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            Transfer from the Diploma
            in English
            If you successfully complete the Diploma
            in English and wish to transfer to the BA
            English as an External student, you must
            complete and return the registration form
            which will be sent to you with the results
            of the Diploma examination. This form
            must be returned to the Examinations
            Office (see Contacts pages) to be received
            not later than 30 November in the year in
            which you are awarded the Diploma.
            If you wish to transfer to the degree
            before successfully completing the
            Diploma, and you satisfy the conditions
            given in the Regulations, then you must
            apply in writing to the Registration
            and Learning Resources Office (see
            Contacts pages). With your written
            application, you will need to submit
            appropriate documentary evidence of your
            qualifications in support of your request.

            Transferring to another
            undergraduate External
            System programme
            If you would like to transfer to another
            undergraduate programme offered through
            the External System you should first check
            the relevant prospectus (available from the
            Information Centre (see Contacts pages)
            or our website at


            to see if you satisfy the entrance
            requirements for the programme to which
            you would like to transfer. If you meet the
            necessary entrance requirements you can
            apply to transfer.

                                                      • Programme section • 2010–2011 73
                                  Applications to transfer must be made in        your studies during your current period of
                                  writing to the Registration and Learning        registration. If a renewal is approved you
                                  Resources Office (see Contacts pages).          will be required to pay an initial registration
                                  When making an application you must             fee. If you do not have sufficient time
                                  give your full name, student number,            remaining in your current period of
                                  correspondence address, the programme           registration to complete the programme
                                  for which you are currently registered          to which you have transferred, you will be
                                  and the programme to which you wish to          required to cancel your existing registration
                                  transfer.                                       and apply to register afresh for the new
                                  Applications to transfer are considered         programme. You must pay the initial
                                  on an individual basis. If your application     registration fee for the new programme
                                  is approved, in certain circumstances you       and you will be given a new period of
                                  may be awarded credit(s) on the new             registration.
                                  programme on the basis of your studies on
                                                                                  Transferring to a
                                  the old programme. However, the award of
                                                                                  postgraduate External
                                  credit(s) is also considered individually and
                                                                                  System programme
                                  remains at the discretion of the University.
                                                                                  If you would like to apply for a Masters
                                  If you make an application to transfer after
                                                                                  degree, Postgraduate Diploma or
                                  you have made an examination entry on
                                                                                  Postgraduate Certificate through the
                                  your current programme, your transfer
                                                                                  External System, you will have to cancel
                                  application will not be considered until
                                                                                  your existing registration and submit a
                                  after the publication of the results of your
                                                                                  fresh application for registration for that
                                                                                  degree, diploma or certificate.
                                  If your transfer request is approved you
                                  will be required to pay any outstanding         Transferring to another
                                  continuing registration fees. On transfer       United Kingdom university
                                  to the new programme your registration          at undergraduate level
                                  will be valid for the remaining period of       Applying to study at Goldsmiths or
                                  your current registration, unless you are       another College of the University of
                                  transferring from a degree to a diploma,        London
                                  where the maximum period of registration        How easily you can transfer to a College
                                  is five years rather than eight years. If you   of the University of London depends on
                                  do not complete your new programme              different factors (most importantly – the
                                  within the time remaining in your current       structure and content of what you have
                                  registration period, you may be able to         studied; how far you’ve got and how
                                  apply to renew your registration for a          well you’ve done), and can never be
                                  further period. When considering whether        guaranteed. If you are able to transfer to
                                  to grant a renewal of your registration         a College, it is likely that you will transfer
                                  period the University will take into            into the second year.
                                  account the progress you have made in

74   • English handbook • 2010–2011
If you have passed certain units of the           the Admissions Office at the university
BA English you may apply to transfer to           concerned. If you need confirmation of
the corresponding full-time BA degree             your results as part of the transfer process,
course for internal students at Goldsmiths.       please refer to Certificates, transcripts and
Entry is competitive, however, and each           the diploma supplement in the General
application will be considered on its merits.     section of this handbook.
If you are keen to transfer to Goldsmiths,        How to apply to universities in the
we advise you to contact the Programme            United Kingdom
Director at Goldsmiths (see Contacts pages        Applications to United Kingdom universities
for details). She will be able to advise you on   must be made via the Universities’ and
the likelihood of transfer and at what stage      Colleges’ Admissions Service (UCAS). The
and under what conditions it is likely. If you    UCAS contact details are:
want to find out about courses offered at
                                                    UCAS, Rosehill, New Barn Lane,
other University of London Colleges, contact
                                                    Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
the Information Centre (see Contacts pages).
                                                    GL52 3LZ. United Kingdom
Applying to other universities                      Email:
You may wish to apply for entry to another          Website:
university in the United Kingdom or               For consideration of a place from October in
elsewhere. You need to check with the             a particular year, the UCAS opening date for
universities concerned whether this is            the receipt of applications is 1 September
possible, as every university has its own         in the previous year and the deadline is
conditions and procedures. We would               15 January of the year of study (i.e. for
advise you to start making enquiries at           October 2011 start, applications open
least a year before you wish to transfer.         1 September 2010 and the deadline for
If you live overseas, the British Council         receipt of applications is 15 January 2011).
is a good source of information about
                                                  The British Council will have further
universities in the United Kingdom and
                                                  information and application forms for UCAS.
how to apply to them, or you can contact

Hints for UCAS applications

1.   If you are applying for second year              prospectus carefully and indicate how
     entry, ensure that this is clearly               you satisfy the criteria/conditions that
     indicated on the UCAS form.                      the University is looking for.
2. Personal statements are a vital                3. If you are studying with an institution, a
   part of the UCAS application. Not                 senior academic should be responsible
   all universities invite applicants for            for writing your reference. The grades
   interviews, so this is your opportunity           predicted for each subject should be
   to express yourself. Read through the             clearly indicated on the UCAS form.

                                                                                                 • Programme section • 2010–2011 75