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                                Okre Akwapim Union (UK) NEWSLETTER
                                For earlier issues, visit – http://www.okreakwapim.com/announcements.htmissue 4 | February 2006
                                Abiriw Abonse Adukrom Apirede Aseseeso Awukugua Dawu
God has his perfect time for
everybody. He calls everybody
                                      Okre Akwapim Union
for his work according to his         UK salutes its                        Know                                           your
will and purpose. When Okre
Akwapim Union started in              Secretary:
November 2001 not many
members willingly accepted a        Rev E.O.Donkor
substantive position on the           Of Royal Kingdom Ministry
 executive board due to the uncertain, destructive and also bitter memories of
 rivalry that characterised the Union. Mr Donkor now Reverend Donkor
 unfortunately happened to be one of such men who was not sure of the
 change of hearts of members. Reverend Donkor who apparently was once an
 Assistant Secretary for the Union reluctantly took office of a substantive
 Secretary and has since his assumption of office helped the executive to re-
 structure the Union and has assisted to give the Union a new image.
                                                                       Above: Rev (Mrs) Potia Donkor & Rev E.O. Donkor during their ordination 11/05
His contribution to the work of the executive has been immense and far reaching. Despite his numerous responsibilities as a pastor of the
Royal Kingdom Ministry he still makes time to serve the Union as Secretary and co editor of our Newsletter, copies of which have been
reaching your doorstep periodically. We all appreciate his good work and I am sure we are all proud of his dedicated service to Okre
Union. I wish to thank him for being part of what Okre Union wishes to achieve. More grease to his elbow.

Are you too busy to attend meetings?                                           During his visit
Note that we encourage you not to attend all the three planed meeting in the   to Ghana in
year but we shall be most happy if you endeavour to attend at least one of
                                                                               2004, the OAU
our meetings in the year. Surely we all wish to see Okre Union grow.
                                                                               (UK) President
Future Projects in Akwapim:                                                    met the MP for
Please take note that since we all started contributing to Okre there has been Akwapim
sufficient funds to run it because we want Okre to grow. We cannot             North
contribute to various organisations we belong to, to the neglect of Okre, when
our resources which otherwise could have been redirected for a better
tomorrow should be left unpaid. We are certain in our minds that Okre
Akwapim Union UK is committed to making Okre a good place for our                 Standing Left: Mr
children and make a mark and be identified on the map of Ghana. We can           Elvis Sakyi
only achieve this through our generous giving to Okre Union that can help        Donkor President
the executive envisage a community project for the benefit of our people.        of Okre Akwapim
Everybody should be assured that the executives are all committed to             Union UK.
running the union with everybody’s interests in particular and especially        Standing Right:
Okre State at large. Please pay your Union dues and your annual subscription     His Excelency Mr
to support Okre.                                                                 B.D.K. Adu the
                                                                                 MP for Akwapim
                           th                                                    North
Next Meeting Date: 8 April 2006.                                                 Constituency
Our next meeting is scheduled for the 8th of April. Please                       Ghana.
mark the date in your dairies.
E-mail: Do you have an e-mail address? If so, do please let us know what it is if you haven’t already done so. In our constant
endeavour to try and cut postage costs etc., it would assist immensely if we could e-mail the Newsletter/Meeting Notifications/etc. Please
also inform us of change of telephone numbers address etc. Thanks.

                                    Tradition, Church and State
When should we rely on State, Tradition or Church when it comes down to performing certain popular rituals? See examples below.
Question – what is wrong with Traditional Marriage (two families of a marrying couple accepting drinks and other items like clothes and
bags, including bibles these days, as a symbol of recognition of a marriage)?
Author’s answer: Nothing wrong. Just remember to register it due to denial. No one evoke spirits to perform these rites any longer.
When my daughter is of age, I will also require an iPod and a visit to the moon.
Question – what is wrong with someone invited to name a child dipping his or her finger in salty water, spirit drink etc. and administering
the finger in the mouth of the baby being named?
Author’s answer – Not much wrong and certainly nothing to do with religion (Christian or none Christian) but everything to do with
germs: Transmission of bacteria from the inside nail of the person administering the liquid to the baby. Solution – use a clean spoon or a
clean dip. By Sakyi.
                                                                      RE LAUNCH OF OKRE (UK)
Page 2                                                                                           Part 1

