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									CAF/Integrated Processes:

   Wednesday 8 October 2008,
       Town Hall, Leeds
    Conference Report

This event was jointly sponsored by Children’s Workforce Development
Council (CWDC) and Government Office for Yorkshire and The Humber (GOYH),
with support from the Training and Development Agency (TDA) and Department for
Children Schools and Families (DCSF)

Over 100 delegates attended on the day from a vast area of expertise including
Schools, PCTs, Children’s Centres, Connexions and the Voluntary Sector etc.

                                          Government Office for Yorkshire and The Humber (GOYH) facilitate
                                          a Regional Network of Integrated Working professionals from all
                                          15 local authorities in the Region. It is a dynamic group of people
                                          tackling an agenda which lies at the very heart of the Safeguarding
                                          and Every Child Matters agendas.
                                          The group meet bi-monthly and discuss common themes around
                                          embedding integrated working processes in Children’s Services,
                                          including the Common Assessment Framework (CAF), Lead
                                          Professional, ContactPoint and the Integrated Children’s System.
                                          The Common Assessment Framework (CAF) alongside the Lead
                                          Professional and Team around the Child, is seen by the group to
                                          be the key to a number of deliverables on the integrated working
                                          agenda. It is seen as the means by which localities are able to
                                          build coherent, integrated packages of services and support to
                                          children with additional needs.
                                          The group strongly believe that embedding the CAF process
                                          appropriately in localities has the capacity to empower
                                          practitioners and families, and aid greater collaboration between
                                          families, practitioners and agencies, responding more directly to a
                                          child’s needs – putting the child at the centre of service delivery.

PAGE 2                                                        CAF/Integrated Processes: Everybody’s Business 8 Oct 2008

Government Office worked closely with supporting organisations        This conference was about early intervention and prevention,
including the Children’s Workforce Development Council (CWDC),        moving ahead on improving information sharing, pushing forward
the Training and Development Agency (TDA) and the Department          initiatives such as targeted youth support effectively, but ultimately
for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) who have also               this is about ensuring the needs of vulnerable children and young
recognised the need to raise the profile of CAF/Integrated            people are met in the best way possible.
Processes Regionally through involvement in the Regional
                                                                      It is now down to all of us to own this agenda and move it forward
                                                                      locally and to this purpose I would be grateful if you could
All these agencies were represented on the day, which gives an        champion the Common Assessment Framework to those who
indication of how important this agenda is to Yorkshire and The       work with you, for you and around you, in your localities.
                                                                      Share this conference report widely and lets take this message all
Work earlier this year focussed on sharing practice between local     the way.
authorities around their progress in embedding the CAF process in
                                                                      Helen McMullen
their localities. Four sub-groups were held around the Region,
sponsored by GOYH and hosted by TDA. The focus groups
highlighted a number of common themes arising within localities,
such as;
•	 Engaging	middle	and	strategic	managers
•	 Getting	schools	and	other	universal	services	on	board
•	 Developing	and	supporting	the	Lead	Practitioner	role	effectively
•	 Evidencing	how	integrated	working	can	make	a	difference	for		 	
   children and young people in our region
•	 Using	CAF	more	effectively	in	early	intervention	and	prevention	
In order to support local development, as a Regional body of
agencies, and a Network of professionals; a decision was taken
around engaging a wider group of professionals in a Regional
conference in order to promote the CAF alongside wider integrated
processes, raising the profile of CAF and getting agencies such as
those described above, on board locally.
Ultimately,	through	this	conference,	we	wanted	to	establish	a	
sense of Regional collaboration on this agenda and build on what
local authorities were already doing well, whilst at the same time
acknowledging that in some areas and in some agencies this way
of working may require a total shift in culture.

CAF/Integrated Processes: Everybody’s Business 8 Oct 2008                                                                           PAGE 3
Outline of the day

 Integrated Working - the next steps                                                                                             Page 5
 Gillian Hillier Deputy Director Workforce Development Division, DCSF

 Integrated Working - bridging the gap                                                                                           Page 6
 Jane Haywood, Chief Executive, CWDC

 Workshops                                                                                                                       Page 7
 6 local authorities presented their individual strengths across this agenda

 Themed Discussion Groups – World Cafe                                                                                      Pages 8-9


 A Secondary School’s Perspective                                                                                       Pages 10-11
 Alison Williams who is Deputy Head Teacher of Buttershaw Business and Enterprise College

 DVD presentation                                                                                                              Page 12
 Common Assessment Framework – a real story from Barnsley

 Discussion Groups                                                                                                             Page 12
 LA Solution focussed discussion groups
 Feedback                                                                                                               Pages 13-16

 Delegate Feedback                                                                                                            Page 17

 Next steps                                                                                                                   Page 18

PAGE 4                                                                                CAF/Integrated Processes: Everybody’s Business 8 Oct 2008
Integrated Working - the next steps
Gillian Hillier, Deputy Director Workforce Development Division, DCSF

We were lucky to secure Gillian Hillier from DCSF to speak around DCSF activity to date around Integrated Working.
Gillian gave a very informative, open and honest account of central activity to date and extended an invitation to delegates to contribute
their ideas and suggestions towards the next steps of delivery in order to ensure the development in terms of integrated working goes
forward effectively.

