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									ALIES 2008 Conference
ALIES 3.0: Information Catalysts

           16-20 March 2008

          Proudly hosted by
   Emergency Management Australia

        With sponsorship support from:
           DA Information Services
               EBSCO Publishing
                James Bennett
ALIES 2008 Conference
ALIES 3.0: Information Catalysts

                    Hosted by Emergency Management Australia

                           Emergency Management Australia (EMA) is situated within the
                           National Security and Criminal justice Group within the Attorney-
                           General’s Department. EMA’s role is to provide national
                           leadership in the development of emergency management
                           measures to reduce risk to communities and to manage the
                           consequences of disasters.

                           EMA hosts the ALIES Conference annually at the EMA Institute in
                           Mt Macedon, Victoria. EMA sponsors the cost of travel,
                           accommodation and meals for one delegate from each ALIES
                           member library.

                                         With sponsorship support from:
                           DA is the region’s largest full-service library supplier. From print
                           books and journals to online databases, journal archives and
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ALIES 2008 Conference
ALIES 3.0: Information Catalysts

Conference theme - ALIES 3.0: Information Catalysts

The theme of the 2008 ALIES Conference reflects the impact of Web 2.0 on ALIES member libraries,
and how ALIES is evolving in a changing information environment. The idea of ALIES 3.0 is to go
further than the Web/Library 2.0 technologies to plan for the next ‘version’ of ALIES and how the
network can move forward in the emergency sector information environment. ALIES has grown
from an informal network in 1991, to a formalised network with a governing charter. As membership
of the network grows and we become highly regarded in our sector, what is the next step for ALIES?

The conference is designed with four streams to enable ALIES to move forward:

   Trends in emergency management – to provide members with a look at the future of
   emergency management, current issues and trends, and how these will affect
   emergency sector libraries

   Pushing forward – what are the professional skills required to move our libraries forward,
   within our organisations and within the emergency sector?

   ALIES 3.0 – how Library 2.0 and Web 2.0 technologies are being implemented in libraries
   and how to apply these to benefit member organisations.

   ALIES in the 21st century – strategic planning for the future of ALIES libraries, and where
   to from here for ALIES?

Objectives of the workshop

  To assist member libraries to broaden their focus by incorporating current knowledge and
   information management principles and practices into core business
  To conduct the ALIES Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  To exchange information on current information management trends which will encourage
   innovative practices within and between emergency sector libraries
  To discuss and plan marketing strategies for ALIES and individual members
  To contribute to a better understanding of resources of other emergency sector libraries by
   creating improved access to information and people
  To develop strategies for future co-operation between member libraries, parent organisations
   and government bodies involved with emergency management

2008 Conference Planning Committee

   Sharon Pimm – Australian Red Cross (Chair)
   Jennifer Nielsen – Queensland Emergency Services
   Fiona Preston – Department of Primary Industries and Water, Tasmania
   Rosa Serratore - Bureau of Meteorology
   Troy Watson – Emergency Management Australia
ALIES 2008 Conference
Day 1 theme: Getting to know you

Chair:   Troy Watson                                         Sunday 16 March – Day 1

Time              Item                                  Speaker                     Venue

3.30 – 6.00pm     Arrival at EMA                                                    EMA

6.30 – 7.30pm     Evening BBQ                                                       Bar Area

7.30 – 8.00pm     Official opening & welcome to EMA     Christine Jenkinson         TV Lounge
                                                        Assistant Director Policy
                                                        Projects & Information

                  Summary of conference objectives      Sandra Harvey
                                                        ALIES Executive Chair

                  Housekeeping / EMA Orientation        Troy Watson
                                                        Library Manager EMA

8.00 – 8.30pm     Introductions – getting to know you                               TV Lounge

8.30pm            Optional tour for new members                                     Meet at TV Lounge
ALIES 2008 Conference
Day 2 morning theme: Trends in emergency

