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					              San Mateo County Employee Wellness Program
                        for employees & family members

We offer a smoke free work environment!
County Ordinance prohibits smoking in any County building or within 30 feet of any public
entrance to a County building. On some County property, you may not be permitted to smoke
at all; this will be clearly indicated. Report violations directly to the Public Health Officer,

We will pay you up to $200 to quit smoking!
Eligible expenses include your successful completion of any stop smoking class conducted by
a hospital or health organization, or any web-based program, or any individual therapy,
including hypnotherapy, acupuncture. It can also include reimbursement for nicotine
replacement therapy (patch or gum) and/or co-pays for prescribed medications taken for the
purpose of quitting smoking. Look for “Health Reimbursement” on the left sidebar of our
homepage: http://www.co.sanmateo.ca.us/hr/hf

Attend any stop smoking program on County time.
By County ordinance, you may go to any stop smoking program on County time with your
supervisor's approval. This includes programs sponsored by hospitals, health practitioners or
non-profit health agencies.

Use your Health Plan benefits.
Blue Shield. The nicotine patch is covered as a limited benefit – talk to your doctor.
Acupuncture is offered at a 25% discount through Blue Shield’s Alternative Health Provider
Network. Go to: http://www.blueshieldca.com
A FREE online Smoking Cessation Lifestyle Improvement Program is offered through the
Healthy Lifestyle Rewards (HLR) program. Your participation qualifies for $50 rewards
through HLR. Go to http://www.blueshieldca.com/hlr
Effective 2011, Blue Shield benefits include “Free & Clear” Smoking Cessation Program, a
telephonic coaching program at no cost to you.
Kaiser Permanente Offers a variety of programs to fit your needs. When you participate in
a Kaiser Permanente-sponsored stop smoking program, you qualify for Nicotine Patches at
your regular drug co-payment for up to six months. Stop smoking classes are offered at NO
FEE to Members. Additionally, you can also meet with a Clinical Health Educator for one-
on-one counseling at your regular office visit co-pay. A FREE online personalized Stop
Smoking Program is also offered at: http://www.kp.org/healthylifestyles .
For more information, contact your local Kaiser Permanente Health Education Center ~
Redwood City (299-2433) or South San Francisco (742-2439).

For more information and further assistance, talk to the tobacco experts at
the San Mateo County Tobacco Prevention Program, 573-3777.

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