hawthorn House                ANNOUNCEMENTS              3-4 detours and long waits.
                                                                                                  One last note: there has been a lot of gossip around the din-
                            1200 Hawthorn House Drive
                                                                HEYEN LIBRARY NEWS          5    ning rooms. Many of you choose to stay clear of the chatter,
                                 Shalimar, FL 32579
                     850-651-3013 or toll free 1-866-312-1703                                    but for those of you who choose to participate I urge you to
                                                                DEPARTMENT NEWS            6-11
                              E-mail: hhast@afev.us                                              ask yourself, “Would you want others to be talking like this
                        Website: www.afenlistedwidows.org       IN THE KITCHEN             12    about you?”
                               License # AL 10706
                                                                RESIDENT COUNCIL          13    To each of you enjoy your Fourth of July, celebrate your
                                                                SODUKU                    14
                                                                                                freedom, and honor those who have served!
                                                                JUST FOR FUN              15
                                                                                              Just for Fun
       Residents                            Staff                            During National Nursing Assistants Week, this story was shared in de-
Gladys Matthews- 14th                Angela Guimond– 10th                     scribing the wonderful employees we have here at Hawthorn House.
Rita Sotler– 30th                    Teriquo King– 16th
                                     Joni Bayles– 22nd
                                     Aasiya Cowart– 22nd
                                     Marcia Mito– 29th
                                                                             Early one morning a young girl was walking on the beach when she no-
                           Welcome                                            ticed thousands of stranded starfish. To save them she began tossing
                                                                             them, one at a time, back into the ocean. When a passerby told her she
                     Jo Ann Stewart
                                                                             couldn't possible save all the starfish, she tossed one into the ocean and
                     Mary Wysocki                                           replied, “Well I made a difference to that one”. Inspired by the little girl,
          Welcome home Alice Wolfe & Marie Bruce                                      others came to help. Together, they made a difference.
                   We missed you guys!

                       A Word of Thanks
To the Chief and employees and nurses of Hawthorn House – especially
                        Joni, Lorna, and Nataya…
  Thank you for the love and understanding and helping me out while I
was away from home in a rehabilitation facility. I appreciate the visits,
                                                                                 Laughter is an instant vacation-
it boosted my morale to see your smiling faces. I appreciate all you did                                                     Milton Berle
to help me return to Hawthorn House. I am glad to be back here, I feel
            safe, the food is good and this is my new family.

                          Love - Alice Wolfe

2                                                                           15
 The standard Soduku grid is subdivided into nine 3x3 boxes
                                                                                                            Congratulations to Lee
 containing 9 squares each. The object of the puzzle is to fill                                          Dunn, Hawthorn House Star
  each row, each column, and each 3x3 box with each of the                                                Performer for the month of
 numbers 1 to 9. You may not repeat a number within a row,             Hawthorn Café                      June. Thank you for your
                       column or box.                                                                    constant warmth and willing-
                                                                       Grand Opening                          ness to help others.
                             #142                                                                                We love you!
                                                                          July 7th
     8                                                 9
                                                                       We will have an all you          Our dietician will be at our
         3 6          8             5     2 4                         can eat buffet, margaritas
                                                                        and smoothies. Invite
                                                                                                        next town hall meeting. If
                                                                                                        you have any questions or
                                                                      your family and friends to
         1                                  7                                  join us.
                                                                                                         comments for her, please
                                                                                                           be sure to attend on
                                                                                                                July 17th.
               9      5             1     7
     2                                                 6              Patriotic door decorations and      The country store is now
                                                                       jewelry are available for pur-
               3      2             8     1                               chase in the country store.
                                                                                                          carrying hearing aid bat-
                                                                                                          teries and walker glides.
                                                                      Prices for the items range from      We are also in need of
         9                                  1                            3 to 10 dollars. These items
                                                                      were made through the activi-
                                                                                                          volunteers for the coun-
                                                                                                           try store. If you know
                                                                        ties department at Hawthorn        someone who is inter-
         7 2          9             6     3 5                                       House.
                                                                      Be sure to stop by and see the
                                                                                                             ested, please let JD
     6                                                 7                    great handmade crafts.

