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									                                                 1bbe7572-8056-4d50-af4f-1edb3b591c7b.xls - as of May 5, 2009
Ref# Owner   Department                       Name of Application                          Technology                                           Description
 1     EOT   CEPO                  CEPO Ad Track                                   Access, SQL Server 2000         Tracks projects from the Advertised phase through the life of the
                                                                                                                   project, recording all modifications. It is also tracks documents that are
                                                                                                                   submitted to CEPO (like a log). Reports generated from the database
                                                                                                                   include Advertised, Awarded, Extra Work Orde

 2     EOT   CEPO                  CEPO Warehouse Queries                          Access, SQL Server 2000         Provides a list of a dozen reports for CEPO.
 3     EOT   CEPO                  State Aid Ledger                                Access, SQL Server 2000         Used in tracking of specific local city/towns construction contracts
                                                                                                                   funded by MHD or FHWA.
 4     EOT   Civil Rights          CHAMP                                           VB                              Tracks civil rights compliance.
 5     EOT   Commissioner's Office Elected Officials Correspondence and Meetings   Access, SQL Server 2000         System to track incoming and outgoing correspondence of various
                                                                                                                   formats as well as meeting attendees. Specifically geared toward
                                                                                                                   correspondence from and to elected officials - municipal level as well as
                                                                                                                   state level.
 6     EOT   EEOEA                 Commonwealth Capital Application                ASP, SQL Server 2000            Commonwealth Capital Application provides EoEEA administrators the
                                                                                                                   ability to dynamically create questions, guidance and criteria points for
                                                                                                                   the Commonwealth Capital program. Scorecards are then dynamically
                                                                                                                   generated for municipalities to complete. Resp

 7     EOT   Financial             Cashier                                         Access, SQL Server 2000         Tracks bid, plans, standard construction manual, and other document
                                                                                                                   purchases related to Contracts.
 8     EOT   Fiscal                Local Warehouse Status Page                     ASP.Net, SQL Server 2005        This screen provides a status of all the tables loaded from the
                                                                                                                   Commonwealth Information Warehouse (CIW) into the Local
                                                                                                                   Warehouse (MHDWH).
 9     EOT   Fiscal                Reporting Center Federal Reimbursement Loader Access                            This application is used by Fiscal to load Federal Reimbursement data.

 10    EOT   HR                    Bi-Weekly Timesheet                             Excel                           EOT Bi-Weekly Employee Timesheet entry system.
 11    EOT   HR                    OT Payroll Reports                              ASP.Net, SQL Server 2000        Overtime Payroll Reports. Invoked from OTPayroll Web on the Intraway

 12    EOT   HR                    OTPayroll Web                                   ASP.Net, SQL Server 2000        The first module in the OT Payroll system.
 13    EOT   HR                    Reporting Center for HR Data                    SharePoint, SQL Server 2000,    HR Cubes and Reports in support of HR and Civil Rights workforce
                                                                                   Analysis Server                 analyses.
 14    EOT   IT                    All Things SharePoint                           SharePoint                      This site is for users and developers who will find general SharePoint
                                                                                                                   information and specific information on SharePoint within the
 15    EOT   IT                    Application Development Delivery                Access, SQL Server 2000         Used in displaying applications in the "My Applications" screen.
                                                                                                                    Developers enter the basic data. This includes the menu name, the
                                                                                                                   location of the front end, the contact. The network group associated
                                                                                                                   with the application is what governs who sees the li
 16    EOT   IT                    Application Tracker                             Access 2003, SQL Server 2005,   Used by EOT IT to track applications at a high level. Includes a model
                                                                                   Reporting Services              of the databases used by a system, servers housing the database, and
                                                                                                                   modules such as reports produced by a system.
 17    EOT   IT                    Award A Bid                                     Access, SQL                     Application to create Bid Award letters and emails. Uses AE Data
 18    EOT   IT                    CIW Replatforming Project                       SharePoint                      Information on the Netezza Replatforming project.
 19    EOT   IT                    Communications SharePoint Site                  SharePoint                      Telephony Data Repository
 20    EOT   IT                    EOT Helpdesk Portal - SharePoint                SharePoint                      Area to store Helpdesk documentation, openly discuss current issues,
                                                                                                                   and push out issue information to users.

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                                            1bbe7572-8056-4d50-af4f-1edb3b591c7b.xls - as of May 5, 2009
Ref# Owner   Department                    Name of Application                       Technology                                            Description
 21    EOT   IT                EOT IT Developer Portal                       SharePoint                        Provides a place for procedures, document sharing, major IT initiatives,
                                                                                                               reports, etc.
 22    EOT   IT                Information Security Center - SharePoint      SharePoint                        An Information Security Center site dedicated to providing our user
                                                                                                               community with current information on terminology, best practices,
                                                                                                               vulnerabilities and trends in the Information Security Industry.

 23    EOT   IT                MHD Database Aministration (DBA) Site         SharePoint, SQL Server 2000       This SharePoint provides technical information to developers about
                                                                                                               MHD databases.
 24    EOT   IT                Project Tracker (ProjTrak)                    ASP.Net, SQL Server 2005          ProjTrak is used for tracking Development projects and related issues
                                                                                                               across EOT efforts. Used as a project management tool for IT Services
                                                                                                               and business stakeholders (iPoP Committee, etc.)
 25    EOT   IT                Reporting Center Support                      ASP, SQL Server 2000              A simple generic screen used in maintaining yearly goals used in
                                                                                                               reports such as Advertising vs. YTD Goal. Goals are usually set
 26    EOT   IT                Trackit Request Tracking System               VB, SQL Server 2000               Used by EOT IT to track incoming Help Desk requests and issues.
                                                                                                                Also can be used to track inventory.
 27    EOT   Labor Relations   Civil Rights Resume Bank                      Access, SQL Server 2000           System for entering and referring resumes for EOT and MHD.
 28    EOT   Legal             EOT Law SharePoint Site                       SharePoint                        EOT Law Office Collaboration Portal
 29    EOT   Legal             Legal Case Tracking                           Access, SQL Server 2000           This MS Access application is used by Legal to track their cases.
 30    EOT   MHD / CEPO        Chapter 90 Apportionment                      ASP, SQL Server 2000              Displays apportionment data for 351 cities and towns as well as the
                                                                                                               necessary contract files.
 31    EOT   QA                EOT QA Team Portal - SharePoint               SharePoint                        The purpose of this site is to allow better information flow when QA
                                                                                                               works on MHD/EOT projects.
 32    EOT   RMV               ALARS Office Maint Service                    ASP.NET (VB) Oracle 11g           Shared service for maintaining ALARS office records
 33    EOT   RMV               ALARS Gateways                                C/C++                             Used by legacy applications for to access ALARS data and transactions

