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									    High Flyers Children’s Centre
           Tedder Avenue
               TS17 9JP
       Tel: 01642 527802 / 03                                Thornaby Family Centre
         Fax: 01642 528860                                       Baysdale Road
         Health Visitors: Tel                                        Thornaby
            01642 527215                                             TS17 9DD
                                                                Tel: 01642 528890

  Barley Fields Children’s
        Lamb Lane                                      Riverbank Children’s
     Ingleby Barwick                                            Centre
         TS17 0QP                                          Gilmour Street
    Tel: 01642 765168                                         Thornaby
                                                               TS17 6PF
                                                         Tel: 01642 528880

     Ingleby Barwick
   Community Centre
                                                    Layfield Children's Centre
      Haresfield Way
                                                        Everingham Road
     Ingleby Barwick
         TS17 0YL                                                                                   Fun in Tiny Treasures
  Tel: 01642 527802 / 03                                      TS15 9TF
                                                         Tel 01642 790826
      This leaflet is also available in large print, braille, on tape and in your first language.

                                                      Children’s Centre Manager -                Barbara Brookes
                                                      Administration:-                           Gemma Ryles
                                                                                                 Annmarie Ruddock
                                                                                                 Sarah Fairless
                                                      Administration (Health):-                  Linda Matthews
                                                      Customer Care Co-ordinator                 Julie Place
                                                      Customer Care Workers:-                    Janet Lawson
                                                                                                 Lynsey Danks
                                                                                                 Irene Sloan
                                                                                                 Emily Silversides
                                                      EYFS Advisory Teacher:-                    Caroline Fisher
                                                      Senior Childcare Facilitator:-             Sarah Jones
                                                      Childcare Facilitators:-                   Helen Presgrave
                                                                                                 Joanne Chambers
                                                                                                 Yvette Appleton
                                                                                                 Carrie Hardy
                                                                                                 Sara Ness
                                                      Crèche Leaders:-                           Stephanie Armstrong
                                                                                                 Lyndsey Brown
                                                                                                 Laura Leaf
                                                      Crèche Workers:-                           Diane Harper
                                                                                                 Yvonne Clayton
                                                                                                 Janet Woodward
                                                      Positive Parenting Tutor:-                 Sharon Welford
                                                                                                 Heidi Lowes
                                                      Midwives:-                                 Helen West
                                                                                                 Mary - Lou Bell
                                                                                                 Anne—Marie Collighan
                                                                                                 Lauren Carey
                                                                                                 Mary Hodges
                                                                                                 Sara Taylor
                                                                                                 Alyson Lancashire
                                                                                                 Maureen Jones
                                                                                                 Ann Brewer
                                                      (Midwifery Assistant)                      Vicki Zapalski
                                                      Health Visitors:-                          Ann Howey
                                                                                                 Sarah McNulty
                                                                                                 Julie Gray
                                                                                                 Helen Maloney
                                                                                                 Andrea Stephens
                    Please Note:                                                                 Dale Verdi
                                                                               (Staff Nurse)     Lynsey Reed
All activities/ courses in blue are term time only.                            (Nursery Nurse)   Michelle Clapham
                                                                               (Nursery Nurse)   Wendy Magnone
    Please see staff for seasonal updates over        Senior Home Visitor :-                     Susan Shutt
                                                      Home Visitors:-                            Stacey Shields
                the Holiday periods.                                                             Zoe Boston
                                                                                                 Emma Ward
                                                                                                 Michelle Latham
                                                                                                 Debbie Carlin
 All Stay and Play and Tiny Treasures sessions                                                   Emily Barnfield
                                                                                                 Tracey Mclone
start week commencing 13th September.                                                            Carolyn Foster
                                                      Speech and Language Therapist:-            Helen McGregor
                                                                                                 Trish McManus
                                                                                                 Faith Farrier
                                                               Stay and Play:-

               Information & Advice on                         This group is a great way to explore sand, paint and fun activities with your child.
                                                               You can also sing which is a great way of improving your child’s speech. Every week there’s a different

                  Learning and Work                            activity so your little ones won’t get bored!

