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					    Safety and Security Effective

                Prepared by:
      The Safety and Security Research
      Leadership APTA – Class of 2005

    Safety and Security Research
    Team Members
       Al Davis, Motor Coach Supervisor, Santa
        Monica’s Big Blue Bus, Santa Monica, CA
       Cathy Hendrix, Senior Management
        Analyst-Protective Services, Santa Clara
        Valley Transportation Authority, San Jose,
       Pam Rivera, Manager of Security, Capital
        Metropolitan Transportation Authority,
        Austin, TX


       APTA William Grizzard Manager, Safety
        and Security, Linda Grabis Administrative
        Assistant, Office of Operations, Safety and
        Security, Joe Niegoski, Director,
        Educational Services
       Leadership APTA Class of 2005
       Over 50 Public Transportation Agency
        Participants Nationwide

    Funding for Surface
    Transportation Security

     Proposed FY2006 Department of Homeland
     Security Budget
     1. Targeted Infrastructure Protection (TIP) Program-
        $600 Million in Federal Grants for public
        transportation, railways, seaports and energy
     2. Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) provides $1
        billion in discretionary grants to urban areas and
        regions. Transit properties have received little of
        this funding
     3. National Preparedness provides $1 billion for
        priorities identified in State homeland Security
    Funding for Surface
    Transportation Security
      4. US Department of Homeland Security Office
         of State and Local Government Coordination
         and Preparedness Office for Domestic
         Preparedness Fiscal Year 2005 Transit
         Security Grant Program providing
         $107,900,000 Discretionary Funds for Rail
         Transit, $22,357,076 Discretionary funding for
         Intra-City Bus and $ 5,000,000 Competitive
         for Ferry.

    Dividing up Homeland Security
       40% of $1.1 billion divided equally among
        the states ($8 million)
       Plus the per capita share = each state’s
       Divided once again and distributed to the
       Top 5 states New York $288 million,
        California $264 million, Texas $126 million,
        Illinois $96.1 million, and Florida $91.9

    After the London Bombings, Funding
    for Transit Security Should Have
    Become a Top Priority

       DHS Appropriations Act (HR 2360) funds
        homeland security investments for the upcoming
        federal fiscal year
       Funding commitments to transit security grants
        were reduced from current spending of $150
        million to $100 million in FY2006 even though the
        total bill is being increased by $1.4 billion above
        what Congress approved last year
       The Shelby/Sarbanes Amendment sought to
        increase transit security funding to $1.166 billion
        fails the Senate by 7 votes
       Transit agencies need $6 billion to better protect
    Federal Priorities -- Aviation Industry
    vs. the Transit Industry
       Aviation has received $18.1 billion from 9-11-01 to 5-31-05
        while transit has only been allocated $250 million since 9-11-
       Public transportation riders use the systems 32 million times
        per day, 16 times more than the airlines
       Aviation industry receives $8.00 per passenger on security
        related investments while transit security related investments
        total one cent per passenger
       Remarks by Michael Chertoff, Homeland Security Secretary,
        indicates transit agencies will not receive a substantial
        amount of federal assistance any time soon as he has stated
        that attacks that can produce the highest number of
        casualties will continue to be his highest priority “…a
        commercial airliner has the capacity to kill 3,000 people….A
        bomb in a subway car may kill 30 people”

    Survey Instrument Content

       Demographic Information
       Fleet Size
       Budget – Operating and Capital
       General Information - Safety and Security
       Effective Practices

    Survey Results

       Survey sent out to 350 public
        transportation providers in the USA
       60 transit properties responded resulting in
        a 18% return rate
       Of the respondents – 50 properties have
        have a dedicated operating budget for
        security while 37 have a dedicated security
        funding for capital projects.

    Effective Practices

       Employee Background checks
       Employee Badge and Visitor Badge
       Employee Training
        – Security Awareness
       Threat/Vulnerability Assessments
        – In house
        – Consultant
       Passenger Education and Behavior

    Effective Practices

       Customer Service
        – Get to know your passengers
        – Marketing Campaigns
        – Youth Outreach Program
       Transit Watch (Employee and Passenger
       Tabletops/Drills/Exercises
       Passenger Exclusion Policy
       Bus/Rail/Ferry Operators
        – Pre and Post trip inspections of equipment
    Effective Practices
       Technology
        –   GPS
        –   CCTV and Video on Demand
        –   Intrusion Systems
        –   Public Announcements (Audio and Visual)
       Facility Security Enhancements
        – Lighting and Fencing
        – Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
        – Relocate/Remove/Install Bomb Resistant
        – Relocate or Remove Bike Lockers
    Effective Practices
       Security Personnel
        – Law Enforcement and Private Security
        – In house police departments
    • Communication Systems
        – Radios
        – Interagency Communication
        – Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
       Warning Systems and Emergency Response
        – K-9 Units
        – IEDs (Improvised Explosive Device) and CBRNEs
          (Chemical/Biological/Radiological/ Nuclear
®         Explosive systems)
    Security Handbook Template

       Template for agencies to customize
        security information to their needs.
       Introduction and Purpose
        – Offences (Part I, Part II and Part III
        – Security Department Structure
        – Crime Triangle
        – Homeland Security Advisory System

    Security Handbook Template

       Security Incident Reporting
        – Report, Act, Testify
        – How to Report a Security Incident
        – How to Provide a Good Description
           – Persons
           – Vehicles
       General Security Policy Procedures
        – Badge Programs (Employee and Visitor)
        – Lost and Found Program

    Security Handbook Template

       Violence in the Workplace
       Harassment
       Illegal Weapons
       Bomb Threat
       Bio/Chemical Agents
       Suspicious Packages
       Suspicious Persons

    Security Handbook Template

       Security Programs
        – Transit Watch
        – Crime Watch Committee
        – Crime Stoppers
       Safety and Security Tips
        – Personal Safety
           – Travel
           – Dealing with Conflict
           – Parking Lots
        – Crime Prevention
        – Assault Prevention
®       – Robbery and Theft Prevention
    Security Handbook Template

       Physical Assault
       Verbal Assault
       Robbery
       Alcohol/Drunkenness
       Disorderly Conduct
       Fighting
       Vandalism
       Fare Evasion

    Law Enforcement Officers
    Trained to Drive Buses – Capital

    Whose bag? - BART

    ACT - BART

    Communication to Employees -

    Communication to Employees -

    Suspicious Behavior/Packages

    Security Awareness Pocket Guide -

    Security Incident Report - VTA

    Car Card – Suspicious Behavior
    and Packages - VTA

    Safe Riding Tips – Port Authority


       APTA Survey of United States Transit
        Systems Security Needs and Funding
        Priorities – Summary of Findings, April
       Passenger Transport
       Transit Corporative Research Program
       Federal Transit Administration (FTA)

    Resources - Continued

       National Transit Institute (NTI)
       Federal Emergency Management Agency
       US Department of Transportation (DOT)
       Mineta Transportation Institute
       United States General Accounting Office
       US Department of Homeland Security
       Transportation Security Administration
    London, England July 7, 2005

    Terrorist Attacks cannot be
    completely eliminated but steps
    can be taken to better protect

    Is your transit system prepared?

    Imagine if it were.


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