  Key thoughts Issues and questions around integrated working:

    Is there a general                                                                                 Are you (and your colleagues)
    understanding amongst the                                                                          clear on the circumstances
    workforce of integrated                                                                            when integrated working will
    working and what it means                                                                          make the most difference or
    for them?                                                                                          lead to better use of people
                                                                                                       and resources… and about
                                                                                                       when it isn’t necessary?

    Are you and your colleagues
    getting the support you need
    for better integrated
                                                                                                       How can we overcome the
                                                                                                       cultural differences between
                                                                                                       different parts of the
                                                                                                       workforce which leads
                                                                                                       everyone to fear that
                                                                                                       children with the most need
                                                                                                       will slip through the net – or
     Do we have the evidence we                                                                        that their own service will be
     need to demonstrate the                                                                           left “holding the baby”?
     relationship between
     integrated working and

CAF/Integrated Processes: Everybody’s Business 8 Oct 2008                                                                             PAGE 5
Integrated Working - bridging the gap
Jane Haywood, Chief Executive, CWDC

A thoughtful and amusing presentation, which focussed on what the workforce will need to look like to ensure the best outcomes for
children and young people.

 A Perfect Workforce
 •	 Likes	children	and	young	people
 •	 Fun	and	enjoyment
 •	 Making	a	difference
 •	 Values	own	contribution	and	that	of	others
 •	 Active	participation	–	driving	the	service

 A Perfect Organisation
 •	 Active	participation	–	driving	the	service
 •	 Leadership
 •	 Strategy	and	planning
 •	 The	team	around	the	child	and	young	person
 •	 One	Children’s	Workforce

 CWDC Support
 •	 Workforce	reform	tool
 •	 £7m	budget	for	children’s	trusts
 •	 Communications	and	sharing
 •	 Leadership	and	management	strategy
 •	 Models	of	supervision
 •	 Induction	development
 •	 Partnership

PAGE 6                                                                                   CAF/Integrated Processes: Everybody’s Business 8 Oct 2008
Playing to our Strengths - workshops coverage

The delegates broke off into 6 workshops for this session. Workshops were hosted by key players from the Regional Network who would
be happy to discuss further any of the key topics discussed within their workshops:

 Workshop 1 -                                      Areas focussed upon
 Playing to our Strengths

 Nigel Leeder - NE Lincs                           •	 Engaging	with	schools	and	health	
 nigel.leeder@nelincs.gov.uk                       •	 The	effect	of	re-allocating	all	CAF	Cases	with	Nationally	recognised	CIN	Codes	
                                                      (Child in Need Codes)
                                                   •	 Tracking	children	receiving	a	service	in	North	East	Lincolnshire	

 Mary Armitage - Leeds                             •	 Interim	electronic	enablement	
 mary.armitage@educationleeds.co.uk                •	 Quality	assurance	and	reporting	processes

 Jenni Flanders - Bradford                         •	 Piloting	with	experienced	practitioners	
 jenni.flanders@bradford.gov.uk                    •	 Engagement	with	schools	first	line	managers
                                                   •	 Using	the	lessons	learned	and	internal	and	external	evaluations;	Integrated	Working		
                                                      Champions; lead from Health;
                                                   •	 Partnership	engagement;	bringing	CAF,	eCAF,	ICS	and	ContactPoint	into	one	management		
                                                   •	 Training	strategy
                                                   •	 Secure	email	for	the	Partnership

 Marlene Porritt - Barnsley                        •	 Embedding	CAF	into	business	systems;	adapting	pre	assessment	forms	in	schools/hospitals
 marlene.porritt@barnsley.gov.uk                   •	 Policy	and	practice;	accountability,	early	identification,	monitoring	and	quality	assurance	

