Things that go bump in the night... Ghost _ Psychic Night by sdsdfqw21


									        Things that go bump in the night...
              Ghost & Psychic Night
                    on Friday, 27 March 2009 at

         Come and join us for a sumptuous dinner
 ...and a chance to meet some of our spiritual residents!
It’s believed that things have gone bump in the night at the Morritt Hotel in Teesdale for at least three
hundred years. The evening will be lead by celebrity ghost hunter Dean Maynard, who has worked with
Leona Lewis, Ant & Dec and Chris Moyles (to name a few). Dean aims to track down the restless spirits
                                     at the hotel once and for all.

Dean has already instigated one visit to the Morritt – on Halloween last year – and he and his team had
several ghostly experiences – including contact with what Dean believes was the spirit of a child. Dean
says: ‘Sometimes I am invited in and sometimes I feel drawn to a place, as I did with the Morritt. ‘There
                               was certainly paranormal activity there.’

Barbara-Anne Johnson, owner of the Morritt, said: ‘There have been a lot stories about the Morritt over
  the years and some of my staff say have they had some strange experiences. For instance, there is
 reputed to be the ghost of a headless woman residing at The Morritt. I have a very open mind about
these things, and as the result of Dean’s last visit, which was quite spooky and so we thought it would
     be interesting to invite the public in to try and find out a little more about our restless spirits.’

                                        Dinner Menu
                                Roast tomato & red pepper soup
                                      - rice - rocket pesto -
                                 Baked free-range chicken
                   - chasseur sauce - grain mustard mash - glazed carrots -
                                    Warm chocolate fondant
                            - raspberry coulis - chocolate ice cream -

                                         £20.00 per person
                                             To Book:
                                    Call Reception on 01833 627232
                   ...and don’t forget to ask about the special accommodation rates

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