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									   PREDICTIVE TECHNOLOGY, INC                                          CAPABILITY STATEMENT

PTI is the leader in web based monitoring solutions for Government Agency and private sector mission critical facilities.
We specialize in various monitoring to include; but not limited to, Substation, Remote Telecom,, UPS, UPS Batteries,
Power Distribution, Generators, Chillers, Building Management System, Air Distribution Systems, Data Center
Environmental, Rack Environmental, Rack Power Consumption, Server Power Consumption, Data Center PUE, DCiE,
Water Leak Detection Systems. PTI’s monitoring solutions provide an aggregated data solution providing our customers
with the power to manage their site information in such a way to accomplish company/government goals. PTI solutions
are not just monitoring, but monitoring with a specific purpose and goal. The goals are defined by your specific needs.
PTI is a complete turn-key solutions provider with services ranging from consulting, design, engineering, hardware,
software, installation, hosting, commissioning, and servicing of your monitoring system.

What sets Predictive Technology apart from the competition?

        Our Technical knowledge and expertise
        Integrated Solutions
        Vendor neutral capabilities
        Emerging Technologies
        Specific systems for all applications, big or small


        Total Small Business

Our technology experts analyze, research, design, and implement monitoring solutions in the following areas:

        Government/Military                                              Utilities
        Data Centers                                                     Aerospace
        Hospitals                                                        Telecommunications
        Wind Farms                                                       State/Local Government Agencies
        Colocations                                                      Mass Transit

Clients/Past Performance ( Partial Listing )

        Los Alamos Labs/Department of Energy                             National Weather Service
        Incorporated Research Institute for                              State of Nebraska
         Seismology                                                       Omaha Public Power District
        Stratcom – USAF                                                  Rush University
        NASA, Cape Canaveral                                             Farm Credit Services of America
        British Petroleum                                                Wal-Mart
        Walgreens                                                        Walt Disney
        Air Force Weather Agency                                         Mutual of Omaha
        Camp Smith – Hawaii                                              Qwest
        Union Pacific Railroad                                           Direct TV
        Cabela’s                                                         EBAY
        Ameritas                                                         Info USA

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   PREDICTIVE TECHNOLOGY, INC                                               CAPABILITY STATEMENT
         Southern Power Companies                                              General Electric
         University of Wyoming                                                 West Interactive
         Blue Cross Blue Shield                                                Douglas County Nebraska
         Nexis Lexis                                                           Principal Financial
         Iowa State University
         Werner Enterprises

Detailed Services

3rd Party Interfaces & Integration:
Predictive Technology has worked with various Manufacturers all over North America to create seamless, direct
communications to their products for your monitoring solution. This allows our customers to obtain all of the data from the
infrastructure of their facility on one system. There is no need for multiple software packages, multiple PC's, or multiple
monitoring systems. PTI has mastered the ability to pull information from all equipment regardless of vendor and sources and
distribute this information across a single monitoring system. No matter the protocols used PTI has the expertise.

PTI Web Control Systems:
Predictive Technology is an authorized distributer, reseller, and installer of Web Control Products. We have the experience to
provide you with the proper system for your individualized application.

WebCTRL is a powerful front automated building system that offers powerful control features. Your building can be accessed
from anywhere in the world simply by using a web browser. The following building management functions can be easily
accessed from your browser:

         Adjusting set points and other control properties

         Graphically trending important building conditions

         Viewing and acknowledging alarms

         Running preconfigured and custom reports on energy usage, Power Distribution, tenant billing, and much more

This comprehensive building operation tool offers a complete interactive graphical access that is designed around open
standards. WebCTRL uses the language of the Web(HTTP) to communicate over the internet or intranet without special
software or plug-ins. This application offers advanced alarm management capabilities including email, pagers, and network
printers. This system uses a sophisticated alarm escalation system with multi level passwords and Secure Sockets Layered with
128-bit encryption for security. This system never sleeps and was developed entirely around proven open standards and web

Environet Integration Solutions:
Environet Integration Solutions provide a specialized, yet flexible site monitoring solution that scales seamlessly as your
business grows. DAC Modules are discrete hardware components that provide intelligent communication using a variety of
protocols as well as direct I/O for critical data-point gathering and control. DAC Modules aggregate critical data and provide
user-defined alarm conditions, notification methods, and data trending.