14                                                                3
                                                                                         Council Corner
                    Announcements                                           Your resident council will be meeting this month. If you have any input,
                                                                            issues or comments that you would like addressed, please see your
                                                                            neighborhood representative. They are as follows:
    Bob Hope Village will be hav-
     ing a 4th of July Cookout on                                           Azalea Neighborhood:                         Gladys Matthews
      Friday at the ballroom from              We will be starting a
                                                 pickle number in
                                                                                                                         Sue Hoffman
              11:00– 1:00
      If you would like to attend,               Bingo this month.
    please RSVP at 651-2635. We                For an additional 25         Bluebell Neighborhood:                       Edna Tippin
    will provide transportation on              cents each session,
                                                 you can have the
                                                                                                                         Jerry Spears
          Friday to the picnic.
                                                 chance to win the
                                               pickle jar. Join us on       Carnation Neighborhood:                      Irene Mueller
                                               Monday, Fridays, and
                                                Saturdays at 1:30 in
                                                                                                                         Mimi Albert
                                                   the MP room.
     We will have scooter                                                   Daisy Neighborhood:                          Martha Jay
    training sometime this                                                                                               Joy Rose
     month. The date and
        time will be an-                                                    The council will be discussing possible projects with Shelter House.
     nounced and all resi-
        dents that use a                                                    Also, your council would like to remind you that ballots for Hawthorn
       scooter or power              We will have a new volunteer here
                                     on Tuesday Mornings to help you        House Star performer are only collected for a period of one week.
    wheelchair will be re-                                                  Ballots should be completed and turned in as soon as possible after they
        quired to attend.            with anything computer related. If
                                     you would like to catch up or learn    are given out to all residents. Thank You!
      Please make this a
            priority.                more about e-mailing or using the
                                      internet, please sign up for a time
                                         slot with Leigh in Activities.

4                                                                           13
The marketing staff at the Air Force Enlisted Village is cooking up an-
                                                                                         Heyen Library News
other great fund raiser, but they need help from all residents of the               “Check” out these new books in our library
AFEV. According to Liz LeMonds, the deputy director of marketing and
development, “The first edition of “In The Kitchen with Grandma,” a
cookbook featuring recipes from our residents and staff, was so success-
ful that we’re now preparing for the second edition.” The inaugural edi-
tion sold more than 500 copies, earning more than $5,000 for the AFEV.      And More by Andy Rooney                  Andrew A. Rooney
Many of the books were purchased by active-duty Airmen, and the de-         Daddy                                    Loup Durand
mand continues to be high. The marketing department is currently solicit-   Night Whispers                           Judith McNaught
ing recipes from residents and staff members. To contribute a recipe,       On the Road with Charles Kuralt          Charles Kuralt
contact Ms. LeMonds at 651-9858.                                            Pieces of my Mind                        Andrew A. Rooney
                                                                            Presumed Innocent                        Scott Turow
                       Recipe categories include:                           Pretty Woman                             Fern Michaels
                                                                            T.D. & Serita Ann Jakes Speak to Women   T.D. & Serita Ann Jakes
     Appetizers & Beverages                                                 The Cat Who Brought Down the House       Lilian Jackson Braun
     Breads & Rolls                                                         The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers              Lilian Jackson Braun
     Soups & Salads                                                         The Devil in the Junior League           Linda Francis Lee
     Side Dishes                                                            The Good Wife Strikes Back               Elizabeth Buchan
     Main Dishes                                                            To The Nines                             Janet Evanovich
     Cakes & Cookies                                                        Susannah’s Garden                        Debbie Macomber
     Pies & Desserts
     Odds & Ends

Each recipe will feature the contributor’s name. Approximately 200 reci-
pes are needed. All recipes must be submitted by August 30 in order to
have the cookbook ready for the holiday season.

