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					              WIC Approved Formula for Infants FOOD PACKAGE AUTHORIZATION FORM
                  NEW MEXICO WIC SPECIAL


              Client Name: _______________________________________________________________

              Date of Birth: ______________________                               Date_________________________

              To be completed by health care provider: Please fully complete every section to avoid delays in issuance.

              1. Medical Reason for Special Formula Request: must be a specific medical diagnosis. Please choose
              from the following or give a description and assign the appropriate ICD-9-CM code.

              ��Allergy, Confirmed                              ��Metabolic Disorders                             ��Lactose or Sucrose
              (693.1) 353                                      (277.9) 351                                      Intolerance (271.3) 355
              ��Cow’s milk protein                              ��Low Birth Weight (765.10)                       ��Inadequate Growth
              ��Soy                                             141                                              (783.40) 135
              ��Cystic Fibrosis (277.00)                        ��Prematurity (765.10) 142                        ��Neuromuscular Disorder
              360                                              ��Gastroesophageal Reflux                         (358.9) 349
              ��Failure to Thrive (783.41)                      (580.81) 342                                     ��Pyloric Stenosis (537.0)
              134                                              ��Severe Gastrointestinal                         359
              ��Intestinal Malabsorption                        Disorders (536.9) 342
              (579.0) 342                                                                                  Not allowed: Constipation, diarrhea,
                                                                                                           unconfirmed allergies, or for managing
                                                                                                           body weight, lactose intolerance
               Other: Diagnosis_______________________________                                            symptoms, or growth concerns unless
                ICD-9-CM code_______________________________                                               there is an underlying medical condition.

              2. Current Formula Request:___________________________________________________________
              Powdered formula will be issued unless otherwise indicated.
              Ready-to-feed formula (check if appropriate) CAN ONLY BE ISSUED IF THE CARETAKER IS

                               STATE APPROVED FORMULA LIST ON CAN BE FOUND ON PAGE 2

              3. Length of Time Requested: # months (Please circle one):  1  2  3  4  5  6

              4. Prescribed amount/day__________________                          OR          WIC Allowable

              5. Food Request for infants 6-11 months ONLY:
              �� No foods are appropriate for the client
              ��Please select the foods that are NOT appropriate for the client:

               ��Infant Fruits/Vegetables               ��Infant Cereal

              Exclusively Breastfed Infants Only:  ��Infant Meats

              6. Length of Time Restriction: # months (Please circle one):  1  2  3  4  5  6

              7. Print Provider Name and Title: _______________________________Date: ____________

                 Provider Signature: __________________________ Phone Number: __________________

              Please visit for additional forms or information                                                       Page 1

In accordance with Federal Law and U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national
origin, sex, age, or disability. To file a complaint of discrimination, write USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington,
DC 20250-9410 or call (800) 795-3272 or (202) 720-6382 (TTY). USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.
              Revised 12-2-2010
WIC Approved Formula for Infants

Star Medical Issued Formula
   1. Boost Kid Essentials 1.5                   WIC Issued Formula
   2. Elecare Powder 14.1 oz
                                                 Alimentum powder 14oz
      (Vanilla by request)
                                                 Alimentum RTF         32 oz
                                                 Elecare powder        14oz
   3. Enfamil Enfaport RTF 8 oz
                                                 Enfacare Lipil powder 12.8oz
   4. Enfamil lipil 24 cal 2 oz                  Enfacare Lipil RTF 32oz
                                                 Enfamil Lipil concentrate 13floz
   5. Enfamil Premature Lipil 24 Cal 2 oz
                                                 Enfamil Lipil RTF     32oz
   6. Glutarex 1 powder 14.1 oz                  Enfamil Lipil RTF 24 cal 2floz
                                                 Enfamil AR Lipil powder 12.9oz
   7. Glutarex 2 powder 14.1 oz
                                                 Enfamil AR Lipil RTF 32oz
   8. Hominex 2 powder 14.1 oz                   Enfamil Premium powder 12.5oz
                                                 Enfamil Premium conc 13floz
   9. Ketocal powder
                                                 Enfamil Premature 24calRTF 2floz
   10. Monogen powder 14.3 oz                    Enfamil Premium RTF 32oz
                                                 Enfamil Lipil 24cal RTF 2oz
   11. Necate DHA/ARA 14.1 oz
                                                 Enfamil Gentlease powder 12oz
   12. Neocate Jr powder 14 oz                   Glutarex-1 powder 14.1oz
                                                 Glutarex-2 powder 14.1oz
   13. Neocate One + powder pack
                                                 Neocate DHA/ARA pwd 14oz
   14. Neosure powder 12.8 oz                    Neosure powder        12.8oz
                                                 Neosure RTF 32oz
   15. Neosure RTF 32oz
                                                 Nutramigen Lipil conc 13floz
   16. Nutramigen AA Lipil                       Nutramigen Lipil RTF 32oz
                                                 Nutramigen AA pwd 14.1oz
   17. Pediatric EO28 RTF
                                                 Nutramigen Enflora pwd 12.6oz
   18. Peptamen Jr. RTF 8 oz                     Pediasure RTF 8oz vanilla only
                                                 Pediasure w/Fiber RTF 8floz
   19. Periflex
                                                 Periflex DHA/ARA pwd 14oz
   20. Phenyl Free 1                             Phenex-1 powder       14.1oz
                                                 Phenex-2 powder       14.1oz
   21. Phenyl Free 1 powder 16 oz
                                                 Portagen powder       16oz
   22. Phenyl Free 2 powder 16 oz                Prosobee Lipil pwd 12.9oz
                                                 Prosobee Lipil conc 13floz
   23. Phenex 1 powder 14.1 oz
                                                 Prosobee Lipil RTF 32oz
   24. Phenex 2 powder 14.1 oz                   Similac 60/40 pwd 14oz
   25. Phlexy 10 drink mix 20 gm
   26. Portagen Powder
   27. Pregestimil
   28. Similac PM 60/40

Revised 12-2-2010