ABSOLUT 25 Exhibition by lsy121925


									It has been 25 years since the first drops of ABSOLUT VODKA were made from
winter wheat grown in the southern region of Sweden and water from our deep
well in Åhus. On March 16, 2004 the billionth bottle of ABSOLUT VODKA left Åhus.
With the exhibition ABSOLUT 25 at Aoseum, ABSOLUT VODKA celebrates the first 25
years of success.

On June 17, 2004 the exhibition ABSOLUT 25 opens at Aoseum, the art and cultural
center in Åhus, just a stone’s throw from the plant where ABSOLUT VODKA is

In April 1979, the first few bottles of ABSOLUT VODKA left the harbor in Åhus. The
shipment was destined for the US to try its luck in the toughest vodka market of
them all. At the time of its humble beginnings, few could have guessed that
ABSOLUT would become a huge Swedish export success, nor that it would rise to
become the world’s third largest international spirits brand by the late 1990s.

The exhibition will examine the first 25 years – the history, raw materials, people,
production techniques and the marketing. The exhibition also gives a taste of the
experimental, creative and dynamic nature of the ABSOLUT VODKA brand. One
can see the bottle prototypes that were made before the launch and creative
work from the marketing campaign. Andy Warhol’s legendary artwork ABSOLUT
WARHOL will be on view, as will original works by Swedish artists Dan Wolgers and
Linn Fernström. There will also be fashion creations by David Cameron and others,
and the vespa that starred in the ABSOLUT ROME ad.


June 17 – August 29 2004
Opening hours: Tues.–Sun.
12:30–6 p.m.

Vallgatan 16, Åhus, Sweden
Tel: +46 44 24 94 61

V&S Absolut Spirits, a business area within V&S Group, is the brand owner of ABSOLUT VODKA, ABSOLUT PEPPAR,
APEACH, ABSOLUT PEARS, ABSOLUT 100 and Level Vodka. ABSOLUT VODKA is the fourth largest international spirit
in the world and is available in 126 markets. ABSOLUT VODKA and Level Vodka are made at the distilleries near
Åhus, Sweden. The head office is in Stockholm. absolut.com, levelvodka.com

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