Chair:   Sharon Pimm                                      Monday 17 March – Day 2

Time             Item                                  Speaker                   Venue

8.30 – 9.15      ALIES Annual General Meeting Part 1   Sandra Harvey             Macedon Ranges
                                                       ALIES Executive Chair     Theatre

9.15 – 10.00     Emergency management into the         Tony Pearce               Macedon Ranges
                 future                                Director General EMA      Theatre

10.00 – 10.15    Sponsor presentation -Swets           Swets                     Macedon Ranges

10.15 – 10.45    Morning Tea                           Sponsored by Swets        Bar Area

10.45 – 11.40    Trends in emergency management        Andrew Coghlan            Macedon Ranges
                 and the role of the Red Cross         Australian Red Cross      Theatre

11.40 – 12.30    Current issues and trends in          Michael Tarrant           Macedon Ranges
                 emergency management                  EMA                       Theatre

12.30 – 13.30    Lunch                                                           Dining Room

Afternoon theme: ALIES in the 21st Century

13.30 – 15.00    Quidditch tryouts                     Christine Jessup          Macedon Ranges
                 (scenario planning)                   Katrina Beard             Theatre and
                                                       EMA                       Syndicate Rooms
15.00 – 15.30    Afternoon tea                         Sponsored by EBSCO        Bar Area

15.30 – 17.30    Quidditch tryouts                     Christine Jessup          Macedon Ranges
                 (scenario planning)                   Katrina Beard             Theatre and
                                                       EMA                       Syndicate Rooms

17.30 – 18.30    ALIES networking time                                           Bar Area

18.30 – 20.00    Dinner                                                          Dining Room

                                                                 Macedon Ranges Theatre     = Tiered
                                                                 Ash Wednesday Theatre      = Flat
ALIES 2008 Conference
Day 3 theme: Pushing forward

Chair:   Jennifer Nielsen                                      Tuesday 18 March – Day 3

Time               Item                                    Speaker                     Venue

8.30 – 10.00       Investing in your professional growth   Karen Mills                 Ash Wednesday
                   (includes workshop activity)            Professional Development    Theatre
                                                           Officer ALIA

10.00 – 10.15      Sponsor presentation - Infotrieve       Infotrieve                  Ash Wednesday

10.15 – 10.45      Morning Tea                             Sponsored by Infotrieve     Bar Area

10.45 – 11.40      Managing up, down and sideways –        Liz Curach                  Macedon Ranges
                   toward best practice                    University Librarian        Theatre
                                                           University of Western

11.40 – 12.25      Capture to Collection to Connection     Bruce Budge                 Macedon Ranges
                   (C2C2C)                                 Station Officer             Theatre
                                                           Queensland Fire and
                                                           Rescue Service

12.30 – 14.30      Lunch – Picnic at Hanging Rock                                      Hanging Rock

14.30 – 16.30      Emergency Sector group workshops                                    Syndicate Rooms
                   (Police, Fire, Science & Emergency)

15.30 – 15.45      Afternoon tea (working)                                             Theatre Foyer

16.30 – 17.30      ‘Pushing Forward’ - Series of 3         ALIES Panel Discussion      Macedon Ranges
                   presentations and panel discussion                                  Theatre

                   Continuous improvement: a client        Rosa Serratore
                   satisfaction survey and its outcomes    Bureau of Meteorology

                   Pushing forward with the NSW Police     Antony Stephenson
                   Force Library & Information Services    New South Wales Police

                   The librarian out of the library        Elizabeth Hides
                                                           Fire & Emergency Services
                                                           Authority of WA

17.30 – 18.30      ALIES networking time                                               Bar Area

18.30 – 20.00      ALIES Awards Gala Dinner                                            Dining Room

20.00 – 21.30      Social activity / Free time
                                                                        Macedon Ranges Theatre    = Tiered
                                                                        Ash Wednesday Theatre     = Flat
ALIES 2008 Conference
Day 4 theme: ALIES 3.0