                                                                     As you may recall: in November 2002 at a general meeting
                                                                     attended by about 12 core members namely: Nana Asiama
                                                                     Bekoe, Nana Ampem Darko Larbi I, Mrs Florence Larbi,
                                                                     Alex Anim, Elvis Sakyi Donkor, Emmanuel Asare Archer,
                                                                     Alex Konor, Doris Konor, Samuel Ayi, Yaw Adu Chame,
                                                                     Rose Akroffie, and Gladys Sakyi Donkor (If your name was
                                                                     left out as one of the founding members please call our
                                                                     attention to this omission).
                                                                     Mr Elvis Sakyi Donkor now the current President was
                                                                     nominated and accepted by all present to serve the Union as a
                                                                     new President of the Union on recommendation of members
                                                                     whose pictures appear on the left of this script.
                                                                     Mr Elvis Sakyi Donkor however did not accept the
                                                                     Presidency outright but proposed that his position should be
                                                                     an interim until a general election was held to make the
                                                                     position substantive.

                                                                     - Continue story in next edition of Newsletter.

                                                                     Send us your stories......
                                                                     We are always delighted to receive your letters, stories or
                                                                     articles. Please continue to send them to us: Elvis Sakyi
                                                                     Donkor (Tel: 020 7729 9579, Mob: 07958 519 481),
                                                                     Evans O. Donkor (020 8521 4569) and Samuel Opare
                                                                     Larbi. (Tel: 020 72074119, Mob: 07939 466 212).
                                                                     Email: okreakwapim@hotmail.com
                                                                      Know your Executives and their phone numbers
                                                                      Name                     Tel                Position
                                                                      Mr Ebenezer Adu          020 8802 0801      Welfare Officer
                                                                      Mr Yaw Adu-Larbi         01322 431 764      PRO
                                                                      Miss Dora                                   Assistant Women's
                                                                      Akua Agyiebea            020 7237 5603      Leader (co opted)
                                                                      Mr Kwadwo Danso          020 7249 6861      Porter
                                                                      Mr Evans O. Donkor       0208 521 4569      Secretary
                                                                      Mr Alex Konor            020 8689 9299      Financial Secretary
                                                                      Mrs Florence
                                                                      Darko Larbi              020 7639 4940      Women’s Leader
                                                                      Mr Samuel
                                                                      Opare Larbi              020 7207 4119      Assistant Secretary
Find above the Picture of our dear chief’s Standing behind: Nana      Mr Elvis
Asiama Bekoe (Tufohene of Abiriw and Okre). Standing infront: Nana    Sakyi Donkor             020 7729 9579      President
Ampem Darko Larbi I (Dompia hene of Adukrom). They were the two       Mr Seth Larbi Lartey     020 8715 0211      Treasurer
chiefs who were behind the re launch of Okre Akwapim Union UK.

Death of a son: When it all ended, it was painful even though Kwasi had been ill for a long period. Mrs Augustina Anim-Annor and
her family will like to thank everyone for their sympathy and assistance during their bereavement and also thank those who were able to
attend the wake keeping and funeral rites ceremony.
Mr Kwadwo Danso Our executive member (Porter) announces the death of his younger brother in Ghana. Mr Danso had a gathering of
his close family and friends for a wake keeping on Saturday 21st of January 2006. Okre UK President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and
Assistant (co opted) Women’s leader attended. Our sympathy goes to him and his family on this sad loss.
New members are our targets and you are responsible for making it possible. Invite new members to our next meeting.
We wish all those who are recovering from sicknesses, accidents etc. a quick recovery: we are aware of some of you who are battling with
illness, effects of accidents sustained during last year and recovering from operations.

News Producers/Editors: Mr Elvis Sakyi Donkor (Tel: 020 7729 9579, Mob: 07958 519 481), Mr Evans O. Donkor (Tel: 020 8521 4569)
Mr S O Larbi (Mob: 07939 466 212.) email: okreakwapim@hotmail.com Internet: http://www.okreakwapim.com News Editor: Dr Edward Larbi (US)

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