Everyone with diabetes has a story …

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    Everyone with diabetes has a story …

    …this is Caroline’s

RED Work in Progress
                 • 56 years old

                    • Lives in Brightmet, Bolton, with her son Andy

                    • Diagnosed with Diabetes 6 months ago
                     whilst attending her local practice for a flu jab
Since being diagnosed, Caroline has…

• met with her doctor

• attended an educational group session
  to learn about living with diabetes
• attended regular 3-monthly check-ups
  with the practice nurse
3   During a routine check-up, John, Caroline’s practice nurse, asks her how she
    is managing with her diabetes.
    Caroline feels that her knowledge about diabetes is good, but is finding it difficult
    to apply it to her everyday life and always do the right thing.
5   John shows Caroline an m’deck. He explains that the cards will help her focus
    on one issue at a time, measure her progress and manage her diabetes better
    in the long run. John asks Caroline to book another appointment to be
    introduced to the cards.
6   The following week Caroline returns to the practice for her 20-minute session
    with John. In the reception room John hands Caroline her m’deck.
7   John explains that there may be many cards that describe her, so she should
    first discard the cards that don’t. He suggests that she should prioritise a few
    cards to create a personal agenda for them to discuss in this session.
8   John leaves Caroline for 10 minutes to sort through her cards, whilst he
    attends to another patient.
9   In the consultation room Caroline shows John three cards that she feels sum
    up her current concerns regarding managing her diabetes.
10 From the three cards, they both share a good understanding of Caroline’s
   main issues. After discussion, Caroline decides that she’d like to start by
   tackling the ‘quit smoking’ card.
11 John gives Caroline the relevant details to enrol in a ‘Stop Smoking Clinic’
   held at the practice.
12 He also mentions that an expanded version of the m’deck is available on the
   web where she can find further details about helping her with the other
   issues she has identified.
13 As Caroline does not have the Internet at home, she uses the PC in the
   surgery reception room. She sets up her personalised m’deck homepage.
14 Caroline enters the number on the ‘It’s hard to know what to eat’ card to find
   information on healthy eating and menu plans. She prints these out to use at
   home. She also reads some personal accounts from other people who have
   found innovative ways to cope.
15 Caroline leaves the practice with her deck of cards. She found it a bit strange
   to use the cards at first but now feels she has a clearer idea of what she
   could tackle initially first.
16 Later that week Caroline joins the ‘Stop Smoking Clinic’ and manages to give
   up smoking with the aid of some prescribed nicotine patches.
17 However, over the next 3 months Caroline finds herself struggling to stay off
   the cigarettes. Not only does she start to smoke again, but she also puts on
18 Over dinner one evening, Caroline tells her son, Andy, that she is worried about
   her diabetes and that she can’t seem to get on top of it all. Andy remembers how
   eager she had been when she had first used the m’deck cards.
19 Keen to support his mum, Andy suggests they sit down together and take
   another look through the cards.
20 In discussing the cards with Andy, Caroline realises that a couple of new
   cards are now more relevant.
21 During her next check-up Caroline confesses to John, the nurse, that not
   only is she still struggling with the smoking, she is also having problems with
   her diet. She shows John the new cards she has picked out.
22 John thinks Caroline would benefit from the new me2 personal diabetes
   coach service. John describes the service “…you get to choose a person to
   use as a coach and they will help motivate you towards your chosen goals.”
23 John gives Caroline a voucher and tells her that it can be redeemed at her
   local chemist in return for a me2 personal diabetes coach pack.
24 At Pikes Lane chemist Caroline finds the me2 stand.
25 Caroline looks through profiles of the individual coaches available and
   chooses a few that could be of interest.
26 She then picks up a box, pops her chosen profile cards into it, and makes her
   way to the counter.
27 At the counter she hands over the voucher as payment.
28 That evening, after dinner, Caroline reads through the introduction booklet
   inside the Me 2 Pack. The instructions suggest that she call and speak to 2
   or 3 coaches before deciding on one.
