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The Oregon State Employees Charitable Fund Drive annual workplace campaign BEGINS TODAY! You
can make a pledge anytime between now and October 31, 2010.

THE FUND DRIVE IS ONLINE!            This new pledge site makes it easier for you to give and have a
lasting impact on your community.

To make your pledge, go to www.ipledgeonline.org/_cfdagency

Thanks to your help, the Fund Drive raised more than $1 million for 850 participating charities in 2009.
Those gifts are being put to work right now all over our state – providing help for our families, arts,
animals, environment, equality, health, and housing. The need is still great, and your Fund Drive gifts
are more crucial than ever before.

The CHOICE is yours…
As the only annual, multi-issue, on-the-job payroll deduction campaign authorized to run at your
workplace, the Fund Drive offers you many choices.
        You decide:
                • How you want to give – choose payroll contribution, cash, check or credit card.
                • Where your dollars go – when you designate your gift to specific charities, only the
                charities you choose will receive money from you. Pick from more than 850
                organizations working to provide services and resources to Oregonians.

To make your pledge:
• Go to www.ipledgeonline.org/_cfdagency
    • Log in using the following information:
        o Username: Your State employee ID number (including all zeroes)
        o Password: Your FIRST and LAST names (ALL CAPS – UPPERCASE as it displays on your
            earning statement). Example: JANEDOE
    • Find out more information about the charities and decide who you would like to give to.
     • Follow the instructions on the website to complete your pledge.
     • For additional information or if you have any questions, please ask your coordinator or call

TOGETHER we can make a difference! Please consider a making a gift through
the Fund Drive this year.

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