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Employee Handover Format document sample

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									Casual Job Description Format
  Definition of a Casual Worker
  Casual workers are those employed for a limited period whose job is usually
  expected by both sides to last for only a short time.
  In addition:
          The worker does not work regularly and/or to a defined pattern.
          There is no guarantee that work will be provided.
          There is no guarantee that the worker will work.
          The arrangement can be stopped at any time.
          Payment is only made for hours worked.

Job title                Casual Worker

Department               Childrens Services

                         Cornel Clyd Short Breaks

                         Project Manager
Reports to

                         SCP 11
Salary scale (single

                         To be part of a team providing residential short term breaks
Job purpose              for children and young people with a moderate to profound
                         disability who live in the Flintshire area.
                   1. Summary of responsibilities
Key                Ultimately ther will be a requirement to achieve NVQ 3 within
responsibilities   identified time-scales.

                   Staff must be responsible to the registered Manager for the direct
                   day to day care of the children and young people and to undertake
                   other supportive tasks and duties.

                   2. Professional childcare practice

                      To contribute to the development of the children and
                       young people through the provision of a healthy life-style
                      To promote and provide a variety of appropriate,
                       stimulating activities and a consistent and caring adult role
                      To be alert to signs of distress or abuse and to ensure that
                       the children and young people are monitored and
                       protected and have their needs met.
                      To be sensitive to the needs of individual children and
                       young people, taking account of disability, race, culture,
                       language, religion and sexuality.
                      To engage, communicate, talk and listen to the children
                       and young people. To observe their behaviour and record
                       significant features.
                      To contribute to care planning and the implementation of
                       these plans.
                      To provide additional support and comfort to children and
                       young people under stress.
                      To control children and young people who need physical
                       boundaries set to manage their behaviour.
                      To provide for children and young people’s physical needs
                       as necessary, for example by attending to personal care
                       needs, cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, shopping and
                       budgeting or by enabling children and young people to
                       carry out such tasks themselves.
                      To follow ACTION FOR CHILDREN Policies and

                   3. Relationships with colleagues

                      To act as a member of the staff team, supporting
                       colleagues and being prepared to receive support and
                       advice as necessary.
                      To participate in staff meetings as required
                      To act flexibly, within reasonable bounds to ensure the
                         necessary cover for the project.
                        To inform colleagues of relevant information and
                         developments, e.g. handover

                     4. Household responsibilities

                        To share in the practical activities necessary to maintain a
                         comfortable and friendly environment.
                        To set high standards in home-making.
                        To care for the fabric, equipment and grounds.

                        To ensure health and safety standards are achieved and

                     5. Personal

                        To take responsibility for own personal development. Keep
                         abreast of good practice, ACTION FOR CHILDREN policy
                         and procedures in order to develop skills, knowledge and
                        To make use of regular professional supervision.
                        To inform the Registered Manager or appropriate other Of
                         malpractice or evidence which may suggest this.
                        To undertake and feedback on relevant training courses.

                     As the name of the post suggests, this position is on an as and
Principal internal   when basis, and project staff will make contact , sometimes at short
and external         notice for shift cover.
contacts             Casual workers are part of the team, and will be invited to
                     team meetings and team development days

                     The post of a casual worker in disability projects may require
                     the lifting, handling and intimate care of young people.

                     You will be required to become proficient in behavioural
                     management techniques including physical intervention.
                     ACTION FOR CHILDREN will provide appropriate training
                     where necessary.