 34    EOT   RMV               ALARS User (aka MIS Security)                 Access 2.0 Oracle 10.2        Tracks ALARS Clerk Ids
 35    EOT   RMV               Application Home                              ASP.NET (VB) Oracle 11g       URL redirector for ITD to RMV applications
 36    EOT   RMV               Application Portal                            ASP.NET (VB) Oracle 11g       Provides single location for accessing intranet applications
 37    EOT   RMV               AppSec Service                                ASP.NET (VB) Oracle 11g       Provide single point for authentication and authorization for all intranet
                                                                                                           and internet applications
 38    EOT   RMV               AppSec Admin                                  ASP.NET (VB) Oracle 11g       Management tool for configuring users and applications for the AppSec
 39    EOT   RMV               ATS Examiners Console                         ASP.NET (VB) Oracle 9i on AIX Automated Testing System application for administering exams
                                                                             P590 at ITD
 40    EOT   RMV               ATS Testing Station                           ASP.NET (VB) Oracle 9i on AIX Automated Testing System application for taking exams
                                                                             P590 at ITD
 41    EOT   RMV               ATS Question Maintenance                      ASP.NET (VB) Oracle 9i on AIX Automated Testing System application for question editing
                                                                             P590 at ITD
 42    EOT   RMV               ATS Web Services                              ASP.NET (VB) Oracle 9i on AIX Web services used to schedule exams and post exam results
                                                                             P590 at ITD
 43    EOT   RMV               ATST                                          VB 5.0 Access 2.0             Tracks parts used on cars with salvage titles
 44    EOT   RMV               ATST Random                                   ASP.NET (VB) Crystal Reports  Random list generator for inspecting salvaged vehicles
                                                                             Oracle 11g
 45    EOT   RMV               BrefQuery                                     VB 3.0 Crystal Reports Access Query tool for BREFs
 46    EOT   RMV               CAB Excise Calculator                         Realia COBOL                  Third party software to calculate excise for a vehicle
 47    EOT   RMV               CAB Reports                                   Access 97 FoxPro              Reporting tool for CAB Title application

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                                          1bbe7572-8056-4d50-af4f-1edb3b591c7b.xls - as of May 5, 2009
Ref# Owner   Department               Name of Application                    Technology                                               Description
 48    EOT   RMV          CAB Title                                  Foxpro 2.6 FoxPro                  Case management tool
 49    EOT   RMV          Case Investigation System                  VB 5.0 Crystal Reports Access      Tracks investigations done by the Special Investigations group
 50    EOT   RMV          CJIS OUI/LSI System                        ASP.NET (VB) Crystal Reports       Reporting tool for CJIS OUI and LSI data loaded by the CJIS sweeper.
                                                                     Access 97
 51    EOT   RMV          CJIS sweeper                               VB 5.0 Access 97                   Receives OUI and LSI files from CJIS and updates ALARS
 52    EOT   RMV          Confidential Plates                        ASP.NET (VB) Oracle 11g            Confidential plates registrations and tracking
 53    EOT   RMV          Crash Data                                 VB 5.0 Crystal Reports Oracle 9i   Comprehensive tracking and reporting tool for motor vehicle crashes in
                                                                     on AIX P590 at ITD                 MA
 54    EOT   RMV          Crash Data Electronic Submission           VB 5.0, XML Oracle 9i on AIX       Accepts electronically submitted crash reports from law enforcement
                                                                     P590 at ITD
 55    EOT   RMV          Data Warehouse                              Oracle 10g                        License and Person data
 56    EOT   RMV          Dealer Repair                              Clipper dBase                      Tracks Sec V dealers, source for Sec V excise data
 57    EOT   RMV          Driver Exam                                VB 5.0 Crystal Reports Access      Driver test generation and grading system for driving school instructors
 58    EOT   RMV          Drive Problem Tracking                     ASP.NET (VB) Oracle 11g         Tracks issue related to the DRIVE program
 59    EOT   RMV          Driver Licensing                           Foxpro 2.6 FoxPro               Driving Schools and Instructors. Transportal Pro Screen Scraping -
                                                                                                     feature not used anymore
 60    EOT   RMV          DVS                                        ASP.NET (VB) Oracle 11g         Verifies driver license status for registered driver's of a vendor
 61    EOT   RMV          DVD                                        VB 5.0 Oracle 9i on AIX P590 at Billing system for Driver Vehicle Data
 62    EOT   RMV          EDS Stats                                  Foxpro 2.6 FoxPro               EDS ALARS Statistical Reports to monitor IDMS db capacity (three
                                                                                                     pieces - Reports, Reprint, DBA)
 63    EOT   RMV          Email Service                              ASP.NET (VB) Oracle 11g         Provides single location for formatting, sending and temporarily storing
                                                                                                     application generated emails.
 64    EOT   RMV          Email Template Manager                     ASP.NET (VB) Oracle 11g         Used to create email templates used in the Email Service.
 65    EOT   RMV          Employee Info                              Access 2000 Access 2000         RMV temp employee information.
 66    EOT   RMV          FTP Gateways                               C/C++                           Coordinates transfer and conversion of files between RMV and
                                                                                                     Secretary of the Commonwealth
 67    EOT   RMV          IPAYTAX                                    VB 5.0 Crystal Reports Access   Tax complaint tracking
 68    EOT   RMV          Internet Manager                           VB 5.0 Crystal Reports Oracle   Used to query and generate stats for the older internet transactions
 69    EOT   RMV          Internet Manager Web                       ASP.NET (VB) Crystal Reports    Used to query and generate stats for the newer internet transactions
                                                                     Oracle 11g
 70    EOT   RMV          Internet Transactions (original)           ASP.NET (VB) Oracle 10g         Change of Address
                                                                                                     Special Plates
                                                                                                     Citation Payment
                                                                                                     Renew License
                                                                                                     Renew Mass ID
                                                                                                     Renew Registration
                                                                                                     Duplicate License
                                                                                                     Duplicate Mass ID
                                                                                                     Duplicate Registration

 71    EOT   RMV          Internet Registration Inquiry              ASP.NET (VB)   Oracle 11g          Public facing reg inquiry
 72    EOT   RMV          Internet Title/Lien Inquiry                ASP.NET (VB)   Oracle 11g          Public facing title/lien inquiry
 73    EOT   RMV          Internet License/Permit Inquiry            ASP.NET (VB)   Oracle 11g          Public facing license inquiry
 74    EOT   RMV          Internet Driver's Ed Certificate           ASP.NET (VB)   Oracle 11g          Public facing drivers ed cert inquiry

