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									                                          UK RELEASE

                         Truphone Slashes Mobile App Calling Rates

                   Cuts cost of international calls by an average of 60 per cent

London, 1st September 2010 – Truphone has made staying in touch with friends, family
and colleagues, both at home and abroad, even more affordable with the introduction of its
lowest calling rates ever.

The global mobile operator has reduced its calling rates to more than 30 destinations
worldwide by an average of 60 per cent, when compared to previous rates for calls made
using its Apple iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Nokia and Android smartphone apps.

Truphone has also reduced the cost of its unlimited monthly call package to just £7.99 per

Truphone’s new rates are now as low as 1.3p¹ per minute, meaning even calls to some of
the most popular destinations worldwide, such as the United States, France and China (see
Notes to Editors for full TruStandard rates), can cost as little as 81p per hour. Calls made
between Truphone customers over Wi-Fi or *3G remain free.

“Truphone wants to take the pain out of keeping in touch with friends and family, whether at
home or away,” said Truphone CEO Geraldine Wilson. “Our wide range of applications,
calling bundles, new calling rates and lower monthly plans make it easy and cost-effective
for people to talk to their heart’s content.”

Truphone offers people with an international lifestyle a portfolio of services that dramatically
simplify mobile communications, including its full GSM, Truphone Local Anywhere service
and award winning mobile VoIP apps for Nokia, Android, Blackberry and iPhone, iPod Touch
and iPad devices.

Notes to Editors

*Subject to your mobile operator’s 3G service data charges.
¹ A connection fee of 3p applies to each call.

Media Contact:
Catherine Jones
Hill & Knowlton for Truphone
T: 020 7413 3725
Chloe Graf
T: 07956 264 863

Call Rates

Country                    TruStandard Before          TruStandard After              % Saving
Australia                        £0.030                     £0.013                      57%
Austria                          £0.030                     £0.013                      57%
Belgium                          £0.030                     £0.013                      57%
Brazil Mobile                    £0.247                     £0.120                      51%
Canada                           £0.030                     £0.013                      57%
China                            £0.030                     £0.013                      57%
China Mobile                     £0.030                     £0.013                      57%
Colombia Mobile                  £0.150                     £0.060                      60%
France                           £0.030                     £0.013                      57%
Germany                          £0.030                     £0.013                      57%
Greece                           £0.050                     £0.013                      74%
Hong Kong                        £0.030                     £0.013                      57%
Hong Kong Mobile                 £0.030                     £0.013                      57%
Hungary                          £0.030                     £0.013                      57%
India                            £0.060                     £0.025                      58%
India Mobile                     £0.060                     £0.025                      58%
Ireland                          £0.030                     £0.013                      57%
Israel                           £0.030                     £0.013                      57%
Italy                            £0.030                     £0.013                      57%
Japan                            £0.033                     £0.014                      58%
Mexico                           £0.120                     £0.055                      54%
Netherlands                      £0.030                     £0.013                      57%
New Zealand                      £0.050                     £0.013                      74%
Poland                           £0.030                     £0.013                      57%
Russia                           £0.125                     £0.025                      80%
Singapore                        £0.030                     £0.013                      57%
Singapore Mobile                 £0.030                     £0.013                      57%
South Korea                      £0.033                     £0.013                      61%
South Korea Mobile               £0.150                     £0.040                      73%
Spain                            £0.030                     £0.013                      57%
Sweden                           £0.030                     £0.013                      57%
Switzerland                      £0.050                     £0.013                      74%
Thailand Mobile                  £0.030                     £0.013                      57%
Turkey                           £0.044                     £0.020                      55%
Turkey Mobile                    £0.207                     £0.100                      52%
UK                               £0.030                     £0.013                      57%
USA                              £0.030                     £0.013                      57%

About Truphone
Truphone is a global mobile service built on the world’s first truly global mobile network. Truphone is
dedicated to people with an international lifestyle, saving them money and simplifying their lives.
Already recognised as a pioneer in the VoIP space, Truphone has launched a revolutionary GSM
service called Truphone Local Anywhere™, which eliminates roaming costs in all Truphone countries
and allows you to put multiple local numbers on one SIM. For more information, please visit

Important information
Truphone is not a replacement for an ordinary telephone service and emergency calls cannot be
made using Truphone. However Truphone does not prevent emergency calls being made via a
handset’s normal cellular service provider. Truphone cannot advise on the legality of VoIP services in
specific territories or jurisdictions. It is the user's responsibility to confirm that use of the Truphone
VoIP software and service is permitted in the location in which they use it.

Apple and iPod are trademarks of Apple Inc, registered in the United States and other countries.
Google is a trademark of Google Inc. Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance. Google
and Android are trademarks of Google, Inc. Truphone is a trademark of Software Cellular Network
Ltd. All other brands, product names, company names, trademarks and service marks are the
properties of their respective owners.

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