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   PREDICTIVE TECHNOLOGY, INC                                               CAPABILITY STATEMENT

DAC Modules are a highly cost-effective way to monitor, protect, and control the physical infrastructure that is the foundation
of your business. Utilizing custom graphics, data gathering and trending algorithms, alarms, notifications, and a variety of user-
defined functions; Environet provides everything you need to protect your physical infrastructure and keep it running smoothly.

Battery Monitoring – System Analysis & Reporting:
Battery monitors can provide monitoring of the weakest link to your backup power system, your batteries. PTI offers system
solutions which monitor the health of your batteries on a daily basis, notifying you of potential failures before they occur. A
truly PREDICTIVE solution. PTI has the expertise to convert the data collected from your monitoring system into reports which
are easy to understand; therefore, helping you manage your battery investment. Uptime equals dollars saved.

Important questions.

     1.   Do you have a staff member that is an expert in Battery Voltage and Resistance/Impedance analysis?

     2.   Do you have a staff member that is able to analyze the trending data and determine when a battery is at risk for

     3.   Do you have a staff member that is comfortable in using this data to recommend battery replacement?

     4.   Is this person knowledgeable enough about batteries to know when an entire string should be replaced vs. single

     5.   Is this person able to commit the time necessary along with all their other tasks that this extremely critical system
          You might have answered No to the above questions, but Predictive Technology Inc can answer YES to all of them. We
          can analyze your batteries and provide a detailed report. You are now in control of your critical site battery system.
Additional Benefits of Battery Reporting:

         Warranty replacement Planning

         Battery String Replacement Budgeting

Falcon Series of Monitors:
The Falcon series of products combine simple Menu driven setup with the ability to monitor your critical
conditions. Depending on the units purchased, combinations of Dry Contact inputs, 4-20ma inputs,
Temp &/or Humidity Sensors, can provide simple to complex monitoring of conditions you consider
important to your daily operation. Information on the Falcon products can be obtained on PTI’s web site.
Solutions: F110, F1000, F3400, FMS-x-n-24, FMS-xxxx-n-24

Seahawk Series of Monitors:
The Seahawk series of Water Detection products, offer simple single zone alarming to complex multi-
zone direct read systems. The leak detection cable is a patented Non-Conductive polymer, the only one
on the market. Water is one of the largest reasons for lost revenue and physical damage. The Seahawk
series offers complete monitoring coverage of your sites potential water sources. The series is broken
into two offerings, Local Alarming systems, and Direct Read systems with email notifications.
Local Alarming Solutions: LD300, LD1000, LDRA6
Direct Read w/ Notifications: LD1500, LD2000, LD5100

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   PREDICTIVE TECHNOLOGY, INC                                   CAPABILITY STATEMENT
FDS Wireless Monitor:
The FDS solution offers the customer the flexibility of wireless solutions. The FDS is extremely simple to
install and deploy. Each FDS can monitor 200 sensors. Sensors range from Temp, Temp/Humidity, Dry
Contact Closure, 4-20ma inputs, 0-5V inputs. The FDS can stand alone with alarming and notification
ability, or can interface to existing systems. The system has already gone thru the Dept of Energy
security screening process, and is approved for all DOE Data Centers.
Solutions: FDS-Wi, FDS-PC, Wi-DIT, Wi-THS, Wi-AS1, Wi-AS2, Wi-AS3

Packet Power Wireless Monitor:
The Packet Power solutions monitor power consumption, and temperature at the server or rack level.
This solution is easy to install, simply replaces the server power cord, or plugs in line with the rack power
strip. The meters are built into the power cords and will create a wireless communications network. This
network will gather the data and provide the information via SNMP or on a cloud network. The
information available on the cloud network will be aggregated into an easy to read excel spread sheet.
All data will then be sent to the user at their request. All system power consumption data is available.
Solutions: S115-0513, S215-0613, S120-0505, R150-H1H1
The above are different Cable Connectors, and supply connectors. There are many combinations,
please contact PTI to discuss your specific application.