Chair:   Rosa Serratore                                   Wednesday 19 March – Day 4

Time              Item                                     Speaker                          Venue

8.30 – 9.30       ‘Information Catalysts’ - Series of 3    ALIES Panel Discussion           Macedon Ranges
                  presentations and panel discussion                                        Theatre

                  Virtual client and Hybrid Reference      Connie Coniglio,
                  Service                                  Australian Institute of Police
                  Transforming the Australian              Troy Watson
                  emergency management terms               EMA
                                                           Julie Wyner
                  A demonstration of Google Reader         NSW Fire Brigades
                  (RSS feed reader/aggregator)

9.30 – 10.15      Library 2.0 – the transition at ATO      Vanessa Lewis                    Macedon Ranges
                  towards a Library 2.0 service            Assistant Director               Theatre
                                                           Australian Taxation Office

10.15 – 10.30     Sponsor presentation -DA                 DA                               Macedon Ranges

10.30 – 11.00     Morning Tea                              Sponsored by DA                  Bar Area

11.00 – 11.45     Beyond Blogs and Wikis - more Web        Michelle McLean                  Macedon Ranges
                  2.0 tools for libraries                  Casey Cardinia Library           Theatre

11.45 – 12.30     Changing libraries - Web 2.0 & 23        Christine Mackenzie              Macedon Ranges
                  Things                                   CEO, Yarra Plenty Regional       Theatre
12.30 – 13.30     Lunch                                                                     Dining Room

13.30 – 15.15     Web 2.0 & 23 Things Workshop             Christine Mackenzie,             Macedon Ranges,
                                                           Lynette Lewis, Leslie            Syndicate Rooms
                                                           Sharples, Yarra Plenty           & Simulation Room
                                                           Regional Library
15.15 – 15.30     Sponsor presentation - Proquest          Proquest                         Macedon Ranges

15.30 – 16.00     Afternoon tea                            Sponsored by Proquest            Bar Area

16.00 – 17.00     ALIES Annual General Meeting Part 2      Sandra Harvey                    Macedon Ranges
                                                           ALIES Executive Chair            Theatre

17.00 – 18.30     ALIES networking time                                                     Bar Area

18.30 – 20.00     Dinner                                                                    Dining Room

20.00 – 21.30     Trivia Night                                                              Bar Area

                                                                      Macedon Ranges Theatre           = Tiered
                                                                      Ash Wednesday Theatre            = Flat
ALIES 2008 Conference
Day 5 theme: What next?

Chair:   Troy Watson                                 Thursday 20 March – Day 5

Time              Item                            Speaker                     Venue

8.45 – 9.15       New committee meetings          Committee members           Syndicate Rooms

9.15 – 9.30       Evaluation and Feedback         Sharon Pimm                 Macedon Ranges
                                                  ALIES Conference Chair      Theatre

9.30 – 10.30      Libraries: what next and why?   Anne-Marie Schwirtlich      Macedon Ranges
                                                  Chief Executive Officer &   Theatre
                                                  State Librarian
                                                  State Library of Victoria

10.30 – 11.00     Morning Tea                                                 Theatre Foyer

11.00 – 12.00     Final reports and close         Sandra Harvey               Macedon Ranges
                                                  ALIES Executive Chair       Theatre

                  Official close                  Diana Williams
                                                  Assistant Secretary
                                                  Emergency Management
                                                  Policy and Liaison

12.00 – 13.00     Lunch and depart EMA                                        Dining Room

                                                              Macedon Ranges Theatre     = Tiered
                                                              Ash Wednesday Theatre      = Flat
Speaker Profiles
In order of presentation

