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					                                                        Department of Education
                                                 Post Baccalaureate Licensure Contract

                                                 Early Childhood Special Education

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STUDENT: Complete a self-evaluation of your academic history against the requirements listed below. In the Notes
column, indicate courses you have taken that you propose would meet each requirement.

PROGRAM EVALUATOR: In the Office Use Only column, indicate with OK in the Complete column when a licensure
requirement has been completed.

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 Course                    Title                                     Notes
                                                                                                   Complete     Needs
Applicants who hold a birth-grade 3 license in early childhood education can skip to the ECSE courses below.

Educ 1000     Human Development

Educ 1100     Human Diversity

Educ 1101     Education in Modern Society
              Foundational Issues in EC:
ECh 2010
              Birth-Age 8
ECh 2015      Literacy for Young Children

ECh 3021      Teaching Math: Birth-Age 8
              Literacy for Young Children:
ECh 3022      Teaching Reading, Writing,
              Spelling, and Listening
              Inquiry, Social Studies and
ECh 3030
              Science Learning: Birth-Age 8
              Observing & Guiding
ECh 3050
              Behavior: Birth-Age 8
              Professional Development
ECh 4400
              Student Teaching in Early
ECh 4600
              Professional Issues Seminar in
ECh 4610
              Early Childhood Ed
              School Health Programs: Early
Hlth 5161     Childhood Through Middle
                The remaining courses are specific to the Early Childhood Special Education endorsement.
              Language Development and
CSD 3130
SpEd          Infants and Toddlers with
3103/5103     Special Needs
SpEd           Young Children w/Special
3105/5105      Needs: Ages 3-8
               Working w/Young Children
SpEd 3106
               w/Low Incidence Disabilities
               Working with Challenging
SpEd 3109
               Behavior in Young Children
               Assessment in Early
SpEd 3205
               Childhood Special Education
SpEd           Foundations in Special
4433/5433      Education
               Parent and Professional
               Communication and
               Student Teaching

A signed post-baccalaureate contract does not guarantee admission to the program that offers the licensure you are seeking. To be
valid, you must begin coursework within two years of the date the contract was signed by the licensure officer. CEHSP reserves
the right to modify this contract as University courses are changed or Minnesota Board of Teaching licensure requirements are

Applicants seeking an initial license will need to complete Praxis I & II state required tests.

All applicants adding a licensure field to an existing Minnesota teaching license must complete the appropriate Subject Assessment
and Specialty Area Test requirement for the added field (Praxis II).

Candidates holding, or who have held a Minnesota standard teaching license before September 1, 2001, are not required to take the
tests of basic skills (PPST-Praxis I) or the examination of professional knowledge (PLT).

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