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                                        1bbe7572-8056-4d50-af4f-1edb3b591c7b.xls - as of May 5, 2009
Ref# Owner   Department               Name of Application                  Technology                                             Description
 75    EOT   RMV          Internet JOL Web                         ASP.NET (VB) Oracle 11g           Submit results for certain exams
 76    EOT   RMV          Internet Organ Donor                     ASP.NET (VB) Oracle 11g           Update your organ donor status on your License
 77    EOT   RMV          Internet Sweepers                        VB 5.0, C/C++ Oracle 10g          Receive internet and renew by phone transactions and process against
 78    EOT   RMV          KMS                                      ASP Oracle 10g                    Knowledge Management System. Built by Avaya
 79    EOT   RMV          KTA Sweepers                             VB 5.0 Crystal Reports Oracle     KTA Sweepers handle the back end process of the KTA front end.
 80    EOT   RMV          KTA Manager                              VB 5.0 Oracle 10g                 Utility tool for managing KTA sweepers
 81    EOT   RMV          KTA                                      VB 5.0 Crystal Reports Oracle     The application handles fee calculation for Massachusetts and other
                                                                   10g                               IRP jurisdictions. It determines necessary distribution amounts to the
                                                                                                     other jurisdictions
 82    EOT   RMV          License Service                          ASP.NET (VB)                     Shared service for license inquiry on ALARS
 83    EOT   RMV          Motor Voter                              Realia COBOL                     Maintenance tool for managing container file for the Secretary of the
 84    EOT   RMV          Oracle Password Change                   VB .NET Oracle 9i                Allows users to change their Oracle password
 85    EOT   RMV          PDS Instructor                            Access 2000                     Tracks professional driving schools.
 86    EOT   RMV          Photo imaging 16                         C/C++ ALARS                      Primary RMV Licensing, MAB and Inspector Licensing application
 87    EOT   RMV          Photo imaging 32                         C/C++ 6.0 ALARS                  Primary RMV Licensing, MAB and Inspector Licensing application
 88    EOT   RMV          Photo imaging L-1                        C/C++ 6.0 ALARS                  Primary RMV Licensing, MAB and Inspector Licensing application
 89    EOT   RMV          Plate Lottery                            Realia COBOL                     Application for entering people into the plate lottery system
 90    EOT   RMV          RDS                                       Oracle 10g                      Data warehouse for ALARS cash transactions
 91    EOT   RMV          Revenue Control Over Short               VB 5.0 Crystal Reports Oracle 9i Revenue Operations' over / short cash clerk tracking
                                                                   on AIX P590 at ITD
 92    EOT   RMV          Red Light Blue Light                     Access 2000 Access 2000          Red Light (Fire) and Blue Light (Police) registrations and tracking
 93    EOT   RMV          Registration Transaction Statistics      Access 97 Oracle 10g             Front end query tool to the RDS data warehouse
 94    EOT   RMV          Renew by Phone                            Oracle 10g                      Automated voice response application, currently only handles Reg
 95    EOT   RMV          Return License                           VB 5.0 uses CAB Title's db       Scan licenses returned in the mail. Stores data in CAB dbf.
 96    EOT   RMV          School Bus Endorsements                   Access 2000                     Tracks school bus endorsements
 97    EOT   RMV          Section 5                                VB 5.0 Crystal Reports Oracle    Section 5 applications and tracking system
                                                                   7.3.4 (NT)
98     EOT   RMV          Section 5 sweeper                        VB 5.0 Oracle 7.3.4 (NT)         Section 5 ALARS to Oracle conversion sweeper
99     EOT   RMV          SPOS                                     ASP.NET (VB) Oracle 9i           Special Plate Order System
100    EOT   RMV          STS                                      VB 5.0 Crystal Reports Oracle 9i Time logging and CSR tracking system
                                                                   r2 at ITD on P590 AIX, Access
101    EOT   RMV          STS Intake                               ASP.NET (VB) Oracle 9i            Used to request CSRs via the web
102    EOT   RMV          TEMPIS                                   ASP.NET (VB) Oracle 11g           Issue temporary dealer plates. Requires duplex printing
103    EOT   RMV          Transaction Service                      ASP.NET (VB) Oracle 11g           Used to track intranet and internet web based transactions. Info is
                                                                                                     available to Internet Manager application.
104    EOT   RMV          USD                                       SQL Server 2000                  CA application (customized) to support help desk processes
105    EOT   RMV          Vehicle Service                          ASP.NET (VB)                      Shared service for title, registration and vehicle inquiries on ALARS

106    EOT   RMV          VIS                                      VB 5.0 Crystal Reports Access     Vehicle inspection system (only motorcycle sticker tracking still in use)
107    EOT   RMV          VISITS                                   ASP.NET (VB) Crystal Reports      Inspection station and school bus inspection
                                                                   Oracle 11g

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                                         1bbe7572-8056-4d50-af4f-1edb3b591c7b.xls - as of May 5, 2009
Ref# Owner   Department               Name of Application                   Technology                                       Description
108    EOT   RMV          Workload Manager                          VB 5.0 Oracle 10g, Access   CA job scheduling tool. Runs 30+ custom backend VB5, .NET, etc jobs

109    EOT   RMV          Registration                              ALARS, 3270                 Allows the RMV to add new registrations, transfer, amend and inquire
                                                                                                on existing registrations.
110    EOT   RMV          Reg - Bank Lienholder Maint               ALARS, 3270                 Allows RMV to add, modify and view Lienholder information.
111    EOT   RMV          Reg - VIN/NADA/Make Maint                 ALARS, 3270                 Allows RMV to add new makes to ALARS, view VIN information from
112    EOT   RMV          Reg - Corp/Comp Maint                     ALARS, 3270                 Allows RMV to add, delete, modify and view Corporation/Company
113    EOT   RMV          Reg - EVR                                 ALARS, 3270, AAMVA          Allows Dealers to renew, transfer, cancel and issue new registrations
114    EOT   RMV          Title                                     ALARS, 3270                 Allows RMV to create, amend, print, and inquire on Title information

115    EOT   RMV          Cash                                      ALARS, 3270                 Subsystem provides detailed cash flow information from the point of
                                                                                                transaction activity to the transfer of funds to the state treasury and
                                                                                                other accounts. Also collects fees, disburses fees, reports on fees
                                                                                                collected/disbursed and captures detailed cler

116    EOT   RMV          Security                                  ALARS, 3270                 Multi level system that controls system access by the user, function or
                                                                                                activity being performed, terminal and time of day; Also allows
                                                                                                maintenance of this information by security administrator.

117    EOT   RMV          Emissions/Inspections                     ALARS, 3270                 Captures and stores inspection data; also allows the user to inquire,
                                                                                                add, change and delete inspection information.
118    EOT   RMV          Suspensions                               ALARS, 3270                 Provides the RMV the capability to suspend or revoke both license and
                                                                                                vehicle registrations; maintains driving records and histories on
                                                                                                licensed, unlicensed and out-of-state licensed operators; allows the
                                                                                                RMV to enter hearing information, findings; allows

119    EOT   RMV          CMVI                                      ALARS, 3270                 Allows the RMV the ability to process citations for Civil Motor Vehicle
                                                                                                Infractions for the district courts; also collects CMVI data, fees and
120    EOT   RMV          NonRenew                                  ALARS, 3270                 Allows the RMV the ability to mark registrations for non-renewal when a
                                                                                                customer has unpaid parking tickets, excise tax bills, unresolved
                                                                                                abandoned vehicle citations, outstanding child support payments or
                                                                                                warrants for his/her arrest
121    EOT   RMV          UMS (Uninsured Motorist Subsystem)        ALARS, 3270                 Allows the insurance companies to communicate to the RMV insurance
                                                                                                status of registered vehicles; insurance companies can add, cancel,
                                                                                                renew or modify insurance polices attached to individual registrations
                                                                                                via on-line screens or nightly batch process.

122    EOT   RMV          CVO                                       ALARS, 3270                 Commercial Vehicle Operations - allows the RMV to issue, inquire,
                                                                                                amend, renew, and print permits for overweight reducible vehicles

123    EOT   RMV          Section 5                                 ALARS, 3270                 Allows the RMV to process, view, add, delete and modify Section 5
                                                                                                registrations (Dealer/Repair/Farm/Owner Contractor/Transport)

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                                       1bbe7572-8056-4d50-af4f-1edb3b591c7b.xls - as of May 5, 2009
Ref# Owner   Department               Name of Application                             Technology                                            Description
124    EOT   RMV          NMVTIS                                             ALARS, 3270, AAMVA               National Motor Vehicle Title Information System enables states to
                                                                                                              electronically exchange title, brand and title theft information prior to
                                                                                                              issuing a new Title
125    EOT   RMV          Accident Information                               ALARS, 3270                      Maintenance of Town and suburb information
126    EOT   RMV          MRB                                                ALARS, 3270                      Merit Rating Board subsystem
127    EOT   RMV          MAB                                                ALARS, 3270, AAMVA, CDLIS,       Medical Affairs Bureau subsystem
                                                                             NDR, SSA
128    EOT   RMV          Licensing                                          ALARS, 3270, AAMVA, CDLIS,       Driver Permit and Licensing subsystem
                                                                             NDR, SSA
129    EOT   RMV          Inspector Licensing                                ALARS, 3270, AAMVA, CDLIS,       Vehicle Inspector Licensing subsystem
                                                                             NDR, SSA
130    EOT   RMV          Exam Booking                                       ALARS, 3270                      Office and exam scheduling services
131    EOT   RMV          PDPS                                               ALARS, 3270, AAMVA, NDR          Problem Driver Pointer System - tracks and maintains a pointer file of
                                                                                                              problem drivers who have been convicted of a major conviction,
                                                                                                              currently under suspension, have been revoked/suspended in the past
                                                                                                              as reported by each state
132    EOT   RMV          QMatic                                                                              Branch ticket queuing system for customers
133    EOT   RMV          MVN                                                                                 Branch ad and queuing displays
134    EOT   RMV / MHD    Copras                                             ASP.NET (VB) Oracle 10g          Commercial Overweight Permit Renewal Application System
135    EOT   Secretary    EOT Contact Database                               Access, SQL Server 2005          Database used to maintain contact information and group listings for
                                                                                                              EOT Secretary office.
136    EOT   Secretary    Management Reporting SharePoint Portal             SharePoint                       Secretary's Task Tracker.
137    EOT                EOT Portal (SharePoint)                            SharePoint                       EOT Portal Starting Page. It provides links to the Sharepoint Sites
                                                                                                              currently available
138    EOT                Federal Transportation Reauthorization -           SharePoint                       A team collaboration site for the Federal Transportation Reauthorization
                          SharePoint                                                                          Project.
139    EOT                Intraway Intranet Site                             ASP, SQL Server 2000             Provides the web starting point for all MHD and several EOT
                                                                                                              applications. Many of the applications listed here have their entrance
                                                                                                              through the Intraway.
140    EOT                MassRides Web Page                                 ASP, SQL Server 2000             Allows users to register for carpooling and vanpooling.
141    EOT                Reporting Center                                   ASP, SQL Server 2000,            The Reporting Center is a centralized location for enterprise reporting
                                                                             Reporting Services, Analysis     that includes Management Reports, Financial / Local Aid, Projects,
                                                                             Server                           Bridges, Construction and Highway Operations reports and cubes.