 Jen Haines - York                                 •	 Childrens	trust	board	agreement
 jen.haines@york.gov.uk                            •	 Ongoing	work	with	Integrated	Working	Champions	on	integrated	working	action	plans	
                                                   •	 Local	index	as	a	point	of	advice,	information	and	support	-	personal	approach	to		 	
                                                      supporting practitioners
                                                   •	 Building	relationships	and	confidence	in	the	tools	and	processes
                                                   •	 Varied/flexibility	in	training:	ongoing	IW	training	and	bespoke	sessions.
                                                   •	 Clear	referral	route	maps	:	prevention	and	safeguarding

 Tim Nelson - East Riding                          •	 Varied	use	-	GPs,	PCSOs
 tim.nelson@eastriding.gov.uk                      •	 Use	of	evaluations	to	improve	practice
                                                   •	 CAF	Hub	Team
                                                   •	 Post	CAF	feedback
                                                   •	 CAF	leaflets	and	public	information

CAF/Integrated Processes: Everybody’s Business 8 Oct 2008                                                                                    PAGE 7
World Café - themed discussion groups

Chris Cordery from TDA introduced a lively and dynamic session.
                                                                      2. What have you found good engagement of senior managers
The workshop took the form of 10 different table discussions,            can bring to promote CAF/Integrated Processes on the
each tasked with a particular theme and question to discuss with         ground? What strategies have worked and what has not
an identified lead who remained at the same table throughout the         worked to improve results?
session. Delegates moved tables and themes twice enabling
contribution to differing questions.                                  •	 SMT	within	agencies	work	well	together:	consistency	of		
                                                                         message; leading by example
At the end of the session table leads fed back some key issues that
had arisen in discussion and delegates returned to their starting     •	 Engaging	other	agencies:	across	a	trust/LA	area/PCT
tables. The movement of delegates created energy in the room,         •	 Mandatory	training/induction
which	really	got	the	creative	thought	processes	flowing.	
                                                                      •	 Aligning	performance	management	within	agency
Delegates were encouraged to write or draw on the specially
designed table cloths.                                                •	 Job	descriptions	–	change	don’t	add

Questions	posed:	                                                     •	 Ensure	use	“levers”	–	to	evidence	progress	and	value	–	
                                                                         told by peers they listen
 1. What have you found good engagement from middle                   •	 Demonstrate	impact	–	case	studies,	outcomes,	referrals,		
    managers can bring to the CAF process? What strategies               involvement, engagement
    of engagement have received the best results?                     •	 Ways	to	escalate	issues
 •	 Bring	a	personalised	approach	to	family/YP/child
 •	 Variety	of	management	skills	combining;	operational	resource      3. What universal services have already bought into CAF, and
 •	 Operational	Resource                                              	 what	can	we	ensure	the	“late	developers”	learn	from	them?	

 •	 Middle	managers	to	attend	training	in	common	processes            •	 What	constitutes	a	universal	service	-	who	are	priority?	GPs?
 •	 In	a	good	position	to	ensure	common	processes	are	on		            •	 “Buddy	–role”	and	other	opportunities	to	share	good			
    agendas for the range of meetings they attend                        practice – system and practice
 •	 Good	place	to	see	‘how	it	looks	on	the	ground’                    •	 Develop	process	to	include	all	universal	services,	i.e.		 	
 •	 ‘Cascade	and	Feed’	to	practitioners	and	senior	managers              CAF - school, action plan - GP, consent
                                                                      •	 Credibility	of	CAF	outcomes
 •	 Promoting	good	practice
 •	 Recognise	success
 •	 What	it	brings	to	you!
 •	 High	profile

PAGE 8                                                                                   CAF/Integrated Processes: Everybody’s Business 8 Oct 2008
 4.	How	is	‘putting	the	child	at	the	heart	of	service	delivery’		   6. In your experience what has good integrated working
    evidenced in your authority/partnership in terms of good           achieved in terms of outcomes for children and young
    practice in:                                                       people in your locality? How are you evidencing this?
     a. information sharing                                         •	 Difficulty	in	evidencing	short	term	outcomes	for	the	child		
     b. monitoring and evaluation                                      – long term easier
     c. service development                                         •	 Now	is	a	good	time	for	CAF	in	a	‘recession’
     d. How have you achieved this?                                 •	 Services	fit	the	child	not	the	child	fitting	services

 •	 Having	the	right	structure	panels	in	place	to	discuss	-	plan    •	 Professionals	far	more	aware	of	what	others	do
    - review
 •	 CAF	structure	in	areas	with	‘low’	need,	not	necessarily	in		
                                                                    7.	How	far	are	you	using	CAF	effectively	in	terms	of	early		
    places – impairs development of CAF
                                                                       intervention and prevention in your localities?
 •	 Having	a	single	key	person	responsible	for	monitoring	
    CAF activity within each agency                                 •	 Pre-assessment	checklist	as	benchmarking	tool
                                                                    •	 CAF	as	starting	point	and	communication	tool
                                                                    •	 Links	with	all	agencies
 5. What does highly effective development and support look
    like around the Lead Practitioner role? Have you examples       •	 Evidence	of	outcomes	for	children	and	young	people
    of where this has worked well?