29 She dials the 0800 number on the box to connect to each coach. She uses
   the checklist provided in the box to help her find out more about the
   personality and coaching style of each coach.
30 Caroline chooses Sarah and they arrange to meet at the Pike’s Lane chemist
   consultation room.
31 Sarah used to work for the Citizen Advice Bureau and sounded really friendly
   on the phone. It’s also reassuring to see from the picture that she’s not too
32   Later that week at the Pikes Lane chemist …
33 Sarah, the Me2 personal diabetes coach explains how the coaching
   service works, so Caroline knows what to expect.
34 Caroline uses her m’deck cards to discuss her issues and shows Sarah the
   cards that she is working on. This quickly gets Sarah up to speed with
   Caroline’s condition.
35 Together they decide to concentrate on her issues surrounding food and create
   a 3-month action plan. In return for Sarah’s support, Caroline commits to a goal
   of losing 1 stone in that time.
36 Using her laptop, Sarah shows Caroline an online tracking and progress tool
   that she can access through her m’deck homepage.
37 It helps Caroline not only consider her future but plot short-term steps to help
   her achieve her goals.
38 Sarah arranges to have a 5:15 pm phone appointment each day during the
   first few weeks, to discuss progress and help Caroline stay on track.
39 Sarah tells Caroline about two services offered by the local supermarket
   chain, Morrisons, Cupboard Sweep and Supermarket Sweep. These
   services are designed to put what she’s learnt about her diet into practise
   both at home and at the supermarket. She opts for Cupboard Sweep.
40 During the week, Sarah calls Caroline each day, as promised, to check on
   her progress and take a note of her weight. Sarah listens and provides
   encouragement to help her overcome her temptations.
41 The following week, Julie, the healthy eating trainer from Morrisons, arrives
   at Caroline’s house to conduct the Cupboard Sweep.
42 Julie and Caroline go through the cupboards and fridge together, looking at
   different foods and identifying those that are most beneficial to her diet.
43 Together they use red, yellow and green stickers to label the food. In true
   “Trinny and Susannah” style, Julie then throws out all of the red foods.
44 Before Julie leaves she provides Caroline with a Morrisons healthy eating
   pack that contains fresh food vouchers, healthy eating menus and other
45 In their next 5:15pm phone consultation Caroline tells Sarah how fantastic
   the cupboard audit has been. She now knows that it’s not just what you cook
   it’s how you cook it.
46 Once a month, Sarah meets with her me2 leader, Linda. Sarah tells Linda
   that her new patient Caroline enjoyed the Cupboard Sweep and asks her
   whether she knows of any additional approaches that may help.
47 Linda recalls that Dave, another coach, had talked about running a group
   session for a couple of his clients who are also struggling to maintain a
   healthy diet. Linda suggests Caroline might like to join this group.
48 The following week Sarah arranges to meet up with Caroline at her home, to
   talk about her progress. As Caroline doesn’t have a computer, Sarah uses
   her me2 wireless laptop.
49 She mentions that she and fellow coach Dave are arranging a get-together
   with others who are tackling the same issue. It’s a chance to share stories
   and tips and help motivate each other.
50 Caroline decides to go along and arranges to meet Sarah outside the Moat
   House Hotel in Bolton. They walk in together and meet Dave. He introduces
   them to the other members of the group.
51 During the session they share experiences and ideas. They look at their
   personal progress charts and talk about difficult times. One lady laughs as
   she admits “I sometimes stand on one foot when I’m weighing myself…”
52   Six months later….
53 Caroline has lost 21 pounds, that’s a half a stone more than she had initially
   hoped to lose. Now she has got on top of her diet she feels she may be able
   to tackle smoking again. If she gets in trouble she knows she can call Sarah
   for support.
54 Sarah has increased the number of days that she spends coaching, from 2 to
   3 days a week. This is due to the demand from new clients who are keen to
   have Sarah as their coach.
55 Dave is still running his group sessions at the Moat House Hotel and now
   has more than 50 new people participating in similar schemes.
56 Linda is increasing the choice of me2 coaches by working more directly with
   volunteers. She really enjoys the “on-going innovation” part of her job,
   identifying trends in patient needs and developing services that meet them.
57   The end.

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