142    EOT                SharePoint Transportation Bond Bill Project Site   SharePoint, Reporting services   SharePoint Site used for hosting of reports and for collaborative efforts
                                                                                                              pertaining to the 2008 Transportation Bond Bill and other Bond Bills.

143    MAC                Airport Information Mgt System                     Access                           MAC and FAA grant awards to local airports for renovation and
                                                                                                              expansion of their facilities. Projects are entered and tracked in this
                                                                                                              database as well as State payments. It generates payment vouchers
                                                                                                              (invoices), award amounts.
144    MAC                MAC Web Site                                       ASP, SQL Server 2000             Used by statewide airports for the requesting and issuance of airport
                                                                                                              security badges.
145    MHD   ABP          Accelerated Bridge Program (ABP) SharePoint        SharePoint                       Contains Accelerated Bridge Program (ABP) goals and progress used
                          Site                                                                                by multiple agencies including DCR.
146    MHD   Audit        Audit                                              Access                           Audit group database
147    MHD   Bridge       Bridge Management System                           4D                               MHD tracks the Status of all bridges via the Bridge Identification
                                                                                                              Number (BIN) in support of internal as well as Federal reporting.

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                                                  1bbe7572-8056-4d50-af4f-1edb3b591c7b.xls - as of May 5, 2009
Ref# Owner   Department                         Name of Application                          Technology                                           Description
148    MHD   Bridge                 Historic Bridge Inventory List                  ASP, SQL Server 2000            Lists historical bridges in Massachusetts.
149    MHD   CEPO                   Reporting Center for CEPO                       ASP.Net, SQL Server 2000        Capital spending web-based reports of Cash Flow and Status of
                                                                                                                    Available funds by org.
150    MHD   Chief Engineer's Office Accurate Cost Estimator                        Excel                           This tool is designed to help planning and design engineers at
                                                                                                                    Massachusetts Highway Department to make accurate cost estimates
                                                                                                                    of bridge construction projects when little information is known.

151    MHD   Chief Engineer's Office Architecture and Engineering Board (A & E Board) Access 2000                   Used for the authorization of Projects.

152    MHD   Construction           Advertised Projects Bid Opening Schedule        ASP, SQL Server 2000            Displays current list of advertised MHD projects.
153    MHD   Construction           Construction Contracts                          Access                          System used to manage prequalification of contractors as well as bid
                                                                                                                    opening, plans and specifications distribution, etc. Used in the tracking
                                                                                                                    of construction and maintenance contracts going out for Bid. Includes
                                                                                                                    approved vendors. Slated for Phase 1 CMS
154    MHD   Construction           Construction Division System                    Access                          Used in tracking Contracts, Payments, Correspondence Log by Boston
                                                                                                                    HQ Construction office.
155    MHD   Construction           Construction Project Estimator                  ASP.Net, SQL Server 2000        You can generate a preliminary estimate from an existing MassHighway
                                                                                                                    project that is currently in the design phase or from a new, non-
                                                                                                                    MassHighway project that you define.
156    MHD   Construction           Construction Staffing                           Access                          Active and Future Construction Staffing
157    MHD   Construction           Contracts And Records                           Access                          Department Secretary Tracking System
158    MHD   Construction           Correspondence Tracking                         Access                          Letters and memos to the Commissioner
159    MHD   Construction           District Contract Database                      Access, SQL Server 2000         Used by Districts to track construction contract status including all-
                                                                                                                    important spending and projections. Also generates Federal reports
                                                                                                                    and HQ Reports. Slated for Phase 2 CMS
160    MHD   Construction           District Projects Database                      Access                        Used by District 5 internally to track Project status for briefings.
161    MHD   Construction           District Stockroom Inventory System             Access                        Inventory tracking system. (being replaced by FleetWave)
162    MHD   Construction           EBO                                             ASP, ASP.Net, SQL Server 2005 Labor compliance and certified payroll tracking. Will replace CHAMPS

163    MHD   CONSTRUCTION           Prequalified Consultants                        ASP, SQL Server 2000            Provides basic information about architectural and engineering firms
                                                                                                                    that are currently prequalified by MassHighway.
164    MHD   Construction           S.A.M. (Site Application Module)                ASP, SQL Server 2000, DTS       Used by Construction field engineers to track the items on a contract.

165    MHD   Construction           Weighted Average Bid Program                    ASP.Net, SQL Server 2000        The Weighted Bid Prices module of the Construction Project Estimator
                                                                                                                    is intended to provide access to timely average mean and median bid
                                                                                                                    price data.
166    MHD   Highway Engineering    Utility Contacts                                ASP                             Display all utility contact information by selecting a municipality from the
                                                                                                                    drop-down list.
167    MHD   Highway Engineering    Utility Contracts                               Access                          Database to store utility job information.
168    MHD   Highway Ops            Adopt a Highway                                 Access                          Tracks Adopt-A-Highway routes and organizations
169    MHD   Highway Ops            Event Reporting System                          ASP, Oracle                     The web-based Event Reporting System (ERS) allows the entry and
                                                                                                                    viewing of real-time transportation and security related events
                                                                                                                    throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In addition to being a
                                                                                                                    point of information entry and viewing, the ERS facilitate

170    MHD   Highway Ops            FleetWave Fleet Management System               ASP.Net, SQL Server 2005        Used by Highway Operations to track all vehicles owned/rented by EOT
                                                                                                                    and parts inventory.

