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           Employee Engagement Senior Leadership Coach
                   Proposal Due Date: 10/28/10
1. Section 2.1 Intent and Scope states “the leadership consultant should be
   prepared to meet with Senior Leadership on a frequent and consistent basis”.
      a. What specific job positions are included within the category of Senior

         A. Vice President for Healthcare Operations, Chief Medical Officer, Chief
            Administrative Officers, Chief Nursing Executive, Ambulatory Care
            Chief Operations Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Operations Chief of

      b. How many individuals total are considered to fall within the category of
         Senior Leadership?

         A. Nine

      c. Geographically, where are these Senior Leadership individuals located?

         A. Senior Leadership members are mostly located on the main medical
            campus with one exception, the Good Samaritan Chief Administrative
            Officer (site is less than 1 mile from main campus)

      d. The fifth bullet point references direct reports to Senior Leaders. What job
         positions fall within the category of direct reports to the senior leaders?

         A. Direct reports include Associate Hospital Administrators, Associate
            Chief Medical Officers and other administrators. The consultants will
            also be working with 3-4 staff members from the Office of Service

      e. What is the total number of individuals who are considered to be direct
         reports to senior leaders?

         A. There are approximately 20 individuals in this category depending on
            how “direct reports” is defined.

      f. Geographically, where are the direct reports to senior leaders located?

         A. Most work within the main medical campus with the exception of those
            that work at the nearby Good Samaritan campus.
      g. What are the reporting relationships and organizational interfaces between
         UKHC and the academic departments within the UK Colleges of Medicine,
         Pharmacy, Nursing and Allied Health?

           A. UK HealthCare operates in a management matrix, meaning there
              numerous informal relationships with the organization. There are
              direct reporting relationships with the departments within the College of
              Medicine. The other colleges listed have a close working relationship
              and coordinate on many endeavors.

      h. Is it your desire that the meetings with Senior Leadership be confidential
         individual meetings, meetings with the complete Senior Leadership team
         or both?

           A. Both

      i. What percentage of the work do you think will be executive consulting vs.
         executive coaching?

           A. This has not been determined at this time.

      j.   What is your estimate of how many times per week these meetings will
           occur and how long each meeting will last?

           A. This has not been determined at this time. It is anticipated that this will
              be planned with the leadership consultant.

      k. Do your Senior Leaders want the ability to consult with the leadership
         consultant in between scheduled meetings to strategize tactics and
         approaches to unexpected situations which may arise? If so, do you wish
         these immediate access meetings to occur in-person, by phone or by

           A. Yes. While in-person interaction is preferred, immediate discussions
              could be accomplished via phone or email.

2. Section 4.8 – Do you want this information for the entire team or only the

   A. We want it based on your company but would also like to know specifics on
      the principal.
3. Section 6.25 – Please explain the situations in which this contract could be used
   by other entities within the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

   A. If awarded a contract would you allow other Universities, State Agency’s,
      Public and Private Institutions to use this contract.

4. Section 6.26 – Is this section referring to designs and copy only?

   A. Anything coming out of the award is considered “work for hire” and will be
      covered by this section.

5. Section 7.0 – The section states… “UK HealthCare will enlist the services of a
   leadership consultant to assist Senior Leadership and designees in the creation
   of a high performing, patient-centered, employee-focused culture for UK
   HealthCare. The leadership consultant will provide expertise and support to UK
   HealthCare senior leadership and appropriate team members to
   accomplish/provide the following: strategic planning, coaching, consulting,
   executive leadership development, training, creating measurement and
   monitoring systems and ensuring consistency in accountability.” Please
   delineate and clarify what constitutes ‘designees’ and ‘appropriate team

   A. It will be the people assigned to this project.

6. Section 7.1.2 – Please clarify. What is the scope of leadership that you wish to
   have evaluated? How many individuals is that and in how many different
   functional areas?

   A. See answer to 1.a.

7. Section 7.1.3 – Please clarify. What performance gaps are you referring to? Is
   this specific leadership performance gaps at the senior leadership level, their
   direct reports, the appropriate team members, clinical performance gaps,
   financial performance gaps?

   A. This is for the contractor to determine by working with the University of
      Kentucky team.

8. Section 7.1 – the entire section - This sounds like you are requesting a proposal
   for an enterprise-wide initiative. From the earlier sections, it appeared you were
   requesting a proposal to work with the Senior Leaders and their direct reports. Is
   this proposal limited to work with the Senior Leaders and their direct reports or do
   you want to expand the proposal to include working with the entire enterprise? If
   you want a proposal for an enterprise-wide engagement, please provide the
   number of employees and leaders (stratified by position) that will participate in
   the enterprise-wise engagement. If the proposal is limited to the Senior Leaders
   and their direct reports, does the possibility exist that your desired focus of this
   work (Senior Leaders and direct reports) could change during the term of the
   contract? If so, how do you want to address that possibility?

   A. From our sections 2.1 and 7.0 the offeror needs to propose what they think is
      the best offer for the University. This is an initiative that will begin with Senior

9. Do you want the flexibility to expand the services during the term of the
   agreement if you see a need arise? If so, with the understanding that a more
   flexible approach will tilt the price upwards, how much flexibility do you want?

   A. See section 6.6 in the RFP.

10. Is there a budget in this RFP for travel expenses? Do you want the travel budget
    included in the proposal?

   A. In the response each offeror needs to propose how they want to handle
      travel expenses.

11. If Senior Leaders desire to have immediate access to the senior leadership
    coach as special situations and needs arise, are there additional considerations
    for local sources?

   A. Immediate access could be accommodated via phone or email.

12. Section 4.5.5. Provide certified audited financial statements including a full set of
    footnotes as follows:

   a. For the past three (3) fiscal years, include at a minimum, income statements,
   balance sheets, and statements of changes in financial position or cash flows. If
   three (3) years of financial statements are not available, this information shall be
   provided to the fullest extent possible or the reasons why, if they are not
   b. For a privately held company, when certified audited financial statements are
   not prepared; a written statement from the company’s certified public accountant
   stating the financial condition, debt-to-asset ratio for the past three (3) years and
   any pending actions.

   I am a small, privately held company and do not have certified audited financial
   statements. What, specifically, do I need to provide to you?

   A. See section 12.6 starting with: A written statement from company’s….
13. “a written statement from the company’s certified public accountant
    stating the financial condition” – There are 3 types of financial statement work
    CPA’s do – audits, reviews & compilations. Does this statement mean that a
    privately held company that is not audited must have reviewed or compiled
    financial statements? If not, then what does the written statement need to say
    (exact words please)?

   A. Please work with your CPA. It must state financial condition, debt-to-asset
      ratio for the past three (3) years.

14. “any pending actions” – what does this statement mean?

   A. Are there any pending action against your company.

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