Tony Pearce                                                           Emergency Management into the Future
Director General, Emergency Management Australia
Tony Pearce commenced his appointment as Director General -           What does the future hold for the emergency management community and are
Emergency Management Australia in August 2006 after having            we prepared to meet the challenges that will inevitably present? The
spent 27 years in the intelligence and emergency management           increasing severity and frequency of natural disasters, the increased
sectors. Tony holds an Associate Diploma of Health Science, a         occurrence and savagery of terrorist induced emergencies, and the ever
Bachelor of Social Science majoring in Emergency Management,
                                                                      looming threat of the next pandemic suggest that the practices of the past may
a Graduate Diploma in Management and an Executive Master of
Public Administration from Melbourne University and the               not be enough to meet the challenges of the future.
Australian and New Zealand School of Government. He is the
President of the Oceania Region of the International Association
of Emergency Managers (IAEM), a member of the US Board of
the IAEM, Editor in Chief of the Australian Journal of Emergency
Management and an Advisory Board Member to the Research
Network for a Secure Australia.

Andrew Coghlan                                                        Trends in emergency management and the role of
National Manager Emergency Services,                                  the Red Cross
Australian Red Cross
Andrew was appointed National Manager, Emergency Services             This presentation will cover the role of the Australian Red Cross in emergency
for Australian Red Cross in February 2006. His role is to oversee     management, and trends in managing recovery and resilience over recent
the national Emergency Services function and develop the              years. This includes the national emergency services function of the Red
organisation’s ability to promote resilience and build community      Cross, and the development of the organisation‟s ability to promote resilience
capacity in preparation for and response to disasters in Australia.
                                                                      and build community capacity in preparation for and response to disasters in
Andrew was previously the National Recovery Consultant with
Emergency Management Australia where he coordinated the               Australia
Australian approach to disaster recovery. Andrew is Vice
President of the International Research Committee on Disasters,
a member of the National Emergency Services Advisory
Committee and represents the Australian Red Cross at the
Australian Government Disaster Recovery Committee.

Michael Tarrant                                                       Current issues and trends in emergency
Assistant Director Education, EMA                                     management
Michael Tarrant has worked in the disaster management field for       A look at how emergency management has evolved over the years, and the
the past 20 years. He manages the EMA research portfolio and          trends and issues that will influence the sector now and in the future. This
his main areas of interest include managing non routine risk,         presentation will also cover the impacts of these issues on ALIES libraries, and
disaster recovery, business continuity, decision making under         some strategies to ensure our library collections meet the future needs of the
uncertainty, simulations and public administration and policy. He
                                                                      emergency sector.
teachers across the spectrum from short courses to post
graduate level in disaster management, community disaster
recovery, business continuity and emergency risk management
and has worked at a national level on the development of EM

Christine Jessup                                                      Scenario planning: a tool for decision making
Manager Education and Training, EMA
Christine Jessup is an educator of 30 years. She has an interest      Sometimes just talking around issues is not enough. Professional interest
in group learning and runs workshops using scenario planning.         groups; staff teams; management teams…can find themselves ambushed by
                                                                      too much detail, personal issues and preferences about processes which
                                                                      combine to produce the black abyss into which people can lurch unwittingly
                                                                      when commencing a group discussion or workplace meeting. Sometimes it is
Katrina Beard                                                         only the stronger voices that get heard and sometimes people can emerge
E-Learning Officer, EMA                                               from these freewheeling discussions feeling disempowered. The aim of the
Katrina has extensive experience in the use of e-learning and         scenario planning session is to involve participants in a structured activity for
web technologies, and is also a former librarian.                     the discussion and planning around key topics that require creative thinking
                                                                      towards an inclusive solution.
Speaker Profiles
In order of presentation

