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From India to Poultry Doctorate at UNE
Story: GARY FRY                  researcher based at UNE,          test which would be able to
Photo: DANIELI STUDIOS           working on two projects           detect even a minute quantity
                                 funded by Australian Egg          of the viral load (viral copy
Leading the line-up to           Corporation Limited.              number) in the infected tissue
graduate at the University       “The future belongs to people     sample or faeces. In other
of New England’s graduation      who see the possibilities         words, I’m developing a
ceremonies were the post-        before they become obvious.       simple but accurate test so
graduate researchers.            It belongs to the people who      producers can determine the
Whether they were lucrative      have nerves of steel and fear     presence of the infectious
international or Australian      nobody. My birth brought          bronchitis virus.
students, their work has         many dreams in the minds              “On Saturday, I was
added to the world’s             of my middle class parents        awarded my doctorate degree.
knowledge bank.                  in India, especially for my       I would simply describe
   On Saturday, cutting-edge     mother who encouraged             my PhD as an outcome of
science and health researchers   me strongly throughout            many tears, frustrations, joy,
and undergraduate students       my doctoral studies” Dr           sacrifices, determination and
were presented with their        Chousalkar said.                  most importantly, constant
degrees. One scientific               “I arrived in Australia in    encouragement from my
researcher, Kapil Chousalkar,    2005 and joined my PhD at         parents, teachers and friends,”
came from Ambajogai, a           UNE under the supervision         he said.
small country town in western    of Associate Professor Juliet         “For me, my student life
India to Armidale, with no       Roberts. My PhD research          ends here. However, my thirst
idea what to expect.             was on the interaction of         of knowledge will not. I have
   Dr Chousalkar worked          infectious bronchitis virus       entered into the competitive
long days, without much          with the oviduct of laying        world of research and there
respite throughout his PhD       hens. Infectious bronchitis       are a lot of challenges ahead.
research project. That work      virus is a major threat to the    But these challenges arouse
has gained ground in the         egg industry due to its effects   a lot of zeal and excitement
battle against a significant      on egg quality. However           in me.
disease that impacts upon        within the Australian egg             “My PhD made me realise
Australian and international     industry, there is a lot of       that if a dream is an aim in
poultry industries. He has       confusion over knowledge          one’s life, making it a reality
already developed a strong       regarding the deterioration of    is the greatest achievement.
international reputation,        egg quality.                      I have always believed in
has presented his work to            “Also, in Australia,          creating possibilities where
world authorities at the         knowledge regarding the           they never existed. Thus I
likes of the prestigious         impact of this virus on the       am confident I will now lead
national conference of the       reproductive system of laying     myself successfully along
American Veterinary Medical      hens was speculative. My          the roads of my destiny,” Dr
Association in Washington        research has helped egg           Chousalkar said.
USA (July 2007). However,        producers to understand                 Dr Chousalkar has made
his work ethic and results       the impact of this virus on       Armidale his home, and the        PhD Supervisor, Associate Professor Juliet Roberts; Deputy Chancellor, Dr. James
have been recognised on          the oviduct and egg quality.      Australian poultry industry       Harris; Vice-Chancellor and CEO of UNE, Professor Alan Pettigrew; and PhD graduate,
a local level and he has         I am now working on the           could reap the benefits into       Dr. Kapil Chousalkar, whose thesis was entitled “Effects of Infectious Bronchitis Virus
received employment as a         development of a molecular        the future.                       on the Oviduct of Laying Hens”.

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