 •	 Middle	Managers:	ownership	&	accountability	not	a	choice;		     8. How is CAF helping children who are already known to
    resources including admin support; PDRs; supervision;              services or who are already in difficulty in your local areas?
 	 recruitment	job	description;	induction;	escalation	routes
                                                                    •	 Supports	identification	of	clear	pathways
 •	 Training		
                                                                    •	 Importance	of	collaborative	working	and	effective		     	
     - middle managers to manage LP
     - lead practitioners e.g. national qualification?
                                                                    •	 Inform	service	provision
     - chairing meetings
                                                                    •	 Effective	signposting	between	CAF	and	Children’s	Services
     - safeguarding
     - awareness of resources
     - buddy system – work shadowing
 •	 Promote	skills	to	demystify	role	(e.g.	parent	as	lead		 	
    practitioner – York)

CAF/Integrated Processes: Everybody’s Business 8 Oct 2008                                                                          PAGE 9
A Secondary School’s Perspective
Alison Williams, Deputy Head Teacher, Buttershaw Business and Enterprise College, Bradford

After lunch Alison Williams gave a real perspective on how CAF
is being utilised in her secondary school. She outlined the            CAF Case Study A - Success
specific nature of her school and the process around engaging
staff in taking this forward in terms of the Behaviour
Improvement Support Programme, MAST and CAF panels. She                  Young person and parent – very low cognitive
also discussed a number of case studies and described the real           abilities
outcomes for children and young people who had already gone
through	the	process	highlighting	areas	of	conflict	or	difficulty	in	     School/parent concerns regarding sudden
the process.                                                             deterioration in behaviour and attendance
All conference presentations can be found at this link:
http://www.goyh.gov.uk/goyh/cyp/ChangeforChildren/752174/?a              SENCO already working with young person and
=42496                                                                   appropriate provision made in school for level
                                                                         of ability

   CAF Procedural Issues                                                 Voluntary worker agreed to work with young person
   •	 Potential	number	of	CAF	Action	Plans	to	reflect	need:              and family out of school hours
       - 140 students with less than 80% attendance
                                                                         Established serious difficulties at home with
   	   -	 47	students	with	less	than	60%	attendance
                                                                         communication skills - understanding official letters,
   •	 Other agency involvement –                                         ability to access appropriate support and advice
       who instigates the CAF process?
       - all BBEC CAF plans have been instigated either                  CAF plan ensured parent could be signposted to
         by school or by school nurse                                    relevant services to achieve basic outcomes
                                                                         identified in the plan – help with getting a new bed
       - YOT/Social Care/Education Social Work Service
                                                                         for young person, support from ESWS on attendance
         (ESWS) - despite involvement with young people
                                                                         issues, one to one support for young person to
         have never instigated a CAF plan
                                                                         identify and overcome barriers to accessing school
   •	 Lead Professional role not fairly distributed to date              (bullying, self esteem, anger management)
   •	 Capacity of services to manage increasing volume
       of CAF plans – multi-agency meetings, resource                    CAF closed following massive improvements in
       availability                                                      attendance and response to situations by both young
                                                                         person and parent

PAGE 10                                                                                CAF/Integrated Processes: Everybody’s Business 8 Oct 2008
   CAF Case Study B - Caution                               CAF Case Study C - Opportunity

      Young male involved in crime in local area and          Young male at very serious risk of permanent
      presenting a physical risk to school staff              exclusion

      CAF process revealed complex issues with one of         Parent caring for grandchild as well as trying to
      parents, other parent struggling to cope with both      manage very challenging behaviour of son
      child and partner
                                                              Recent bereavement issues within the family
      Parent agreed information sharing amongst all
      services                                                Parent requested other parental support

      Information discussed at meeting raised question of     CAF meeting proposed establishment of a parent
      use of an Anti-Social Behaviour Order                   support group led by Educational Psychology Service

      Discussion resolved nature of CAF process to be         Barnado’s agreed to be involved
      supportive of young person and family – ASBO not
      perceived as ‘supportive’ within the plan
                                                              School set up Parent Support group with CAF parent
                                                              and other carefully targeted parents, Ed Psych,
      Issue highlighted sensitive nature of work and          SENCO and Barnado’s representative
      potential risks within CAF

                                                              Group continues to run in to second year with new
                                                              parents identified through CAF