We aim to help you with:                                       Ante-natal Bump Club:-
                                                               Ante-natal appointments with your Midwives. Meet other pregnant Mums & Dads, and enjoy a range of
                                                               new ante-natal services.

                 Developing new skills                       Midwife Drop-In:-
                 Getting back to work or training            For pregnant women to have access to a midwife if you are concerned about yourself or your developing
                                                               baby in any way. No appointment necessary, just come along and wait.
                 Changing direction
                                                               Healthy Start:-
                 Applying for jobs, CV’s and interviews      A health and well being clinic aimed at providing you with all the professional help you will need for your
                                                               family including baby advice, health issues, baby weighing and developmental issues. Come along and
                 Finding a suitable course                   meet your Health Visitor.
                 FREE arranged crèche place
                                                               Mum 2 Mum:-
                                                               An informal group for first time mums. Meet other mums and have the opportunity to meet our health
                                                               team and discuss issues such as weaning, breastfeeding and sleep.
If you are interested in any of the above, please   contact:
Angela Docherty, Advice and Guidance                           Prambles:-
                                                               Walking keeps you fit and is fun! Join our group and meet other mums. No childcare needed, bring your
                                                               baby in the buggy.
Advisor on 01642 527201 or 07795012440 Or Speak to
a member of staff at any of the local Children’s Centres.
                                                               Tiny Treasures:-
                                                               This is a fun group for non walking babies designed to stimulate and improve social skills, including nurs-
                                                               ery rhymes, singing & instruments, fun play, explorative toys. Come along and share your child’s magical
                                                               first year. Come along and receive a learning journey booklet, for more information speak to a
                                                                childcare facilitator.
   Barley Fields Children's Centre is now offering the
                                                               Citizens Advice Bureau:-
opportunity to buy fresh affordable fruit and vegetables       Free independent and confidential advice on a whole range of issues from Stockton District Advice and
                                                               Information Service (Citizens Advice Bureau).
         provided by the Food Chain Northeast.
                                                               Twins Group:-
                                                               Come along with your twins. Play, have fun and have a chat with other families.
      Call Janet on 01642765168 for information.
                                                               Speech and Language:-
                                                               Appointments with the Speech Therapist for children who have been referred to the Speech and
                                                               Language Service.

                                                               Baby Massage:-
                                                               Come along and learn the fantastic art of baby massage with our trained staff. Ideal for helping with
                                                               bonding and attachment with young babies.

    Runway Café at High Flyers Children's Centre is            Parent Craft:-
             Now Open 8:30am—1:30pm                            Parent Craft sessions will prepare you for parenthood, your midwife will discuss labour, pain relief,
                                                               feeding and
                 Open Monday—Friday                            welcoming your new baby.
     Serving healthy meals and snacks for adults and
                      children                                 Job Centre Plus:-
                                                               An appointment service in our High Flyers Centre for lone parents using our
         Open to everyone in the community.                    centres. Please book in with our Customer Care team on 528947 for your appointment
    Course Activity Descriptions
Special Needs Level 2 This is a course which is aimed at providing a general
awareness of the range of special needs and understanding the skills required to
work with children with special needs.

Skills for Caring for Children and Young People This course aims to raise
awareness of the skills needed to care for young children including the practical
and social requirements of care.

Nurturing Parenting This course has several unique features that make the pro-
gramme effective. The Programme aims to improve parents’ confidence; it sug-
gests ways of maintaining effective positive discipline while gaining more under-
standing of the emotional needs of you and your child.
It identifies personal skills and qualities and develops your ability to complete
application forms and create an up to date CV for you to apply for jobs.

Family Literacy & Family Numeracy Over the duration of the courses parents
will learn how to support their children with literacy whilst brushing up their own
Maths and English skills.

Health and Social Care An NVQ Level 2 with a flexible approach to suit those
looking to develop skills in the Care/Support sector. You will develop areas such
as communication skills, health & safety and care related subjects.

