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                                                       Civil Engineering and
                                                       School Office
                                                       Cassie Building
                                                       Newcastle Univeristy
                                                       Newcastle upon Tyne
                                                       NE1 7RU
                                                       t: 0191 222 6323
                                                       The school is housed in two
                                                       almost adjacent purpose
                                                       designed buildings, Cassie and
                                                       Drummond, and has a share in
                                                       Devonshire which is adjacent
                                                       to both. The Devonshire
                                                       houses the Institutes for
                                                       Research into Environment
                                                       and Sustainability and the
                                                       Informatics Institute.

                                                       Pedestrian and assisted
                                                       wheelchair access
                                                       The east route to the
                                                       Drummond, Cassie and
                                                       Devonshire Buildings (blue
                                                       line) is preferable for assisted
                                                       or motorised wheelchair users
                                                       - it has a long, although not
                                                       steep, incline. The alternative
                                                       route (black line) has more
                                                       roads to cross but less of an
                                                       The Cassie Building wheelchair
                                                       entrance faces onto the end of
                                                       Devonshire Terrace and there
                                                       is a lift to all floors. The main
                                                       entrance is around the corner
                                                       to the left, off Kensington
                                                       The entrance to the
                                                       Drummond Building faces
                                                       onto the Devonshire car park.
                                                       There is a lift to all floors.
                                                       The entrance to the
                                                       Devonshire Building faces
                                                       onto the end of Devonshire
                                                       Terrace. Access to the public is
                                                       restricted and you must phone
                                                       the person you are visiting to
                                                       let you through beyond the
                                                       entrance. There is a lift to all
For disability support please see:

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