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Native Canadian                    Wildflowers

 Begin an
 garden with
 wildflowers!                                              WS017    WS020

                                                                                             WS011 (Fireweed)

a Native wildflowers provide food and                       a Eliminate the need for pesticides
   shelter to wildlife and they are particularly           a Native wildflowers can easily be grown,
   suited to their habitats.                                  even in poor soils or in pots.
a Native wildflowers, once established,                     a Let your native garden space be the envy
   generally require less care and less water                 of your neighbourhood and preserve these
   than non-native species.                                   ancient plants for future generations.

 WS001    Black-eyed Susan      Rudbeckia hirta            WS017     Paintbrush          Castilleja spp.
 WS002    Blazing Star          Liatris pycnostachya       WS018     Prairie Coneflower   Ratibida columnifera
 WS003    Blue Huckleberry      Vaccinium ovalifolium      WS019     Purple Coneflower    Echinacea purpurea
 WS004    Blue Vervain          Verbena hastata            WS020     Red Columbine       Aquilegia formosa
 WS005    Brown-eyed Susan      Gaillardia aristata        WS021     Red-osier Dogwood   Cornus stoloniferia
 WS006    Bunchberry            Cornus canadensis          WS022     Salal               Gaultheria shallon
 WS007    Butterfly Weed         Asclepias tuberosa         WS023     Saskatoon Berry     Amelanchier alnifolia
 WS008    Cardinal Flower       Lobelia cardinalis         WS024     Shooting Star       Dodecatheon hendersonii
 WS009    Chocolate Lily        Fritillaria lanceolata     WS025     Shrubby Penstemon   Penstemon fruticosus
 WS010    Common Camas          Camassia quamash           WS026     Tiger Lily          Lilium columbianum
 WS011    Fireweed              Epilobium angustifolium    WS027     Turk’s-cap Lily     Lilium michiganense
 WS012    Large-leaved Lupine   Lupinus polyphyllus        WS028     Upland Larkspur     Delphinium nuttallianum
 WS013    New England Aster     Aster novae-angliae        WS029     Vanilla Leaf        Achlys triphylla
 WS014    Nodding Onion         Allium cernuum             WS030     White Fawn Lily     Erythronium oregonum
 WS015    Ocean Spray           Holodiscus discolor        WS031     Wild Bergamot       Monarda fistulosa
 WS016    Ox-eye Sunflower       Heliopsis helianthoides    WS032     Wild Rose           Rosa nutkana

1 | NATURE’S GARDEN SEED COMPANY | CATALOGUE                            
                                                      Wildflower Mixes
                                                      Each package contains sufficient
                                                       seed to plant an area equal to five
                                                       oak barrel planters (1.5 sq. metres
                                                       or 15 sq. feet).

                            Butterfly Wildflower Garden Mix
                            These Canadian Wildflowers burst with colour and fragrance.
                            Contains: Purple Coneflower, Tufted Fleabane, Wild Berga-
                            mot, Black-eyed Susan, New England Aster, Indian Blanket
                            and Blazing Star.

                                                Native Canadian
MX003                                        Ornamental Grasses
          Native grasses in your garden will attract wildlife and pro-
          vide a natural look. The package contains three individually
               packaged grass species: Big Bluestem, Indiangrass and
                                                     Sideoats Grama.

                            Backyard Biodiversity                         MX004

                            Wildflower Seed Mix
                            Treat yourself and your environment to Canadian wildflow-
                            ers. Contains: Black-eyed Susan, Butterfly Weed,
                            Purple Coneflower, Fireweed, New England
                            Aster, Indian Blanket and Lupine.

                                              Hummingbird and
                                            Butterfly Garden Mix
            Attract wildlife to your garden with these fragrant plants.
             Contains: Butterfly Weed, Pale Purple Coneflower, Indian
               Blanket, Black-eyed Susan, Shrubby Penstemon, Pearly
                                  Everlasting and Large-leaved Lupine.
                                                                          MX002                        CATALOGUE | NATURE’S GARDEN SEED COMPANY | 2
Native Canadian                    Trees
Perpetuate the beauty
of Canadian trees—
grow your own!
The results can span
generations. This is
a great gift for the
outdoor enthusiast!