Triple P – Positive Parenting Programme This is a system of easy to implement,
proven parenting solutions that helps solve current parenting problems and
prevents future problems before they arise.

Fun With Food This course is aimed at raising awareness and understanding
about the importance of healthy eating, cooking, shopping and budgeting
issues. It covers information about how to read food labels, introducing
different types of diet, what affect diet can have on oral health, plus basic food
hygiene, understanding nutrition, and much more

SHINE:Stockton healthy interactive nutritional experience Is your child a fussy
eater? Are you having difficulty with meal times? Do you have concerns about
your child’s eating? If so and you would like more information please contact
your Community Nursery Nurse based with your Health Visitor. We will be
running a 10 week programme at High Flyers Children's Centre Centre.
Please contact Michelle Clapham on 01642 528949 for information.                      As a Sure Start Parent/Carer you are entitled to a FREE Benefits Check from
                                                                                       the Citizens Advice Bureau. Why not book an appointment and find out your
                                                                                                          benefit entitlements and how to claim!
Most courses will receive a free crèche place.
                                                                                              To book an advice session please ring 01642 528947
Ask at staff for details.
                                                                                      or speak to a member of the Customer Care Team. Ap-
                                                                                            pointments Wednesday 1.00pm—4.00pm.
12.30pm—2.30pm         Course - Fun with Food                         Monday
                                                                      09:30am—11.30am          Course—Shine
Tuesday                                                               11.30am—1.00pm           Breastfeeding Group
9.45am—2.00pm           Ante-Natal Bump Club                          Tuesday
                       (Appointment only)                             09.30am-1.00pm           Course– Ready for baby
Wednesday                                                             09.30am—11.30am          Course– Special Needs Level 2
9.30am—11.00am         Stay & Play                                    09:00am– 4:00pm          Job Centre Plus (Appointment only)
                                                                      9.30am—11.00am           Stay & Play
Friday                                                                12:30pm—2:30pm           Crafty Mums 2 (Starts 14th September,
9.30am—11.00am         Stay & Play                                                             16–19yrs old to book a place ring Michelle
                       (for parents living in Thornaby only)                                    on 01642 527811 / 07765897634)
9.30am—11.30am         Healthy Start/ weigh in                        1.00pm—3.00pm            Healthy Start
10.00am—12 noon        Midwifery Health Drop In                       Wednesday
                                                                       9.00am—1.00pm            Speech and Language (Appointment only)
                                                                       9.30am– 11.30am          Course– Study Skills OUI (No crèche)
                                                                       9.30am—11.00am           Stay & Play
                                                                       10:00am—1:00pm           Ante-Natal Booking Clinic (Appointment
                                                                       12.30pm—2.30pm           Course– Skills for Caring for Children and
Tuesday                                                                                         Young People
10.00am—4.30pm    Antenatal Booking Clinic (Currently                  12.30pm—2.30pm           Course—Nurturing Programme
                  at Eaglescliffe Health Centre)                       10.00am—11.00am          Prambles
1.30pm—3.00pm     Healthy Start                                        1.00pm—2.00pm            Tiny Treasures
10.30am—12 noon   Breastfeeding Group (Currently at                    1.00pm-4.00pm           Citizens Advice Bureau
                  Eaglescliffe Health Centre, Sunningdale Drive)                               (appointments only please ring 528947)
                                                                       3.30pm—4.30pm            Pre-Booking Clinic (Appointment only)
Wednesday                                                             Thursday
9.30am—11.30am    0-3 Years Playgroup (2hour session where parent’s   9.30am—11.00am           Stay & Play
                  can drop their child off to play)                   12.30pm—2.30pm           Course—Family Literacy
                  (£6 per session per child)                          10.00am—3.30pm           Ante-Natal Bump Club (Appointment only)