Karen Mills                                                        Investing in your Professional growth
Professional Development Officer, ALIA
Having previously worked in University libraries Karen made the    Professional Development is a key element in the progression of our careers.
move to Australian Library and Information Association in July     But how do we identify opportunities and activities, keep track of our progress
2007. As the Professional Development Officer, Karen               and fit it all into our already busy life schedules. How do we keep our skills up
acknowledges the importance of continuing professional             to date in an ever changing profession? These are among the issues facing
development to achieve ones professional and personal goals.
                                                                   library workers today and addressed in this presentation. Karen provides
                                                                   valuable insight into the ALIA Professional Development Scheme, the practical
                                                                   solutions it provides to library professionals and paraprofessionals and the
                                                                   benefits of participating in a programme supported by your professional

Liz Curach                                                         Managing up, down and sideways – toward best
University Librarian, University of Western Sydney                 practice
Liz has been UWS’ University Librarian since 2000, having          The tale of reluctant resumption of the reigns of a large, chronically
worked in the tertiary library sector since 1981. As immediate     dysfunctional library system in the throes of major organisational restructuring.
past Chair of CAUL’s Best Practice Working Group she has a         Charting the journey provides insights into both effective (the successes) and
passion for quality services and underlying process improvement.   non effective (the failures) strategies utilised in bringing about cultural change,
                                                                   minimising budget cuts and garnering institutional commitment to the value of
                                                                   its library service as a long term investment rather than an ongoing budget
                                                                   drain. A balance of management and leadership skills including „soft‟
                                                                   negotiating and persuasion techniques intertwined with empirically based
                                                                   evidence and best practice models provided essential navigational aids in
                                                                   traversing the territory.

Bruce Budge                                                        Capture to Collection to Connection (C2C2C)
Station Officer, Queensland Fire and Rescue Service
Bruce Budge joined the QFS in 1987 and in 2005 Bruce started       With increasing credibility in knowledge management systems, the QFRS
work in the QFRS State Operations Directorate where he             Shared Lessons Centre collects information from the experiences of personnel
undertakes research work and incident analysis for operational     and from research into all functional responsibilities for analysis. These
response improvements.                                             findings are validated and developed as knowledge into relevant and usable
                                                                   service delivery improvements. The improvements are communicated across
                                                                   all areas of the organisation and allied agencies with a combination of
                                                                   implementation strategies to ensure comprehension and compliance in their
                                                                   application. Once implemented these improvements will always be subject to
                                                                   review and act as a catalyst for future innovation and refinement.

Rosa Serratore                                                     Continuous improvement: a client satisfaction
Chief Librarian, Bureau of Meteorology                             survey and its outcomes
Rosa Serratore is the Chief Librarian of the National              In July 2007, the National Meteorological Library conducted an online Library
Meteorological Library, Bureau of Meteorology. Her career covers   Client Satisfaction Survey managed by Insync Surveys. Respondents rated
science, technology, business and research specialties in          the Library‟s performance against 37 variables or criteria. Each variable was
government and corporate libraries. Previous work experience       rated twice: the first measured the importance of each of the statements to
includes staff development and training and employment
                                                                   clients, and the second measured clients‟ impressions of the Library‟s
counselling. Rosa has an MBIT from RMIT.
                                                                   performance on each statement. Overall, clients appear to be very satisfied
                                                                   with the National Meteorological Library and the Library‟s overall performance
                                                                   in terms of client satisfaction and quality against other libraries in the Insync
                                                                   database places it in the first quartile, or top 25%. The survey revealed that
                                                                   there are no significant gap scores recorded, although a couple of areas that
                                                                   were identified that require attention, which the Library has already
                                                                   commenced addressing. This paper summarises the preparation, delivery,
                                                                   analysis and follow-up of the survey and its results.
Speaker Profiles
In order of presentation