                              Sugar Maple

 TR001   Arbutus                Arbutus menziesii                       Arbutus Tree
 TR002   Douglas-fir             Pseudotsuga menziesii
 TR003   Eastern White Pine     Pinus strobus
 TR004   Pacific Dogwood         Cornus nuttallii
 TR005   Paper Birch            Betula papyrifera
 TR006   Sugar Maple            Acer saccharum
 TR007   Tamarack               Larix larcinia
 TR008   Western Red Cedar      Thuja plicata

                                                 Special Seed Selections

  Hanging Basket
  Seed Selection
  Victoria, BC is famous
  for its hanging baskets.
  This mix lets you bring
  these luscious baskets
  home. Seven individually
  packaged seed species will
  help you create 3 baskets.

  The Tree of Life
  The century old painting
  doning this package                  SK002
  illustrates the cultural
  significance of this tree. The package contains
  redcedar seeds, growing instructions, magnet, and
  a booklet about the history of this tree. An ideal gift for visitors to
  Canada, naturalists and those interested in aboriginal culture.
  Bonus: An authentic piece of aboriginal art—a totem magnet—silkscreened
  on redcedar and designed for Nature’s Garden Seed Co. by aboriginal artist,
  Wesley Derrick Thomas.

                                               Rain Forest Kit
                                                Enjoy rain forest plants in your own garden!
                                                The kit includes seeds for growing six rain
                                                 forest plants, peat pellets and an illustrated
                                                   Contains seeds of Sitka Spruce, Western
                                                   Redcedar, Western Hemlock, Red-osier
                                                    Dogwood, Bunchberry and Salal.
                                 SK003                         CATALOGUE | NATURE’S GARDEN SEED COMPANY | 4
                                         Wildflower Seed Bags
                                            A great gift for any occasion! These handy little
                                             canvas bags (5”x5”) include a wildflower seed
                                              package, growing medium and planting






 SB013                           You can also add your name/logo to this seed bags or replace
                                  our stock design with your company image.

 SB001   Black-eyed Susan               FRENCH SEED BAGS AVAILABLE:
 SB002   Chocolate Lily                  SBF010   Backyard Biodiversity Mix
 SB003   Common Camas                    SBF011   Wildflower Butterfly Mix
 SB004   Large-Leaved Lupine             SBF012   Wildflower Meadow Mix
 SB005   Ox-eye Sunflower                 SBF013   Canadian Wildflower
 SB006   Paintbrush                      SBF014   Lavender
 SB007   Upland Larkspur
 SB008   White Fawn Lily
 SB009   Wild Rose
 SB010   Backyard Biodiversity Mix
 SB011   Wildflower Butterfly Mix
 SB012   Wildflower Meadow Mix
 SB013   Canadian Wildflower
 SB014   Lavender
 SB015   Chamomile

5 | NATURE’S GARDEN SEED COMPANY | CATALOGUE                           
                                                    Window Garden Box
 A window box garden can
 liven up any small space!
 Enjoy a profusion of
 plants in these complete
 packages containing
 seeds, soil mix, pots,
 water tray, illustrated
 instruction booklet and
 wooden window box.

                                       Herb Garden (SK004) Cut Flower (SK005)
 Herb Window Box Garden
 Contains seeds of: Rosemary, Chives, Basil and Cilantro

 Cut Flower Window Box Garden
 Contains seeds of: Calendula, Larkspur, Snapdragon, and Cosmos

Lavender         Sachets
                                         100% Pure locally
                                         grown Lavender
                                          in sachets
                                           with Lavender
                                           embroidery create
                                            a heavenly aroma.
                                             You can place the
                                              sachets in your car, suitcase, drawers,
                                              linen closet, shoes, or gym bag.

