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									Choosing Between iPad and iPhone 4
        iPad is an Apple device that has got all those tons of advertisements, reviews and magic

features, generating record sales. However, you might still haven't been assured that it is worth buying.

You might be more of an iPhone user, and probably you have had the iPhone for a while so far, and even

bought recently an iPhone 4. Still, you are intrigued by another device – iPad, and want to compare it to

your beloved iPhone 4 in specific aspects. Below you may find the answers to many of your questions

regarding the two gadgets.

        First of all, for those frequent readers the best thing in the iPad is the size of its screen. Although

iPhone 4 is quite sufficient for using the iBooks app, you can also get access to the iBooks with the iPad.

And although the Retina display of iPhone 4 is very impressive, it's still just 3.5 inches in size. The only

thing the user must never forget to prolong the pleasure of reading is to protect the display and the

device itself with a reliable iPhone 4 case. At the same time, the iPad has a 9.7 inch screen, which is

almost thrice bigger than the iPhone's one. Of course, the phone can be all right for doing some e-

reading, but if you do it all the time, the size really matters, as your eyes can get tired from reading the

small font. The preference in this case should undoubtedly be given to the iPad as the ideal reading

device for reading and similar activities.

        As for viewing videos and other media, the Retina display of iPhone 4 is again very impressive.

Moreover, while the iPad has a better resolution as compared to the iPhone 4′s (1,024x768 vs.

960x640), the latter can boast of an excellent pixel density of 326pi. It's Apple that should be granted

the respect for succeeding in creating the highest resolution phone screen with amazing graphics.

However, the size also matters here, as well as in the ebooks case. Although the graphics on the Apple

iPad are not as razor sharp as on the iPhone 4, they are still easy on the eyes, so a 9.7 inch screen can

beat out a 3.5 inch one in terms of viewing videos and similar media.
        Let's move to the typing issue, like emailing and so on. Here, again, iPhone 4 definitely succeeds

for emails and similar writing tasks. But if you decide to write long letters or even to create papers for

work, then typing on the smaller display of iPhone 4 can tire your fingers after a while. Working with the

iPad, your fingers will get more space to type. Besides, you can also connect a physical keyboard to the

gadget to enjoy even more natural typing experience. However, you can't protect the latter with a cover

like iPhone 4 case, so its security is under the question. Again, iPad wins, but not in the terms of


        Moving further we'll see how the Apple iPad stacks up to the iPhone 4 in terms of other

activities and features, like storage and processing performance. Those users that usually need tons of

storage out of their gadgets will be interested in the following comparison. Looking at the options of

storage, we can see that iPhone 4 offers just two storage capacity versions: 16GB or 32GB, while the

iPad offers three of them: 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB. Of course, 64GB version of iPad will beat the iPhone 4′s

maximum capacity. However, 32GB is sufficient enough for a phone. The difference is just in the types of

devices – the iPad, for example, is a much larger gadget, which can even be compared to a laptop.

Therefore, it should be able to store plenty of data to confirm its rank of a do-it-all gadget. Normally, the

user would opt to use the iPad as a device for storing lots of content like work data, films, music, and

games. However, regardless of iPad's 64GB version existing, it's still a disappointment that such a big

gadget has such scanty memory capacity. Perhaps, Apple should consider the way to add more storage

capacity in the future.

        When talking about processing performance, a surprise is emerging: both iPad and iPhone 4

feature Apple's 1GHz A4 processor. The next surprise is that the iPhone 4′s 512MB of RAM twice

exceeds the amount of it in the iPad. Quite unexpected result for the difference in size and expectations

– thinking logically you would assume the opposite as the case. Extra RAM installed in iPhone 4 ensures

its smoother performance. As for the iPad, it will hopefully get more memory in the future.
        The final part of the comparison discussion will be devoted to differences in design and camera

features. There're lots of people admiring to take pictures of themselves, their friends, and other

moments of life. So the question of the camera will be vital for them when choosing between iPhone 4

and iPad. Actually, we can guess what they would opt for at the very beginning, because there can't be

any comparison on this ground. For some reason, Apple designers took the decision to not include any

type of camera on the iPad at all. Nobody knows the exact reason for this, and the assumptions vary.

Some of the Apple fans think that the device is just too clunky to include a camera. However, the

absence of a front facing camera can't be explained with this fact. Most of the laptops are clunky, but

still come with integrated webcams. So it's unclear why Apple neglected this area – perhaps, with the

intention to include a camera on the next generation of the device, and generate high sales of it in the

future. On the contrary, the iPhone 4 has as much as two cameras – a main 5-megapixel camera on the

back and a smaller VGA camera at front for video chatting. The only worry is again to keep them

protected, but a usual iPhone 4 case would be sufficient for that. So if even the phone takes this

matchup so easily, the iPad could theoretically take it without any effort at all.

        Finally, the iPhone could be preferred by those looking for both powerful and compact device.

Most of the users appreciate that iPhone can fit easily in a purse or similar bag. In these terms iPad

won't fit into the purse unless the latter is quite large. Moreover, it won't even fit in your pockets, so it

can't be called a portable device, but it also shouldn't be. The device of such a type is not meant to

compete with a mobile phone in point of portability, as it is rather of a home laptop class. And in that

very class it can be considered highly portable, making itself so popular. So, in terms of size, iPhone 4

undoubtedly wins, but the iPad is very portable in its class as well.

        That's about it. Both gadgets have advantages and disadvantages, offering just different

features. Either way, having any of them is a strong addition to your gadgets collection. It's up to you

what to choose – a do-it-all tablet, or a do-it-all phone.

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