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                                                    1bbe7572-8056-4d50-af4f-1edb3b591c7b.xls - as of May 5, 2009
Ref# Owner   Department                           Name of Application                       Technology                                           Description
171    MHD   Highway Ops              Highway Emergency Locator Patrol (HELP)      Access                           Tracks activities related to the Cares Vans that respond to highway
172    MHD   Highway Ops              MASSTERS                                     ASP, Oracle                      Used by Traffic Ops Center to track event requests.
173    MHD   Highway Ops              Snow and Ice Administration                  Access, SQL Server 2000          Allows District personnel to edit and update the Equipment and Vendor
                                                                                                                    information. This data is exported regularly to the external database in
                                                                                                                    support of the Time Keeper web application.
174    MHD   Highway Ops              Snow and Ice Time Keeper                     ASP, SQL Server 2000             During snowfall and icing events, the Snow and Ice Engineers log
                                                                                                                    equipment and material usage into this web-based application. The
                                                                                                                    data is used for payment.
175    MHD   Highway Ops              TOC Call Log                                 Access                           Tracks calls made into the MHD Traffic Operations Center (TOC)
176    MHD   Highway Ops / District   District Administration Database             Access                           Tracks personnel info, positions, expenses, training, attendance,
             1                                                                                                      actions, equipment, overtime, accidents.
177    MHD   HR                       Job Postings                                 Access                           Database to store internal job postings
178    MHD   HR                       Reporting Center for HR Data for MHD         SharePoint, SQL Server 2000,     HR Reports and cubes in support of HR and Civil Rights workforce
                                                                                   Analysis Server                  analyses for MHD personnel.
179    MHD   IT                       Administration Engineering System (AE)       VB.Net, Access 2000, SQL         The AE system allows MassHighway to track the status of construction
                                                                                   Server 2000                      contracts, from the office estimate to finals payment processing.

180    MHD   OAD                      Outdoor Advertising                          Access, ASP.Net, SQL Server   Tracks sign inventory , permit issued, license issued and inspections
                                                                                   2005                          completed for the MHD Outdoor Advertising program.
181    MHD   PERMITS                  Online Truck Permits                         ASP.Net, ASP, SQL Server 2000 Allows companies to request and pay for a permit to travel
                                                                                                                 Massachusetts roadways with oversized/overweight vehicles.
182    MHD   PLANNING                 Road Inventory Interactive Maps              ASP.Net, SQL Server 2000,     This interactive mapping application is used to show the most
                                                                                   ARCIMS                        commonly requested road inventory attributes that the Planning Office
                                                                                                                 maintains in ArcGIS format.
183    MHD   PPD                      Public Private Development Unit              Access                           Used in tracking environmental permitting.
184    MHD   Project Management       ProjectInfo Housekeeping Reports             Reporting Services, SQL Server   This system provides a collection of reports that help identify Projects
                                                                                   2005                             and/or Contracts that might benefit from attention by the MHD Project
                                                                                                                    Managers, etc.
185    MHD   Project Management       Structurally Deficient Bridges               Access 2000, SQL Server 2000     Provides an interface for creation of a link between a Structurally
                                                                                                                    Deficient (SD) Bridge and the ProjectInfo project associated with it.
                                                                                                                    This link is used in the Reporting Center's Governor's report.

186    MHD   Safety                   Signal Inventory Database                    Access                       Signal Inventory Database
187    MHD   Survey                   Survey Control and Layout Points             ASP, ARCIMS, SQL Server 2000 Allows survey and civil engineering companies to display control points,
                                                                                                                layout plans and easement plans.
188    MHD   Traffic                  Intersection Inventory Layout System         Access                       Used by the Traffic section to plan out intersection design and catalog
                                                                                                                intersection diagrams. Contains info like location, pavement markings,
                                                                                                                equipment, traffic signal wiring diagrams, traffic control box settings,
                                                                                                                traffic turning volume, utility poles,
189    MHD   TRAFFIC                  Traffic Volume Counts                        ASP                              Displays traffic count information by either municipality or numbered
190    MHD                            District and Town Information                ASP, SQL Server 2000             Displays town data (website, projects, and utility contacts) organized by
                                                                                                                    MHD district and municipality.
191    MHD                            MHD Cash Flow                                ASP.Net, SQL Server 2000,        This web-based database application tracks required cash flow for
                                                                                   Analysis Server                  construction projects from beginning (To be Advertised) all the way to
                                                                                                                    In construction and completion (Inactive). Costs are rolled up by Fiscal
                                                                                                                    Year based on basic models or actual project

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                                             1bbe7572-8056-4d50-af4f-1edb3b591c7b.xls - as of May 5, 2009
Ref# Owner   Department                     Name of Application                         Technology                                          Description
192    MHD                    ProjectInfo                                      ASP.Net, SQL Server 2005, VB6 Central repository for Project and Contract related data for MHD.

193    MHD                    ProjectInfo External (Web)                       ASP.Net, SQL Server 2005         External (Web) version of ProjectInfo. This is primarily a reporting
                                                                                                                system of projects in design or construction.
194    MHD                    Reporting Center for the Governors Report        SharePoint, SQL Server 2000      Reports used by Deputy Commissioner to report monthly progress to
                                                                                                                the Commissioner and eventually to the Secretary. Reports include
                                                                                                                Structurally Deficient Bridge status, etc.
195    MHD                    State Highway Access Permits                     Access, ASP.Net, SQL Server      Prior to entering a state highway for any reason other than for travel
                                                                               2005                             one must have an Access Permit. This system allows the entry and
                                                                                                                storage of a state highway access permit application. Currently being
196    MTA   Accounting       Oracle Financials                                Oracle                           Accounting, Budget and Finance

197    MTA   Accounting       Noetix Views                                     Noetix                           Financial reporting Tool
198    MTA   Accounting       Oracle Discoverer                                Oracle                           Accounting, Budget and Finance

199    MTA   Accounting       Unpaid Toll Application                                                           Trending Reporting
200    MTA   Accounting       Invoicing Paid                                   CAT Custom Oracle                Aggregates all accounting Financial Reports
201    MTA   Accounting       Joint Venture commitments                        CAT Custom Oracle                Subset breakout of Joint Venture Financial Values
202    MTA   Communications   FactoryServer                                    MASS Group                       Maintenance and Asset Management for Communications
203    MTA   Construction     Automated Mod Process                            CAT Custom Oracle                Controls contract Modification Pay item Generation & Financial Rules

204    MTA   Construction     Communications control Register - Construction   CAT Custom Oracle                Tracks incoming & outgoing contractors Letters

205    MTA   Construction     Concrete Test Results                            CAT Custom Oracle                Tracks, Monitors & Messages Contract concrete sampling
206    MTA   Construction     Contract / Package Statusing                     CAT Custom Oracle                Reports & controls contract Specific dates & Status (NTP, Su, CPT,
                                                                                                                Award, etc.
207    MTA   Construction     Contract Fixed Milestones                        CAT Custom Oracle                Summary Report Shows forecast and actual dates for each contract

208    MTA   Construction     Contract Punch List                              CAT Custom Oracle                Tracks the List of uncompleted contract items
209    MTA   Construction     Contract Status                                  CAT Custom Oracle                Summarizes contract Specific Key categories (RFI, DR, DOM, ETC
                                                                                                                counts and Status)
210    MTA   Construction     Contract Statusing                               CAT Custom Oracle                Reports & controls contract Specific dates & Status (NTP, Su, CPT,
                                                                                                                Award, etc.
211    MTA   Construction     CQE Processing                                   CAT Custom Oracle                Controls/Manage and Feeds Project accounting System for contractor
212    MTA   Construction     CQE Processing / Vouchers                        CAT Custom   Oracle              Contract Quantities estimates used to Pay contractors
213    MTA   Construction     Deficiency Reporting                             CAT Custom   Oracle              Administers contractor deficiencies
214    MTA   Construction     Design document Tracking                         CAT Custom   Oracle              Tracks Design Documents (merged with DCL)
215    MTA   Construction     Disposition of Materials                         CAT Custom   Oracle              Administers contract Material deficiencies
216    MTA   Construction     Drawing control Logs                             CAT Custom   Oracle              Tracks contract drawings with Revisions & affect docs
217    MTA   Construction     Equipment/Workforce                              CAT Custom   Oracle              Tracks contract equipment & Labor
218    MTA   Construction     Field change Notice                              CAT Custom   Oracle              Related to documenting changes to drawings From construction
219    MTA   Construction     Field engineer daily Reports                     CAT Custom   Oracle              Captures FE comments about specific construction activities on a daily
220    MTA   Construction     Field Safety Report                              CAT Custom Oracle                Tracks and reports on all Field Safety issues
221    MTA   Construction     Force account commitments                        CAT Custom Oracle                Used to Pay Force accounts (NSTAR, Keyspan)

