Tips For Article Summary Writing by Ditzme


									Tips For Article Summary Writing
   make sure you have the Article & Article Review Form
   make sure you have a pencil, pen, highlighter, dictionary and
   extra paper

   1. Complete Task #1 - This helps you to concentrate
       on the details of the article (length, author, source) and most
      importantly the title and subtitles, if any.

   2. Read the article – skim and scan first, then re-read or read thoroughly the first time.

   3. Circle difficult words or expressions (Don’t worry about circling many words or having a
      messy paper). Teachers do not mark this. * Some students do 2 & 3 together

   4. Look up some of these difficult words in a dictionary and use other reading
      strategies to understand (inference, meaning in context, etc..)

In a timed assessment be careful to limit the length of time that you spend on dictionary work.
In other words, select vocabulary that is essential (important) in order to understand the
general meaning of a paragraph and/or the entire text.

   5. Next write a brief definition of the meanings ( in the margins of the article). This can
      be in English or Arabic.

   6. Choose 4 words and complete Task #2.

At this point in the task, you have taken the time to fully understand the article that you are
reading. Good for you! Now go on to Tasks #3, 4, 5. The process of summarizing is quite
complex. You will find many different teaching methods as well as different ways to do these

Here’s some advice. Basically you need to:

       Write down all the main ideas on a blank sheet of paper. You can write this in point
       form or full sentences.
       Cross off (any unnecessary information such as quotes, names,
       examples, dates)
       Cross off repeated ideas
       Re-write these points in your own way – as you would say it (this is still a draft)! You
       may want to use different paragraphs for different ideas and add linking words.
       Improve these sentences. Use a dictionary if necessary - a thesaurus or synonym
       reference may be useful).

Now you are ready to write a final answer for Tasks #3, 4, 5.

                   Now – don’t look at the article review form for a few minutes – allow your
                  mind to drift off. Following this brief daydreaming opportunity, you will EDIT
                  your work. Look for grammar, and spelling mistakes. Pay particular
                 attention to your problem areas (i.e. – missing letters, punctuation errors,
                capitalization mistakes, subject-verb agreement, etc…the list goes on). Finally
               you are finished! Well done! ☺

                                                              With credit to Terry Potts, HCT teacher.

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