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									                                                      gender and racial balance of
                                                      Synod compared to that of
                                                      the wider population — to put
              The                                     it     bluntly     Synod       is
            Rector                                    predominantly a collection of
          writes...                                   older men — with women and
                                                      the younger generation very
                                                      much under-represented as
                                                      were non-nationals. At the
HARVEST THANKSGIVING                                  next Easter general Vestry we
This year this was held on                            will     be     electing     our
Sunday 3 October. As usual                            representatives on Diocesan
the Church was beautifully                            Synod for the next three
decorated thanks to the                               years. Synod has made an
wonderful group of ladies coordinated       appeal that Parishes would seek to
by Fiona Henderson. that assembled          provide a panel of representatives that
on the Saturday morning. Thanks also        more accurately represent the age and
to Randal and the Choir for the music       gender balance of the Parishes they
they prepared for that day. Harvest is      represent. We need to start thinking
one of those 'feel good' days in the        about this now. At the end of January
Church's calendar when we take stock        we will be revising our list of Registered
of how much we have to be thankful          Vestry People from whom our Synod
for and our obligation to share with        Representatives are drawn. We need to
others.                                     start encouraging new people to put
                                            their names forward for election at the
The harvest theme continued the             next Easter General Vestry.
following Sunday in our Family Service
which also incorporated the baptism of      PARISH DEVELOPMENT
Emily McDonnell. We welcomed Rev            On Sunday 7 November the preacher at
Scott Peoples, Rector of Lucan &            our 11:00 Service will be Rev Paul Hoey,
Leixlip as our preacher. The music was      Chairman of the Church of Ireland
lead by the Ayrfield Choir from             Parish     Development    Organi-sation,
Coolock. Many thanks to Cathy               Church 21. It is now over a year since
Fennell and Ellen Lennon for all the        we embarked upon our own Church 21
work they put into making this such         campaign and we have begun to see
an enjoyable service.                       fruits of this. The new Social Group is
                                            now well up and running; the new
DIOCESAN SYNOD                              Parish Website is designed to enhance
On 19 and 20 October the Diocesan           our communi-cations; the Computer
Synod assembled in the Taney Parish         Classes in the Burrow School, delivered
Centre. During the previous week the        by Linda Frost and helped by the Youth
Archbishop had announced that he            Club have provided a service that has
will be retiring on 26 January 26, so of    been taken up not only by members of
course that news dominated the early        the Parish but by some outside the
stages of the Synod. A full report of the   Parish. But there is more to be done.
Synod will be appearing shortly but I       Paul will be helping us reflect on how
want to take this opportunity to air        we build on what we have already done.
one issue that was brought up towards       Through our participation in the
the end of the Synod. Philip McKinley,      forthcoming Alpha Campaign we would
son of Canon Horace McKinley                hope to develop the sense of the Parish
presented the Synod with some fairly        as a welcoming community.
stark statistics regarding the age,
PARISH WEBSITE                                    NETWORK COURSE                      programme, which I feel will               COMPUTER CLASSES
                                                  What exactly is 'Network'? This     be a very worthwhile venture
                                                  is a course that has its origins    for the mission of our Parish.
                                                  in the United States but is now     Offers please to the Rectory.
                                                  used right across the world. The
                                                  whole purpose of the course is
                                                  to enable people to explore their   LUNCH FOR NEPAL
                                                  particular    gifts   (be   they    Rachel would like to thank all
                                                  administration,         pastoral,   those who so generously
                                                  service, practical, musical or      supported the Lunch held in
                                                  whatever) and to offer those in     the Rectory in aid of the
                                                  the service of the Church. A        Leprosy        Hospital       in
                                                  similar course was offered in       Anandaban, near Khatman-
                                                  Cecil's time.                       dhu. All in all the total raised
                                                                                      on the day was !2130 and
                                                   ALPHA CAMPAIGN                     this has been lodged in the
                                                   At its last meeting, the Select    Parish Bank Account and will
                                                   Vestry received a presentation     be transferred directly to the
                                                   by Mr David Hamilton. He had       Hospital account in Nepal. The
                                                   been asked to come and talk        director of the Hospital, Dr Shovakhar     It was back to school for several
The Parish Website was officially          about the forthcoming Dublin Alpha         Kandel said in a recent e-mail, 'I am      members of the Parish and others. The
relaunched on the morning of the           Campaign that is scheduled to be           very much grateful to you and your         Computer Suite of the Burrow School
Harvest Thanksgiving. The work of          launched      in    the    period  after   friends for your concern for Anandaban     has been a hive of activity at the Basic
remodelling was directed on behalf of      Christmas. This campaign, supported        Hospital andNepal. It's friends like you   Computer Classes organised by the
the Select Vestry by Adele Sleator and     by an advertising campaign, is             who make the difference in making life     Parish. The course was devised and
the design was undertaken by Niamh         designed through the use of Alpha          more easier for people affected with       delivered by Linda Frost, who has a
Hopkins. We feel we have produced a        material in a number of centres to         leprosy.'                                  great deal of experience in IT Training
resource that can be of great benefit to   reach those on the edge of our Church                                                 and members of the Youth Club came
those within the Parish as well as         communities and in particular the 20       As people often say it is not just the     along to act a facilitators. Many thanks
being an attractive shop window to the     to 40 age group. The Vestry has been       money, it is that people show a            to Linda Frost, the Youth Club and also
outside world. On the home page there      considering     identifying   with  this   genuine concern. Again, thank you.         to the Burrow School for making their
is information about the Parish as well    campaign, in which we would be                                                        facilities available.
as details of forthcoming services and     identified as one of the participating
events. There are then a range of          Churches in the North Dublin area.
pages giving details of organisations      The Vestry has decided to go ahead
meeting in the Parish Centre, details of   with this. This will involve a
how to      arrange    weddings and        commitment of !1000 from the Parish                                                   Baptisms:

baptisms in the Church, links to           towards the cost of the city wide                                                     10 October

                                                                                                 PARI ERS
useful websites both within and            advertising campaign. The Select                                                      McDonnell Emily, daughter of Ronan
outside the Church of Ireland, as well     Vestry is contributing !250 from                                                      and Rachel
as access to back issues of the Parish     Parish accounts and asking members
Newsletter, Sunday leaflets and past       of the parish to contribute the                                                       24 October
sermons.                                   remaining amount. We have already                                                     Tadhg James Ryan, son of Tomas and
                                           received three pledges of !50. The                                                    Jennifer
How do you access us? Either type in
''   into     remaining sum could be met with
your browser or 'Google' 'St Mary's        either twelve more pledges of !50 or
Howth' and we come out top of the list.    maybe someone would be prepared to
This is very much a work in progress       run say a cake sale after church to
and we look forward to comments and        raise the balance. A number of
suggestions as to how it could be          Churches, including Raheny & Coolock
improved.                                  have already signed up to this

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