Antony Stephenson                                                     Pushing forward with the NSW Police Force Library
Manager, Library & Information Services,                              & Information Services
New South Wales Police Force
Tony has worked for NSW Police Force Library & Information            NSW Police Force Library & Information Services maintains its physical
Services since 1996, taking on the role of manager in 2000.           presence, including the staff and the collection, at the John K Avery Library
Before moving to Goulburn and the Police College, Tony worked         which is located at the NSW Police College in Goulburn, 200 kilometres south
in NSW government, university, TAFE and public libraries. Prior       west of Sydney. This arrangement gives rise to two of the major challenges of
to "libraryland" Tony's working life was directed toward financing
                                                                      providing a library service for the NSWPF: identity and distance. Tony
travel activities. He and his partner have three daughters and live
on a small farm on the Wollondilly River 20 minutes out of            discusses Library & Information Services' continual push to get beyond the
Goulburn.                                                             physical barriers and organisational understanding of the "college library"

Elizabeth Hides                                                       The Librarian out of the Library
A/Knowledge Manager, Fire & Emergency Services
Authority of WA
In early 2007, Elizabeth participated in operational activities as    A Knowledge Management branch was created to locate the information
the Executive Information Officer and also acted as Director          providers together and while this was an exciting time, it also highlighted again
Media & Public Affairs.                                               some “information gaps” or how the lack of sharing information impeded our
                                                                      business. What has been shown is that we as Librarians have a number of
                                                                      skills and attributes that stand us in good stead within our agency. We have a
                                                                      lot of knowledge about our agency, their expertise, jargon and business
                                                                      partners. There is life outside the library and opportunities like this need to be
                                                                      seized as the benefits are huge.

Connie Coniglio                                                       Virtual client and Hybrid Reference Service
Research librarian, Australian Institute of Police
Connie and has had extensive experience in the provision of           Information communication technology (ICT) has accelerated the speed with
reference and information services. She has provided                  which information can sourced but in doing so it has also increased client
specialised information services to very diverse client groups.       expectations. Not all libraries are in the position of being able to introduce
Prior to working at the AIPM Connie spent 27 years working in         sophisticated online reference services. However, by utilising ICT technology
the public library system where she also spent time as a public
                                                                      now available in many workplaces, it is possible to deliver information to the
libraries’ consultant with the State Library of New South Wales.
                                                                      desktop of your virtual clients. This paper will outline how the AIPM uses its
                                                                      ICT facilities to provide an individualised reference and research service to
                                                                      offsite clients throughout Australasian jurisdictions and sometimes worldwide.

Troy Watson                                                           Transforming the Australian emergency
Library Manager, Emergency Management Australia                       management terms thesaurus
Troy has 13 years experience working in public, school and            EMA library has been a catalyst in the conversion of the Australian emergency
government libraries and has been managing EMA Library since          management terms thesaurus from a document to an interlinked web
September 2006. He is a representative on ALIES Committees            interface. With the website ready to go live, this presentation will discuss the
and reviews books for the Australian Library Journal.                 review process, transfer of data into the „Multites‟ thesaurus software, and
                                                                      collaboration with web services to complete this project.

Julie Wyner                                                           A demonstration of Google Reader (RSS feed
Library Manager, NSW Fire Brigades                                    reader/aggregator)
Julie has been the NSW Fire Brigades Library Manager and sole         This session will provide an overview of how to use Google Reader to
librarian since early 1999. Prior to working for the NSWFB, Julie     subscribe to RSS feeds. We will also look at managing the feed subscriptions
managed the University of Sydney’s Pharmacy Library. She has          – assigning tags, creating public pages, starring items and sharing items. Most
also held Librarian positions at TAFE Libraries, and gained a         of the concepts should also be relevant across other RSS/feed readers.
wealth of experience working in temporary positions in various
special libraries while living in the UK for two years.
Speaker Profiles
In order of presentation