CAF/Integrated Processes: Everybody’s Business 8 Oct 2008                                                         PAGE 11
DVD Presentation -                                                  Locality ‘Solution Focussed’
Barnsley Primary School                                             Discussion Groups

A	thought	provoking	DVD	showing	a	parent’s	and	a	Lead	             Aimed at putting together the collective knowledge gained
Professional’s perspective around the CAF process.                 across LA representatives throughout the day and making an
The main issues arising from the presentation were around the      attempt at planning next steps in terms of embedding CAF and
need for agencies and professionals to turn up to CAF              integrated processes in local areas.
meetings well prepared and ready to put the child’s needs first.   Regional Network representatives facilitated these discussions
It pointed out the need for strategic and well resourced support   which focussed on:
for the process within organisations to enable the process to      •	 ‘CAF/Integrated	Processes:	Everybody’s	business’	-	Is	it?	
be effective and have positive outcomes for children and young
                                                                   •	 Having	a	vision	around	what	will	this	look	like	when	it	is		
                                                                      embedded in their region/locality. (i.e. CAF/eCAF/LP/
For more information please contact Marlene Porritt, CAF              ContactPoint etc)
coordinator at Barnsley MBC: Marleneporritt@barnsley.gov.uk
                                                                   •	 Building	on	current	strengths	to	achieve	better	outcomes		
                                                                      for vulnerable young people.

PAGE 12                                                                            CAF/Integrated Processes: Everybody’s Business 8 Oct 2008

 Bradford                                                          Communications
                                                                   •	 Publicity	to	parents	re	CAF	benefits	–	make	CAF	customer		
 Lead Professional role                                            	 driven	e.g.	leaflets,	posters	on	buses	etc.
 •	 Identify	and	fill	gaps	in	Lead	Practitioner	role               •	 Plan	locality	events	for	practitioners	
 •	 Be	honest	and	acknowledge	schools	may	have	increased		         •	 Send	out	positive	messages	–	It	is	in	schools	interest	to	
    workload (particularly at first)                                  get CAF working, CAF is a positive for Families as Social
 CAF Implementation/Embedding                                         Care not involved

 •	 Every	school/organisation	to	have	a	named	CAF	person	
    with locality network meetings
 •	 Strengthen	and	clarify	IW/CAF	Champion	Role                    Sheffield
 •	 Clear	up	confusions	about	“what	to	do”	regarding	CAFs          •	 Ensure	that	new	CAF	process	being	developed	in	the			
 •	 Share	good	models	of	best	practice                             	 authority’s	seven	service	districts	‘fit’	with	the	city	wide		
 •	 Spread	good	practice	re	step	up/step	down	model                   processes-or rationalise out processes to fit with theirs

 •	 Ensure	clarity	over	practice	and	protocols	                    •	 We	need	effective	evaluation	mechanisms	-and	took	some		
    (confusions re CAF assessment or CAF as a referral?)              ideas on this from other authorities
 •	 Acknowledge	resistance	to	paperwork	in	CAF	and	help		          •	 It	would	appear	that	a	lower	percentage	of		CAFs	in		 	
    people see what is needed e.g. pre CAF checklist                  Sheffield result in multiagency meetings than in other
                                                                      areas and we were able to take away ideas around how to
 •	 Work	in	partnership	with	Education/Schools	
                                                                      address this
 •	 Buttershaw	model	needs	to	spread	out
                                                                   •	 Role	of	middle	managers	in	pushing	forward	the	agenda-	
 •	 Primary	schools	may	have	capacity	(staff)	issue	for	doing		       will try again to get them all on board.
    CAFs – explore possible links with secondary schools
 •	 Locality	manager	to	work	with	primary	sector
 •	 Dual	attendance	by	members	to	both	Secondary	&	Primary		
 •	 Promote	use	of	Children’s	Information	Link	and	Family		
    Service Directory to practitioners to find services
 •	 Explore	different	ways	of	using	existing	services	
 	 e.g.	Family	Centres	providing	advice	&	support	
 •	 Monitor	new	initiative	which	has	started	with	a	group	of		
 	 Wharfe	Valley	Primary	Schools	with	a	part	time	funded	post		
    to liaise with services with a strong CAF element in the way
    they are working.

