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									Mountain Bike Products from Shimano


Shimano’s legendary XTR component group is the ultimate
choice for a cross country (XC) racing bike. Designed using the
finest materials available and manufactured to the highest
standards, XTR is a sterling example of Shimano’s commitment
to systems engineering. While each component is designed to be
the best in its class, it is the seamless integration of the parts that
make XTR the benchmark of XC component design. Shimano
XTR, when performance is the only option.

View the entire XTR product line here.


Shimano XT is the original mountain bike component group.
Using the same technology as XTR, Shimano XT offers
performance and durability at a reasonable price. A versatile
group, Shimano XT is used for XC racing, XC Trail and some
All-Mountain applications.

View the entire Deore XT product line here.


Shimano’s Deore LX component group is the embodiment of
affordable performance. Sharing features with both Shimano XTR
and Deore XT components, Deore LX components are more
affordable, using different materials and finishing processes. Like
XT, LX is found on bikes used for XC racing, XC Trail and some
All-Mountain applications.

View the Deore LX product line here.


Saint is a product of its environment. Born in a bicycle wasteland
where other components cling for survival, the Saint component
group has thrived. Always true to the mantra, “Super Heavy
Duty”, Saint’s immortal strength has become the new standard for
Freeride and Downhill performance.

Saint 135 is for traditional mountain bikes with 135mm rear axle
spacing and 68/73mm bottom bracket shells. View it here!

Saint 150 is for traditional mountain bikes with 150mm rear axle
spacing and 83mm bottom bracket shells. View it here as well.


Shimano’s Hone component group was developed specifically for
All-Mountain bikes where reliability and control are paramount.
Hone components incorporate the durability of Saint’s axle
mounted derailleur and with the lightweight of Deore LX to
deliver the ultimate All-Mountain component package.

View the new Hone here.


Shimano Deore components offer performance for the beginning
mountain biker. Using proven Shimano technology, Deore
components are great for affordable replacement parts and mid
price point mountain bikes.

Click here to see the expansive Deore component line.


These 8-speed groups offer the reliability and performance of the
Shimano name while delivering a great component platform for
price point driven bikes.

View the Alivio component line here,


See what's in the Acera line here.


Altus is an 8 & 7-speed mtb-style component group designed for
city sport and youth bikes. Altus provides a feeling of “easy
control” that inspires confidence in novice riders.

Read up on Altus here.

Tourney has been designed to give entry level sport bikes a boost.
It provides advanced Shimano functions for entry level bicycles.

Click here to see how what Tourney has to offer.

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