Vanessa Lewis                                                         Library 2.0 – a paper on the transition that Library
Assistant Director, Library & Information Services,                   and Information Services at the Australian Taxation
Australian Taxation Office
                                                                      Office is making towards a Library 2.0 service.
Vanessa is the coordinator of content development for the Tax         Web 2.0, library 2.0, social networking and user created content are all hot
Office eLibrary. Since joining the Tax Office in 2003 Vanessa has     topics for information professionals. There is a vast amount of literature on the
worked on developing self-paced e-Learning packages,                  benefits of web 2.0 tools and why organisations should implement these
undertaken research projects and before starting her role with        resources. This paper provides an example of implementing web 2.0 tools by
eLibrary managed the Research Centre. Prior to the Tax Office
                                                                      discussing the transition that Library and Information Services at the Australian
Vanessa worked at Thomson Legal & Regulatory and Macquarie
University.                                                           Taxation Office is making towards a library 2.0 service. The paper will outline
                                                                      the LIS staff journey to web 2.0 and describe some of the services
                                                                      implemented so far. The intention of this paper is not to provide a methodology
                                                                      for others to follow, but to outline what we have learnt and how we are
                                                                      continuing to build an eLibrary service for Tax Office staff.

Michelle McLean                                                       Beyond Blogs and Wikis: more Web 2.0 tools for
Information Librarian, Casey Cardinia Library Corporation             libraries
Michelle McLean is Information Librarian at Casey Cardinia            Michelle will explore how libraries are using social bookmarking, RSS feeds,
Library Corporation - a public library service in Melbourne's outer   image sharing, social networking, widgets, tagging, mashups, instant
south eastern suburbs, where she is responsible for virtual           messaging, video and the mobile internet to reach existing and new users.
services. She is a recipient of a Ramsay Reid Scholarship             She will also explore the implications that these new and developing services
(2006) from the State Library of Victoria, has been blogging
                                                                      will have on libraries in the future and what it means to libraries, whether
professionally for 3 years as Connecting Librarian and also
contributes to 2 other library related blogs..                        utilised or ignored.

Christine Mackenzie                                                   Changing libraries - Web 2.0 & 23 Things
CEO, Yarra Plenty Regional Library
Christine Mackenzie is the CEO of Yarra Plenty Regional Library       Michael Stephens, the librarian‟s blogger, tells us that the essential duties of
Service, a position she has held for four years. Prior to this she    librarians are to:
was Manager - Library Services at Brisbane City Council for six
years. Christine is a past President of ALIA, and has held             Learn to learn
executive positions on various ALIA sections and branches. She         Adapt to change
has been chair of a number of committees including the Public          Scan the horizon
Libraries Advisory Committee of the Library Board of Queensland       This paper will describe how we at Yarra Plenty Regional Library are spending
and Viclink. She was a member of the Bertelsmann Foundation’s
                                                                      a great deal of energy doing these 3 things and how we used the 23 Things
International Network of Public Libraries, and is currently a
committee member of the International Federation of Library           Learning 2.0 program to change the way our staff think about themselves, their
Association’s Metropolitan Libraries Section; the SirsiDynix          work and their ability to learn new things. This is what one of them said “"Not
Institute Advisory Council; and ALIA’s Public Libraries Reference     only have I learned about the web etc etc I have also learned about myself- I
Group, Online Content Regulation Group and Awards Panel.              AM tenacious, I AM capable of learning new tricks, I AM still able to be
                                                                      surprised & thrilled to discover new things"

Anne-Marie Schwirtlich                                                Libraries: what next and why?
Chief Executive Officer and State Librarian,
State Library of Victoria
Appointed CEO and State Librarian in February 2003. In 2006           Although forecasting the future is one of the most difficult things to get right,
seconded to act as the Director of Arts Victoria. Between 2000        the analysis, thinking and preparation it involves are crucial if we are to be able
and 2003, Acting Director-General of the National Archives of         to provide relevant and credible services. In this session I would like to touch
Australia.                                                            on the changes and continuities in the context in which we work and to talk
                                                                      about some of the challenges facing the State Library of Victoria, and its
                                                                      National and State Library of Australasia colleagues, and to reflect on the
                                                                      ways in which these challenges might be shared by special libraries.

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