                     It is the nature of the work of ACTION FOR CHILDREN that
                     tasks and responsibilities are, in many circumstances,
                     unpredictable and varied. All employees are therefore
                     expected to work in a flexible way when the occasion arises
                     so those tasks, which are not specifically covered in their job
              description, are undertaken. These additional duties will
              normally be to cover for unforeseen circumstances or
              changes in work and will normally be compatible with the
              regular type of work. If additional responsibilities or tasks
              become a regular or frequent part of the employee’s job; it will
              be included in the job description in consultation with the

Scope data


              It is in the nature of the work of ACTION FOR CHILDREN that
Additional    tasks and responsibilities are in many circumstances
relevant      unpredictable and varied. All staff are, therefore, expected to
              work in a flexible way when the occasion arises that tasks
Information   which are not specifically covered in their job description have
              to be undertaken. These additional duties will normally be to
              cover unforeseen circumstances or changes in work and they
              will normally be compatible with the regular type of work. If
              the additional responsibility or task becomes a regular or
              frequent part of the staff member’s job, it will be included in
              the job description in consultation with the member of staff.
              The post holder will be expected to continually develop in
              her/his role.

              Rate of pay:
Economic      £7.35 per hour
              Hours of work:
              The hours we offer you will be ad hoc and infrequent. You
              will work for ACTION FOR CHILDREN at times and on days
              to be agreed between you and ACTION FOR CHILDREN. If
              suitable work is available, it may be offered to you, although
              ACTION FOR CHILDREN is under no obligation to offer any
              work to you and you are also under no obligation to accept
              any offer of work.       Where you accept work, but are
              subsequently unable to undertake it for any reason, you are
              required where possible to give ACTION FOR CHILDREN 24
              hours notice in advance so that a replacement can be found.
                       Annual leave:
                       24 days calculated on a pro-rata basis according to the hours/days

Disclosure             This post is subject to a criminal record disclosure check. This
check                  will be applied for through the relevant disclosure body
                       depending on the geographic location of role.

                       The level required is ENHANCED

                       At ACTION FOR CHILDREN, we are committed to promoting
Equal                  equality, diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our
opportunities          work. This commitment is rooted in our vision and values and
                       provides an important cornerstone for our work.

ACTION FOR CHILDREN operates a no smoking policy.

Name of line manager (print): Jude Vaughan

Signature of line manager:

Date: 23.6.08
                           Person Specification Format

                           Essential                     Desirable             Method of Assessm
1   Skills and Abilities      Adaptable and able to
                               communicate at all        Ability to            Application form
                               levels.                   communicate           Advance visit
                              Ability to use own        through the
                               initiative                                      Written and group
                              Sensitive to the needs                          exercises.
                               of families, children     of Welsh.             Personal Interview
                               and young people
                                                                               Formal Interview
                              Able to demonstrate
                                                         Previous experience
                               appropriate child care
                                                         of working with
                                                         children with a
                              Able to engage and
                               provide appropriate
                               activities for children
                               and young people
                              Able to be flexible to
                               service needs and
                               respond positively to
                              Ability to work as part
                               of a team.
                              Effective
                               communication both
                               written and oral
                              Organised approach to
                              Able to demonstrate a
                               commitment to
                               children’s rights.
                              Able to demonstrate a
                               commitment to anti-
                               discriminatory and
                                  Ability to support
                       Essential                    Desirable             Method of Assessm
                           young person promote
                           positive image and
                           encourage to complete
                           given tasks.
2   Education &           Good basic standard      NVQ 3 in Care or      Qualification
    Qualifications /       of education             willingness to work   certificates
    Knowledge relevant     including literacy and   towards.              Application form
    to post                numeracy.                A commitment to
                          Able to demonstrate a    undertake training,   Written exercise
                           commitment to            and any previous      Panel interview
                           personal                 childcare
                           development              experience or

3   Experience         Interest in caring for       Experience of         Application form
                       children with complex        caring                Preliminary interview
                       health care needs, which     for children and      Panel interview
                       may present challenging      young
                                                    people in a similar
                                                    care setting.
4   Any other             Able to work un-            Ability to
    Requirements           social hours                 transport         Application form
                           including evening,           young people
                           weekend and                  as required.      Panel interview
                           overnight                                      View licence
                          Ability to undertake
                           the requirements of
                           the post including
                           physical intervention
                           and restraint when
                          Minimum Age
                           Requirement as set
                           out in Care Standards

                       For residential posts
                       staff must be a minimum
                       of four years older than
                       eldest resident.
         Essential   Desirable   Method of Assessm

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