Sentilla Data Center Energy Management:
Sentilla Energy Manager 3.0 is a software-only enterprise management solution that provides a
comprehensive view of energy across the entire data center bridging IT and facilities. Sentilla Energy
Manager, measures, tracks and analyzes the entire data center's energy profile, down to every asset,
whether metered or not, and makes recommendations that improve planning and management of data
center operations. With Sentilla Energy Manager, organizations are armed with a comprehensive picture
of where, when and why energy is used. Sentilla correlates IT performance with energy consumption,
providing software tools that reduce cost, increase performance, optimize capacity and mitigate risk. By
providing visibility into energy consumption and leveraging energy management as a key component of
IT software portfolios, data center executives can deliver exceptional IT performance at minimal cost and
without disruption.

Track Carbon Emissions: Whether it's the UK's CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, utility
rebates/incentives or other carbon regulation, Sentilla Energy Manager can track/report carbon so you
can verify improvement.

Get More Work Done per Watt: Improve IT performance by tracking how much work is done, how
much energy is consumed, and what resources are required.

Capacity Planning Management: By knowing how you use your energy, you can stay within power
limits and plan for new equipment.
Solutions:   Energy Manager 3.0

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   PREDICTIVE TECHNOLOGY, INC                                              CAPABILITY STATEMENT

Prophet Building/Facility Efficiency Management:
Prophet is Hardware/Software platform allowing your customer to aggregate data from all aspects of his
building/facility. This data will enable your customer to be successful in creating a more energy efficient
facility. Are your goals to be green, more efficient, Prophet will provide you with the tools. A single unified
environment that brings together all aspects of deploying a successful job efficiently and includes
engineering components, user management, navigation builder, data modelling, and dashboard
designer. These tools in your hands allow you to easily build a fully functioning intelligent user interface
to accurately model and interact with your building system. Prophet can stand alone, or interface with an
existing system. If energy efficiency at a building or campus level is your goal, Prophet is the system.
Solutions: Prophet 2.0

Project Management/Turn Key Services:
Predictive Technology Inc. can provide complete turn-key services including hardware, software, install, electrical, networking,
programming, and training for your critical infrastructure monitoring needs. These services provided include, but are not
limited to:

         Site visits and surveys providing a complete assessment of the monitoring requirements

         Consultation services provided with recommendations of installation options and solution sets

         Engineering, Design, definitions of goals

         Complete Project Management from conception to commissioning

         System drawings, applications, and submittals provided

         Method of Procedures provided ( MOP )

         Detailed scope of work (Scopes for all aspects of the project)

         System configuration, programming, and set-up

         Network configuration, e-mail alert set up, connectivity, and interfacing

         Third party integration to a BMS system

         Cellwatch component installation and set up

         Environet installation and set up

         Customer training (on site available)

         Warranty labor coverage

         Extended coverage and Service Contracts

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NAICS Codes:

541513 Computer Facilities Management
541512 Computer Systems Design Services
334290 Other Communications Equipment Manufacturing
334512 Automatic Environmental Control Manufacturing for Residential, Commercial, and
Appliance use
334513 Instruments and Related Products Manufacturing for Measuring, Displaying, and
Controlling Industrial Process Variables
334515 Instrument Manufacturing for Measuring and Testing Electricity and Electrical Signals
334519 Other Measuring and Controlling Device Manufacturing
335911 Storage Battery Manufacturing
423430 Computer and Computer Peripheral Equipment and Software Merchant Wholesalers
334119 Other Computer Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing

DUNS # 142420681

Predictive Technology, Inc.
9375 G Court
Omaha, NE 68127
402.592.4259 voice
402.592.6813 fax

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