FAMILIES LIVING WITH CYSTIC FIBROSIS


1.    What is the most common, lethal, inherited disorder in the Caucasian population?

2.    What is the frequency of CF in the U.S. population?

3.    Name the five principal characters in this story.

4.    What were three symptoms of baby John?

5.    Describe three family problems which Bob and Mary experienced during the early life of
      baby John.

6.    What happened as Bob and Mary sought medical help for John when he was seven
      months old?

7.    What did Mary’s doctor say when Mary inquired about having another child?

8.    Did Sarah have the same condition as John?

9.    Lisa, the third child, had Steatorrhea. What is Steatorrhea?

10.   What is the test called which most accurately confirms the diagnosis of CF?

11.   What was the chance of CF occurring in each pregnancy of Bob and Mary?

12.   Name three treatments most CF patients must undergo throughout their lifetimes.

13.   What are the possible genotypes of Mary’s parents?

14.   What is the chance that Sarah is a carrier of the CF gene just like her mom and dad?

15.   What is a human karyotype

16.   What percent of Lisa’s egg cells will be carrying the gene for CF?
17.   Are all genetic conditions inherited as a recessive trait?

18.   If Sarah marries a man from the general population, what are the chances that their
      child will be affected by CF?

19.   If the frequency of the heterozygous genotype in a population is 1/20, what is the
      expected frequency of newborns with CF?

20.   Is this statement true or false? Recessive traits tend to die out quickly because the
      dominant traits overpower them. Why or why not?

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