                                                           LAVENDER SACHETS
                                                             LA001     Clear - 5”x7”
       LA001                         LA003
                                                             LA002     Window - 3.5”x5”
                                                             LA003     Window - 5”x7”
    Bonus: tag includes a strip of handmade seeded
    paper embedded with Lavender seeds.                      CATALOGUE | NATURE’S GARDEN SEED COMPANY | 6
Gardener’s Secret Hand Care
                                                The Gardener’s Secret Hand
                                                Soap – 100% Natural
                                                The Gardener’s secret for beautiful
                                               hands. Deep cleans, moisturizes and
                                               heals cuts while leaving a layer of
                                                 Elements: water, saponified oils of
                                                coconut (cocos nucifera oil), vegetable
                                              and olive (olea europaea oil), beeswax,
                                            cocoa butter (theobroma cacao seed butter),
                          aloe vera (aloe barbadensis leaf juice), pumice, wheat germ
           (triticum vulgare), yarrow (achillea milefolium).

    The Gardener’s Secret Hand
    Cream – 100% Natural
    The Gardener’s secret for stunning
    hands. This hand cream improves the
    condition of dry and damaged skin
    and can subtle pain caused by exzema
    or other skin related problems.
    Ingredients: Emu (Gromicieus) oil,
    Grapeseed (Vitis vinifera) oil, Coconut (Cocos
    nucifera)oil, Soya Bean (Soja hispida) oil, Avocado                     GS002

    (Persea Americana) oil, Lavandula officinalis, Pelargoneum
    graveolens, Citrus sinensi, Tocopherol (Vitamine E).

                                               Gardener’s          Gift Sets
                                          Nature’s Garden Gift Sets are the perfect
                                          gift for all gardeners, who, after all,
                                           deserve a treat after all their work!

                                                                     Our Gift Sets are
                                                                     tastefully presented
                                                                    with Canadian
                                                                    made gift items.
                                                                    Great gift to share
                                                                   quality values with
                                                                   those important
                                                                   people in your life.
                                                                  The perfect treat for
                                 GS003                            the gardener’s hard
                                                                  working hands.
     Gardener’s Dream Gift Set (GS003)
     Contains deep cleaning Hand Soap, Hand Cream and two
     packages of Black-eyed Susan - wildflower seeds.

     Gardener’s Joy Gift Set (GS004)
     Contains Canadian Wildflower t-towel, Hand soap, Hand Cream
     and Backyard Biodiversity Wildflower Mix.

     Dazzle your customers
     by creating your own
     gift box choosing from
     a variety of different
     selections that we offer.                  CATALOGUE | NATURE’S GARDEN SEED COMPANY | 8
Gift   Cards
  This unique series of gift cards is designed
  with a handmade paper insert embedded
  with seeds from the featured plant, a
  delicate drawing and
  an accompanying
  Plant the insert,
  watch it grow and
  keep the card!

  As a result of your input, the
  most popular greetings are now
  available on our cards:                   GC004
  Happy Birthday, Thinking of You
  and Get Well.


                                                     GIFT CARDS AVAILABLE:
                                                      GC001   Thank You
                                                      GC002   Happy Birthday
                                                      GC003   Get Well
                                                      GC004   Greetings from Canada
                                                      GC005   Thinking of You
                                                      GC006   Season’s Greetings
                                                      GC007   Fireweed
      GC003                                           GC008   Columbine
                                                      GC009   Paintbrush


                                                       Herb       Cards



                               HERB CARDS AVAILABLE:
                                HC001     Basil
                                HC002     Dill
                                HC003     Rosemary
                                HC004     Lavender
                                HC005     Thyme
                                HC006     Chamomile


                      HC002   HC005     CATALOGUE | NATURE’S GARDEN SEED COMPANY | 10
Gift Tags
Gift tags contain wildflower or herb
seeds and are a lovely way
to spruce up a gift.


                                            GT005               GIFT TAGS AVAILABLE:
                                                                   GT001      Canadian Wildflower
                                                                   GT002      Barrel & Butterflies
                                                                   GT003      Hummingbird & Butterfly
                                                                   GT004      Basil
                                                                   GT005      Thyme
               GT006                                               GT006      Rosemary

                                              This unique series of cello-wrapped
                                             bookmarks is designed with a seeded
                                             handmade paper insert.
                                             The insert contains a mix of Native Wildflowers
                                            Seeds. Plant the insert, watch it grow and
                                            keep the bookmark!

