Evening IELTS Preparation Course

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     Evening IELTS Preparation Course
                                     The English Language Centre now offers an
                                     Evening course, designed for non-native
                                     English speakers living in York who want to
                                     prepare for the IELTS examination. The
                                     course combines speaking, listening,
                                     reading and writing and familiarises
                                     students with the skills that they require
                                     to excel in an academic environment.
                                     It is aimed at students from intermediate
                                     level upwards.
Our Evening course takes place
from 13th April to 15th June
2010 (10 weeks). The classes
are held on Tuesday evenings,
6-8pm. The lessons cost £100
for the full 10-week course. All
learning materials will be
Please note that students must
provide an ID card or valid
                                   If you are interested, please call us on
passport and visa (if required)
in order to enrol.
                                                 01904 672243
                                        or email