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                                                    1bbe7572-8056-4d50-af4f-1edb3b591c7b.xls - as of May 5, 2009
Ref# Owner   Department                          Name of Application                       Technology                                  Description
222    MTA   Construction            Inter-contract Issues                         CAT Custom Oracle       Tracks Issues between construction contracts along with their reporting
                                                                                                           and final disposition
223    MTA   Construction            Material/Job control Logs                     CAT Custom Oracle       Tracks and administers Material Specific contractor Submittals
224    MTA   Construction            Meeting Minutes/action items                  CAT Custom Oracle       Captures contract Meeting Minutes and Tracks Meeting actions
225    MTA   Construction            Open items                                    CAT Custom Oracle       Merges DOM & Submittal open items to Summarize contract - Lab
226    MTA   Construction            Photo Database                                CAT Custom Oracle       Manages Project Photos
227    MTA   Construction            Police Log                                    CAT Custom Oracle       Tracks and Pays Police details That Support construction
228    MTA   Construction            Request for information Logs                  CAT Custom Oracle       Tracks, administers & dispositions contractor Requests for information

229    MTA   Construction            Subcontractor approval Log                    CAT Custom Oracle       Tracks & controls Subcontractor usage for The contract & Project

230    MTA   Construction            Submittal Tracking                            CAT Custom Oracle       Tracks & controls contractor Submittals in The Field office & Lab
231    MTA   Construction            Survey Request Log                            CAT Custom Oracle       Tracks The Field office Requests for Surveying
232    MTA   Construction            Primavera                                     Primavera               Primavera Schedules Provided by contractor used to Show forecasted
                                                                                                           completion dates and actual dates
233    MTA   Construction            Von Gunten Concrete Test system (Lab Data)    Von Gunten / Sharknet   Tracks & stores the measurement results for Concrete cylinder break
                                                                                                           tests. DTR (Daily Test Report System) and CPR (Cement Product
                                                                                                           Performance Reporting System)
234    MTA   Construction - Claims   Certified Payroll for C17AA                   CAT Custom Oracle       Tracks the C17AA Certified Payroll for McCourt / Obiyashi
             & Changes
235    MTA   Construction - Claims   Construction forecasting                      CAT Custom Oracle       Allows FCAS to enter Pay item forecasts for Trending
             & Changes
236    MTA   Construction - Claims   Contingency drawdown                          CAT Custom Oracle       Monitors & administers Project contingency drawdowns
             & Changes
237    MTA   Construction - Claims   Contractor Proposals/Claims                   CAT Custom Oracle       Contractor Proposal Module Tracks & does "ball in court"
             & Changes                                                                                     Responsibilities
238    MTA   Construction - Claims   Mod Tracking                                  CAT Custom Oracle       Controls Financial Project Rules in Mod development
             & Changes
239    MTA   Construction - Claims   PCN Tracking                                  CAT Custom Oracle       PCN is Now called issues. The issue Module is The Preliminary
             & Changes                                                                                     Notification for Mods
240    MTA   Cost Scheduling         Budget control                                CAT Custom Oracle       Administers The Project budget control System
241    MTA   Cost Scheduling         Construction/design commitments.              CAT Custom Oracle       Tracks Funding Commitments for Construction and Design contracts

242    MTA   Cost Scheduling         Escalation Processing                         CAT Custom Oracle       Tracks escalation factors & centroids for contracts
243    MTA   Cost Scheduling         Financial database integrity & tracking       CAT Custom Oracle       Consists of upper Level Tables & Reporting That Maintain accuracy

244    MTA   Cost Scheduling         Management Reporting                          CAT Custom Oracle       Umbrella Reporting System That covers a Myriad of individual Reports

245    MTA   Cost Scheduling         MCN/BTN Processing                            CAT Custom Oracle       Management change Notice & budget Transfer Tracking System
246    MTA   Cost Scheduling         Project Financing                             CAT Custom Oracle       Part of obligation Financing System Relation to State & Federal
247    MTA   Engineering             4D Client Bridge Inspection software                                  Bridge Inspection Tracking
248    MTA   Engineering             ArcView                                       ESRI                    Drawing & Mapping
249    MTA   Engineering             AutoCAD / AutoCAD Light                                               Drawing application
250    MTA   Engineering             Auto Sketch                                   Auto Desk               Engineering
251    MTA   Engineering             AutoCad, Autocad Map3D                        Auto Desk               Engineering

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                                                1bbe7572-8056-4d50-af4f-1edb3b591c7b.xls - as of May 5, 2009
Ref# Owner   Department                       Name of Application                          Technology                                   Description
252    MTA   Engineering          CADD Engineering - Master Utilities Inventory    GDS                      Engineering
253    MTA   Engineering          CADD Engineering - MCN - Tunnel and Boat         GDS                      Engineering
                                  Section SIP Plans
254    MTA   Engineering          Drafting Operations for Architecture and Urban   GDS                      Engineering,Architecture & Urban Design
255    MTA   Engineering          Drainage Structural Plans                        GDS                      Engineering, Environmental
256    MTA   Engineering          GDS Classic                                      Informatix               Drawing Support
257    MTA   Engineering          GDS Micro                                        Informatix               Drawing Support
258    MTA   Engineering          Instrumentation Monitoring                       CAT Custom Oracle        Maintains all The Project Instrumentation & Their Readings Throughout
259    MTA   Engineering          Microstation / Intergraph                        Integraph                Drawing Support
260    MTA   Engineering          Oracle/GIS interface                             CAT Custom Oracle, GDS   Marries The Cadd database to Oracle datapoints to develop drawings

261    MTA   Engineering          Record Drawings                                  Various
262    MTA   Engineering          Right of Way Layout Drawings Production          GDS                      Engineering
263    MTA   Engineering          Special Projects - Public Improvement            Autocad, GDS             Engineering
                                  Commission (PIC)
264    MTA   Engineering          Utility As-Builts                                ?                        Engineering
265    MTA   Engineering          Work Program 16 - Exporting of CADD/GDS for      GDS                      Engineering, O & M
                                  O&M Manuals
266    MTA   Engineering          Work Program 16 - Section Design CADD File       Autocad, GDS             Engineering, O & M
267    MTA   Engineering          Consultant Progress Payments (SDC)               CAT Custom Oracle        Tracks & Monitors Payments to Section design consultants (Like CQE
268    MTA   Engineering          Traffic Submittal Response                       CAT Custom Oracle        Allows contract Submittals Relating to Traffic to be answered on-Line

269    MTA   Environmental Services BSC Permit Index and Correspondence Database CAT Custom Access97        Tracks all CA/T permit actions and correspondence

270    MTA   Estimating           Bid item Master Lists                            Timberline Estimating    Contract bid item Lists
271    MTA   Estimating           Bid Tabulations                                  Timberline Estimating    Evaluates Submitted contract bids/Tallies Variables
272    MTA   Facilities           AssureID                                         Identification           MTA Prox ID Creation and Tracking
273    MTA   Facilities           Garage Pass Tracking Application                 Access97                 Tracking and reporting
274    MTA   Facilities           Mailstop Management                              CAT Custom Oracle        Controls Project Mail Stops
275    MTA   Facilities           Telephone Management                             CAT Custom Oracle        Manage Who Has What Telephone, Pagers, cell Phones & Radios
276    MTA   Facilities           Meeting Room Manager                             Netsim                   Allows booking and tracking of conference rooms
277    MTA   Financial            Funding Management                               CAT Custom Oracle        Administers Funding Sources & Management - no longer used
278    MTA   Financial            Obligation forecasting                           CAT Custom Oracle        Administers obligation forecasting - reports only
279    MTA   Financial            Projectwide cash flow                            CAT Custom Oracle        Utilizes Field Scheduling cash flow data to develop Project cash flow