1.30pm—2.30pm     Prambles                                            Friday
                                                                      9.30am—11.30am           Stockton Parent Support Coffee Morning
Friday                                                                1:00pm– 1.45pm           Tiny Signers (invite only)
9.30am—11.30am    Stay and Play (£2 per session per child)                 All Stay and Play and Tiny Treasures sessions start
10.00am—12 noon   Healthy Start (Currently at Eaglescliffe
                                                                                   week commencing 13th September
                  Health Centre, Sunningdale Drive)
                                                                                      9.30am—11.00am                       Stay and Play (To book a place contact customer
Monday                                                                                                                     care on 01642 765168)
9.30am—12.00pm          Childminder Drop In (Registered Childminder’s                 9.30am—12.00pm                       Newborn Hearing Screening (Appointment only).
                        Only, support on request, please ring Sarah on                2.00pm—4.00pm                        Healthy Start/Weigh in
                        01642 527807 for more information)                            2.00pm—4.00pm                        Midwives Drop In
12.00pm—4.30pm          Ante-Natal Bump Club (Appointment only)
12.30pm—2.30pm          Course—Health & Social Care NVQ (No Crèche)                   Tuesday
1.00pm—2.30pm           Stay & Play                                                   10.00am—11.00am                      Baby Massage (Invite Only)
                                                                                      10.00am—1.00pm & 2.00pm—5.00pm       Ante-Natal Booking Clinic (Appointment only)
Tuesday                                                                               10.00am Meeting Time                 Prambles
10.00am - 12noon        Adoptive Parents Support Group                                11.00am                              Legal Advice Drop In (Ring 01642 765168 for
1.00pm—2.30pm           Stay & Play                                                                                        Information)
                                                                                      1.00pm—2.30pm                        Childminder’s Drop In (Registered Childminder’s
Wednesday                                                                                                                  Only, support on request, please ring Sarah on
9.30am —11.30m          Parent Pop In - call into Riverbank for an informal                                                01642 527807 for more information)
                        friendly visit. Refreshments and children's activities will   2.00pm—5.00pm                        Ante-Natal Booking Clinic (Appointment only)
                        be available.
12.30pm—2.30pm          Course - Early Days (No crèche)                               Wednesday
1.00—2.30 pm            Olive Group                                                   9.30am—11.30am                       Childmninder Session. (Please ring 01642 765168
                                                                                                                           to book a place)
Thursday                                                                              10.00am-3.00pm                       Ante-Natal Bump Club Clinic (Appointment only)
9.30am—11.00am          Healthy Start/Weigh in                                        1.00pm—3.00pm                        Mum 2 Mum (Invitation only)
9.30am—11.30am          Course—Triple P, Positive Parenting Programme                 6.00pm—8.00pm                        Parent Craft (For more information please
10.00am—3.00pm          Ante-Natal Bump Club and Booking Clinic                                                            contact our midwives on 01642 527809)
                        (Appointment Only)                                            Thursday
Friday                                                                                10.00am –11.30am                     Twins Group Runs fortnightly, please ring 01642
10.00am—11.00am         Tiny Treasures                                                                                     765168 for dates)
9.30am—11.30am          Course—Family Numeracy                                        10.00am—3.00pm                       Ante-Natal Bump Club (Appointment only)
12.30pm-2.30pm          Crafty Mums (16-19yrs old) to book a place with Michelle      1.00pm—2.00pm                        Tiny Treasures
                        call 527811                                                   1.00pm—4.00pm                        Speech and Language (Appointment only)
 A free and confidential alcohol counseling service is available at this              3.30pm—4.30pm                        Pre-Booking Clinic (Appointment Only)
           centre. To book an appointment please contact
             Stockton Albert Centre on 01642 675138.
                                                                                      9.30am—12.00pm                       Childminder's Session (Please ring 01642 765168
                                                                                                                           to book a place)

       For advice and support on stopping smoking
                                        Wednesdays                                     9.30am—11.00am                  Stay & Play
                                      2.00pm—3.45pm                                    Thursday
                                                                                       9.30am—11.00am                  Stay & Play
                             South Thornaby Community and
                                   Resource Centre
                         Havilland Road, Thornaby                                       Wednesday
                   TS17 9JG Telephone (01642) 358840                                    9.00am—11.30am                 Healthy Start

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