CAF/Integrated Processes: Everybody’s Business 8 Oct 2008                                                                      PAGE 13

 Doncaster                                                             Wakefield
 •	 Lots	of	the	pieces	of	the	jigsaw	in	place.	Need	to	work	at	a		     •	 There	is	some	work	being	undertaken	around	‘joined	up’		
 	 strategic	level	so	that	they	can	provide	the	‘glue’	to	bring	it		      meetings, i.e. CAF, ASSET, ONSET etc. CAF should be seen
    all together and give it cohesion.                                    as the starting point and a communication tool.
 •	 Need	to	target	middle	managers	as	the	key	to	reinforce		           •	 It	was	felt	important	that	CAF	needed	to	be	on	the	corporate		
    change management process both in terms of                            induction and training plan. This should include adult
    implementation and supporting practitioners                        	 training,	not	just	children’s		
 •	 We	thought	the	world	café	exercise	was	really	good	but	a		         •	 In	terms	of	DCSF	and	the	IISaM	project,	there	should	be	a		
    little short. If we had gone to at least four tables the thought      seamless process. A CAF form that can be used as an ICS
    processes would have built up really well.                            Initial assessment. This is not the case at the moment
                                                                          although it is understood a number of authorities have
                                                                          adopted this approach. If the CAF is used instead of Initial
                                                                          Assessment the LA is not deemed ICS compliant.
                                                                       •	 There	is	a	gap	in	the	‘come	down’	process	when	a		 	
 •	 The	way	we	thought	we	could	move	forward	was:                         conference makes the decision that a child is no longer
                                                                       	 subject	to	a	child	protection	plan,	a	CAF	meeting	should	be		
 •	 To	determine	specific	triggers	for	when	CAF	to	be		 	
                                                                          held to ensure any support is available. This needs to be
                                                                          targeted in Wakefield.
 •	 To	increase	out	communiations	campaign	around	benefits		
                                                                       •	 The	group	felt	that	although	the	processes	across	the	region		
    of CAF - dvd idea
                                                                          seemed fairly consistent, there was a great variation in
 •	 As	part	of	the	current	preventative	stratgegy	review	to	feed		        terminology, i.e. TAC (team around the child) , TAF (Team
    in discussions around the need for a CAF panel approach to            around the family), CWB (Child Well Being).
    tighten up the CAF process and to provide support to
    practitioners by it being more tightly mangaged
 •	 Explore	the	concept	of	a	FAF	-	family	assessment		       	

PAGE 14                                                                                  CAF/Integrated Processes: Everybody’s Business 8 Oct 2008
 North Yorkshire                                                    Rotherham
 Positives:                                                         Is IW/CAF everyone’s business in Rotherham
 •	 School	Nurses	and	Health	Visitors	contributing	to	CAF	          •	 The	general	feeling	was	that	it	was	starting	to	feel	that	way,		
    in spite of fear and initial lack of clarity with their            the group were quite visionary in that they felt that we need
    changing roles                                                     to reach the point were parents/carers and young people
 •	 The	power	of	working	together                                      would actively request CAF’s and receive a unified response
                                                                       wherever that request was made.
 •	 The	view	that	having	Parent	Support	Advisors	is	improving		
    outcomes                                                        •	 There	is	still	the	need	to	link	the	CAF	to	other	assessments		
                                                                       and identify areas of duplication, where CAF is being used
 General Comments:                                                     as a referral, is this appropriate?
 •	 Leadership	is	crucial                                           •	 Rotherham	is	starting	a	high	number	of	CAF’s,	but	very	few		
 •	 Have	the	new	ways	of	working	just	been	embraced	by	those		         being closed, this needs investigating
    who have always worked together collaboratively anyway?         •	 Started	to	query	the	consistency	of	using	the	CAF	

 Challenges/things to consider for the future:                      •	 Picked	up	from	the	morning	workshops	that	the	role	of	
                                                                       the CAF co-ordinator was crucial to embedding CAF,
 •	 The	Panel	model	in	Schools                                         checking progress and ensuring consistency/quality
 •	 Being	able	to	evidence	how	we’re	making	a	difference            •	 Recognised	the	importance	of	engaging	with	schools	
 •	 Getting	feedback	from	frontline	staff                           •	 Team	around	the	child	is	well	established	within	in		 	
 •	 Having	an	opportunity	for	multi	agency	debate	at	an			             Rotherham, however, again the role of a CAF co-ordinator
    operational level about how we move forward with CAF               would be invaluable to these teams.
 •	 ‘Upping	the	Anti’	-	moving	to	the	next	phase	-	embedding	in		
 	 practice	-	backed	up	in	procedures	and	job	descriptions.	
 	 An	‘expectation’	that	CAF	will	be	considered	when	working		
    with a child/YP. Strength and credibility - led by the
    Strategic Partnership.

