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					               Ohio General Assembly or Statewide Candidate Questionnaire

Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. Your answers will be published
unedited and as submitted as part of our continuing effort to keep our members informed about
the candidates and issues during this election. We ask that you electronically forward your
responses to us by June 28, 2010 so that we may inform our members regarding your candidacy
before the election. Please email all responses, questions or comments to We
thank you for your time and cooperation.

Candidate Information

 Candidate name: Frank C. Comunale
 Committee name: Friends of Frank C. Comunale Victory 2010
 Office sought: State Senate                     District: 27
 Committee manager: Gail Garbrandt
 Committee treasurer: Martha Comunale
 Party affiliation: XDemocrat Republican Other:
 Committee Address: 1650 W Market Street #23     City:      Akron      Zip: 44313
 Telephone: 330/864-1745                         Fax: 330/864-1749
 Email:                 Website:
 City of residence: Akron                        Number of years: 19

Educational Background (please include year of completion and degree(s) or certificate(s)
received): B.A. University of Akron 1970

What experience have you had with working in or with a private business? VP S.A. Comunale
Company, Barberton, Ohio;

Public offices held or which you were a candidate for (please include years of service): VP
Summit County Council; elected 2007;

Memberships and affiliations (please list all honors, awards or distinctions received): Member:
Omicron Delta Kappa, National Leadership Honor Society; Former President Akron-Summit
County Public Library Board of Trustees; Former President of Good Samaritan Hunger Center
Board of Trustees; Former First Vice Chairman Towpath Credit Union Board of Trustees. Former
President of the First Friday Club of Greater Akron, Board of Trustees. Bishop William M.
Cosgrove Justice Award for Community Service; Peter Bommarito Outstanding Voluntary
Achievement Award; United Way Distinguished Service Award; Urban Lights Award form the
University of Akron Department of Public Administration; and a Shining Star Award form Summit
County Children Services.
Endorsements received: See attached list

Why are you qualified to be elected to this office? My education and successful business career
over many years have given me the ability to make sound decisions during tough times. The
continued recognition for my work in the Summit County and greater Akron community have
given me insight to the diverse needs of our citizens and the challenges they face as they
assimilate into the global economy.

Candidate Questionnaire:

1) As a candidate, what are your top three issues and how will you work to address these issues?
        1. the economy (creating and retaining jobs)
        2. education (work for parity in funding and diminish the burden of over taxed property
        3. taxes (making Ohio a more business friendly state)

2) The state is facing a budget deficit in 2011-2012 of more than $8 billion. How do you see this
issue being addressed? Through consolidation of some state agencies; reduction in duplication
of services; and careful review of currently funded programs;

5) What is your position on legislation that mandates specific areas of coverage in health care
insurance (i.e. colorectal cancer, diabetes or autism coverage)? I would oppose expansion of
currently mandated coverage.

6) Small businesses often report that, while energy efficiency is important, a lack of financing,
immediate return on investment, and information are often barriers to their ability to implement
these types of projects. How would you work to provide small businesses with these and other
resources that would allow them to engage in energy efficiency initiatives? I would help them
identify green jobs grant monies; help to form regional alliances to explore ways to finance and
implement these types of projects.

7) How do you propose to address the flight of young professionals (brain drain) from the
Northeastern Ohio region? We need to find ways to provide incentives for young professionals to
stay in Ohio. Student loan payoff in exchange for an extended contract is one way businesses
can help reverse brain drain from Ohio. Affordable housing and access to lending from banks as
well as credit unions would also be crucial to this plan.

8) How would you coordinate the workforce needs of small businesses with the educational focus
in Cuyahoga County to ensure that graduates are receiving training in alignment with the hiring
needs of small business in the future? We need to form stronger alliances with our University
System of Ohio, as well as our great network of community colleges. We need to facilitate
conversations between educational institutions and employers to see how needs can best be
9) Regulations and red tape often inhibit small business’ ability to begin or grow their businesses.
Do you believe regulatory reform is a priority? If so, how would you ease the regulatory burdens
on small businesses? If not, why? Yes I do see this as a priority. People have the right to make
a decent living. Business in Ohio is over regulated. I would work to make affordable diverse
lending opportunities available to small businesses. Microlending/Microfinance is a great
example of how this is being done outside of the U.S. Current regulation of small businesses
need to be re-evaluated.

10) In a recent COSE member survey, the top concern for state government was the budget
deficit. How would you address this problem? See answer to question 2 above

11) Small businesses continue to report access to capital as a challenge that often inhibits their
ability to maintain or grow their business. How would you work to increase access to capital
opportunities for small business owners? I would encourage them to explore diverse sources of
capital as outlined in my answer to question 9 above.

12) How would you ease the tax burden and cost of compliance that small businesses face? I
would consider tax abatement for new business start ups. Government needs to reach out a
hand to help new and small businesses rather than slapping their hands with increased regulation
and costs.