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					Before Online Shopping
        Be Smart While You Shop Online

        Positive thinking is the key of success if you determine to shop certain product. It is not tough to

search that. Negotiation is an art of getting what you want from other people. It consists of back-and-

forth discussions made to reach a desired agreement. Bargaining is one of the oldest arts which have

been finely honed over decades. Bargaining, interestingly, has its roots embedded in the human psyche.

Simply bargain is not a part of online shopping. People purchase things on shown price it may be simple

at par or already discounted. Here you need to know that bargain on internet is also possible however it

is not applicable on all websites but it will do on many websites this is not a fast way if you can weight

than this will do. There is difference in method of bargaining which is used on online shopping. You can’t

adapt the method of bargaining which is used on simple shops.

        Politeness can help you. Practice politeness even while haggling you will probably see positive

change of mind in the seller. 'Thank you' and 'Please' are the words which will help you. Never try to

make seller foolish that a similar product for lower price elsewhere available it means you are wasting

your time unnecessarily. This is not the right way to negotiate for a lower price, seller may ask you to

purchase from the place where you find low price and you get a negative response. Even when you pick

the item up personally, end the deal with a 'Thank you.

        Automated bargaining is the method of bargaining from the side of seller it is a new technique

used by the seller. This technique is used on the website it is based on the website programming. When

you open a webpage showing a product for sales and leave it open for a specific time the price

automatically reduce to a limit and you get a discount message. This concept is based on a logic that if

someone open a webpage for a long time it means that buyer is interested in that particular product he

wants to purchase that product. But you can’t know the existence of this option that it is available or

         Only way is to wait and the time of wait is decided by the seller so you can’t wait for that. You

should not wait for this option because this is a new method and most webmasters are not familiar with

this concept. So it will be wastage of time to wait for such option. But if you see this function on any

website you can use this option for other product for same website. Here on internet Just mention

specifically that you are interested in a product but you can spend only so much (your limit) on it, and

asking the seller if he still wishes to continue the deal.

         During the discussion phase, both the seller and buyer examine differences in agreement,

feelings of frustration and other things. Be careful never tell sellers all stories to lower the price. Nothing

could make him please or irritate them more than this kind of behavior. Just get down to the main

matter and directly come to the point. Do not have much expectation from the seller that he will be

happy if you quote unreasonable rates. All most sellers set their price after online survey. They will not

accept access of discount on products. Bargain prudently and realistically do not try only for fun.

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