CAF/Integrated Processes: Everybody’s Business 8 Oct 2008                                                                      PAGE 15

 Leeds                                                               North Lincolnshire
 •	 The	need	for	a	strategy	to	address	health	engagement	            •	 Still	feels	like	it’s	not	quite	everyone’s	business
 •	 Meeting	to	be	set	up	with	myself	and	health	rep	asap             •	 People	taking	responsibility
 •	 Agreement	that	in	their	commissioning	role	two	reps	would		      •	 Training/take	up	in	schools
    be ensuring all the possibilities for including caf/IP overtly   •	 Applied	constantly
    in commissioning processes
                                                                     •	 Need	someone	with	an	overview
 •	 Agreement	to	take	forward	two	planned	service	pilots	being		
    currently commissioned by putting caf/IP at the heart            •	 Links	with	schools

 •	 Agreement	everyone	to	ensure	caf/ip	at	heart	of	TYS			           •	 Each	locality	has	a	CAF	co-ordinator
    processes with contributions at planned event on 10th            •	 Look	at	the	messages
 •	 Report	going	to	strategic	commissioning	board	re	IP	on		         •	 Aligned	to	other	assessments
    20th October to be supported by all                              •	 Resources	available	to	support
                                                                     •	 Promoting	the	lead	professional	role
                                                                     •	 Parents	can	access	for	CAFs
                                                                     •	 Training	pool	–	put	money	or	a	training	resource
                                                                     •	 Workforce	development	–	multi-agency	specialist	group
 •	 Need	to	establish	a	reference	group	to	build	upon	the		
 	 outcome	&	enthusiasm	from	the	conference
 •	 Possibly	replicating	conference	on	a	local	basis	as	part	of		
 	 strategy	launches	eg	Early	Years	&	Youth	Support

PAGE 16                                                                                 CAF/Integrated Processes: Everybody’s Business 8 Oct 2008
Delegate Feedback

What you thought of the day –
Did we meet our objectives?                                  Excellent        Very	Good   Good    Satisfactory   Unsatisfactory

  Rate how you think the day met it’s overall                    19%              67%      14%              0                0

  How useful did you find the day overall?                       14%              71%      13%            2%                 0

What the Regional Network of Integrated Working Professionals thought of the day

  What worked well:                                         Even better if:

  •	   Good	engagement                                      •	 Health	attended/keynote
  •	   Integrated	network	–	not	alone
                                                            •	 More	strategic	input/attended
  •	   Opportune	time
  •	   Very	focussed                                        •	 Room	logistics
  •	   Time	with	key	members/partners                       •	 Chance	to	work/see	all	questions
  •	   Good	presentations	–	fitted	well
  •	   Time	keeping                                         •	 Next	steps	captured
  •	   Element	of	fun	(relaxed)
  •	   Honesty
  •	   Not	rushed
  •	   Good	response/cross	section
  •	   Programme	managed	itself
  •	   Subject	questions	were	right
  •	   Preparation
  •	   Very	positive	–	not	a	moaning	shop
  •	   Good	practice
  •	   Session	came	from	them/their	focus	groups
  •	   Challenged	some	pre-conceptions
  •	   United	front	shown	(speakers)
  •	   People	genuine	to	do	next	steps
  •	   Good	mix	strategic/operational
  •	   World	café	tablecloths
  •	   Venue	location
  •	   Well	organised

CAF/Integrated Processes: Everybody’s Business 8 Oct 2008                                                               PAGE 17
Next Steps

   ‘More than ever before families will be at the centre of excellent,
   integrated services that put their needs first, regardless of traditional,
   institutional and professional structures’ (Ed Balls – CYP Plan)

Now we have finalised the Conference report we will:                     If you have any queries, would like to get involved in the
                                                                         Regional Network, or have some local developments which
  Continue to support the CWDC OneChildrensWorkforce Tool                we could build upon as a Region, we would love you to get
  across integrated working and workforce reform in terms of             in touch with us.
  CAF and wider integrated working delivery
                                                                         For more information please contact:
  Continue to develop our approach to Peer Group Support and             Wendy Green
  Good Practice by facilitating the regional network and running         Safeguarding Policy Lead
  focus groups where needs have been identified                          Children and Learners Directorate
                                                                         Government Office for Yorkshire and the Humber
  Continue to raise the profile of integrated working regionally,        1st Floor Nidd, Lateral, 8 City Walk, Leeds LS11 9AT
  to ensure that localities are more confident in resourcing and
  taking forward this area of work in accordance with local              Tel:		0113	341	2721
  requirements                                                           Mob:	0778	669	2606
                                                                         email: wendy.green@goyh.gsi.gov.uk
  Look at ways with which we are able to develop consistency
  of approach within the Y&H Region around the CAF process

  Examine possibility of evidencing how CAF is working on the
  ground in terms of outcomes for CYP

  Make stronger and more defined links with safeguarding and
  throughout Regional networks

  Engage with the newly established DCSF National Integrated
  Working Policy Consultation Group - and incorporate into
  Regional networking activity and local development

  Engage with Regional Commissioning developments

     Thank You!
     Please distribute this document within and throughout your local authority and partner agencies and practitioners.
     Government Office will also send out widely to all stakeholders and partners with a vested interest.
     GOYH would also be interested to hear about any local authorities who intend to replicate similar events at a local level,
     we are happy to get involved.
     Finally, Government Office for Yorkshire and The Humber would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who were
     involved in bringing such a successful day together and praise the commitment shown to driving integrated working
     forward in Yorkshire and The Humber.