                                            BOOKMARKS AVAILABLE:
                                             BK001      Black-eyed Susan
                                             BK002      Barrel & Butterflies
                                             BK003      Canadian Wildflower
                                             BK004      Canadian Christmas

      BK002            BK003

11 | NATURE’S GARDEN SEED COMPANY | CATALOGUE                       
                                                                Youth T-Shirts
                                                            100% Cotton. Our “I Love
                                                          Nature” t-shirts are the perfect
                                                       gift for your favourite toddler
                                                        We use quality silk screening for
                                                           lasting wear. This T-shirt design
                                                                is only available in child
                                                                         size 2T.


Tea  Towels
 Our Canadian-made 100% cotton tea
 towels feature screen-printed Native
 Canadian Wildflowers or Trees.
 Bonus: A strip of handmade seeded paper for
 planting accompanies each towel!


                                           TEA TOWELS AVAILABLE:
                                               TT001    Canadian Wildflower
                                               TT002    Canadian Trees
                                               TT003    Butterflies’ Dreams

                                   TT001                      CATALOGUE | NATURE’S GARDEN SEED COMPANY | 12
Our Canadian-made aprons
are available in two different
You can also add your name/
logo to this apron or replace
our stock design with your
company image. Call us for
a quote!

 AP001    Canadian Wildflower
 AP002    Garden Wreath
 AP003    Custom

Wine Bags

                                                  Our Canadian-made wine bags are sturdy
                                                  10 oz cotton canvas with colourful woven
                                                  handles and matching trim accent for
                                                  single bottle or two bottles.
                                                   WINE BAGS AVAILABLE:
                                                    CW001   Canadian Wildflower
                                                    CW002   Garden Wreath
                                                    CW003   Pacific Dogwood
                                                    CW004   White Trillium
                                                    CW005   Wild Rose
                                                    CW006   Wild Iris
                                                    CW007   Sugar Maple
                                                    CW008   White Pine
                                                    CW009   Western Red Cedar
                                                    CW010   Black Spruce
  CW004                                             CW011   Lodge Pole Pine

  Available with the images shown here or provide your custom image.                CW002

     CW003        CW005           CW006         CW008    CW009           CW010            CW011

                                                                     Canvas Bags
Our bags are made in
Canada from sturdy
10 oz. cotton canvas
with 4” gusset and
strong 24” woven handles
for comfort.
Two-tone canvas bags
(green/tan or red/tan)
available with individual                   RB009

provincial flower of your choice.

                                                         Purple handle canvas bags with a
                                                         choice of 4 different designs.
                                                          Bonus: tag includes a strip of
                                                                     handmade seeded paper
                                                                     for planting.



        CANVAS BAGS Purple Handle:                       CANVAS BAGS Two-Tone:
          Purple    Design                                  Red    Green    Design
          CP001     Native Wildflowers of Canada            RB001   GB001    Canadian Wildflowers
          CP002     Provincial Flowers                     RB002   GB002    Garden Wreath
          CP003     Canadian Wildflowers                    RB003   GB003    BC Trees
          CP004     Provincial Trees                       RB004   GB004    Canada’s Trees
          CP005     Custom                                 RB005   GB005    Pacific Dogwood
                                                           RB006   GB006    White Trillium
        Canvas bags are made of 100% Natural,
                                                           RB007   GB007    Wild Rose
        unbleached, un-dyed cotton. Machine                RB008   GB008    Wild Iris
        wash and dry flat. Very durable.                    RB009   GB009    Sugar Maple
        Size: 15"x15"                                      RB010   GB010    White Pine
                                                           RB011   GB011    Western Red Cedar
                                                           RB012   GB012    Custom                           CATALOGUE | NATURE’S GARDEN SEED COMPANY | 14
Custom Products
                                             Don’t spend your valuable time designing
                                             products, let us do that for you! With
                                            hundreds of options to choose from, we
                                            can customize our products for you.

                        Bags, seed packages,
                          aprons, cards and more.
                            We have a wide array of products
                               awaiting your logo!
                                 We specially design items for not-for-profits and
                                 corporations to help with fundraising and other campaign
                                 activities. We work with you to develop products that are
                                  cost effective and reflect who you are—beautifully!