280    MTA   HR/Benefits          Correspondence Tracking Application                                       Tracking and reporting
281    MTA   Human Resources      Training                                         CAT Custom Oracle        Tracks each employee's Participation in Training classes
282    MTA   IT                   Crystal Report Professional                      Business Objects/SAP     Report Generation
283    MTA   IT                   Business Objects Enterprise                      Business Objects/SAP     Toll Data Analysis & Reporting
284    MTA   IT                   Crystal Report Developer                         Business Objects/SAP     Report Generation
285    MTA   IT                   Toad for Oracle                                  Quest                    Oracle database development, management and analysis tool

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                                        1bbe7572-8056-4d50-af4f-1edb3b591c7b.xls - as of May 5, 2009
Ref# Owner   Department               Name of Application                            Technology                              Description
286    MTA   IT           Track-It!                                         Numara                Help Desk Call/Inventory/
                                                                                                  Service Contract/Software Management Tracking & Reporting
287    MTA   IT           MTA Web Site                                      Ashton Services       MTA Web Site
288    MTA   IT           Content Management System                         Ashton Services       MTA Web Site
289    MTA   IT           Adobe Acrobat Professional                        Adobe                 Documentation create and edit
290    MTA   IT           Microsoft Office Professional                     Microsoft             Office Applications and Tools
291    MTA   IT           Microsoft Visio Professional                      Microsoft             Flow Charts Creator
292    MTA   IT           Microsoft Windows XP Professional                 Microsoft             Operating System
293    MTA   IT           Microsoft Windows Server                          Microsoft             Foundation for Applications
294    MTA   IT           Oracle Financials Client (Jinitiator)
295    MTA   IT           SnagIt                                            SnagIt                Image Capture
296    MTA   IT           Simplicit Locked Browser
297    MTA   IT           VMPlayer/VMWare Client                            VMware                PC Virtualization
298    MTA   IT           WinZip                                            WinZip                File compression & encryption
299    MTA   IT           Active Directory                                  Microsoft             Directory and Security
300    MTA   IT           ADManager                                         AdventNet             Directory and Security
301    MTA   IT           BlackBerry Enterprise Server                      RIM                   Remote Access to Exchange
302    MTA   IT           Lyris ListManager                                 Lyris                 Tool used to manage our distribution list of subscribers to our
                                                                                                  newsletters and alerts
303    MTA   IT           FASTLANE Account Manager Web site                 Transcore             System used to manage accounts of transponder owners/holders

304    MTA   IT           WebTrends                                         WebTrends             Web analytics tool
305    MTA   IT           Survey Monkey                                     Survey Monkey         Survey Builder Tool
306    MTA   IT           Enterprise Vault/KVS                              Symantec              E-mail archiving and discovery
307    MTA   IT           Exchange Server                                   Microsoft             E-mail/Calendar/Contacts
308    MTA   IT           HP Systems Insight Manager                        HP                    Network and Server Monitoring
309    MTA   IT           McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator/VirusScan             McAfee                AntiVirus/Security
310    MTA   IT           Symantec Antivirus Endpoint Protection            Symantec              AntiVirus/Security
311    MTA   IT           Media Server                                                            Streaming of live traffic cameras
312    MTA   IT           NetBackup                                         Symantec              Data Protection (Backup/Restore)
313    MTA   IT           Backup Exec                                       Symantec              Data Protection (Backup/Restore)
314    MTA   IT           CA BrightStor ArcServe Backup                     Computer Associates   Data Protection (Backup/Restore)
315    MTA   IT           Orion                                             Solarwinds            Network and Server Monitoring
316    MTA   IT           PatchLink Update                                  Lumension             Server Patch Management
317    MTA   IT           ProfileMaker                                      Microsoft             Drive Mappings and Desktop OS/Application Customization
318    MTA   IT           Quest Recovery Manager for Active Directory       Quest                 Protection of critical security and directory data

319    MTA   IT           Terminal Services (VPN Server)                    Microsoft             Remote Access
320    MTA   IT           TreeSize Professional                             TreeSize              Network and Server Monitoring
321    MTA   IT           Vmware ESX Server                                 VMware                Virtualization
322    MTA   IT           Websense                                          Websense              Internet Access Management
323    MTA   IT           WSUS (Windows Server Update Services)             Microsoft             Desktop Patch Management
324    MTA   IT           MPET MMIS                                         Four Winds Group      M&O Management
325    MTA   IT           Ingrian Networks (1 database license, non-prod)   Safenet               PCI Compliance

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                                            1bbe7572-8056-4d50-af4f-1edb3b591c7b.xls - as of May 5, 2009
Ref# Owner   Department                  Name of Application                              Technology                                Description
326    MTA   IT               Ingrian Networks (2 application licenses, non-    Safenet                 PCI Compliance
327    MTA   IT               Ingrian Networks (2 database license, prod)       Safenet                 PCI Compliance
328    MTA   IT               Ingrian Networks (4 application licenses, prod)   Safenet                 PCI Compliance

329    MTA   IT               Barcode / Asset Management & Tracking             CAT Custom     Oracle   Track asset inventory via barcode
330    MTA   IT               Tape Inventory Tracking                           CAT Custom     Oracle   Tracks the Inventory of CA/T Backup tapes.
331    MTA   IT               Form Flow                                         Delrina
332    MTA   ITS              Sybase                                            Sybase, Inc.
333    MTA   ITS              GroupWise                                         Novell                  GroupWise E-Mail
334    MTA   ITS              GroupWise-Web Mail                                Novell/W2K              Web Based Mail Access
335    MTA   ITS              Novell                                            Novell                  Network File/Print Services
336    MTA   ITS              Novell                                            Novell                  Network File/Print Services
337    MTA   ITS              Access control / Safety                           CAT Custom     Oracle   Controls & administers Oracle Menu Access for The Project
338    MTA   ITS              Network id Tracking                               CAT Custom     Oracle   Part of The Oracle Menu System That Validates Network user ids to
339    MTA   ITS              Oracle Project Menu                               CAT Custom Oracle       The Oracle Menu System
340    MTA   ITS              Software diskettes, CDs                           CAT Custom Oracle       Used by IT dep't to Track Location, Status, Media Type & Version
341    MTA   ITS              Adobe Acrobat Reader                              Adobe                   Used for reading/viewing pdf files
342    MTA   ITS              Adobe Acrobat Writer                              Adobe                   Used for creating pdf files
343    MTA   ITS              Adobe Illustrator                                 Adobe                   Photo / Presentation
344    MTA   ITS              Adobe Photoshop                                   Adobe                   Photo / Presentation
345    MTA   ITS              dBase                                             Borland                 Used to look at Legacy systems
346    MTA   ITS              FoxPro                                            Microsoft               Used to look at Legacy systems
347    MTA   ITS              Lotus 123                                         Lotus
348    MTA   ITS              Lotus Organizer                                   Lotus
349    MTA   ITS              Microsoft Office                                  MicroSoft               Word / Excel / Powerpoint / Internet Explorer
350    MTA   ITS              Microsoft Terminal Server                         Microsoft
351    MTA   ITS              Microsoft Visio                                   MicroSoft               Visio
352    MTA   ITS              Nexic Forensics                                   Nexic                   Email inquiries
353    MTA   ITS              Spotlight on Oracle                               Quest Software          DBA Tool
354    MTA   ITS              TOAD for Oracle                                   Quest Software          Application Development Tool
355    MTA   ITS              VAX VMS                                           HP
356    MTA   ITS              Veritas Backup Exec                               Symantec                IT Backup Software
357    MTA   ITS              Virus Protection                                  Symantic, McAfee        Virus Protection
358    MTA   ITS              Visual Basic                                      MS VB                   Program development
359    MTA   ITS              WinZip V8                                         Microsoft               Compress Files
360    MTA   ITS              WipeDrive                                         White Canyon            Wipes Disk Drives clean of data
361    MTA   ITS              Word Perfect 6.1                                  Corel                   Word Processor
362    MTA   ITS              Remedy Action Request Helpdesk Ticket             Remedy Corporation      Tracks Help Desk, Network, and MIS tickets for IT
                              Tracking System
363    MTA   Legal            Time Matters                                      LexisNexis              Legal Case Management
364    MTA   Legal            Westlaw/Premise                                   Westlaw                 Legal Documentation
365    MTA   Maintenance      Ford IDS Software                                                         Vehicle Maintenance
366    MTA   Maintenance      GPS Fleet VehicleTracking
367    MTA   MTA/MHD          Mod Date/Approval Tracking                        CAT Custom Oracle       Part of the Mod Tracking Process now
368    MTA   MTA/MHD          PCN Date/Approval Tracking                        CAT Custom Oracle       Part of the PCN/Issue Tracking Process Now
369    MTA   OCC Operations   OCC Incident Tracker                              MTA Custom              Incident Tracking System