PAGE 18                                                                                  CAF/Integrated Processes: Everybody’s Business 8 Oct 2008
Contact details for cross border exchange of information/CAF’s
 LA                Job Title                Team /section      Directorate       Address                       Telephone   FAX           Copies of
                                                                                                                                         CAF held

 Barnsley          CAF Coordinator          Strategic          Children,         Berneslai Close, Barnsley     01226       01226         Yes
                                            planning for       Young People      S70	2HS                       775878      773599
                                            Change Team        and Families

 Calderdale        CMAS                     Commissioning      Children	&	       Ash Green Community           01422       01422
                                            &	Partnership	     Young People      Primary School, Mixenden      245735      249626
                                            Service            Service           Road, Mixenden, Halifax
                                                                                 HX2	8QD

 Doncaster         Common                   Strategic          Children and      Floor 1, College Road,        01302       01302         Yes
                   Assessment Team          Support	&	Joint	   Young Peoples     Doncaster DN1 3AJ             862602      862401
                                            Commissioning      Service

 Hull              CAF Team                                                      50 Pearson Park,              01482       01482
                                                                                 Hull	HU5	2TG                  616179      444145

 Wakefield         Child Well Being                                              Block C, Normanton Town       01924
                   Project	                                                      Hall, Normanton               307423

 North             Integrated                                  North             Thirsk Children’s Centre,
 Yorkshire         Services Manager                            Yorkshire         Thirsk	YO7	1SL
                                                               County Council

 North East        CAF Co-ord/e CAF         MIT/ISA (MIT       NELC              5th Floor, Freeman House,     01472       01472	        Yes
 Lincs                                      = Management                         Grimsby	DN32	7AU              326805      326807
                                            Information                                                        07825
                                            Team)                                                              125853

 Rotherham         Chris Willis             Protection,        Children and      Dinnington Locality Office,   01709	                    No
                   Senior Admin             Performance        Young People’s    Caxton Way, Dinnington        335023
                   Officer - Rother         and	Quality        Services          Sheffield	S25	3QE
                   Valley	South	and	
                   Rother	Valley	
                   West Locality

 York              Integrated               Children’s Trust   Learning          Mill House, North Street      01904                     No
                   Working	Project	         Unit               Culture and       York Y01 6JD                  554268
                   Manager                                     Children’s

 Leeds             Mary Armitage            CAF Team           Children’s        East Leeds Family Learning    0113
                                                               Services          Centre, Leeds LS14 6SA        247	6830

 Bradford          CAF HelpDesk             Integrated         Department        Integrated Working Team,      01274	      Secure        Yes
                                            Working Team,      of Services to    Transformation Services,      437685      fax will be
                                            Transformation     Children and      5th Floor, Olicana House,                 advised
                                            Services           Young People      Chapel Street, Bradford                   if needed
                                                                                 BD1 5RE

 North             CAF/CIN                  Integrated         Children,         Crosby House, East Common     01724	      01724	        Yes
 Lincolnshire      Co-Ordinators            Systems Team       Strategy	&	       Lane,	Scunthorpe	DN16	1QQ     298293      298294

 Sheffield         Integrated               Safe children      CPPD              Floor 4 Palatine Chambers,    0114
                   Practice                 services                             18-28 Pinstone Street,        273	4530
                   Co-ordinator                                                  Sheffield S1 2HN

 Kirklees          Programme               Kirklees Early      Children	&	       7th	Floor,	Old	Gatehouse,	    01484
                   Manager Multi           Years               Families          2 Old Gate, Huddersfield      456823
                   Agency Worker                               Services          HD1	6QW

 East Riding       CAF	&	ISA	HUB	                              Children,         1st Floor, Council Offices,   01482       01482         Yes –
 of Yorkshire      Team                                        Family	&	Adult	   Market Green, Cottingham,     393339      393114        Time
                                                               Services          HU16	5QG                                                limited

CAF/Integrated Processes: Everybody’s Business 8 Oct 2008                                                                                PAGE 19

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