                                                                Festive Products
Remember the beauty of the season with our specialty festive products. Two unique
designs are offered on our seed bag, apron, wine bag, two-tone bag.

Dazzle your customers with our “Happy Holidays”
wildflowers seed package! The thoughtful gift will
last forever.
Contains: Black-eyed Susan,
Large-leaved Lupine and
Indian Blanket.

                                                                         Seed Package


                                    Holiday Package Display

      Apron                                                             Greeting Card

                                     Seed Bag

        Wine Bag                                      Two-Tone Bag                         CATALOGUE | NATURE’S GARDEN SEED COMPANY | 16
Product               Displays
Our handcrafted wooden display units are a lively
addition to any store. Displays include offsets.

                                    Gift Tag/Bookmark
                                      Base: 8”x8”
                                      Height: 14”

                                                                  12 Pocket Shelf Display
                                                                  Dimensions: Base: 17”x6” | Height: 25 1/2”

                                                                                6 Place
                                                                           Card Display
                                                    Dimensions: Base: 9”x11” | Height: 16”

                                                                   9 Pocket Display
                                                                    Base: 9”x11” | Height: 14 1/2”

DS004                                                          Wildflower Display
28 Pocket Display                                                            Dimensions:
                                                          Base: 2 1/2”x5” | Height: 11 1/2”
Base: 17 1/4”x11” | Height: 61”

17 | NATURE’S GARDEN SEED COMPANY | CATALOGUE                                       
Item #     Description                   Display Capacity
DS001      9 Pocket Seed                 108
DS002      12 Pocket Seed - Shelf        144
DS003      12 Pocket Seed - Wall         144
DS004      28 Pocket Seed - Standing     336
DS005      Wildflower Mix                 48
DS006      Hanging Basket                20
DS007      Tree of Life                  20
DS008      Gift Tag/Bookmark             40
DS009      Seed Bag - Turning            18
DS010      Seed Bag - Standing           45
DS011      3 Place Tea Towel             15                      DS011
DS012      6 Place Card                  72                       3 Place Tea Towel Display
DS013      2 Place Card                  30                       Dimensions:
                                                                  Base: 8”x8” | Height: 18”
DS014      The Gardener’s Secret         12 soaps/9 creams

   DS006                                                               The Gardener’s
Hanging                                                                Secret Display
Basket Display                                                         Dimensions: Base:
Dimensions: Base: 6”x5” | Height: 14”                                  Base: 10 1/2”x71/2” | Height: 9”

                                                                                                      12 Pocket Wall Display
                                                                                                      Base: 7 1/2”x4” | Height: 40”

                                  Seed Bag
                                  Turning Display
                                  Dimensions: Base: 12”x12” | Height: 20”
   2 Place Card Display                                           Tree of Life Display
   Dimensions: Base: 5 1/2”x5” | Height: 13”
                                                             Base: 17 1/4”x11” | Height: 61”                                            CATALOGUE | NATURE’S GARDEN SEED COMPANY | 18
                           Gifts To Last Generations
                       Nothing is more precious than an everlasting gift of
                    nature. Nature’s Garden Seed Company is proud to offer
             a distinctive line of high quality products inspired by Canadian
nature that will allow you to give, or enjoy for yourself, the everlasting
gift of nature - year after year of flowers, butterflies, hummingbirds
and bumblebees. At Nature’s Garden Seed Company, we care about
our customers and our environment. Our products are unconditionally
guaranteed and produced in the most ecologically sensitive manner possible.
Enjoy Canada’s natural gifts.

Nature’s Garden Seed Company is committed to the use of
environmentally responsible papers. This catalogue was printed
with vegetable-based ink on 100% recycled, 100% post
consumer waste, processed chlorine free paper.

                                          Nature’s Garden Seed Company
                                         PO Box 32105 • 3651 Shelbourne St.
                                                Victoria, BC V8P 5S2 Canada
                                                               tel. 250-595-2062
                                                              fax. 250-595-7195
                                                  toll free tel. 1-877-302-7333
                                                  toll free fax. 1-888-595-7195