12                                                                          5
Mike Phillips from the Ombudsman Program will be speaking July 8th at 10:00
in the multi-purpose room. In short, the Ombudsman program is a group of
                                                                                                            Admissions cont...
concerned local citizens working to improve the quality of life and care for peo-    6. Use negative space to your advantage. An extra lighting element can
ple who live in licensed long-term care facilities. Mike Phillips will be briefing   brighten the apartment and your mood. Mirrors create the illusion that the
the residents on what they do, what kind of complaints can be investigated, resi-    room keeps going. Lighter colors feel roomier than dark ones. Bring on the
dent rights and how to file a complaint.                                             pastels!

Jennifer Diaz (JD)                                                                   7. Don’t invest in heavy furniture and if you do-then add wheels. A coffee
Hawthorn House Administrative Assistant                                              table on wheels is much easier to maneuver out of the way. A great buy
                                                                                     nowadays are nesting tables. You can fit three tables in a corner that only
                                                                                     has room for one.
                 Building Operations                                                 8. Don’t always stick with tradition. If you like your blinds, then who
                                                                                     needs curtains
We have a new part time maintenance employee who comes to us from West-
wood Retirement Resort. His name is Mike Davis and he will be here in the            9. Look up. Store pots and pans in pot racks, then you can use your cabi-
evenings Mon – Fri and all day on Sat. Please make him feel welcome.                 nets for other things. Wall mounted TVs are getting more and more popu-
If you are a little confused about the A/C thermostat here are a few basic things    lar too.
that you should know. When you set the fan to AUTO the fan will come on and          Modernize. You may be nursing an older model radio, or VCR along and it
go off as the A/C is cooling or heating. When you have the fan set to ON then        still works great. But, you’ll be surprised how affordable some of these item
the fan will run continuously. In order for the A/C to work you need to have it      are now. Purchasing something such as a new miniature coffee pot can
set to Cool and preferable set the fan to auto. Make sure that you set the tem-      really open up your kitchenette.
perature that you would like by using the up and down arrows.
You may find your microwave clock needing to be reset on occasion. For most
                                                                                     I hope this helps you cut down on your dusting time. Just be sure if you do
of your microwaves you can press the CLOCK button then enter the current
time and press the CLOCK button again.
                                                                                     decide to rearrange your room, lift with the legs not the back. Better yet, put
Orkin will be in our building the 4th Monday of every month. Apartments in           your name on the “honey do” list and we will get someone to do it for you.
Azalea will be sprayed in July and Bluebell will be sprayed in August. Our           Directing is always more fun anyway.
Orkin man will be using low odor chemicals, baits and gels as well as some
“green” chemicals. The smell should be minimal and should not bother you at                             As Always, happy sunny, summer days!
all but if you are sensitive you can leave your room for a few hours, this is to                                Angela McClenahan
your own discretion.

