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									                                                     City of Yakima
                                          Budget Strategy Team
                                         (Notes for the meeting of 2/25/05)

Team Purpose: (a) Review and provide input to the City Council regarding the City’s
Contingency Budget Reduction Plan (CBRP) and (b) communicate the findings to the public.

Committee Attendees: Ron Anderson (left early), Troy Emmons, Robert Holtfreter, PhD., Anne
Knapp, Leni Skarin. Absent: Eileen Birge, Randy Johnson, Melody Westmoreland.

General City Attendees: Dick Zais, Glenn Rice, Rita Anson, Cindy Epperson, Tim Jensen, Rick
Pettyjohn, Pete Hobbs, Kathy Miles, Randy Beehler.

Primary Agenda Topic: Finance Presentation
    Finance PowerPoint Presentation
    Notes from 2/11/05 meeting
    AWC Presentation - 2005 State of the Cities
    Articles (supplied by Robert Holtfreter, PhD):
          o To Cut Costs, Cities Ponder Mergers With Counties
          o City-County Mergers Gain Appeal
          o The Costs of Taxation

The meeting centered on the PowerPoint Presentation by the Finance Department (i.e. Finance
and Information Systems divisions).

Questions asked:
    The effect of GASB 34 – Increased work for both the Finance staff and the State Auditor
       – there are still more challenges to come.
    Retention timeline for Accounts Payable records – State: 6 years, City of Yakima: 7
    What is the dollar amount of Grants in a year – over the past 5 years the amount has been
       approximately $55 – 60 million.
    Can a Grant cost more than it is worth – Yes
    Can Finance bill for their time spent on Grants – Yes, but it would be costly and time
       consuming and it would reduce funding available for projects.
    Debt limit – Approximately $38 million, or 2.5% of the assessed value of the City
    Debt margin – Approximately 50%
    Does the City invest in Repurchase Agreements – No
    Is check fraud prosecuted – Yes, to the extent that it can be.
    Have attempted fraud cases over the past 5 years involved any employees – No, all
    Does the City issue checks or warrants – Both, primarily warrants
    Is there a back-up for the AIMMS system – It would have to be transferred from Public

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        Has there been a reduction in costs from using the VOIP (Voice Over IP) system – Some
         costs have been reduced; seen some leveling off of department phone costs 2 years ago –
         not sure of other possible increases/reductions (will follow up with Communications

   Utility Services will be presented at the beginning of the meeting on March 4th, 2005.

        The Budget Strategy Team was invited to attend the Study Session scheduled for March
         29th, 2005, from 7:30 – 9:00am in Council Chambers regarding swimming pool
         maintenance issues.

Some of this information may be viewed on the City of Yakima web site, in the Finance
Department/Budget Committee Information area. ( www.ci.yakima.wa.us )

Next Meeting: March 4, 2005, Council Chambers, City Hall. (Agenda: Finance
Department / Utility Customer Service Division, Municipal Court, Probation)

Follow-up Items from this Meeting:

        Reduction in costs from using the VOIP (Communications)

Outstanding Items from Previous Meetings:

        Civil Service – What other cities in the State of Washington have Civil Service for a)
         Public Safety employees, and b) Non-Public Safety employees
        Breakdown of Person to Case ratio of repeat offenders.
        How does the City’s domestic violence and DUI statistics compare to other cities.
        DUI rates comparison by population
        Parks  What is Sr. Inc. (on 1/25/05 worksheet)
        Provide information on previous Transit Privatization Study
        State Constitution requires vote of people before changing a franchise fee  did this
         occur (Charter Cable, etc)

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