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									     Rapid Application Development (RAD)

Project features:
• Workshop: Joint Requirements Planning (JRP) or
               Joint Application Design (JAD)
• Siting of project: clean room
• Type of project:
       - Intensive RAD project in clean room
       - Phased RAD project over limited time with demonstration of
          three incremental prototypes.
• Project length: Small scale and short duration – 2-6 months.
  Rapid Application Development (RAD)

Team features:
• Team size: Small development teams, 4-8 participants, maximum 10.
• Team composition:
     - Developers and users.
     - Team is empowered to make decisions.
     - Users frequently act as managers of projects.
• Team skills:
      - All team members must be skilled in terms of communication.
      - Users must possess detailed knowledge of the application area.
      - Developers must be skilled in the use of RAD tools.
• Team building: Extra-curricular activities that help the team fuse together:
      - Team building must be encouraged.
      - Budget available for team building.
  Rapid Application Development (RAD)

Product features:
• Rapid tools: 4gls, GUI, DBMS, CASE – make prototype in situ.
• System complexity: RAD applications are not complex computationally.
• System interactivity:
    - Highly interactive systems.
    - Clearly defined user group.
   Rapid Application Development (RAD)

Process features:
• Focus on deliverables:
     - 80% delivered in 20% of the time.
     - Core functionality.
• Timeboxing: Negotiated delivery deadlines.
     - When in trouble, reduce requirements, don’t extend deadline.
• Incremental prototyping:
      - Phased deliverables.
      - Cycle = inspection -> discussion -> amendment.
• User involvement:
      - Ideally, only during duration of the RAD project.
      - Interleaved with other work.
• Developer involvement: - as with users.
• User-developer interaction:
      - Anything goes? (daily, weekly, monthly, upon need, formal or informal)

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