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                                                1bbe7572-8056-4d50-af4f-1edb3b591c7b.xls - as of May 5, 2009
Ref# Owner   Department                       Name of Application                           Technology                                 Description
370    MTA   OCC Operations       C22A9 Security System                           CA/T                    CA/T Facilities Security
                                                                                  Mass Electric/Siemens
371    MTA   OCC Operations       Integrated Project Control System (IPCS)        CA/T                    Traffic Management
                                  Transdyn DYNAC used as the base software        Transdyn, Inc.          Facilities Management

372    MTA   OCC Operations       Fire Zone                                       MTA Custom
373    MTA   OCC Operations       Dambach VMS                                     Dambach                 Dambach VMS Sign Control
374    MTA   OCC Operations       Double-Take                                                             Replication and Failover for OCC
375    MTA   OCC Operations       Emergin                                         Emergin                 Paging Software
376    MTA   Operations           EJ Ward Fuel System                             EJ Ward                 Fuel Usage Tracking
377    MTA   Operations           IMaint                                          DPSI                    Inventory & Maintenenace Tracking
378    MTA   Operations           Real Estate Application                                                 Rent/Lease tracking and reporting
379    MTA   Operations           Storms Application                                                      Material and Labor Reporting
380    MTA   Operations           Training Application                                                    Tracking and reporting
381    MTA   Operations           Contracts Application                                                   Tracking and reporting
382    MTA   Operations           Clearance Certificate                           CAT Custom Oracle       Controls tracking of employee clearance certificate for those leaving the
383    MTA   Operations &         O&M CCR                                         CAT Custom Oracle       Tracks operations & Maintenance CCR (Letters In/Out)
384    MTA   Operations &         O&M Equipment Turnover                          CAT Custom Oracle       Tracks expected equipment testing and turnover capability
385    MTA   Operations &         O&M RFI Response                                CAT Custom Oracle       Tracks O&M Responses to Requests for Information (also establishes
             Maintenance                                                                                  Prelim. Status)
386    MTA   Operations &         O&M Submittal Response                          CAT Custom Oracle       Tracks O&M Responses to contractor Submittals (also establishes
             Maintenance                                                                                  Prelim. Status)
387    MTA   Operations &         O&M Training Tracking                           CAT Custom Oracle       Tracks & administers Training Provided to MTA users on contract
             Maintenance                                                                                  equip/Systems
388    MTA   Operations &         Roadway/Facility Turnover                       CAT Custom Oracle       Tracks planned turnover of all facilities and roads
389    MTA   Payroll              Kronos Time & Attendance - MTA                  Kronos                  Time & Attendance
390    MTA   Payroll              Kronos Time & Attendance - State Police         Kronos                  Time & Attendance
391    MTA   Payroll              PeopleSoft                                      Oracle                  Payroll
392    MTA   Payroll              Payroll                                                                 Transmission and Reporting
393    MTA   Records Management   Administrative Archive & Turnover Index Tracking CAT Custom Oracle      Controls archive box Submission, Retrieval & Return

394    MTA   Records Management   Communications control Register - Procurement   CAT Custom Oracle       Component of The Project CCR System custom Tailored to
395    MTA   Records Management   Correspondence Numbering Log (CNL)              CAT Custom Oracle       Controls outgoing Project Letter Numbers

396    MTA   Records Management   Freedom of information Request                  CAT Custom Oracle       Tracks Requests From General Public for Project information & Their

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                                                1bbe7572-8056-4d50-af4f-1edb3b591c7b.xls - as of May 5, 2009
Ref# Owner   Department                       Name of Application                  Technology                                       Description
397    MTA   Records Management   Informal Correspondence                  CAT Custom Oracle           Tracks all informal correspondence

398    MTA   Records Management   Keyfile Document Tracking                CAT Custom Oracle           Document Imaging

399    MTA   Records Management   Master File index                        CAT Custom Oracle           Manage Project Letter File codes

400    MTA   Records Management   MTA Oracle Archives                      CAT Custom Oracle           Controls archive box Submission, Retrieval & Return for the MTA

401    MTA   Records Management   Old-CCR                                  CAT Custom Oracle           Old Correspondence Control data - used for searches

402    MTA   Records Management   PDCC CCR                                 CAT Custom Oracle           PDCC Correspondence Control

403    MTA   Records Management   Project Manual Tracking                  CAT Custom Oracle           Tracks all Project Procedure Manuals

404    MTA   Records Management   Project Report Tracking                  CAT Custom Oracle           Tracks all Project Reports and Their Location

405    MTA   Records Management   Record Request Tracking                  CAT Custom Oracle           Tracks all internal and External requests for records and information

406    MTA   Records Management   SDC Correspondence                       CAT Custom Oracle           Tracks correspondence of SDCs

407    MTA   Risk Management      WC_Reporting_DB.mdb                                                  Claim Management (enhancement)
408    MTA   Risk Management      Loss Run Application                                                 Claim Management (enhancement)
409    MTA   Risk Management      Workers Compensation Application                                     Claim Management
410    MTA   Safety               Monthly Safety Walkdown                  CAT Custom Oracle           Tracks monthly waldowns with BFD at field sites
411    MTA   State Police         State Police Detail Application                                      Details & Overtime Tracking for Payroll and assignment
412    MTA   State Police         State Police Citation Application                                    Massachusetts Citation tracking for Troop E
413    MTA   State Police         State Police Accident Log                                            Massachusetts Accident tracking for Troop E
414    MTA   State Police         Info Rad                                 Info Rad                    Paging Software
415    MTA   State Police         Morse Watchman Software
416    RMV   IT                   RMV Intranet                             HTML, ASP                   RMV Intranet
417    RMV                        Crash Data                               ASP.Net, SQL Server 2000,   Interactive mapping application that displays accident data. Organized
                                                                           ARCIMS                      by year and location.
418    RMV                        Reporting Center for RMV                 ASP, Analysis Server        The Reporting Center for RMV currently provides Bus Inspection Data

419    RMV                        RMV Crash Reporting Center               ASP.Net, SQL Server 2000,   Crash cubes and reports site developed for MHD. Provides reports, Ad-
                                                                           Analysis Server             Hoc reporting, Analytics, and Mapping based on RMV crash data.

420                               DCD Project Site                         SharePoint                  Used by Boston HQ, IT Developers, and District Construction personnel
                                                                                                       to stay updated on DCD development work.

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