6                                                                                    11
                             Admissions                                                                      Dry Skin and Itching
Doesn’t it seem like every year goes by faster than the last? Here it is sum-       Many older people suffer from dry skin, particularly on their lower legs, el-
mer time, and I never noticed spring coming and going! I guess it is time for       bows, and forearms. The skin feels rough and scaly and often is accompanied
spring-cleaning in July! I know if any of you are like me, I get so frustrated      by a distressing, intense itchiness. Low humidity — caused by overheating
when I am cleaning or reorganizing and I don’t have anywhere to put                 during the winter and air conditioning during the summer — contributes to
things. So, I thought I could help give some tips on how to decorate and            dryness and itching. The loss of sweat and oil glands as you age also may
live in small spaces with little storage.                                           worsen dry skin. Anything that further dries your skin — such as overuse of
                                                                                    soaps, antiperspirants, perfumes, or hot baths — will make the problem
1. Don’t confuse clutter with personality. You can get the same affect with         worse. Dehydration, sun exposure, smoking, and stress also may cause dry
a couple of well-placed figurines that you would get with twenty. And, if           skin.
you do have twenty of anything, rotating a couple of them throughout the            Dry skin itches because it is irritated easily. If your skin is very dry and
year can make an old item feel new again each time you bring it out.                itchy, see a doctor. Dry skin and itching can affect your sleep, cause irritabil-
                                                                                    ity, or be a symptom of a disease. For example, diabetes and kidney disease
2. Use every opportunity for storage. Nowadays you can purchase plastic             can cause itching. Some medicines make the itchiness worse.
ware with rollers attached for under the bed storage. Maximize your closets         The most common treatment for dry skin is the use of moisturizers to reduce
too! Put an extra dresser or shelf in your closet. You’ll be surprised at how       water loss and soothe the skin. Moisturizers come in several forms — oint-
much more space you have.                                                           ments, creams, and lotions. Ointments are mixtures of water in oil, usually
                                                                                    either lanolin or petrolatum. Creams are preparations of oil in water, which
3. Be organized. If you store your possessions with a purpose in mind, then         is the main ingredient. Creams must be applied more often than ointments to
the things you use most often won’t end up on the counter or lost behind            be most effective. Lotions contain powder crystals dissolved in water, again
the towels.
                                                                                    the main ingredient. Because of their high water content, they feel cool on
                                                                                    the skin and don’t leave the skin feeling greasy. Although they are easy to
4. Don’t be afraid to throw it away! (Or sell it!) If you haven’t used it in over
                                                                                    apply and may be more pleasing than ointments and creams, lotions don’t
a year, then toss it! Chances are you won’t use it anytime soon, and your
                                                                                    have the same protective qualities. You may need to apply them frequently to
neighbor might be willing to loan you their sewing machine, etc. if you do
                                                                                    relieve the signs and symptoms of dryness. Moisturizers should be used in-
end up needing one.
                                                                                    definitely to prevent recurrence of dry skin.
5. Design with multi-functionality in mind! Choose a dining room table that         A humidifier can add moisture to the air. Bathing less often and using milder
doubles as a desk. Use a TV stand that also houses your cleaning supplies or        soaps also can help relieve dry skin. Warm water is less irritating to dry skin
an ottoman that opens up to store shoes inside.                                     than hot water.

10                                                                                   7
                      Department                                                                                News
                              Activities                                                              Dining Services
    July 6th -12th is National Therapeutic Recreation Week.                             New Menu Cycle Beginning in July.
                      This year’s theme is-
                                                                                    Hawthorn Café’ Grand Opening will be July
        PURPOSE, PASSION AND PROGRESS                                                               7th, 2008.

The purpose of this week is to enhance public awareness of therapeutic                                           Café’ hours
recreation programs and services. Therapeutic recreation uses treatment,
education, and recreation to help people use their leisure in ways that en-                       Breakfast: 6:30 am -9 am
hance their health, functional abilities, independence, and quality of life.                        Lunch: 11 am- 2 pm
Your activities department at Hawthorn House is dedicated to the ideals
of therapeutic recreation. I would love for everyone to take advantage of
all of the services offered to you.
In honor of this week and to encourage people to try new things and be
active, we will be offering you incentives for your participation. For
each activity that you attend, you will earn points. At the end of the
                                                                                Greetings Everyone,
week, we will have an auction where you can use your points to bid on           Well, its officially summer and time for a helpful hint from the Housekeeping
items. We have some beautiful and fun prizes for you the auction and            Department…
hope for a lot of interest.                                                     Living in Florida has it’s advantages and some drawbacks as well. We all
In addition to the Therapeutic Recreation Week events, we have some             need to be very careful about the high temperature and high humidity. The
fantastic things planned for you. Skip dessert Friday nights and join us        combination can turn into a breeding ground for mold spores and mildew, not
on the front porch for watermelon. Back by popular demand we will be            just outside, but in our homes as well. How do we prevent a situation? It’s
having happy hour and have some great meal outings scheduled for you.           simple!! Try turning your air conditioner down a few degrees several times a
If interested in any of the outings, please sign up soon, as space is limited   day. This can dry out any moisture hiding in the vents, and the cooler tem-
(until we get our new accessible van).                                          perature will not allow mold, mildew, or bacteria to grow. Now you don’t
                                                                                have to create an arctic freeze, just a few degrees will make a big difference
                                                                                and you will feel better because you will be breathing cleaner, dryer air. The
I hope to see you all in activities!
                                                                                maintenance department recently replaced all the air filters and that will make
Have fun and stay active,                                                       a big difference too.

8                                                                               9

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